Pet Rock

Pet Rock
Pet Rock: The Pets of Tomorrow in your very own pocket! Available to those who survived the great Pet Bug of March 2017.

Duration : 10 seconds
Cooldown : 20 seconds
Feed Power: 100
Can be used multiple times

When used, the Pet Rock creates on the ground taking a different form in the same order :
1 2 3 4

Notes: The Pet Rock was originally priced for $9999.99 (jokingly) but was given for free to players in The Wonderful Pet Rock Free Pack for April Fool’s 2017.

The Future of Pets is NOW!
Discover the brand new Pet made by DECA!
It’s friendly,it’s heavy and it fits in your pocket!
The Pet Rock, available now for free until April 14th!

Notes: The description refers to a bug that made pets use their skills less frequently than they would during the patch 27.7.X11.1 .