Nexus Crier

Nexus Crier

The Nexus Crier was an NPC who stood at the entrance to the Nexus’ Realm portal area from 2012—13. His purpose was to shout update information throughout the Nexus.

As an Easter egg, he could be seen relaxing in the hot spring outside the Hanami-themed Nexus of Spring 2017.

The Nexus Crier is now known as Guill and inhabits the Guild Hall.


Release 4.3

  • All items have become temporarily soulbound! This will be changed back to normal soon!

Release 10

  • Potions have started appearing in the Godlands again!
  • Godlands are dropping potions again!
  • All dungeon item drop rates have gone WAY up temporarily!
  • Rare items found in dungeons are dropping at a MUCH greater rate!
  • Welcome to the Realm of the Mad God!
  • Be safe out there!
  • Be wary of buying from third party sites.
  • Here ye, here ye!

He would famously respond to comments that contained the word “fat”:

  • I’m not fat, I’m big-pixeled!
  • Don’t be mean!