Potion of Wisdom

Potion of Wisdom A potion that permanently increases wisdom by 1.

Effect on use: +1 maximum WIS

Consumed with use

Feed Power: 150

Before Vital Combat, the potion was relatively low-valued due to the general lack of importance of the WIS stat for most classes, contributing relatively little to MP regeneration for characters with a decently-leveled Magic Heal pet.
However, after Vital Combat greatly increased the regeneration rate of Wisdom and Vitality, it became one of the more sought-after potions, just behind Vitality.

Additionally, Wisdom increases the effectiveness of certain abilities, such as the Sorcerer’s Scepter and the Warrior’s Helm.

The most common sources of Potions of Wisdom is from Septavius the Ghost God in the Undead Lair, Avalon the Archivist in the Cursed Library, and both Mad Lab bosses.