Nightmare Colony

Last updated: X.18.0
Nightmare Colony

The Nightmare Colony is the boss of the Parasite Chambers.

The Realm Eye says:
The nature of the parasites may be ambiguous, but it is clear that the Nightmare Colony is their root.
The fleshy amalgamation of appendages and maws controls the rest of the hive mind, though it is unclear if the organism is truly capable of thinking or feeling.



Base HP: 75,000 (Boss Adaptive Scaling Boss Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 5,000
EXP: 40,000
Location: Parasite Chambers

Quest Monster
Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Counts towards God Kills
Counts towards Grotesque Kills



Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
pD Wall Shot
Weak Icon Weak for 4s
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
pD Maw Shot 2
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
pd Maw Shot 3
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Amplitude: 0.4
Frequency: 2
Faces Direction
pD Boss Shot
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
pD Boss Shot
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Red Bomb
Radius: 2


The Nightmare Colony is found in a large room at the end of the Parasite Chambers. Within the room are two Explosive Barrels that are key to defeating it. The Colony will be flashing blue and invulnerable, and it won’t attack until it is hit with an Explosive Barrel, which drops its invulnerability and starts the fight.

After the first phase of Bullet Spreads, a small, invincible maw in the center of the room will begin to fire constant waves of 5 green spirals, alternating in direction, and lobbing blue bombs. These do only 10 damage but inflict Pet Stasis and Quiet respectively for 4 seconds each. While the maw itself cannot be destroyed, destroying the smaller colonies within the dungeon will decrease the frequency of its attacks, meaning that it will be easier to avoid getting hit by debuffs.

The Nightmare Colony itself will perform several attacks in a fixed order over the course of the fight.

Bullet Spreads 1

The Colony fires wide spreads of pink bullets in front of it at a moderate pace.

Bullet Spreads 2

Identical to the first Bullet Spreads phase, but this time the Colony will fire additional spreads of slower shots to double the bullet density and make it harder to dodge.

Bone Streams

The Colony fires 5 dense streams of bone-like shots in an arc. These streams will sweep the area in a back-and-forth fashion. While doing this, it will be lobbing 3-round bursts of Red Bombs aimed at the nearest player.

Wall Shots

The maws on the wall behind the boss open and begin firing horizontal rows of bullets that inflict Weak. There will always be one or more gaps in the rows for players to dodge through. While the pattern seems random, the walls fire in a distinct zig-zagging pattern that means the position of the gaps will always move in a diamond-shaped pattern.

The order of the attacks is as follows, changed approximately every time the boss loses 1/8 of its HP.

  • Bullet Spreads 1
  • Bone Streams
  • Bullet Spreads 2
  • Wall Shots
  • Bullet Spreads 2
  • Wall Shots
  • Bullet Spreads 2
  • Bone Streams

While the boss has short invulnerability times between all phases, each time the boss enters a Bullet Spreads phase it will become permanently invulnerable again, requiring another blow from an Explosive Barrel to drop the invulnerability. In addition, the explosive barrels are key to defeating it: due to the Colony’s whopping 5000 DEF, not only do the barrels do huge Armor-Piercing damage to the boss, they also break its armor for 3 seconds and allow players to inflict massive damage to it during that time frame.



A special aspect of the fight is that the Nightmare Colony cannot be damaged until one of the two respawning barrels in the room is thrown at it. Given that it also boasts an insane 5,000 DEF - the highest of all entities in the game, tied with the Ghost Lantern when turned on - it is a requirement that groups work together to throw the barrels correctly. Some players might use them to armor break others on purpose: back off immediately if you get armor broken, as the boss’s damage output can swiftly kill a player with 0 DEF.

This fight becomes an almost trivial solo if you can bring in a long-ranged weapon that can pierce armor, like a Crystal Wand or Tezcacoatl’s Tail. Using shorter-ranged armor pierce weapons like a Queen’s Stinger will be more difficult, but will be much easier nonetheless. Because of these weapons’ armor piercing capabilities, aiming the barrels is no longer necessary except to break its occasional invulnerability, which in turn significantly decreases the danger of the fight due to the newfound abilty to safespot various phases. However, while abilities like the Ancient Spell and Shield of Ogmur/Spiteful Scutum are capable of dealing massive burst damage to the boss or removing its DEF outright, they are not as reliable as weapons two due to the nigh-constant stream of Quiet AoEs the maw in the center of the room fires.

The maw in the center of the boss room shoots more frequently depending on how many colonies are left alive in the dungeon. This can make rushing the dungeon not a good idea for the group, as clearing the dungeon can greatly reduce the debuff spam in the boss fight. If enough colonies are killed, the maw will only be able to shoot every 4 seconds or more.

If you are not confident with staying close to the boss, or you need a place of refuge, then the entrance of the boss room is a great place to do this, as then there is a lesser chance of getting armour broken by barrels and also taking damage from the boss itself. Make sure the room before boss is clear if you plan on using the entrance of the boss room as a retreat - enemies lurking nearby can very quickly harm or kill you if you are caught off-guard or low on health.

The Nightmare Colony gives a whopping 40,000 EXP - translating to at least 20 fame at 218 fame and above, making it extremely worthwhile to do the dungeon, even in large groups where loot might be scarce.

If you lag easily, it is suggested that you do not go in for the Bone Streams phase of the boss and camp out at the entrance (as the abundance of bullets might make your map lag out and you run into a black square of nothingness where you can’t dodge the bullets). Of course, this only applies if you are in a group. If you are confident in your defense, you can still go in (though there can be a chance of you lag quitting).