Mystery Mystery Skin

Mystery Mystery Skin It’s a mystery. Maybe the Tinkerer will know what to do with it.


Soulbound Soulbound

Loot Bag Assigned to Golden Bag
Drops From Null

Obtainable during April Fool’s 2021 and exchangable at The Tinkerer for one of 16 mystery skins for each player class (excluding Summoner and Kensei).

This item is very similar to the April Fools Skin Bag because these items both turned into the same skins. Except the April Fools Skin Bag turned into a random Mystery Skin, with the Mystery Mystery Skin the player could chose the skin they wanted at the Tinkerer.

Possible skins that this item could be exchanged into are:

Mystery Rogue Skin Mystery Rogue
Mystery Archer Skin Mystery Archer
Mystery Wizard Skin Mystery Wizard
Mystery Priest Skin Mystery Priest
Mystery Warrior Skin Mystery Warrior
Mystery Knight Skin Mystery Knight
Mystery Paladin Skin Mystery Paladin
Mystery Assassin Skin Mystery Assassin
Mystery Necromancer Skin Mystery Necromancer
Mystery Huntress Skin Mystery Huntress
Mystery Mystic Skin Mystery Mystic
Mystery Trickster Skin Mystery Trickster
Mystery Sorcerer Skin Mystery Sorcerer
Mystery Ninja Skin Mystery Ninja
Mystery Samurai Skin Mystery Samurai
Mystery Bard Skin Mystery Bard