Pure Evil

Last updated: Release 21.0.1
Pure Evil



Pure Evil can only be found in the setpiece The Avatar of the Forgotten King spawns on and in The Shatters. There are four pools of pure evil in the corners of the square setpiece in which The Avatar of the Forgotten King spawns. Deadly Blobombs spawn from these pools during phase three while battling The Avatar of the Forgotten King. In The Shatters, Pure Evil can be found but you may not walk in it unlike in the setpiece.

  • A rogue stands by a pool of Pure Evil while players dodge the attacks from The Avatar of the Forgotten King.
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    Liquid Evil usually does 70-80 armor piercing damage and damages you repeately when you stand in Pure Evil which gradually decreases your health and can cause death if you stand in it long enough. Pure Evil dramatically slows movement speed down, reducing your speed by roughly 66.7% when you walk in it, which allows a good amount of time for the Pure Evil to cause a great amount of damage to a character escaping from a pool Pure Evil.

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