Pet Yard

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Pet Yard
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The Pet Yard is a place to maintain and upgrade your pets, and can be accessed via the pet portal in the Nexus or Vault. There are several components within the Pet Yard, each serving a unique purpose.


Uncommon Pet Yard Layout Rare Pet Yard Layout

Legendary Pet Yard Layout Divine Pet Yard Layout


In order to hatch an egg, you need to go to the pet yard. Use the pet egg in your inventory and it will hatch. Using a pet egg anywhere besides the pet yard will do nothing. Your pet yard needs to be one tier below the egg you intend to hatch (or better) in order to hatch it in your pet yard. A common tier pet yard can hatch common and uncommon eggs, but you will need to upgrade it at least once in order to hatch rare eggs.


To select the pet you want to bring along your adventures, walk up to it and click the “Follow” button that appears with the associated pet in the lower right corner of your UI. In order to make your pet stop following you, stand near it and click the “Unfollow” button. Alternatively, this action can be performed in the Pet Wardrobe, and you can use this means to select your pet if you have trouble finding the pet you want in the yard.

Selecting your pet the old-fashioned way

Using the pet wardrobe interface to select your pet

Pet Wardrobe and Pet Feeding/Fusing Interfaces

There are two separate interfaces in your pet yard. As mentioned before, you have the pet wardrobe, which you can use to select your active pet and change its shape to whatever you desire (provided you have the skin available, of course).

Pet Wardrobe Interface

The other interface you can use is known as the pet feeding/fusing interface. This interface can be used to feed your pet and also fuse them.

Pets Interface


To access the pet feeding/fusing interface, walk up to the yard caretaker and click on the “Pets” tab in the lower right corner of the UI. This will open an interface such as what you’ve seen above.

Accessing the Pet Feeding/Fusing interface

The feeding tab of the interface will open up by default. You can then select the pet you want to feed on the left side of the interface, and then select up to eight items from your inventory, displayed on the lower right side of the interface, to feed your pet in any one action. Keep in mind that the cost to feed is applied to each individual item.

Feeding your pet


Once your pets are maxed to your desire, you are ready to fuse them. Open up the pet feeding/fusing interface in the manner described above. Click on the “Fuse” tab on the lower-right side of the interface. Select the pet you want to keep in the same way you would select them for feeding. The fuse tab in the lower right corner of the interface will display all of your pets (if any) that are compatible with a potential fusion into the selected pet.

Your pet yard needs to be at least one tier above the pets you intend to fuse, in order to attempt a fusion (You need an uncommon tier pet yard to fuse two common pets into an uncommon, et cetera). It is highly recommended that both your selected pet and catalyst pet have at least maxed their first ability before you fuse them. Otherwise, the resultant pet will not have as high a level cap as it could have. It is also recommended to max both pets completely, so that you save your fame or gold.

Attempting a fusion with two pets

There are 5 different tiers of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Divine. As your pets increase in rarity, they will evolve and unlock new abilities.

Pet fusing is described in further detail on the Pet Fusing page.

Yard Caretaker

Yard Caretaker
In addition to providing you with the pet feeding/fusing interface, the yard caretaker will also be able to provide you with information about the workings of the pet yard. Simply click on the “Info” button for helpful information on your pet yard.


You will need to spend fame or gold in order to feed pets, fuse pets, upgrade your pet yard, and change your pet’s skin. The costs will be listed below.

Pet Feeding

Pet Rarity Cost (Fame) Cost (Gold)
Common 15 5
Uncommon 50 12
Rare 175 30
Legendary 625 60
Divine 1750 150

Pet Fusing

Fuse to: Cost (Fame) Cost (Gold)
Uncommon 525 100
Rare 1750 240
Legendary 7000 600
Divine 26250 1800

Pet Yard Upgrades

Upgrade to: Cost (Fame) Cost (Gold)
Uncommon 525 150
Rare 3500 400
Legendary 43750 1200
Divine 87500 2000

Wardrobe Skin Change

Skin Change Condition Cost (Fame) Cost (Gold)
Within the Same Family 200 20
Changing the Pet’s Family 1000 100