Nikao the Defiler

Nikao the Defiler

Nikao the Defiler is one of the five bosses of the Lair of Draconis.

The Realm Eye says:
In an effort to challenge Limon’s authority, Oryx captured an Ice Sprite and fused it with the body of a fabled dragon.
Oryx has personally bred the captive dragon to obey his commands so that he may establish control over the elements.
The sprite trapped inside yearns to reunite with its original body, now an aimless soul without a host.



HP: 35,000 (+20% [7,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 75
EXP: 195
Location: Lair of Draconis

Counts towards God Kills
Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Immune to Paralyze
Immune to Dazed
Level 1 Quest Boss

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Dragon Attack Blue Bullet
Dragon Attack Blue Fireball
Weak for 8s
Dragon Attack Blue Blast
Weak for 3s
Water Storm
Dragon Attack Black Spin
Pet Stasis for 8s
Dragon Attack Green Spin Ball
Sick for 5s
Dragon Attack Red Spinning Fireball
Armor Broken for 3s


Nikao has four main phases, as well as a special transition phase, each of which has a corresponding dialogue that will be spoken when he enters said phase. Each successive main phase requires that Nikao’s health be lowered past a certain threshold.

Awakening Phase
“If I don’t kill you, my minions will!”

The first phase in normal succession.
Nikao will stand in the center of the room, firing a barrage of water storm bullets with a boomerang effect, as well as armor break, sick, and weakening bullets all around him.

Center Phase
“Look out! My minions will help me!”

The second phase in normal succession.
Similar to the awakening phase, except that Nikao now adds a shotgun of three dragon attack blue blasts into the mix, as well as an aimed blue bullet attack and an offset black spinner pet stasis attack.

Slow Chase Phase
“You’re a nasty little pest!”

The third phase in normal succession.
Nikao will start to chase players at a slow speed, while periodically returning to the center of the arena. He will now throw out even more sick and armor break bullets on top of all of his other attacks in the previous phase.

Fast Chase Phase
“You cannot handle the full power of my onslaught!”

The fourth phase in normal succession.
Nikao will quickly chase players around the arena, while periodically returning to the arena’s center. On top of all of his previous attacks, Nikao will now quickly shoot full circles of blue boomerang bullets, instead of small arcs of them.

Transition Phase
“My children will feast on your soul!” (x2)

Similar to the slow chase phase, except that there are less sick and armor break bullets (around the same amount that there are in his center phase.) This phase is triggered when all of the azure soul shards in the arena are killed, or right when he is awakened before his first main phase.

Upon entering this phase, Nikao will respawn his minions from the blue eggs scattered throughout the arena. Exactly eight seconds after his first dialogue for this phase, he will then transition back to one of his normal main phases.


Azure Soul ShardAzure Soul Shard

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Tips and Strategies

  • Nikao the Defiler is considered the second-easiest dragon in the Lair of Draconis, Limoz being the easiest.
  • Nikao is stationary to begin with, and this phase is easiest, as there are spots you can stand without getting hit, but the most dangerous phase of the fight is his charge phase. In this phase, he will shoot out armor break, sick, and weak shots, just to name a few, making it difficult to survive if he gets too close by removing any means of regeneration. He will also be harder to hit, as he moves quickly towards you and occasionally snaps back in the direction of the center of the room.
  • After enough damage has been done, his stationary phase will get slightly stronger, as there won’t be a place to safely sit and shoot. If you get low, there will be walls that you can hide behind and regenerate.
  • As Nikao dies, he will say “Noooooo! This cannot be! I have underestimated your power…”. However, you should still be cautious as some of his shots will boomerang back to where he died at the end of their range, possibly causing him to deal extra damage after his death.

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