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Possessed Oryx Statue

Last updated: X.28.0
Possessed Oryx Statue

The Possessed Oryx Statue is an Event Boss that spawns to assist the final boss of the Oryx Horde Event.



HP: 20,000 (+10% [2,000 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 0
EXP: 0
Location: Oryx Horde

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Immune to Paralyze

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Oryx Statue Slow Proj
Slowed for 1.2s
Pierces Players
Black Mossy Projectile
Stunned for 3.5s
Quiet for 3.5s
Pierces Players


The Possessed Oryx Statue is spawned by the Spirit of Oryx. It wanders in place, firing spreads of slowing projectiles at the nearest player. It also frequently throws Earth Smashes, small rocks that land before promptly detonating in a huge explosion of shots, as well as blasting a plus-sign shaped area of the ground into temporary poison. These are thrown at players over deceptively long range, so be aware of them.

The Statue will ocassionally start blinking for a few seconds. Two things can happen afterwards:

1) It’s going to throw a segmented grappling hook at the nearest player. If the head connects, the player is Paralyzed for 1.5s and the Statue will pull itself to the target before unleashing a wave of black shots that Stun and Quiet as well as an Earth Smash directly on the spot, causing enormous damage or death. If players touch the chain of the grappling hook, they are Slowed for 1.5s instead. If it hits nothing, the Statue will just pull itself to that location.

2) It’s going to simply trigger an Earth Smash on itself.


Spawned by:
Spirit of OryxSpirit of Oryx

Earth Smash

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Tips and Strategies

There are only two things you need to look out for in this fight: the Earth Smashes and the Grappling Hook. The Slowing projectiles deal next to no damage and can be dodged with basic circle-strafing (as long as you don’t step on one of the mines thrown by Oryx’s Ghost and get Armor Broken, that is).

As a general rule of thumb, you want to keep the Statue on your screen at all times so you can see what it is doing and dodge whatever it’s throwing at you. If you get hit by a Blind or Darkness, consider nexusing immediately.

Earth Smash: -Counter- intuitively enough, the best way to avoid eating those is to stay as close to the Statue as possible. The Statue won’t use them on players that are less than a screen away from it, but if you get back and sit one or two screens away to regen or to type in the chat you WILL die. Note the Earth Smashs are each airbourne for about 3 seconds so the further away you are, the faster each Earth Smash will fly at you which may take a half second to notice.

-Don’t stay too close when it starts blinking, as it might be about to unleash an Earth Smash directly on top of itself.

Grappling Hook: -The Hook counts as an enemy and can be Slowed with the right timing. This method is however very unreliable due to how precise you have to be, so you’re still better off circling the Statue to dodge it.

-The Hook has a maximum range. This means if you get back away far enough before the Statue can ready it (while it’s still blinking, for example), it won’t throw it at all. It’ll still however throw the second part of the pattern (the Stun+Quiet projectiles and the Earth Smash).

-The Hook can curve to hit you even if you move to dodge it, so don’t try to be cheeky and dodge it with just one sidestep. Keep moving until it hits the ground and the Statue starts pulling itself towards it.

-Even if you get hit by the Hook, you can still teleport away using a Prism or Planewalker Cloak. Teleporting to other players is also possible (so if you’ve typed “/teleport [insert name of one of your friends or guildmates here]” in advance, all you have to do is press Enter twice to teleport to safety). Puri/Geb Tome isn’t reliable, most likely because the Hook throws several waves of invisible Paralyzing shots, so you might need to use your Tome more than once to get away, by which point it might already be too late.

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