Oryx Runes

Oryx Runes are a collection of three special dungeon keys that are used to reveal the entrance to Oryx’s Sanctuary and face Oryx the Mad God 3. After defeating Oryx the Mad God 2 in the Wine Cellar, three monuments (one for each rune) will appear. Players can activate each monument by using the respective rune near it. If all three monuments are activated within a few seconds of each other, the portal to Oryx’s Sanctuary will appear, and the runes will be permanently consumed. If the three monuments are not simultaneously activated in time, the activated monument(s) will deactivate and drop its rune(s) in a soulbound bag for the user. A different player can activate each monument; the runes do not need to all come from the same user.

The monument activation and portal appearance have the following animation:
Oryx Rune Usage

When Oryx’s Sanctuary was in development, Runes were “pre-released” in Event Chests during the Realm of the Mad God Exalt open beta. They later started dropping from enemies at higher rates than those in the original event chests.

Rune drop locations:

  • The Shield Rune drops from most Event Bosses and the bosses of the five Court of Oryx dungeons.
  • The Sword Rune drops from the bosses of very high-level dungeons, specifically The Shatters, The Nest, and both parts of the Abandoned Mineshaft (Fungal Cavern and Crystal Cavern), as well as the Event Bosses that drop the dungeons.
  • The Helmet Rune drops from the bosses in the Lost Halls and the Lost Sentry. This includes the base dungeon, the Cultist Hideout, and The Void.
  • All Runes can be converted into another Rune of choice by combining them with four Marks of Oryx at the Tinkerer in a repeatable, once-per-day quest.

Each rune has 750 feed power and is soulbound.