Moonlight Village

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Last updated: Exalt Version (July 2024)
Moonlight Village
Difficulty: 9Difficulty: 9Difficulty: 9Difficulty: 9Difficulty: 9Difficulty: 9Difficulty: 9Difficulty: 9Difficulty: 9
Music: Moonlight Village
Dust Drops
Green Dust
Red Dust
Purple Dust

The Moonlight Village is an extremely dangerous dungeon that consists solely of an advanced and unconventional boss encounter, with a fishing minigame and an additional fight sometimes available at the end. This dungeon is one of the Exaltation dungeons, boosting either Life, Mana, or Attack depending on which boss was the last one in the battle (Genji, Kaguya, and Miko respectively).

The dungeon is a source of Greater Stat Potions, high-tier weapons, a large number of UT items, and the Concentrated Soul Fire. If players encounter the fishing mini-game, they can also earn additional rewards that double as stat boosters and Pet Food.

The dungeon portal is a guaranteed drop from the Ethereal Shrine, an encounter in the Realm. It also has a chance to drop from the Alluring Blossom and the Colossal Mantis.

The Realm Eye says:
The Moonlight Village is an old eastern fishing village, lying far away from the grasps of Oryx’s rule. What lies here may be the spiritual remnants of a long, bygone culture of exquisite dance.
This village is not without its occupants - ethereal dancers of an ancient, and yet strangely recognizable art. Every night, a festival of remembrance is held to soothe any spirits that have wandered into the village.
However, what you might not realize is that their form of dance may be far more lethal than it appears.


Moonlight Village Key The Moonlight Village Key is available in the Nexus for 200 Realm Gold.


The Moonlight Village Guide is currently a work in progress.



The Moonlight Village has a predetermined, linear layout. Players will spawn and advance through a tutorial sequence (that can be skipped by a certain interaction), before facing the three dancers in the boss arena. Several hidden areas can be found in the dungeon, which provide unique interactions that may change certain parts of the dungeon.


A small clearing where Village Girl Umi greets players. She will guide them to the tutorial, as well as provide dialogue on various other interactions within the dungeon.


A long street where Umi explains the unique Lantern mechanics in the dungeon (detailed later) and prompts the player to engage in 3 increasingly difficult warmups to teach them the mechanic, where players must keep the lantern lit while avoiding a barrage from hostile spirits. After these three tutorials are cleared, Umi will give the players an option to initiate Leisurely mode, before directing them to the boss arena.

After the boss fight, players can return to the street, which will now have a gate surrounded by spirits, to find the three dancers resting, upon which they can talk to them and ask them questions.

Tutorial Skip

By following a hidden path to the lower right of the spawn room, players can be teleported to a small area with a much harder version of the tutorial, consisting of three flames firing various shots inwards towards a clockwise-rotating lantern. Lighting this lantern for long enough will skip the tutorial phase and teleport players just outside of the arena. This notably also causes Umi to skip the dialogue option that activates Leisurely mode, making it impossible to activate if the tutorial has been skipped.

Challenge Gate

By following a hidden path to the left of the spawn room, players can be teleported to a small area with a golden bell, upon which Umi will ask the player if they want an extra challenge.
“I love the thrill of a challenge? Do you?”
(if the player replies yes) “I hope that you’re prepared for it…or it’ll hurt!”
“Now give the bell above the gate a strong whack before you walk through it!”

Following Umi’s instructions and attacking the bell will initiate Challenge Mode for the player, detailed further in the page. Interacting with the gate will send the player back to the spawn room, regardless of whether the bell was rung or not.

Boss Arena

A plain, square arena where the bosses reside. Once the fight begins, all players will be teleported to the arena, and Ethereal Fog will surround the square, dealing massive damage and debuffing players that try to flee the fight.

Fishing Dock

To the upper right of the arena. If Umi is found here, she’ll instruct players on how to play the fishing minigame, and allow them to try it. By catching and presenting fish to Umi, she’ll reward players with special items.


To the far right of the arena. After the battle, Umi can occasionally be found here, where she can be talked to. Her three questions (and their respective answers) are below:

Q: “I was wondering, what kind of foods do you like to eat?”
A: Mushroom

Q: “Did you have a favorite dancer?”
A: Carosburg

Q: “What folktales do you know about?”
A: The Happy Prince

(Wait a few seconds before answering)

If a player answers the question she asks, Umi may ask if the player wants to see something interesting; saying yes will prompt players to return to the arena, where a secret boss encounter with Kitsune Umi will begin.

Resting Grounds

If Kitsune Umi is defeated, a stone path in the bottom right corner of the map will reveal itself. Following it will take the player to a clearing with a purple tree, under which Kitsune Umi will initially be asleep. Next to the tree are three graves, presumably belonging to the original mortal dancers.

Example Layout


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Special Mechanics

Boss Phases

The bosses of the dungeon cannot have their health depleted and do not take normal damage. During each phase, a meter will appear in the top left corner of the screen, displaying the name of the current attack and how close it is to finishing. The meter will passively increase over time, but can be greatly accelerated by completing certain objectives during each phase.

The three dancers will attack one at a time in a random order, with previously defeated dancers periodically aiding the other dancers in their Damage phases. The later a dancer is in the fight, the more attacks they will use before switching out. The first dancer will have one Damage phase and one Danmaku phase, the second and third will have two of each, and the final dancer will additionally have a Last Word at the very end, an extremely difficult Danmaku attack that gradually grows in ferocity. The extra boss, Kitsune Umi, will instead use 3 of each, followed by her own Last Word at the end.

Damage Phases

Whenever the boss is vulnerable, simply attacking the boss will increase the rate at which the phase progresses, with more DPS meaning faster acceleration. More players will increase the amount of DPS needed to accelerate the phase by the same amount. During these phases, the boss will be Gold Four Pointed Star Armor Broken.

Danmaku Phases and Lanterns

Whenever the boss is invulnerable, players will have to seek out and stand near a Lantern to accelerate the phase, which moves in a preset pattern depending on the attack. Standing near the Lantern will also grant the player Red Cross Healing while purging Blood Drop Bleeding. The Lantern will accelerate the phase faster if players are able to constantly stand near it for a prolonged amount of time, indicated by it glowing brighter.

The amount of players required to be standing near the lantern to accelerate the phase by the same amount will increase the more players there are. In order for the phase to be accelerated at all, a certain percentage of the total players must be near the Lantern at that point in time.

Every boss inflicts a specific “aura” during their Danmaku phases that permanently applies a debuff for the duration of the phase - Silenced Silenced and In Combat for Genji, Pet Stasis Pet Stasis and In Combat for Kaguya, and Skull Sick and Empty Potion Bottle Drought for Miko. During the Last Word and for all of Kitsune Umi’s Danmaku phases, all three auras will be applied simultaneously. However, at the end of a Danmaku phase, all players will be given 3 seconds of Red Cross Healing and Blue Cross Energized to help them recover.

Difficulty and Loot


The drop chances and amount of loot dropped at the end of the boss fight is proportional to the “performance” of the players during the battle (ie. more DPS during Damage phases, and more lantern following during Danmaku phases), and thus the speed at which the dungeon is completed. This is represented by the number of spirits that appear from the boss at the end of each phase. In Normal Mode, up to 8 spirits can be obtained per phase prior to finale, and up to 6 spirits can be obtained from finale, resulting in a theoretical maximum of 86 spirits from the main fight.

Note: You only need to damage Sage Genji during the dance for loot.

Despite the UTs being themed after individual dancers, the order of the dancers does not affect what loot will drop, although it will affect what Exaltation is provided after the clear. Note that Kitsune Umi has her own drop pool, and the chance of the option to fight her appearing seems to depend on how well players did against the dancers; however, the true activation condition is currently unknown.

The Moonlight Village has three difficulties that can be selected through special interactions. These will augment the quality and quantity of the drops in addition to the performance modifier.

Leisurely Mode

Activated by consuming a Tofu Delicacy near Umi, which Umi will give out if players say “yes” when she asks if this is their first time at the festival. The Delicacy will make the boss fight easier by permanently granting Red Cross Healing and a HP↑ HP Boost (+150 HP) increase to all players, while also making it so each dancer will only use one Damage and one Danmaku phase each (with the Last Word still being at the end). However, the drop rates and loot quality will decrease, the dungeon will not drop a Mark nor an Exaltation, and the Kitsune Umi encounter will not appear.

Normal Mode

The default difficulty if neither Leisurely nor Challenge have been chosen.

Challenge Mode

Activated by finding and hitting the bell in the Challenge Gate before starting the boss fight. In this mode, players will be permanently inflicted with Pet Stasis Pet Stasis for the entire fight. However, this will also cause the player to recieve an extra loot bag upon clearing the dungeon. Unlike Leisurely mode, this difficulty applies only for individual players that hit the bell, not the entire group.

True Umi

If there was only one player in the dungeon, they are holding a completed book of The Night Prince, and they cleared the dance while collecting no spirits at all (ie. never attacking in Damage phases and never following the Lantern in Danmaku phases), the player will be able to initiate a harder version of the Umi fight after the main dance - Umi, Goddess of Revelry. This version of Umi has new dialogue, significantly harder attacks, and an additional phase at the very end of the fight. However, defeating her will provide an extra loot bag, which will always contain one T14 Weapon, Concentrated Soul Fire, and The Night Prince Unlocker. In addition, extra interactions and dialogue can be found in the Village proper after the fight, including a conversation with Kanayama, Goddess of the Forge at the shrine Umi used to be in.


-This section is currently WIP.-

After the dance is over, if players head north, there is a chance players will come across fishing. Players will be given Basic Fishing Rod inside a barrel next to “Village Girl Umi?”

Fishing rods go in Accessory slots, and firing a weapon with fishing rod on will throw out a white particle effect similar to how Assassin’s poisons work, bit will always be thrown at certain distance away from the player, similar to how Divinity’s exalted beam works.
After Umi’s dialogue to tell the players to type “ready”, fishing will start when one of the players type “ready” in chat.

When it lands and doesn’t hit a puddle, it will show a “X” mark, indicating you missed. If you hit a puddle, it will either catch a fish or not. when it does catch a fish, it will simply show what you caught, and give you points. when it does not, it will show a splashing sprite, indicating that you did aim correctly, but had no luck.

Fishing miss splash


The “Fishing” stat in fishing rods affect the speed it takes for the fishing rod to land, and Success rate of catching a fish.(?)

Depending on how people do in fishing, Umi’s dialogue will change, signifying different loot table.
There are multiple grades depending on how much percentage player has filled inside the “Fishing!” gauge.

-Please note these drops are not 100% confirmed to be true, and is currently WIP.-

1: “You barely caught anything… Maybe it was just your unlucky day.”
Most of the drops will consist of 1 Greater stat potion only.

2: “I made a few small snacks with the fish you caught. Enjoy!”
There is a low chance for Intermediate Fishing Rod to drop.

3: “You did pretty well! I hope you enjoy the meal.”
The droprate for Intermediate Fishing Rod increases, and you can also start getting Armor type white bags.

4: “Wow, what a bountiful catch! You have great potential.”
There is a low chance for Expert Fishing Rod to drop, and drops from above all drop at higher chances.

5: “I’m extremely impressed by your effort! I hope you enjoy my cooking!”

6: “You caught enough fish for a feast! Spectacular job!”




Extra Boss

Drops of Interest

  • The Mark of Moonlight will not drop if Leisurely Mode was enabled.
  • Genji, Kaguya, and Miko will collectively drop loot at the end of the dance. The order that the three main dancers were defeated in does not affect their specific drops.
  • The extra bag from Challenge Mode can always contain all Greater Potions except Mana.
  • Umi, Goddess of Revelry always drops at least one T14 Weapon, one Concentrated Soul Fire, and the Night Prince Unlocker in a separate bag.

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Daily Quests

The Moonlight Village is part of the Epic Quest pool from The Tinkerer and has one associated quest.

Name Description Items Needed Reward
Moonlight Festival Join in on the festivities at the Moonlight Village! Mark of MoonlightMark of MoonlightMark of Moonlight Moonlit Epic Quest ChestLucky Clover

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Tips and Strategies

Kitsune Umi is guarenteed to spawn at the shrine to the far right of the arena if you successful obtain 0 spirits after the finale. You must avoid shooting the boss and standing near the lanterns to ensure you receive 0 spirits from each phase. This is usually only possible in solo or private groups.

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