Pet Maxing Guide

When pets were granted abilities in Release 12, the game fundamentally changed. Now the acquisition of a good pet is all but crucial for success in RotMG, as they are permanent and can provide major boosts to any character.

They may be improved either with Fame or Realm Gold by feeding them items with feed power. Upgrading the Pet Yard to improve your pet also costs Fame or Gold. As such, getting a good pet without paying typically requires a fair amount of fame and decent (often untiered) feed items.

The Pet Yard upgrade for Legendary (25,000 Fame or 1,200 Gold) represents a cost barrier in Fame; from here on, Gold is the favored currency for maxing pets. This guide will not instruct players to pass maxed rare on any pet, as this is incredibly difficult without paying.

Getting a Pet

Finding Eggs

The most important questions most people have are What kind of pet should I get? and How do I get pets? The answer to the latter is the simplest, so we’ll start there: in the godlands. Common and Uncommon Pet Eggs drop here, and any class can farm them. Alternatively, you can trade other players for eggs with gear or stat potions.

Choosing a Pet

Players should probably hatch all Common-Uncommon eggs that they find in hopes of getting decent abilities. The most sought-after abilities are:

  • Heal, which regenerates HP. At level 70, regenerates 20.43/second (the equivalent of 170.2 VIT).
  • Magic Heal, which regenerates MP. At level 70, regenerates 8.68 MP/second (the equivalent of 144.7 WIS).

You should hope for a pet that has these two as its first abilities. (This guide doesn’t concern itself with the third, as that is only unlocked at Legendary level.) All pet abilities are chosen randomly except the first, which has certain possible values for each family. Abilities do not repeat.

Assuming an equal chance of collecting each type of pet:

  • Heal: Humanoid (50%), Automaton (50%), Farm/Reptile/Spooky (33%), Penguin/Woodland (25%), Avian (20%), Feline/Insect (17%), Aquatic/Canine (14%)
  • Magic Heal: Humanoid (50%), Exotic/Farm/???? (33%), Penguin/Woodland (25%), Avian (20%), Feline (17%)

As the pet is guaranteed to have either Heal or Magic Heal, Humanoid Pet Eggs are the most sought-after, with a larger market for trading.



For information on the mechanics of feeding, see Pet Feeding.

It is important to note that each time you feed your pet, you must pay either fame or gold. Common pets require 10 fame or 5 gold, uncommon require 30 fame or 12 gold, and rare require 100 fame or 30 gold to feed each time. For this reason, the player must consider which items are worth feeding, as a low FP value for an item means that you will get less out of each feed, and your pet will require more fame before you can max it.

For common and uncommon pets, use drops from the Forbidden Jungle, which is anything in the crystal necromancer set. Also, treasures make great feeding material. Most soul bound dungeon specific drops make great feeding material, even if they’re terrible to use in battle. If the player has a large supply of tiered equipment with 300 fp or more (T11+ weapons, T12+ armors and T5+ rings), they can feed these, though these can be expensive to purchase in large quantities.

Because rare pets require more fame or gold to feed each time than common and uncommon pets, finding items with more feed power (usually 400 or more FP) is beneficial. The Mad Lab drops UTs in this fp bracket at a decent rate. The Ocean Trench also drops UTs with 500+ fp at a decent rate, though the fact that these only occur a maximum of once per realm can be inhibiting. For most players hunting for items to feed their rare pets, the Manor of the Immortals is the best option, as they can drop several times per realm, drop UTs at a good rate, and are easier to find than the Mad Lab. Another possible means of feeding a rare pet for players with a sizable amount of wealth is to buy Wine Cellar Incantations and feed those.


For information on the mechanics of fusing, see Pet Fusing.

When fusing, it is crucial that the player understands what they are doing, or it is quite possible that the pet will be permanently ruined. When fusing your pets, make sure that you get the message that the fusion is MAXED before completing the fuse; both pets must have the highest level possible for their rarity level for their first ability (30 for common, 50 for uncommon and 70 for rare), as the resulting pet’s first ability level will be the average of the first ability levels for the two fusing pets. The maximum level for the resulting pet will be 20 above the initial level.

For example, if you fused two common pets at levels 30 and 20, the resulting uncommon would be level 25, with a max level of 45. This is in comparison to the result if you fused the common pets when both were at level 30, which would result in a max level of 50. Do note that once you get to rarity levels with multiple unlocked abilities (uncommon and above), the level of the second or thrid abilities has no effect on the maximum ability level of the pet; only the first ability level will impact this. The second ability level of each fusing pet will only have an impact on the initial level of the resulting pet’s second ability, and will not effect the max level.

If you have a pet with a lower maximum level than the rarity level (below 30 for common, below 50 for uncommon or below 70 for rare), note that there is no way to fix the pet and you must start over with a new pet if you wish to improve your situation.