Rare Mystery Skin

Rare Mystery Skin Grants a random Skin listed below when used!

*Mini Rosen Skin
*Death Skin
*Loki Trickster Skin
*Deadly Vixen Skin
*Pilgrim Mother Skin
*Seer Mystic Skin
*Death Mage Necromancer Skin
*Voodoo Magus Necromancer Skin
*Pilgrim Father Skin
*Nerd Paladin Skin
*Drake Hunter Skin
*Mini Thessal Skin
*Sheep Rogue Skin
*Mini Skuld Skin
*Sheep Warrior Skin
*Princess Warrior Skin
*Slurp Knight Skin
*Haunted Knight Skin
*Sheep Archer Skin
*Ethereal Princess Archer Skin
*Sheep Wizard Skin
*Mischievous Imp Skin
*Schankmaid Assassin Skin
*Alice Assassin Skin
*Ice King Priest Skin
*Sheep Priest Skin
*Mini Malus Sorcerer Skin
*Thunder God Sorcerer Skin

Soulbound Soulbound
Consumed with use

Loot Bag Assigned to Orange Bag
Obtained Through Often included in Mystery Boxes
Event Chests


When used, the item transforms into a randomly chosen skin from the list displayed in the item’s description.

Possible skins that can be spawned are: