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The Pentaract is an event boss that spawns multiple times in a realm. Rather than one boss, it is the combined formation of five individual towers.

The Realm Eye says:
Oryx’s spies sought to corrupt the realm’s holy paladins after they refused to gaze upon an idol of the Mad God as worship.
The spies stationed five towers around the cathedral to coax the church leaders into a trap, promising the immortality of a god to those who entered. Some rejected the offer, but many defected.
The powers within did indeed grant limited immortality, but at the cost of reducing the paladins to lone eyes, a deliberate ironic punishment for their previous refusal.
Yes, I know what you are thinking, and I assure you there is no relation. I have existed far longer than them, and am quite content with my state regardless.



Pentaract Tower
Pentaract Tower

HP: 8,000 (+5% [400 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 0
EXP: 20 (extra 15,000 when Pentaract is fully defeated)
Location: Highlands, Mountains

Level 20 Quest
Immune to Stasis
Counts toward God Kills
Counts towards Structure Kills
Counts towards Encounter Kills (when Pentaract is fully defeated)

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Red Bomb 130 Red Down Arrow Slowed for 4s 8 Radius: 4
Cooldown: 5s
Silver Shield 150 Gold Five Pointed Star Stunned for 2s 6 3.6


Does not move. Spawns Pentaract Eyes at a constant rate while throwing red bombs that slow. When a tower is reduced to 1/2 HP, it will flash red, turn invulnerable for a few seconds, and then start shooting 3-directional bursts of silver shields that stun.

Pentaract Towers are connected by interlocking red beams which create a shape resembling a pentagram within a pentagon, which also key in players to the locations of the other five towers, as they are spaced rather far apart.

If a Pentaract Tower is destroyed, the other 4 towers must be destroyed within a fifteen second window, during which the beams between them will turn yellow as a warning. If there are still any living towers at the end of this window, all fallen towers will instantly respawn with a fresh squad of Pentaract Eyes.


Pentaract EyePentaract Eye

  • Per Spawn: 5
  • Cooldown: 5s

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Tips and Strategies

Cooperation and teamwork are of utmost importance when dealing with a Pentaract (if there are not many players), as all 5 towers need to be defeated within 15 seconds of the first falling, otherwise they revive and each spawn 5 more eyes. Use the signal colour as indication in case you lose track. Do not break a tower if somebody is weakening them first (Unless there are a lot of players).

Any max speed class can very realistically take down the structure itself. Weaken them all to about 80 HP left, kill the first, then run around inside the structure, killing the rest.

Rogue Method

A Rogue can solo it best, since it has the highest max speed and a teleportation ability which also cloaks it for 5 seconds.
The best cloak for a Rogue to use would be a Planewalker, as the special enables you to move nearer to the next Pentaract tower and speeding up the time you finish all towers off.

Archer & Huntress

Archer & Huntress’ arrows will now mow down all groups of eyes to keep other people safe. The Archer can shoot its quiver at a tower in the ocean, and the Huntress can throw its trap at one in a wall.


Assassin’s niche lies in damaging the Pentaract if the towers are inaccessible to most classes. Higher tiered poison will reach the furthest ocean ones and obliterate ones in walls.


Once Def potted, most classes wont need to worry much about the damage they recieve, this includes classes such as Warrior, Knight and Paladin; they will easily be able to take the damage the recieve from flying penteract eyes. The Rogue, Trickster, Assassin, Huntress and Archer Will Have a nice base defense, and if the Penteract is killed fast enough, they wont have to worry about the overall damage.
However, the staff classes will have a lower defense and recieve more damage; but two ranged based classes have a merit for healing. Necromancer and Priest will be able to keep their HP up from their special abilities.


The Priest Has a longer Range of attack and deals a high enough damage to be able to solo efficient enough, but it will be hard to solo without your priests with defense capped.
Priests’ ability to heal themselves instantenously will work wonders for this class and others around that may not be potted or low defensive armor.


Paladin is somewhat of a gamble as it will make it harder to get the Towers to just the right health due to damaging on Seals, though it might make them soloable without even wearing down the towers.


The Warrior can solo Penteracts just as efficiently as Rogues, They have high defensive armour to withstand penteract eye attacks and they have a high damage base for killing the towers. The Berserk Special Attack will enable the warrior to move to other towers faster and the hightened speed of attack will ensure you finish the other towers even faster.


Sorcerer is discouraged, as its ability is likely to fail to damage the towers due to the buzzing eyes. However, this can be used to keep the ranged classes safe.


Mystics can stasis the eyes as soon as they appear. She also helps with Pentaracts located in the Godlands by neutralising the gods and her special reduces the damage she receives from eyes. She can also use the “Staff of Extreme Prejudice” in a simlar manner to the Wizard (see above), but since the damage output is noticeably lowered, so weakening each tower first is still recommended.


Knights have the highest defense in the game and are unlikely to die at a Pentaract, If you have maxed the speed on a knight, they should be able to solo if you weaken each tower first.
Knight can also serves the purpose of stunning or meatshielding the flying pentaract eyes.


With teleportation like planewalkers, the trickster can send a decoy to distract the eyes and teleport next to the tower. However, without potting some stats, you’ll find yourself teleporting to the nexus without good loot.


The Ninja can shoot all the towers at close range with his shuriken if he has a mid-tier shuriken on him. Then he can wiz around on his star’s speed to destroy them all with his katana slashes.


Try not to stand around. Not only while the Pentaract Towers throw a fairly painful bomb at you, but dancing around the towers will also dodge the attacks of the Eyes.

One problem about the Pentaract is that the eyes never disappear, and begin spreading out. Sometimes they will begin terrorizing the lowlands, so it is extremely important to clean up the eyes, especially since there are about 50.

If you want to clean up the eyes effectively, try using a blue drake egg. Blue Drakes paralyze eyes, making them sitting ducks, and not as dangerous. If you use Blue Drake eggs, cleaning up pentaract eyes is a breeze.

One last note: there’s a certain radius around you where enemies simply cannot spawn. However, since the spawn of the Pentaract is the dot in the center, the towers are set 15 tiles away, and then eyes flying out of them, it’s very possible for the buffer to do little in keeping you safe.

Frequently, after soloing a Pentaract, none of the towers will drop loot.

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In testing, before the Pentaract was released on prod, killing all 5 towers in time would result in the spawning of the Pentaract Tower Ultra, that would drop all the loot. The developers eventually changed it after players disagreed with it.

During MOTMG 2020, the sprite for Pentaract Tower changed to fit the Reconstruction theme. However, unlike most reskinned event boss minions, the name didn’t change.
MOTMG Pentaract Tower

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