The mountains, more commonly called the godlands, are usually near the center of the realm. It is surrounded by the highlands.

Transition from highlands to the mountains is usually marked by the dissappearance of grass, trees and shrubbery and the appearance of stone ground or a snow field. Occasionally enemies from the highlands will wander into the edges of the mountains.

Here is a guide on how to survive the Godlands: link


Rocky Mountain Features stone ground and the occasional grey rock. There is no vegetation
Snow Field Features snow-covered ground. There is no vegetation

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Click enemy images for more information about that enemy.

White Demon
Ent God
Flying Brain
Slime God
Ghost God
Sprite God
Sprite Child
Rock Construct
Wood Construct
Steel Construct
Headless Horseman
Sting Spider
Great Owl
Corsair Crab
Lucky White Demon
Lucky Medusa
Lucky Ent God
Lucky Beholder
Lucky Flying Brain
Lucky Slime God
Lucky Ghost God
Lucky Djinn
Lucky Leviathan
Lucky Sprite God
Lucky Sprite Child
Mysterious Crystal
Crystal Prisoner
Crystal Prisoner Clone
Crystal Prisoner Steed

Event Bosses also spawn here.

NOTE: Watch out for armies of gods called “walls”, as those could kill you in split seconds if you stand on them. Fortunately, sometimes there are armies of players called “fame trains”. The players in the fame trains team up and come together as a pack and obliterate any gods within range.

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