Megamoth Larva

The Megamoth Larva is the first boss of the Woodland Labyrinth. After losing enough HP, it transforms into the Mammoth Megamoth.



HP: 45,000 (+20% [9,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 15
EXP: 19
Location: Woodland Labyrinth

Quest Boss
Immune to Stasis

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Yellow Energy Shot
Blind for 2s


The boss will follow players while firing projectiles in a radial pattern. It will occasionally stop to spawn tiles of “Larva Puke” on the floor, which deals a small amount of damage and does not disappear.


Spawns Upon Death:
Mammoth MegamothMammoth Megamoth

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Tips and Strategies

The Megamoth Larva is mostly harmless, its attacks can be avoided by simply moving in a straight line away from it due to the firing arcs. Be wary that its projectiles will blind you, so keep note of your position.

The Larva Puke spawned by the larva deals slightly higher damage than lava, making it dangerous to walk through. However, it does not throw puke quickly and it can be killed before spawning much of it.

It is imperative to kill the Megamoth Larva before it spawns too much Larva Puke, if it is allowed to do so it will have essentially laid a minefield of dangerous liquid that will cause you to take heavy damage while trying to dodge the attacks of the bosses next two forms.

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