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Last updated: Release 21.0.1



Quicksand can only be found in the Tomb of the Ancients. In the Tomb of the Ancients, Quicksand can be easily be found anywhere in the dungeon and surrounds the boss room.

  • A rogue stands in the middle of the boss room of the Tomb of the Ancients surrounded by Quicksand.
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    Unlike many other liquids, Quicksand is generally used to slow down the character instead of damage the character. The longer you stay in the quicksand, the slower you become. During the boss battle, Quicksand can sometimes spell doom and contribute largely to your death. The three bosses of the Tomb of the Ancients, Bes, Nut and Geb circle around the room firing several projectiles that can cause lots of damage and also charge at the nearest character at times. If a character were running from a boss charging at them while firing many bullets that cause armor piercing damage and Quicksand slows down your movement, it could be fatal if you weren’t able to get away quick enough.

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