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Oryx Horde

The Oryx Horde was a series of event bosses that was hosted for Month of the Mad God from 2017 to 2019.

In the Patch X.15.1.0, The Oryx Statue has disappeared from the secret location in the vault. It turned out that it was the first boss of the Oryx Horde event.

The Realm Eye says:
To commemorate his own self-declared month, Oryx wished to fight his opponents in the realm itself like old times.
Understanding the danger faced by going in alone, he instructed Craig to put together stone monuments of his minions to bring to life and fight alongside him.
The Mad God’s own statue was to be infused with a small fragment of Oryx’s soul, but Craig’s inexperience with this technique rendered the spell imperfect.



The Oryx Horde setpiece will always spawn upon a Realm’s creation. It has a quest arrow (labeled Oryx Statue), but does not have a Quest Marker on the minimap. In addition, its Quest does not take priority over the Red Demon’s Quest unless the player is closer to the Oryx Horde.

To alert players of the event’s presence, Craig will periodically say global taunts:
“Hmm, Master will be so pleased of me!”
“To complete the ritual you will need a suitable amount of offering…”
“Pugnant Petal Extract, Bucket of Tainted Water…”

When the statue is found and attacked, Craig will give some dialogue as it is destroyed.
“Uh guys, could you stop shooting the statue? You’re kind of disturbing my ritual here…”
“Guys? Guys, please stop. Pretty please?”
“Come on people leave the poor statue alone! Do you know how much time I spent preparing the ritual?”
“Ahhhh! Why are you doing this to me?”
“Oh man you guys ruined EVERYTHING! My ritual is going completely wrong and it’s all your fault! Say hi to the guards for me!”

After this, Craig will vanish and the Event will start.

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The Oryx Horde is a boss rush event, where 3 (4 counting the activator) bosses must be fought right after each other. After destroying the Megamad Oryx Statue, you must defeat the Megamad Brute of Oryx, the Stone Guardians, and finally the Spirit of Oryx along with the Possessed Oryx Statue. This Event only spawns once per Realm and is the main source of MotMG Bags and MotMG Tokens, along with being the first event to drop Mystery Stat Pots.

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Drops of Interest

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