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Mysterious Egg

Last updated: Release 27.7.X.13
Mysterious EggMysterious Egg

Mysterious Egg is an Easter exclusive boss that is summoned when all the Easter Eggs in the Realm are broken. When destroyed, it summons Biff the Buffed Bunny.

During the Month of the Mad God 2017, the appearance of Mysterious Egg and Biff the Buffed Bunny are changed to mossy versions.



HP: 300000
DEF: 0
EXP: 0

Stasis Immune

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Once all the Easter Eggs scattered throughout Realm have been destroyed, the Mysterious Egg spawns somewhere in the highlands or mountains in a large field of grass. The egg has 300000 HP, and when destroyed, summons Biff the Buffed Bunny.


Spawn : Biff the Buffed Bunny Biff the Buffed Bunny

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