In the game Realm of the Mad God, many friends like to play at one time, and then work together to gain that exp, fame or any loot that they desire. They mostly have this in the form of grouping (gang) called a party: a group of people that play together. It may be small, it may be big and sometimes it even forms a “fame train”, which is a group of >40 high level players running circles around godlands and getting someone to drag godwalls at them in order to increase base fame and climb leaderboards. Many attributes come into play such as:


Knight, Warrior, Priest and to a lesser degree, Paladin are great classes of tanking. Especially with high level pets characters with high defense can literally soak up damage.

As of the knight, that’s what the knight was made for: high defense, high HP, high VIT, making him great for a tanker, but only if he has a good amount of DEF pots drunk and good armor (Candy Coated is OK, but Knight has enough DEF that he won’t notice it much outside of tanking Ghost Gods and Knight also wants DPS so it should stick with a standard armor or even Resu or Fire Dragon Battle Armor).

As of the warrior, the warrior itself has the same DEF base as other characters but with the Helm of the Juggernaut your old warrior would turn into a DPS brute with more armor points than the knight when buffed with Armored as well as buffing your party’s DPS.

As of the Priest, you have standard robe class defense (around 40 generally) but a Tome of Holy Protection you can also increase your DEF points too with the Armored effect for around 5-6 seconds to make you nearly as tanky as a Paladin or Warrior and with around a Level 80 pet you can even do this permanently. Otherwise, still be careful with that priest as he is still fragile and will die instantly from a bad shotgun.

Paladin has OK Defense and is not a prime tanker but it will suffice especially over leather and robe classes. The Oreo, a rare Pentaract drop, is good but mainly used for spontaneous tanking of insta killing factors such as waves of demons in the Abyss or Ice Spheres in the Shatters.


The Warrior, Bard and Paladin are great classes for buffing your party.

Any helmet of the warrior is able to buff your party’s DPS with Berserk.

The paladin also has his use too, as his seal can cast Damaging, Healing, and an HP increase, making everyone within seal range able to take a few more hits depending on what you’re fighting

The bard can also protect his allies with his lute, giving them a defense boost anywhere from 5 to 8 defense and extending their range with the Inspired effect, allowing them to attack from a longer distance and not have to tank as many shots in order to get their damage in.


Paladin, Priest, and Necromancer (in some occassions) are great classes to use with healing.

Paladin has the healing boost to recover your friend’s HP faster if they’re out of HP pots or a non-healing class.

Priest has his tome, of course, to heal players and give them the Healing effect.

Necromancer is sort of a trade, as it is a mix of the wizard and priest. The skulls, once used, cost a big deal of MP (depends on what tier) and steals HP from the monster (s). The skull doesn’t work well on small numbers because the less mobs, the less HP you’re receiving and the more of a waste of MP you’re using. It is very efficient on Sprite Gods (minions) and godwalls.

Snake Oils can help heal your group if you don’t have a healing class with you.

Range Classes

Pretty much any class that has a range greater than 7 tiles are considered great range damagers.

Wizards are top notch for wiping out gods in seconds with their spells, even though their spells and staves don’t pierce. The Staff of Esben is a piercer and deals nice damage, but it has lower range, and lower dexterity fire. Not a harmful drop though.

Necromancers are a mix between the wizard and priest with an ability healing and damaging at the same time, but not having the mass DPS as a wizard would. The early 2017 Attack buff makes a maxed Necromancer still very viable especially for low-level groups.

Mystics are able to control the battle, with her ability (yes, it’s a she) being able to cast stasis in 3 range and curse the enemies outside of that range. Even more so, a T5/T6 orb can provide a berserk buff OR the Orb of Conflict can provide damaging (although it does not cause curse). In a large “train” Mystic can be a trolling class for immature players but a good Mystic is good at stasising imminent threats and pumping out ranged DPS.

Priest and Sorcerers have some of the greatest range ever achieved with a range of 9 with their tiered wands, and with the St. Abraham’s Wand at a whopping 10, hitting enemies from afar, and able to pick off enemies that other classes can’t reach. In Godlands, the Abrahams is probably not needed and Tiered wands can pierce enemies, which is more of an asset. Sorcerers also can attain Soulbound damage on many targets in a group with a strong pet, which is probably their biggest niche, and the Scepter of Fulmination from Dr. Terrible can slow many targets at once.

Archers and Huntress are the most preferable ones, because they have the greatest weapon to pierce and with range (bows) and the untiered ones will change the way you fight, as the Coral Bow has better range and a more narrow shot with faster dexterity fire, making this amazing in godlands as a godsweeper. The Doom Bow hits hard on high DEF mobs but a lower dexterity fire. The archer’s quiver and the huntress’s trap either help slow or paralyze mobs, making it easier to hit.


Archers, Huntress, Wizards with the Penetrating Blast Spell, any stave classes with the Staff of Esben, Priests, Sorcerers, Ninjas and any dagger class (Rogue, Trickster, and Assassin) that are paired with the Bone Dagger or Queen’s Stinger can pierce.

Archers and huntresses, as said before, are great classes with piercing weapons, and can hit harder with the untiered bows.

Wizards with the Penetrating Blast Spell pierce too, making it great among crowds.

All stave classes equipped with the Staff of Esben have the ability to pierce.

Priests and Sorcerers with tiered wands can be useful for crowd control. Their low damage is rounded by their high range, while the Sorcerer’s scepter is very useful in damaging spread out opponents.

Ninjas and with very nice damaging katanas can pierce, being able to shred through enemies quickly with high DPS.

Be careful with the Bone Dagger as it does have lower range than other daggers and digging in with the mobs can lead to painful injuries because your dagger class is pretty fragile when it comes to range, and because it has lower range, it will be better to have a Rogue with it, because leather class in plain sight trying to go 4 tiles deep on gods to compete for Soulbound is a very risky strategy and if you are going 4 tiles deep you might as well be playing a melee.

Crowd Control

Despite piercing, only the Priest, Sorcerer, Archer, Huntress, any staff class (Wizard with the Penetrating Blast Spell or a staff class with Staff of Esben), Mystic, and in occasions, the assassin with his poison, is good enough for crowd control.

Priest have their piercing wand, and sorcerers have their wands and scepters too to clear mobs off.

Assassins have their poison and it affects all mobs that it hits. The better poison for mob control is Plague Poison because of its massive range, being able to affect many mobs in a great amount of range. However since Pets have sped up the game to the degree that they have, many things die before an Assassin’s poison can do much or even land. In which case, the Murky Toxin is quite viable for doing DPS in a flash if you can run ahead and let your poison sink in for a couple seconds.

Stave classes have nice DPS, so they can clear nicely, and even more so with a good curse from the mystic.

As mentioned above, Mystics can both stasis and curse, being able to stop fighting completely or get rid of an enemy quicker.

Status Classes

Classes have their own abilities and some of them are really helpful for the group when killing to make fighting a bit more easier. The abilites inflict specific status effects on mobs or do something to that mob once activated.

  • Archers can slow (T0-T2) or paralyze (T3-T6) with their quivers (or even daze with the Quiver of Thunder), stopping hazards in their tracks that are chasing the group or cutting the number of projectiles flying at them in half.
  • Knights can stun monsters (or even armor break them with the Shield of Ogmur), protecting party members from damage for 3 seconds per stun or armor break them to speed up the process of the mob’s death.
  • Mystics can stasis and curse with their orbs, controlling the battlefield and providing a decent damage boost to certain monsters.
  • Assassins can poison, slowly weakening and killing monsters hit by his poison.
  • Huntresses can slow (or paralyze with the Coral Venom Trap), and at the same time blasting many monsters with her arrows.
  • Tricksters can distract monsters with decoys, protecting her friends.

So… what about the other classes that I haven’t said that much…?

Yeah… I know. Maybe that rogue, or ninja you had was fun and you had lots of enjoyment, but I’ll make a summary for each of them about why they aren’t said so much. Mainly because they’re more of being better by themselves or should be by themselves.

  • Rogues: They COULD be used as teamwork to have the rogue sneak in into areas that are too hard to reach without taking an injury like a huge swarm of minions, or with the Cloak of the Planewalker, areas that can’t be accessed and still cloak. Or in general, rush for everyone else. But… they’re a soloist classes, and the only easy way they can obtain loot faster if they’re by themselves.

  • Ninjas: They are a risky choice to use. They have a high stat cap for all stats, but none of their stats are the highest number among classes. They have nice DPS at the cost of less than adequate range (unless you have the Doku No Ken or Ray Katana). Just getting a Doom Circle or an Ice Star will let you do huge damage if you can hit the boss, and will also yield good rushing ability with the speed boost.

This guide is not necessarily trying to change your opinion about which class should be in your party or not, but it is just relatively saying about the good things and bad things about the classes.

Good luck, adventurers!