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Pet Player Experience Guide

This guide is mainly for players who are not experienced in Pet Player Experience and want to try a first attempt on it.


Pet Player Experience, what’s it all about?

PPE (“Pet Player Experience”, although Neutralman initially called it “Pro Player Experience) is a self-imposed challenge for experienced players. The bare rules are

  1. Start a Lv.1 character
  2. No trading or using stuff you already have to benifit your PPE materially with the exception of cosmetics and backpacks
Some people add additional self-imposed rules including
  1. No guild dungeons
  2. No leeching
  3. Duo/trio PPE (a set group that can share items)

    Which Class to use

    Different classes make the experience easier or harder depending on your playstyle as they excel or falter in different dungeons. Especially if you are doing a NPE (without a pet) class choice will define how easy it is to max your character out.

    Wand Classes

    Wands have the longest range of any weapon in the game. This allows them to keep a safe distance from the enemy and land hits without getting into the danger zone. Their main weakness is their fragile defense. Being a robe class, these guys are very squishy and can struggle in dungeons where head-on assaults are common like Abyss of Demons .

    Priest Priest

    Although a Priest with a Puri, Prot or even a T6/Book of Geb is a beast, however starting one from scratch may be a different story. Your DPS is fairly weak so definitely starting out you will have a significantly harder time getting loot without maxing some stats. Once you have maxed Dex, clearing Abysses may be within your reach and loot in even medium sized Labs is not out of the picture. Maxing speed is fairly trivial, given that you will probably need 15 at most to max. A specialized Tome however, will open the door for far more than just safe heals, letting you farm very well and rush basically everything. Tank through an Abyss or farm gods like this with Prot, keep yourself and teammates fighting in endgame dungeons like The Nest or un-weaken yourself in messy Tombs with Puri/Book of Geb or simply rush fast with a T6 tome but chances are you will have already undergone a prolonged maxing process before you even get to see one of these tomes on a PPE.


    Especially after the buff, Sorcerer is by no means a bad PPE class. With an additional 10 base attack (and 20 max attack) you may be able to get loot easier than a Priest and even if you haven’t drank much Wisdom, the Scepter will still be good godlands weapon to zap soulbound around and pot up some Def/Att/Spd. Sorcerers can easily clear abysses to pot up their Def, considering how well the Scepter/wand combination can clear mobs. When you are maxed, Sorcerer is definitely a strong farmer class, not particularly bad at much and excelling clearing mobs and farming godlands.

    Bow Classes

    Bow classes are a much more popular type for PPEs, with their crippling abilities and great range with high damage.

    Archer Archer

    The Archer is a very popular class to attempt PPEs on, with his ability to paralyze enemies on their spot, allowing the archer to fire away while they stand helpless. However, archers are also fairly tedious to max because of their high attack cap. The main disadvantage with Archer is that Tiered bows are still not great soulbound weapons outside of Godlands and some easy bosses such as Malphas. Either seek a UT bow early on or go through a more tedious maxing process with a tiered bow before grinding out one. However, with Doom Bow Archer excels at much more and it is recommended to get one before you have to start grinding Attack and Life (getting Soulbound on Son of Arachna and Thessal for Mana is not too bad) as a Doom Bow is exponentially better than Covert or even Coral Bow or Thousand Shot when demolishing Manors and messy FFA tomb bosses.


    Huntress is also a great PPE class, the only difference being trap vs quiver. Although Quiver is linear and is more efficient on single targets, Huntress is a bit better on mobs. Also since the buff, traps do noticeable damage, making clearing dungeons that much easier. For example if you are in the Abyss, you toss a T4 trap and minions are at half health and slower than a slug.

    Staff Classes

    Staff classes in general have a higher damage output than the wand classes in terms of their weapons, which makes it easier for them to rack up kills and qualify for soulbound loot.

    Wizard Wizard

    The infamous “glass cannon” of the game, Wizards are one of the best classes to PPE on, due to their maximum DPS allowing the player to nuke bosses and get quicker and better drops. Their only weakness is their fragile defense, which is made up with his extreme offense and high range and their tediousness to max, with the wizard requiring not only a lot of attack, but also a lot of dex and mana making the wizard tedious but very fun and easy to PPE on. With a decent spellbomb you can also scrape life from public tombs.

    Necromancer Necromancer

    The Necro is also like the Priest, however especially with the ATT cap buff, Necro is decently viable now. Although Wizard is always going to reign as the ranged class that demolishes soulbound thresholds and steals all the loot, Necro is still fairly playable and can get Soulbound, although it may have to work a bit harder to get in it’s damage in messy FFA tombs.

    Mystic Mystic

    The Mystic uses strategy to control the battle, having the ability to completely disable enemies for awhile. The mystic can abuse her stasising ability and rush things a lot easier than other ranged classes. The main disadvantage is that on bossfights only T5-6, Conflict and Soul of the Bearer can buff you. With a buff you will probably get loot, without may prove more of a challenge, especially without max dex. However, once you get one of these, you will be mostly set for most dungeons and bosses with an easy berserk.

    Sword Classes

    Some of the greatest fellows are the sword classes, having high defense and dealing high damage. Their only weakness is their range.

    Knight Knight

    Knight is a very good PPE class and its Defense and broken shield bash make it a popular PPE class even among newer players (hence the “PPE btw lel xD” meme). It can run most things extremely well, for example Labs, Sprites, Abysses and Cems. Defense on Knight is more tedious than challenging as you can roll over Abysses really well once you have about 50 base def and max dex and speed from Sprites and Cems. Once maxed, you are OP and that’s that.

    Warrior Warrior

    The squishiest of the melees, the warrior nonetheless PPEs well. Your helm gives you some needed early game Def, enough Speed to run away from mobs and enough DPS to loot many public dungeons with mediocre gear and stats. His main weaknesses are being easy to die on unmaxed and having a high Attack cap. Once a warrior is fully maxed, he becomes as OP as a Knight. In all, it is a great class, a bit more challenging than a Knight but still very competent.

    Paladin Paladin

    Due to his healing, damaging and sword, Paladin is a very easy and safe class to PPE. Just like a Warrior, you can loot many dungeons with bad gear and stats, e.g. Cems and Labs. With a decent sword (e.g. Archon) and over 30 total Def, you can also max Def fairly well in Abysses as you can 1 shot anything but brutes when buffed. Overall a great class even if your pet is not overpowered.

    Dagger Classes

    Dagger classes are known for their speed. They are extremely tedious to max on spd and dex, but is well worth it if you survive the farming. They are also very good soloists, allowing you to rely less on other people while farming dungeons.

    Rogue Rogue

    The rogue is also one of the best classes for PPEs because they can rush most things. Abyss rush is doable for some unmaxed and Sewer rushing is viable with around a maxed rare or unmaxed rare+MP pots. It takes quite a while to max dex and speed but because you are a great dungeon rusher/farmer when maxed overall it is quite worth it.

    Assassin Assassin

    Assassin is a tomb and wine cellar class, the pots grind is suboptimal because of said class’ relative weakness at standard dungeons. Abyss grinding is not as good on Assassin either unless you have the patience to let your poison clear the dungeon for you.

    Trickster Trickster

    Trickster is a fun class which blows through Sprite Worlds and endgame content such as public Shatters, however as a PPE class it is … a challenge. However, Abysses are quite tough on Trickster and it is not as good of a godlands farmer as say, Wizard or Knight.

    Katana Classes

    Ninja Ninja

    Your DPS is high enough to not get loot stolen most of the time and Ninja is overall a very fun PPE class but you are very squishy with leather armor and short range.