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Pets Prior to Release 12 0 0

This page describes how Pets were prior to Release 12.0.0, and as such the information here is likely outdated.

There is currently a multitude of known pets, with some being of limited availability. Not all of the pets shown here have been released, or confirmed for release yet. Buying a pet will give you a pet generator with unlimited uses. Using a generator creates a pet that follows you around whenever possible. Make sure to keep the generator safe in your vault, or else you will not be able to create your pet again.

You can also go to Pfiffel’s Pet Simulator for experimenting the pets, on a close representation on how they are ingame.

Hover your mouse over each image to see the pet’s name.

Bat Bee Black Cat Black Wolf Blue Snail Bluebird Brown Fox Brown Pup Chick Crab Demon Frog Dino Duck Eagle Elephant Gargoyle Golden Pup Golden Sheepdog Grass Penguin Green Frog Green Penguin Grey Cat Grey Fox Grey Pup Grey Wolf Gummy Bear Hamster Jelly Leprechaun Lil' Ghost Lion Mallard Ninja Cat Orange Cat Panda Penguin Pig Praying Mantis Purple Frog Purple Penguin Purple Snail Raven Sea Slurp Sheepdog Skunk Snowman Snowy Owl Squirrel Tan Cat Toucan Turtle White Cat White Lion Yellow Cat

Promotional Pets

These pets came as either part of a package or other special event occurrence. As such, they were available for a limited time, but are not necessarily limited to their specific past availability.

Red Karate Penguin Yellow Karate Penguin Blue Karate Penguin Purple Karate Penguin
The Beginner’s Package comes with a Karate Penguin Pet of randomized color, and will appear in one of the Vault Chests that are obtained as a part of the package.
Beach Ball
During the Beach Party Madness event, the Beach Ball was available for 700 Gold. It works similar to a pet, however, is interactive rather than just a generator. If in a player’s inventory, and another player is nearby, using the Beach Ball will create and toss it to the nearby player, and can be done so infinite times. Using the Beach Ball will cause your current pet to despawn, as the Beach Ball is spawned in its place.
Beer Slurp Near Beer God
During Oktoberfest 2012, the Beer Slurp became available for 990 gold, and was soon discounted at 390 gold. It is the only way to find the Beer God. When in the vicinity of a Beer God, the Beer Slurp will have an exclamation point over its head and continuously try to move in its direction, until standing still where the Beer God should spawn.
Oriole Goldfinch Cardinal Bluebird
To help with the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, these Relief Birds featured the state bird of four of the affected states. Net proceeds from the sale of these birds went towards the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.
Black Blue Green Purple Red
These Ants were introduced to commemorate a special promotion with GameStop through Kongregate. These were received from the gift chest in the vault after attaining level 10 with the Ninja class. It is notable for having been the only free pet prior to Release 9.0.
Around Thanksgiving 2012, the Harvest Package featured the Turkey as a pet in the value of its 2000 gold bundle. It was later made available as a part of normal pet cycles as well.
With the public release of the Ninja, the Ninja Package featured the Dragonfly pet. The Dragonfly is one of few pets with an idle animation.
During Holidays 2012, the Jolly Santa Pack featured the Elf pet as one of its exclusive components.
During Holidays 2012, the Santa’s Helpers Pack featured the Reindeer as an exclusive pet. It is also a reference to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
As part of the New Year’s Pack, and alongside the Father Time skin for Priest, the Baby was available for purchase. It is a reference to the New Year’s myth relating Father Time and Baby New Year.
Baby Dragon
The Baby Dragon was available alongside the second character skins package, which featured skins for the Rogue, Knight, and Warrior.
Alongside character skins in the Conquer the Realm pack, the Werewolf pet made its debut. It is similar to the Werewolf Cub enemy found in the Haunted Cemetery.
USA Eagle
Alongside Inauguration Day for the US in 2013, the Founding Father skin for the Paladin and the USA Eagle were available in the Presidential Pack.
To celebrate Australia Day, the Down Under pack contained a skin for the Warrior, dyes representing Australia’s national colors, and the Koala pet.

Event Pets

These pets have only appeared for sale for a very short time, and the generators are consumed upon use, meaning these pets are lost with death or if another pet generator of any kind is used.

Lil' Oryx Generator Lil' Oryx
April Fools 2012 - The Lil’ Oryx pet is a miniature version of Oryx, and occasionally taunts the player through chat (But the taunting feature was removed and it got bigger after release 12.0).
Valentines Day 2012 - Valentines are also notable for being the only pet able to be traded, and it bobs up and down slowly. Unlike other Event Pets, it can be spawned multiple times.
Holidays 2012 - The Dreidel is a somewhat functional pet, as it spins around the nearest players when idle.

Dungeon Pets

Certain dungeons have a very rare chance of dropping a pet related to it, and these can be considered free pets. Currently, they drop in soulbound bags. Any pets listed here, but not anywhere above, are only found in their respective dungeons.

Sprite World
Sprite Star
Candyland Hunting Grounds
Peppermint Snail
Haunted Cemetery
Undead Lair
Lil' Ghost
Davy Jones's Locker
Manor of the Immortals
Abyss of Demons
Demon Frog
Mad Lab
Ocean Trench
Sea Slurp
Tomb of the Ancients
Tomb Snake