Mithril Sword

Retired Weapon - No longer dropped from Build 111 onwards (Feb 2011).

This sword no longer exists in the game. Its code was replaced with that of the Crystal Sword, which turned all existing Mithril Swords into Crystal Swords.

The remainder of this page is archived information about the original version of Mithril Sword. For the April Fool renamed version, see: Crystal Sword - April Fool Version.

Mithril Sword

Mithril Sword Blue Bolt An extremely sharp sword made from the strongest and most desirable of all metals.

Tier 11
Shots 1
Damage 120–160 (average: 140)
Projectile Speed 16 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.4 seconds
Range 6.4 tiles
Feed Power


Added in Build 54 (Jan 2010), Mithril Sword’s range was a mistake. Original Projectile Speed was 16, with a 6.4 tile range.
In Build 111 (Feb 2011), the Mithril Sword stopped dropping from enemies and became untiered; the Skysplitter Sword was introduced and replaced it as the tier 11 sword.
In Build 117.1 (Jun 2011), the Mithril Sword was changed to the Crystal Sword.

Previous Drop Locations:

Oryx, Pentaract, Skull Shrine, and Cube God - Build 99 to 110
Archdemon Malphas - Build 79 to Build 99
Red Demon - Build 54 to Build 79


The Mithril Sword sprites and description frequently get reused as a resprite of the Crystal Sword around April Fools. The resprited sword retains the functionality of the Crystal Sword, however.