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Pirate King Warrior Set

Pirate King Warrior
Class Warrior
Themed on Pirates
Obtained from Mystery Warrior ST Crate
2nd Piece Bonus +70 HP, +50 MP
3rd Piece Bonus +100 HP, +80 MP
4th Piece Bonus +100 ATT, -30 DEX, -20 SPD
Subtotal of Bonuses +170 HP, +130 MP, +100 ATT, -30 DEX, -20 SPD
Overall Stat Bonus +180 HP, +130 MP, +101 ATT, +26 DEF, -27 DEX, -17 SPD, +6 VIT, +4 WIS
Total Fame Bonus 16%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Release X32.2.1

Items Drop From:
Swashbuckler’s Sickle: Davy Jones
Tricorne of the High Seas: Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King
Naval Uniform: Sunken Treasure
First Mate’s Hook: Dreadstump the Pirate King, Deadwater Docks Chest

The Pirate King Warrior Set is the nineteenth special themed set to be released.

The set provides an absolutely obscene amount of Attack, but also lowers DEX and SPD. Combined with the slower fire rate on the sword, Pirate King Warriors move and attack slowly, but can deal absurd amounts of damage packed into single shots (which also have an extended range). The helmet doesn’t buff for as long, but can further increase burst damage by firing devastating cannon bursts in retaliation to attacks.

It also provides a good chunk of HP, DEF, and MP to help survivability and ability usage, respectively. In essence, this set is the “slow, but powerful” playstyle taken to its extreme.


On Testing, the set’s skin was that of Jon Bilgewater and it had different stat bonuses:

2nd Piece Bonus: +70 HP, +50 MP
3rd Piece Bonus: +100 HP, +80 MP
4th Piece Bonus: +100 ATT, -30 DEX, -20 SPD
Subtotal of Bonuses: +170 HP, +130 MP, +100 ATT, -30 DEX, -20 SPD
Overall Stat Bonus: +180 HP, +130 MP, +101 ATT, +26 DEF, -25 DEX, -17 SPD, +6 VIT


The art for the helm and armor for this set appear to be based off of or influenced by unused sprites for an unreleased ST set from the Kabam era: