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Molek is a miniboss that is found in the Cultist Hideout, a secret area in the Lost Halls.

The Realm Eye says:
In myths, Molek is said to be a demon who demands sacrifices to be thrown in his fires. However, this is little more than a fable.
His only true existence is an image made reality by the will of Malus. The force known as Azamoth brought this desire into the physical plane.



HP: 60,000 (+20% [12,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 50
XP: 4,000
Location: Lost Halls (Cultist Hideout)

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Immune to Paralyze

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Molek Shockwave
Pierces through players
Cultist Fire Shot
Pierces through players
Cultist Fire Shot
Pierces through players

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Molek is summoned by the Cultists once all five of them are harmed sufficiently for the first time (at about 3/4 HP). He is summoned in the middle of the pentagram the Cultists stand on, and the Cultists will all disappear, leaving Molek to do their bidding for them.

Molek will randomly alternate between four attack states.

  • Fires several dense, heavily damaging radial shockwaves while firing spreads of fireballs at the nearest player. He will also spawn Molek Flames, temporary invincible minions that fire armor-breaking shots at nearby players, in addition to dealing damage to and Armor Breaking players that touch them. He will always use this attack right after being summoned.
  • Circles the center of the room, rapidly firing large shotguns of fireballs at the nearest player. He will continue spawning Molek Flames in this phase, and will occasionally fire a smaller version of his radial shockwave.
  • Charges and chases the nearest player while firing fireballs at the nearest player. He will also occasionally fire a smaller version of his radial shockwave.
  • Spawns a Fire, Ice, and Lightning Demon around him before wandering in place and firing small shotguns of fireballs at nearby players.

Once he is killed, the Cultists will reappear and continue their attack.


Molek FlameMolek Flame
Fire DemonFire Demon
Ice DemonIce Demon
Lightning DemonLightning Demon

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Tips and Strategies

  • Get rid of the demons he spawns before attacking. It is possible to kill all three of them before they have a chance to launch too many attacks.
  • Avoid the Molek Flames at all costs. The Armor Break from the flames, combined with Molek’s immense raw firepower, can easily spell the doom of an unwary player.
  • All of his attacks hurt a lot, so prioritize not getting hit. Especially avoid his “shockwave” attacks, since they deal 250 damage each projectile

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In Biblical texts, Molek was a false god of fire that was heavily associated with child sacrifice. In the book of Leviticus, some of the Israelites were sacrificing their infants to him, believing their actions to be pleasing to God.
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