Realm Eye Responses

The Realm Eye, located in the Cursed Library, will answer a single question after being freed from the Corruption Phantom. The Realm Eye has 264 different responses triggered by a massive array of different prompts, and will provide backstory and insight on whatever they are prompted with. Note that many prompts can be worded slightly differently and still provide the same response (eg. entering Dreadstump the Pirate King or simply Dreadstump gives the same result). At the end of every statement, he will end with “Ahem… I must thank you once more, adventurers. We shall surely meet again!” and disappear. To ask another question, the Realm Eye must be freed again from another instance of the Cursed Library.

This page serves as a documentation of all of the accepted inputs and their responses.


Long before there was ever a need for the Nexus, the realm’s main continent was inhabited by all manner of civilizations, from lowly goblin clans to sophisticated human kingdoms.
Some factions warred with each other while others strayed from conflict. The full history of the realm is far greater than I could ever recite.
This all changed when Oryx rose to power. Although he seldom demonstrates it these days, the full extent of his rage-induced fury can obliterate the mightiest cities in moments.
Your kind opposed him and fled to the Nexus. Everyone else had abandoned the realm, save for those savage enough to survive under such conditions.

The Nexus was built by your kind as a sanctuary from the looming threat of Oryx’s wrath. Though rather sloppy in its first forms, expansions over the years have made it quite a spectacle.
To be certain of their safety, the old heroes knew the only way to escape the Mad God’s control of the realms was to be in none at all.
A gateway was opened to the realm between realms, an empty dimension never before inhabited by living creatures.
Being the only place in the known universe not bound to a realm, it is outside of Oryx’s control. It is for this same reason that I cannot go there myself, for my all-seeing vision would not work in such a place.


Abyss Idol
The tormented demons of the underworld created a golden idol from what little valuable ore could be found in the abyss, enchanting it with fiery magic.
They worship the effigy as a protector that will one day liberate their souls from damnation.

Agonized Titan
The Agonized Titan was the first of many iterations of the Marble Colossus. It endured tremendous pain throughout countless inhumane experiments.
A number of major flaws with the soul infusion process rendered it weak and cowardly, so it was recycled as a test dummy for other experimental magic techniques.
Forcing additional souls into a body which already possesses a living soul is considered highly taboo, as it inflicts intense pain upon the spirit within.

Alien Invasion
This realm is far from the first to be ambushed by alien forces. Lead by Commander Calbrik, they hail from a planet heavily geared towards military might and conquering rivals.
Their exact motive for this is unclear, though the constant construction of military outposts on overthrown planets suggests that they may be assembling a network across the galaxy.

Arachna was once a beautiful maiden whose talent in weaving and crafts were unrivaled. Envious, Oryx had challenged her to weave a greater tapestry than he could.
Oryx did not actually know the first thing about weaving, and transmogrified Arachna into a hideous spider in a poor attempt to hide this fact.

Archbishop Leucoryx
In contrast to his peers, Leucoryx’s title as an archbishop is legitimate. He was indeed a religious leader for his own wicked cult of demonic worship.
In Oryx’s time as a celebrated gladiator, one of his acclaimed feats was to kill that very same demon. Nonetheless, the archbishop’s bloodlust was not shaken.
Leucoryx interpreted this as a divine sign that Oryx is who he is made to follow, and began practicing his same vile sacrifices in the Mad God’s name.

Archdemon Malphas
Malphas was once a gifted stonemason in the angelic realms beyond the mortal plane.
Banished for imbuing his work with impure charms, he fell from grace and was left tattered in the realm’s volcanic mountains.
Malphas put his talent to use by constructing a den of pyroclastic stone passages in the deepest fissures.

Argus was a leader of the necromantic organization assembled for research in the Lost Halls.
He specialized in the destabilizing magic, a necessary component for extracting souls from living bodies.
After the Void Entity took control of the Marble Colossus, he and his four remaining associates retreated beneath the facility to hide from the calamity.

Avalon served as the director of this library. His love of literature was second only to his passion for sharing those works with others.
He did not fall victim to the curse directly, but watching his life’s work be overrun and ruined was enough to break his resolve.
His enthusiasm for sharing intellect evolved into obsessive protection of his collection. Such a wise soul did not deserve this fate.

Avatar of the Forgotten King
After being trapped in his castle, forgotten by his own sentinel, the king of the Shatters knew he would need to begin his assault on the realm with a more indirect approach.
The Twilight Archmage’s magic granted the king the ability to project a spiritual manifestation of himself into the realm.
The many horrors of this avatar are actually a much truer depiction of the king’s inner madness. His mind is lost in his own delusions of grandeur, and his soul is lost to even darker forces.

In myths, Balaam is said to be a demon lord with flawless knowledge of both past and future events. However, this is little more than a fable.
His only true existence is an image made reality by the will of Malus. The force known as Azamoth brought this desire into the physical plane.

Basaran was a leader of the necromantic organization assembled for research in the Lost Halls.
He specialized in ice magic, which combined with the fire magic of Malus to produce a neutral compound used for binding ethereal souls.
After the Void Entity took control of the Marble Colossus, he and his four remaining associates retreated beneath the facility to hide from the calamity.

Beehemoths/Killer Bee Nest
The strongest warriors from each of the Killer Bee Queen’s three distinct races of children were chosen as protectors of the colony known as the B-Team.
Knighted by the queen herself, each Beehemoth is tasked with overseeing the development and spread of nest construction by thousands of worker bees.
Their greatest calling is to protect the nerve center of the colony from invaders, ensuring the queen’s safety in her own massive nest.

Beekeeper/Dr. Terrible
Dr. Terrible surely hails from a realm far more advanced than ours, yet he seemed quite pleased with himself when he and his lab appeared one day.
The mad doctor is utterly fascinated by everything in this realm, enthralled by even the most basic alchemy despite his own witchcraft being leagues more advanced.
When Oryx approached him with an offer to help with his research in exchange for scientific services, he agreed without hesitation.

Belladonna began as an unintentional creation of Dr. Terrible. Once a humble greenhouse plant, a spilled vial gave new life to her roots.
She could now perceive not just human sense, but the agony of every fellow plant being picked, stomped, and disposed of.
Belladonna escaped the lab and swore to avenge every last flower whose life had been cut short. Her resentment towards Valentine’s Day is immeasurable.

Along with Nut and Geb, Bes is one of the oldest deities in the realm. In ancient times, he was a protector of the innocent and god of war.
As time passed, they were slowly forgotten and abandoned by most worshippers. Angered by this betrayal, the trio became wrathful.
To prevent the old gods from clashing with the new, their former acolytes now perform inhibition ceremonies on sarcophagi, trapping them in the sands of time.

The rabbits of the realm are known to wield unexpected power when aggravated, but Biff’s enragement far surpasses that of any other bunny.
He took a liking to Easter eggs in his youth. When he discovered that humans shatter them for fun, he became uncontrollably livid.
Even Oryx harbors a grudge against Biff, as he often interferes with the Mad God’s attempts to destroy every chicken egg in the realm.

As Oryx’s head chef, Bonegrind supplies his master with hefty helpings of poultry.
Not only does this diet help sustain his bulky frame, but the Mad God also finds it mildly therapeutic for his chicken phobia.
Bonegrind is a bit bothered that his position does not earn him an official spot in Oryx’s court, but his loyalty has not wavered.

Chancellor Dammah
Being the chancellor of an ungoverned land, with a head of “government” who sees himself as absolute, Chancellor Dammah has long been the invisible hand.
He is the cold and controlling opposite of Oryx’s inflammatory character, but just as insidiously evil. In his arrogant slothfulness, he leaves most of his bidding to those beneath him.
Percieving himself as a creature of class, Chancellor Dammah is responsible for much of the organization and direction of Oryx’s forces when the Mad God’s drunken judgement fails him.

Chief Beisa
Once a fellow gladiator alongside Oryx in the shattered kingdom, Chief Beisa is tasked with training Oryx’s most elite vanguard.
Though the Mad God surrounds himself with many twisted allies, Beisa is one of the select few Oryx considers a trusted friend.
As a glutton for power, Chief Beisa was instrumental in Oryx’s conquest of the realm’s land, asserting a far greater scope of control than he could ever truly need.

Commander Calbrik
Commander Calbrik is the acclaimed leader of his homeworld’s notorious army. Though he and Oryx have a mutual interest in killing your kind, he has no intention of negotiating.
I suspect he wants to control the realm due to its prime position in the galaxy. Conquering it would complete his web of scattered military bases, allowing him to close in on what remains.

Corruption Phantom
That wretched scourge was a creation of Lord Ruthven, designed to destroy the wealth of knowledge stored here.
The infestation spread swiftly. Like most of Ruthven’s magic, it siphoned the souls of those unfortunate enough to be here when the plague struck.
The eyes that sought knowledge, the lips that spoke truth, the hands that parsed pages, all were mercilessly removed to torment them further.

Crystal Entity
The mystifying Crystal Entity rests deep in the realm’s mantle, surrounded by precious stones of incomprehensible value.
The superstitious mushroom tribes worship it as a god of life, nurturing the fungal dwellers and promising the strength of flawless crystals to those who aid it.
The true nature of its existence is unclear, but it does indeed posess the power to construct sentient crystal servants mimicking the form of organic life.

Crystal Prisoner
The Crystal Prisoner was once acclimated to a life of riches as the queen of the kingdom now known as the Shatters.
When the king was consumed by the Void Entity’s influence, the royal guards made a shady deal with Bilgewater’s crew to transport her to the mainland.
Her passage to the realm was safe, but she was soon captured by Oryx as she rode her steed further inland.
Although trapped inside a prison of her own queenly gemstones, some believe the void had already managed to taint her soul.

Crystal Worm Mother
The crystal worms emerged from the depths of the mines after the mushroom tribes abruptly went feral.
Presumably designed as guardians of the Crystal Entity, the Crystal Worm Mother in particular is the last line of defense on the path to the deepest chamber.
Her segmented body was specifically built to ensnare and overwhelm invaders, but like all gemstones, it can be chipped away with determination and precision.

Crystal Worm Father/Dwarf Miner
The entrance to the abandoned dwarven mines was blocked off by the dwarves when they retreated. At the time, the mushroom tribes were appeased once the miners left.
Once Steamhammer realized how much valuable equipment had been deserted, he insisted on tearing down the barrier and reclaiming their property.
This ill-advised decision was quickly noticed by the mushroom tribes. Determined to keep people away for good, they have poured into the realm to keep wanderers far from the entrance.

Cube God
At a fundamental level beyond your comprehension, our realm is made up of cubes which act as the building blocks of both organic and inorganic matter.
As such, cubes are a vital part of existence itself, even for the gods. Oryx had once attempted to enlarge individual cubes to assemble overwhelmingly large titans.
He was able to grow the cubes, but putting them together again is a nearly impossible feat of magic. Disappointed, the Mad God left behind hordes of sentient squares.

Daichi leads the monk clan dwelling among the realm’s mountain peaks. He sacrifices the souls of anyone who would dare trespass upon his temple to the demon lord Xil.
These demonic dealings got him exiled from the brotherhood he once belonged to, permanently marking him with his disgraced title.
He is now only served by his loyalists who renounced their former monasticism and pledged servitude to Xil.

Davy Jones
Much about Davy Jones, the immortal pirate’s devil, is superstitious legend. He was indeed a flesh-and-blood pirate however, and a great enemy to Oryx.
Jones’s endless piracy threatened the influx of alcohol needed to satisfy Oryx, so a battle of the seas was waged, ending with the ruination of Jones’s ship.
The sunken vessel was dragged into a lake on top of a mountain in mockery, but the crew’s souls were bound to the wreckage and doomed to sail forevermore.

Oryx crunched the numbers and figured that if a creation with five towers kills some people, then a creation with ten towers should kill twice as many people. Thus the Decaract was born.
The Mad God’s math was blatantly wrong, but not in the way anyone expected. In fact, his new creation was so unimaginably effective at killing that Oryx was unable to tell what was happening.
He had to deliberately weaken his own murderous masterpiece just so he could decipher what made it so potent in the first place. He has yet to replicate its success.

Desire Troll
Desire Trolls are mythical beings said to toy with the hopes and dreams of those who cross them.
Their mischievous spells tamper with the vision of others, causing figments of their imagination to seemingly materialize before them.

Dirge was a leader of the necromantic organization assembled for research in the Lost Halls.
He specialized in light magic, essential for keeping souls alive during the transition period when they lack a body.
After the Void Entity took control of the Marble Colossus, he and his four remaining associates retreated beneath the facility to hide from the calamity.

Once the most dreaded pirate that has ever put a sail to the wind, Dreadstump has become quite complacent wasting away in his hideout.
He was responsible for extorting liquor as Oryx’s tax, but was found drinking it.
Oryx created the Hermit God to protect his endangered supply of booze from him.

El Dorado
El Dorado was discovered when Xolotl’s tribe first entered the Secluded Thicket. The first tribesman to touch it died instantaneously, leading them to believe it was a treasure from the gods.
The cursed statue actually came from an extremely primitive civilization many millennia ago, though the intricacy of its carvings rivals even the art of modern sculptors.
Due to the severity of its mystical curse, it has never been moved from the place at which it was first found. Even the temple it rests in was built around the statue.

Esben the Unwilling
Esben was a shaman of a long forgotten frost tribe during the realm’s great ice age.
He ventured into the Ice Cave to perform a traditional burial ceremony on the graves of fallen tribe members, but became lost as glacial movements distorted the cavern’s layout.
Desperate for a way out, he used a forbidden ritual to summon a dark spirit. His feeble body was seized by the spirit as a vessel, denying him the mercy of death for eons.

Evil Chicken God
The Evil Chicken God is neither evil nor a god. Oryx only labels it as such to intimidate new adventurers.
Oryx is continually perplexed by how many heroes have the bravery to face the fearsome fowl head-on.

In an effort to challenge Limon’s authority, Oryx captured a Darkness Sprite and fused it with the body of a fabled dragon
Oryx has personally bred the captive dragon to obey his commands so that he may establish control over the elements.
The sprite trapped inside yearns to reunite with its original body, now an aimless soul without a host.

Fountain Spirit
The living spirits offered in the fountain of the Magic Woods breathed life into the waters.
Dozens of souls became a single entity allowing the humans to transform into ageless fairies.
In doing so, they forfeited their independent consciousness in favor of the fountain possessing all of their combines spirits.

Aspirant to Bes, Frimar passed the time trapped in a glacier by practicing all of his idol’s moves.
The eons spent in the Ice Tomb allowed him to fully master the abilities of the old god he admired.

Gaius was a leader of the necromantic organization assembled for research in the Lost Halls.
He specialized in electric magic, an element vital in the process of connecting a soul to an empty host.
After the Void Entity took control of the Marble Colossus, he and his four remaining associates retreated beneath the facility to hide from the calamity.

Along with Bes and Nut, Geb is one of the oldest deities in the realm. In ancient times, he was a god of the earth.
As time passed, they were slowly forgotten and abandoned by most worshippers. Angered by this betrayal, the trio became wrathful.
To prevent the old gods from clashing with the new, their former acolytes now perform inhibition ceremonies on sarcophagi, trapping them in the sands of time.

Ghost Bride
Brutally cut down and murdered on the day of her wedding, the soul of the Ghost Bride remained sorrowful even in the afterlife.
Although tragic, this injustice made her spirit an ideal candidate for serving as the arbitrator of fate.
She reluctantly acts as a judge of which lives deserve to be remembered with glory, hoping to one day reunite with her would-be husband in the afterlife.

Ghost Ship
The Ghost Ship is the accursed vessel captained by the great Davy Jones. It was once the prized flagship of the Royal Navy, but was commandeered by Jones’s men.
The ship inscribed an immortal legacy of terror, but was eventually sunk and dragged out of the seas by Oryx’s forces in revenge for stalling his alcohol supply.
The ship was doomed to float about in a small lake atop a mountain, with the crew’s souls bound to its deck in sheer loyalty to their captain.

Giant Crab
Giant Crabs have been the sworn enemy of the samurai since ancient times. Many legendary battles took place between daring samurais and the giant enemy crabs.
With their wakizashis, the samurai were able to expose the weak points of the crabs for massive damage.
The ancestors of these giant enemy crabs have not forgotten what the samurai did to their legacy. To this day, they swear revenge upon those who deprived the crabs of their honor.

Giant Oryx Chicken
Seeking a way to weaken Oryx remotely, the wizards and sorcerers of the Nexus came together to reverse engineer pet-stasising magic for use against the Mad God.
The project was a success, but since transformative magic requires such immense energy, the spell can only be activated once a year for a brief period of time.
Oryx is still a remarkable gladiator even in this form, but due to his secret fear of chickens, this ordeal is deeply traumatizing for him.

Fables tell of Gigacorns once being used as the steed of choice for military generals, but were hunted to near extinction by rival barbarians.
The survivors of the species were sent to gradually repopulate in the Candyland, a place seldom touched by hunters at the time.
The imposing might of Gigacorns serves to remind predators of their illustrious history as powerful war horses.

Aspirant to Geb, Glacius passed the time trapped in a glacier by practicing all of his idol’s moves.
The eons spent in the Ice Tomb allowed him to fully master the abilities of the old god he admired.

The Glitch


(This is a message encrypted using the Kriegsmarine variant of the Enigma machine with 3 rotors, with wheel order (I, II, III), type C reflector, rotor starting positions (A, B, C), “ring settings” (A, A, A), then with the result put through the machine again but with the type B reflector. The deciphered message is presented below with spaces added for ease of readability.)



Golden Oryx Effigy
The Golden Oryx Effigy was erected by a gang of bandits after Oryx had discovered their hideout.
The thieves were crafty and fed into Oryx’s ego by creating a golden monument in his image, convincing him to turn a blind eye.
The hollow effigy was briefly inhabited by the Void Entity, but proved too weak to use as a vessel. A fragment of aimless life essence remains inside.

Grand Sphinx
The Grand Sphinx was once the herald of the old gods, Bes Nut, and Geb. Its presence in the realm signalled a demand of sacrifice from the trio.
It was crafted as a gift from their worshippers and brought to life as a servant, but in their hubris, the enchantment simply specified that it serve the realm’s ruler.
As the old gods faded and Oryx later became the sovereign ruler of the realm, the Grand Sphinx was bound to serve its new master.

Grave Caretaker
The Grave Caretaker is a humble servant of Skuld, guiding the souls of the forgotten to their final rest.
When a deceased spirit is deemed neither too good nor too evil to deserve any type of afterlife, they are lead to an eternity of empty nothingness.

Gulpord the Slime God
The magic residue of the countless spells cast throughout the realm has seeped into the ground over time, often penetrating deep enough to fall into the sewers.
This indeterminable mixture of various forms of magic combined inside the putrid sewer sludge, granting sentience to an unholy abomination.
The Slime Gods of the realm originate from the same mire as Gulpord, but have turned brown from picking up other filth as they shamble around.

Hermit God
The Hermit God was a joint creation by Thessal and Oryx. Though the two would not typically consider each other allies, the agreement benefited both.
For Thessal, it protected her ocean from the sailors and fishermen who threatened her kind. For Oryx, it defended his mass shipments of liquor from pirates.
While the Royal Cnidarian surrounds the realm’s waters with impassable barriers of electricity, the Hermit God ensures no unapproved vessels can cross the seas.

Horrific Creation
The Horrific Creation is a creature given life by Dr Terrible. It was created out of pet fusion technology to be an obedient servant of his own likeness.
Many of his attempts would eventually deform and turn into monsters. The Horrific Creation in particular was too powerful and had to be sealed in a hidden room.
The Horrific Creation still appears to care deeply for its creator, in spite of its circumstances.

Ivory Wyvern
Oryx experimented with creating a fifth elemental dragon to control non-elemental magic.
He fused a Magic Sprite into a newly captured dragon, but since it was not born of stone like the other four, it went rogue.
After breaking free from Oryx’s control, the masterless dragon sought to hoard not just riches, but the powers of his brethren.
By inheriting all four dragon souls, the Ivory Wyvern could wield all four elements and control the land without Oryx or Limon to stop him.

Jade Statue/Garnet Statue
To prevent wanderers from trespassing into their sanctum, Daichi’s clan excavated their mountain to mine precious minerals.
Jade and garnet, gems believed to be sacred by the monks, were abundant throughout the mountain’s maw.
With the aid of Xil’s demonic powers, the minerals were molded into two guardians to protect the temple’s gates.

Janus the Doorwarden
The Court of Oryx was created to allow Oryx’s shadowy cabal to meet more easily, but it needed a guardian to keep unwanted mortals out.
Oryx, in a drunken stupor, pulled the door leading to the court out of the stone walls and breathed sinister life into it, turning it into Janus the Doorwarden.
Oryx sealed Janus itself behind a wall of stone to be safe, although as a god of doorways it can easily pry the wall open should some intruders vandalize the castle.

Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King
With the death of Davy Jones and the acedia of Dreadstump, a new pirate king clawed his way to the top.
Bilgewater succeeded where others have failed, since his endless supply of beloved parrots were capable of transporting contraband without the knowledge of Oryx.
His signature firearm style of wielding several unnecessarily large cannons at once is highly unorthodox, but pirates largely regard it as innovative and effective.

Killer Bee Queen
Possibly the greatest mistake out of the entire pantheon of great mistakes made by Dr. Terrible was the creation of the Killer Bee Queen.
Tasked with making Hives more impenetrable from adventurers, he had experimented with Pure Evil, the concentrated darkness that inundated the Void.
The Queen Bee, consumed by Pure Evil, became the puppet of a much greater diabolical force.

Lair Spectral Skeleton
The Spectral Skeleton of the Undead Lair is a curious case, seeming to defy all current understanding of undead creatures and the very concept of the afterlife.
By somehow being both a skeleton and a ghost simultaneously, he has achieved an extremely rare form of double undead status.
This esteemed position grants him great privileges among his undead peers, but left even the greatest scholars of this library scratching their heads.

Leprechauns are elusive aes sidhe, a race of solitary fairy-like creatures most well known for giving riches in exchange for freedom if captured.
They carry much thanks to their hyperspace hat, although it only works if no eyes are on them. Throwing treasure around is an effective distraction.
Teleportation is also possible by pulling themselves through their hat, and they are known to reappear in one of Oryx’s many distilleries for a free drink.

Limon is the mother of all sprites. Her sovereign control of the environment demands respect, even from her adversaries.
Even Oryx begrudgingly complies with Limon’s requests to not excessively harm nature, for he knows that her full power being unleashed would be cataclysmic.

In an effort to challenge Limon’s authority, Oryx captured a Nature Sprite and fused it with the body of a fabled dragon.
Oryx has personally bred the captive dragon to obey his commands so that he may establish control over the elements.
The sprite trapped inside yearns to reunite with its original body, now an aimless soul without a host.

Lord of the Lost Lands
Most of the civilizations formed during the realm’s great ice age gradually evolved into more modernized kingdoms as the land became warm once again.
Those who refused to abandon the tribal ways of the frozen wilderness failed to keep up when the ice age came to an end.
Few remain from these societies. Those who do have been left to roam an unwelcoming world, and their former home is known only as the lost lands.

Lord Ruthven
Lord Ruthven is an adept practitioner of the dark arts, specializing in magic which distorts or steals from the life essence of others.
He loyally serves Oryx, spearheading many of the Mad God’s most wicked plans. It was him who created the very curse which brought this library to its knees.
Most famously, Ruthven is responsible for the supernatural phenomenon known as “lag.” None know how this magic works, but it is wildly effective at killing.

Lost Sentry
After the cultists turned to using the souls of unwilling prisoners, golems became more resistant and aggressive.
The Lost Sentry is the only golem to ever escape the Lost Halls. It is inhabited by the spirit of the Red Outlaw, a notorious bandit of his time.
Although the Red Bandit is only concerned with maintaining his perfect track record of escaping every prison he has ever been in, the Spectral Sentry used the escape opportunity to guard the catacombs.

Malus led the White Titan project of the Lost Halls. He was an accomplished researcher into the art of infusing manmade golems with living souls.
He felt strong disdain towards the limitations set by the holy paladins guiding the project, eventually violating the restriction against using unwilling souls for infusion.
This made his spirit impure and unfit to be present when the Marble Colossus was to be activated. His folly was responsible for giving the Void Entity an opportunity to strike.

Mama Megamoth
Megamoths are a species endemic to the Forest Maze. Unlike most moths, they prefer shadowy canopies over bright lights.
This seclusion lets them far exceed the typical lifespan of other moths. Mama Megamoth in particular is responsible for multiple generations of children.

Marble Colossus
The Marble Colossus is the product of years of research and development for a perfect weapon against Oryx.
Like all golems, it is powered and operated by a soul inside of it. However, it was seized at the very last moment by the Void Entity and is now controlled by much darker forces than intended.
Should the weaponized titan ever make its way out of the Lost Halls, it would lay waste to the realm.

Marble Defender
The Marble Defender is one of the later iterations of the Marble Colossus, designed with an emphasis on protection rather than assaulting.
Inhabited by the spirit of a wise warrior, he witnessed the corruption of the Lost Halls when the Void Entity set his plan into motion.
As the cultists hid and the church leaders fled to seal the chambers, the Marble Defender knew he must be the one to keep the Marble Colossus locked up.

Masked Party God
The Masked Party God is Mixcoatl’s brother, but their dramatically different lifestyle choices puts strain on the relationship.
While Mixcoatl trained vigorously to become an adept hunter and survivalist, his brother chose a life of luxury on a tropical island.
Although Mixcoatl resents the Masked Party God’s slothfulness, Xolotl is surprisingly fond of his uncle’s way of living.

Master Rat
The Master Rat is an enigmatic man whose life forever changed when he was turned into a rodent. His riddles are complex. But not without answer.

(players will then get one of these 5 prompts):

If you are asked “How do you like your pizza?”, it is in your best interest to answer with “Extra cheese, hold the anchovies.”

If you are asked “What is fast, quiet and hidden by the night? “, it is in your best interest to answer with “A ninja of course!”

If you are asked “Where is the safest place in the world? “, it is in your best interest to answer with “Inside my shell.”

If you are asked “Who did this to me?”, it is in your best interest to answer with “Dr. Terrible, the mad scientist.”

If you are asked “What time is it?”, it is in your best interest to answer with “It’s pizza time!”

Rototos are the only organic species truly native to the Candyland. Their cutesy appearance may not seem authoritative, but they are actually lords of the sugary forest.
Usually content with a life of slumber, they only display their more aggressive traits when they feel their home is threatened.
It is possible that the rare Megarototos played a role in the creation of the Candyland, but they remain an elusive creature and are challenging to study.

Mixcoatl is a god of the hunt. When tribes arrived in his jungle, they were in awe of his hunting prowess and followed him with fierce loyalty.
Adopting both his hunting techniques and his iconic mask, Mixcoatl strongly influenced the culture of these developing tribes.

In myths, Molek is said to be a demon who demands sacrifices to be thrown in his fires. However, this is little more than a fable.
His only true existence is an image made reality by the will of Malus. The force known as Azamoth brought this desire into the physical plane.

Murderous Megamoth
The Megamoth species is native only to dense lowlands forests. They are considered an invasive species to the highlands.
Their presence in the Woodland Labyrinth was a test by wildlife researchers to see how the species would perform in a similar ecosystem at a much higher altitude.
Megamoths did not just survive, they thrived. The species quickly dominated the woods, turned predators into prey, and grew to previously impossible sizes.

Neo Ptorgian/Neo Znorgian/Neo Waltan/Neo Shred/Neo Hunger/Neo Larveye/Neo Iron Titan/Neo Silver Walker
Some aliens from planets colonized by Commander Calbrik have been experimented on with the goal of developing powerful bioweapons.
Though they retain some degree of free will, these neo aliens live a life of captivity and are only released as they become needed.

Nightmare Colony
The nature of the parasites may be ambiguous, but it is clear that the Nightmare Colony is their root.
The fleshy amalgamation of appendages and maws controls the rest of the hive mind, though it is unclear if the organism is truly capable of thinking or feeling.

In an effort to challenge Limon’s authority, Oryx captured a Ice Sprite and fused it with the body of a fabled dragon.
Oryx has personally bred the captive dragon to obey his commands so that he may establish control over the elements.
The sprite trapped inside yearns to reunite with its original body, now an aimless soul without a host.



(This is a message encrypted using the Kriegsmarine variant of the Enigma machine with 3 rotors, with wheel order (I, II, III), type B reflector, rotor starting positions (A, B, C), “ring settings” (A, A, A). The deciphered message is presented below with spaces added for ease of readability.)



Along with Bes and Geb, Nut is one of the oldest deities in the realm. In ancient times, she was a goddess of the sky.
As time passed, they were slowly forgotten and abandoned by most worshippers. Angered by this betrayal, the trio became wrathful.
To prevent the old gods from clashing with the new, their former acolytes now perform inhibition ceremonies on sarcophagi, trapping them in the sands of time.

The story of the Mad God is longer than most others. Are you certain this is the tale you would like me to discuss?

(player replies “yes”)

Very well. Though much of the written documentation of Oryx’s past has been erased out of resentment, my memory still serves.
Oryx began as a champion from the shattered kingdom, quickly gaining notoriety as a gladiator of unrivaled skill and might.
It was not long before his prowess as a warrior was known throughout the realm’s many kingdoms. He was granted immense fame and power by those who requested his service as a knight.
Oryx was satisfied for a time. Praise and adoration surrounded him from every corner of the realm, some even hailing him as a god among mortals.
This endless acclaim made him increasingly boastful. Coupled with his alcoholic tendencies, Oryx began to act irrationally, consumed by the fear of losing his status.
In his arrogance, he secretly turned to dark forces such as Shaitan and Lord Ruthven, the very adversaries he had become famous for defeating.
Together, they devised a wicked incantation which would forever change the realm and ensure Oryx’s sovereignty remain untouched.
Traditionally, due to forces beyond the understanding of even the gods, those who fight for just and righteous causes are able to return from the dead after falling in battle.
Oryx’s crowning achievement flipped this force on its head. Instead, any living being which fights against those who oppose Oryx’s authority are granted this power to cheat death.
Those who stand up to his reign, such as yourself, have consequently inherited the curse of permanent death.
All who attempt to kill your kind are shielded by this enchantment, even those who do not necessarily align themselves as a direct ally of Oryx.
Oryx has henceforth beared the mock title of Mad God by your people, a final act of spite against his insatiable ego which cost the realm its freedom.

Oryx Horde
To commemorate his own self-declared month, Oryx wished to fight his opponents in the realm itself like old times.
Understanding the danger faced by going in alone, he instructed Craig to put together stone monuments of his minions to bring to life and fight alongside him.
The Mad God’s own statue was to be infused with a small fragment of Oryx’s soul, but Craig’s inexperience with this technique rendered the spell imperfect.

Oryx Puppet
To dazzle the Mad God and prove the worth of puppeteering, the Puppet Master specially built a puppet in Oryx’s likeness.
He was immediately enthralled by the show, which depicted Oryx utterly annihilating an army of puppet heroes.
When Oryx ordered his minions to construct a theatre for the Puppet Master, he explicitly requested that his puppet have a room to itself.

Oryx the Exalted God
Ah, the Exalted God. I must admit, I am surprised to see your kind even dignify him with that title.
Oryx would tell you that his exalted form is the result of his holy status, affirming himself as the realm’s greatest god.
In truth, this exaltation comes from a twisted version of a far greater power. Intended to strengthen righteous heroes, he has managed to corrupt it for his own uses.

Oryx’s spies sought to corrupt the realm’s holy paladins after they refused to gaze upon an idol of the Mad God as worship.
The spies stationed five towers around the cathedral to coax the church leaders into a trap, promising the immortality of a god to those who entered. Some rejected the offer, but many defected.
The powers within did indeed grant limited immortality, but at the cost of reducing the paladins to lone eyes, a deliberate ironic punishment for their previous refusal.
Yes, I know what you are thinking, and I assure you there is no relation. I have existed far longer than them, and am quite content with my state regardless.

Permafrost Lord
One of the few pleasures of the undead dwarves of the highlands can enjoy is building snowmen in the mountains. Dwarves are natural born craftsmen, even when undead.
Ice is much sturdier than fresh snow, so the dwarves used frost magic to create a multitude of constructs and an icy titan meant to bring an endless winter upon the realm.
Oryx was none too pleased when the effects of this creation impacted his castle, so he scattered the Permafrost Lord’s energy fragments among dozens of the snowy constructs.

Very few documents have it on record, but the necromantic organization of the Lost Halls was originally a team of seven leaders, not five.
I know little of what role Phaedra had among his colleagues, but he was a specialist in sickening magic.
He and Valus stood too close to the Marble Colossus when the Void Entity invaded. As soon as the rift opened, they were vaporized instantly.

The pirate clans are actually major advocates of women’s rights and widely known to be one of the most progressive communities in the realm.
One would not expect these traits from a faction known primarily for slaughter and robbery, but they pride themselves on the concept of equal opportunity plundering.

Aspirant to Nut, Polaris passed the time trapped in a glacier by practicing all of his idol’s moves.
The eons spent in the Ice Tomb allowed him to fully master the abilities of the old god he admired.

As one of many efforts to penetrate the realm’s surface, the Crystal Entity designed the Prismimic for covert operations.
By studying various creatures, they can almost perfectly mimic their likeness. With this capability, the Crystal Entity hoped to silently replace much of the realm’s population.

Pumpkin King
Contrary to what you might reasonably expect, there is absolutely no relation between the Pumpkin King and the Pumpkin Master.
Though the Pumpkin King fancies himself a king over a rather inconsequential matter, he is arguably more sane than the Pumpkin Master.
Quite a misfit among most of the graveyard’s residents, although some say he was there before any others. For unclear reasons, he despises being called the Pumpking.

Pumpkin Master
The Pumpkin Master is a distant relative of the Puppet Master who became obsessed with jack-o’-lanterns instead of puppets.
Skuld could not help but be slightly impressed by his passion for all things Halloween, so she granted him a small plot of land in the cemetery.

Puppet Master
A former travelling act, the Puppet Master planted his feet in the realm after Oryx requested that he become this kingdom’s jester.
Madly obsessed with the art of puppetry, he worked out a deal with Oryx to infuse his creations with living souls to enhance his performances.
In the afterlife, the Puppet Master bargained with a shadowy figure willing to reincarnate him with greater strength if he relinquished his army of puppet souls for the entity’s own use.

In an effort to challenge Limon’s authority, Oryx captured a Fire Sprite and fused it with the body of a fabled dragon.
Oryx has personally bred the captive dragon to obey his commands so that he may establish control over the elements.
The sprite trapped inside yearns to reunite with its original body, now an aimless soul without a host.

Queen Bee
The Queen Bee is a magical matriarch who commands a hive’s society with the Mellis Regalia, a set consisting of a royal scepter and orb.
Under threat of annihilation from Oryx, she had transformed her colony from a simple hive to a honey mine that works nonstop to provide mead for him.

Rock Dragon
While Malphas secretly sculpted the dragon statues which would later be used as elemental hosts, a great deal of chiseled stone was left unused.
Not one to put any building material to waste, Malphas repurposed the fragmented rubble into an enchanted beast of many segments.
The Rock Dragon was too feral and uncontrollable to remain inside the lair, but it made for an effective deterrent from the outside.

Royal Cnidarian
The Royal Cnidarian’s stingers are exceptionally powerful, capable of spreading electricity throughout miles of ocean water at once.
Oryx commissioned the great jellyfish to use this a means of locking those inside his realm. Swimming out too far would result in immediate electrocution.
Combined with the Hermit God preventing any ships from setting sail, the deadly duo has made it impossible to safely navigate the realm’s seas.

Lord of the undead, Septavius uses the souls received from Skuld to create skeletons, vampires, ghosts, mummies, constructs and other reanimated monsters.
He was a distinguished combatant in his living days, proficient as both a mage and a marksman in the ancient kingdom he served.
His valiant spirit has persisted for centuries after his passing, making him an authority over fallen warriors.

Shaitan is Oryx’s top advisor and one of his oldest allies. As king of the Djinn, his presence has been felt in the realm for many years.
To most, his life in the ever-changing state of fire is symbolic of his unstable nature and lack of trustworthiness.
Interestingly, his loyalty to Oryx is unwavering. It is believed that the two may have had dealings even before Oryx initially rose to power.

Skuld is the master of the afterlife, ultimately deciding what is done with each passed soul.
Many are sent to Septavius or Malphas for use as undead minions or demons respectively.
However, the spirits of those who lead especially noteworthy lives of good or evil are taken by the Void Entity, facing a much more uncertain fate.

Skull Shrine
A mystic once attempted to plant a cursed bloodstone in the heart of Oryx’s Castle. The seer had used a twisted enchantment, causing the stone to burn the flesh of all who touch it.
Oryx caught her before she managed to escape the fortress. To punish this act of defiance, he used the bloodstone on its maker.
The mystic’s charred cranium is now the centerpiece of the Mad God’s prized Skull Shrine. Mockingly, the bloodstone was stuck inside the mystic’s orb and crammed into her skull.

Snakepit Guard
Stheno’s most impressive minion is a large red cobra, her designated guardian of the temple.
To dispose of any explorers raiding her domain, she rigged her guardian’s room with deadly arrow traps.

Son of Arachna
Arachna birthed thousands of daughters in her den, but only her very first child was a male.
At first, the spider queen took great pride in her son’s might, but he soon became a threat to the rest of her children.
He was banished by his mother, left to fend for himself in the wild and create a family of his own.

Spoiled Creampuff
Candyland fairies have tried numerous times to bring various sweets to life for their entertainment, but their edible companions always go stale after a few days.
The Spoiled Creampuff was no exception. As the pastries went sour, so did their attitudes.

Unlike her sister, Stheno took to a more reclusive life in the depths of a ruined temple.
She lacks the raw power of Medusa, but her skilled handling of dual blades lead Oryx to make her a general.

Stone Guardians
Oryx invested far too many resources in creating over sixty identical suits of armor to adorn his castle rather than making any final defenses for his chamber.
To rectify this oversight, Oryx used the soul-channeling magic of golems to imbue two of the statues with the souls of his greatest lieutenants.
The Mad God had hoped for this magic to make them invincible inside their new stone bodies, but failed to realize that immortality and indestructibility are two very different matters.

Swoll Fairy
Fairy wings are not particularly powerful, requiring their owners to remain very small and lightweight to fly effectively.
Living in an environment full of sugary sweets had an adverse on this goal, to say the least.
To compensate, the fae of the Candyland maintain an impressively rigorous workout regiment to strengthen their wings and sustain healthy muscle mass.

Tawny Warg/Demon Warg
Wargs were once a feared species of great wolves. Primitive legends depict them as terrors upon desert tribes, but they were slowly domesticated in later years.
A band of lesser demons possessed many of the realm’s wild wargs to attack nomads, but missed the memo that the species had not been feared for a very long time.

Tezcacoatl is the oldest known basilisk in the realm. He has fought, survived, and outlived several generations who have tried to claim his head for glory.
The many attempts on Tezcacoatl’s life have only made him stronger, as his skin becomes tougher with every cut and stab.
His thick skin is comparable to solid concrete. Even the highly resilient armor of most swordsmen cannot compete with the raw durability of Tezcacoatl’s hide.

The Forgotten King
The Forgotten King was once beloved by his people and widely respected by the other kingdoms of the realm.
His leadership skills were second to none, earning him many accolades as a firm but fair ruler which other kings should aspire to match.
But behind the scenes in matters known only by the few closest to him, he desired much more. He considered his island kingdom just a fraction of what he could accomplish with total control.
The elite royal army he assembled was not just for protection, it was designed for conquest.
This lust for power led him down a dark road which ultimately brought his kingdom to ruin, its name forever forgotten.

The Forgotten Sentinel
The stalwart sentinel positioned at the main gate of the Shatters was once the head of the royal guard.
He was among the first to sense something wrong with his lord. When the possessed king was finally ready to launch his assault on the realm, the sentinel knew what must be done.
As the crystal clear waters of the castle moat were devoured by a purple sea of Pure Evil, the sentinel jammed the drawbridge of his castle, locking the king inside.
The effort was not enough to prevent the villagers of the kingdom from being consumed, but he was at least able to stop his king from reaching the realm.

The Keyper
The Keyper was once a talented delver, regarded highly among Steamhammer’s Mining Co. and frequently managing major dig sites.
His profession only gave him a taste of the satisfaction he craved. He longed to explore beyond the realm into uncharted territories.
When he was left behind in the Crystal Cavern as the dwarves evacuated, he was brought before the Crystal Entity.
Impressively, the two managed to strike a deal. The dwarf would construct crystal towers throughout the realm, and in return the Crystal Entity would produce magic keys to anywhere he desired.

Thessal is the ruler of the realm beneath the waves, but her kind had struggled to survive since mortals became capable of naval combat.
Her contact with the surface world is limited, but when Oryx came to her with a treaty for mutual protection, she agreed out of desperation.
With Thessal’s dominion over sea monsters and Oryx’s strengthening magic, the duo created the Hermit God to stop ships from ever setting sail again.

Treasurer Gemsbok
Initially a wealthy emperor, Treasurer Gemsbok’s insatiable greed led him to betray his own kingdom to join Oryx’s rule willingly.
Impressed by the cruelty of this self-serving act, Oryx put him in charge of the financial affairs of the newly overtaken realm.
The few surviving kingdoms from the Mad God’s rampage were brought to their knees through Gemsbok’s oppressive taxes, crumbling any remaining economic structure.

Troll Matriarch
The hideous Troll Matriarch was once the joyful mother of the Ghost Bride. Overcome with grief at her daughter’s murder, she stood by her tomb forever.
As the cemetery fell to decay, surrounding trees and vines became entwined in her still-living body.
She no longer remembers who she was. All she knows is that she must protect the soul of her lost child from anyone who would threaten her.

Twilight Archmage
The Twilight Archmage is the chief alchemist of the Shatters. Being extremely adept in both fire and ice magic, he trained the kingdom’s mages for combat application.
When he heard of his king’s aspirations for conquest, the archmage suggested that he commune with an entity from the dimension of lost souls to grant him otherworldly power.
I know not what the archmage intended with this recommendation, but his dealings in the dark arts indicate that he may have had more sinister motives for leading the king down this path.

One of Oryx’s most abominable underlings is the Urgle, a grotesque creature put together using the severed limbs of many different beasts.
They have been known to prey on weak pets who have been heartlessly released into the wild after being deemed undesirable.
Their muscular exterior creates a shell around whatever pet they have ensnared with their traps. The tendrils inside feed off of the pet’s life force, powering the rest of the fleshy monstrosity.

Very few documents have it on record, but the necromantic organization of the Lost Halls was originally a team of seven leaders, not five.
I know little of what role Valus had among his colleagues, but he was a specialist in dark magic.
He and Phaedra stood too close to the Marble Colossus when the Void Entity invaded. As soon as the rift opened, they were vaporized instantly.

Void Entity
The Void Entity is a tremendously powerful spirit of malice native to the Void, a dimension manifested by Pure Evil.
He is the spiritual embodiment of evil itself, but his raw form can only be sustained within the Void.
After many unsuccessful attempts to claim a suitable vessel in the realm, he nearly triumphed when managing to take control of the Marble Colossus, a weapon designed to counteract Oryx.
Within the confines of the Void, he has raised a hive mind of corrupt souls to act as an army and claim the life essence of others.
Unlike other foes, the Void Entity does not seek great riches or unchallenged authority. He is motivated purely by the desire to bring complete and utter annihilation to the realm.

Xolotl is one of Mixcoatl’s four hundred sons, though he quickly became considerably stronger than his father.
Despite his tribal nature, Xolotl’s mastery of lightning caught the attention of the Mad God. Oryx recruited him as the official bounty hunter of his court.
His lightning assaults are used as a means of quickly dispatching foes at Oryx’s command, making him a valuable asset.

Zombie Horde
Limon pleaded with Oryx to do something more environmentally conscious with the dead bodies of mortals piling up throughout the realm.
The Mad God consulted Skuld on this matter. Together, they hatched the idea that there would be no greater opponent against your kind than yourselves.
Skuld’s zombifying magic worked, leaving Oryx quite proud of his recycling efforts. Limon, on the other hand, was not thrilled to learn that Oryx’s idea of going green related to skin tone.


Abyss of Demons
The depraved depths of the abyss were made by Archdemon Malphas. At first it was nothing more than a personal shelter, but it soon became the home of many demons.
The souls of the wicked are disposed of in the realm’s lava fissures, left to endure an agonizing eternity together.
Strictly speaking, Archdemon Malphas is the ruler of these lesser demons since he created the chambers. But in reality, he suffers just as much as them.

Battle for the Nexus
With the aid of a traitorous adventurer, Oryx managed to infiltrate the Nexus itself on one fateful day.
The Mad God took full advantage of this opportunity and struck the supposed safe haven with an ambush of unrivaled aggression.
Time quite literally stood still that day. The moment of this infamous event is still accessible by heroes daring enough to defend the Nexus itself.

Far off the realm’s coasts is a tiny, tropical island so negligible that it does not appear on the maps of most cartographers.
It was a highly exclusive vacation spot for the elite classes of ancient times, but Oryx’s reign drove out most noblemen.
Forgotten by all but the most determined explorers, it is now indefinitely reserved for just a single patron.

Belladonna’s Garden
Horrified by the careless treatment of the realm’s flora, Belladonna escaped to an unharmed forest to shield herself with a thick wall of foliage.
But it was not enough. To strengthen the defenses, Belladonna embedded her roots into the soil to sprout a virtually impregnable tree barrier.
Now permanently stuck in her grove, she has had time for her loving heart to harden into intense hatred for all who recklessly stamp down upon her kind.

Truthfully, none know exactly how the Candyland came to be. A completely edible biome defies all research in the rest of the realm.
The strange land was rarely trespassed in ancient times due to superstitions about its origin, causing the wildlife to massively overpopulate.
For this very reason, it has become a popular hunting spot in recent years.

Cave of a Thousand Treasures
A group of skillful thieves gather in their cave of treasures to store the spoils of their heists.
The robbers thoroughly booby trapped the den to dissuade anyone from attempting to reclaim their stolen goods.
To further protect the hoarded riches, the crooks have gone to great lengths to make their hideout extraordinarily difficult to locate.

Cnidarian Reef
The Royal Cnidarian is invaluable to Oryx, as its electric jellyfish ensnare all trespassers moving in or out of the Realm’s seas and imprisons them to await judgement.
However, the cnidarian had long suffered during the weekly machinations of Oryx’s court, as it is 95 percent water and was drying out at each meeting.
A reef was created at the mouth of a great river to house the Royal Cnidarian. The outflow carries the electricity of its stingers, creating a swath of unnavigable seas.

Consolation of Draconis
While Oryx was preparing the Lair of Draconis, he accidentally let keys to the dungeon fall into the hands of adventurers far earlier than he had planned.
He cursed the keys in a frantic attempt to keep his project concealed, causing the portals to lead to a decoy room instead.
Nobody was fooled.

Court of Oryx
Oryx’s court consists of his most valued and trusted allies.
Holding conferences in the same room proved difficult due to disputes in environmental preference, especially between Shaitan and the Royal Cnidarian.
As a compromise, Oryx commanded the first minion he saw to immediately reconstruct their living quarters and allow easy traversal for each court member.

Cursed Library
This place was once the realm’s hub of knowledge. History’s finest researchers, educators, and philosophers gathered here in its prime.
Oryx saw this shared wisdom as a threat to his dominance, so he conspired with Lord Ruthven to launch a surprise attack.
The vicious curse you just fought back was the handiwork of the vampire lord, designed to eradicate this library and horrifically mutate those inside.

Cultist Hideout
When researchers ran out of souls from voluntary donors, the necromantic cultists turned to imprisoned outlaws for additional souls.
Fearing pushback from the holy church leaders overseeing the project, the cultists put together a secret hideout further beneath the corridors for concealing their captives.
When the halls were overtaken by the Void Entity, the remaining necromancers were sealed inside and had to retreat to their hideout.

Davy Jones’ Locker
The sunken wreckage of Davy Jones’ former flagship is still guarded by the ghosts of his loyal crew.
To protect their captain and his plundered loot, Davy’s pirates locked most of the ship’s cabins before fully submerging.
Davy Jones’ watery grave was the push Oryx needed to convince other sailing marauders to take him seriously. The high seas have been his ever since.

Deadwater Docks
As Dreadstump became more interested with parties than piracy, Jon Bilgewater and his crew seized the opportunity to make a name for themselves.
For several years, Bilgewater’s buccaneers ran an efficient smuggling syndicate carrying prohibited goods between their grotto and the kingdom now known as the Shatters.
Though they were caught by authorities on many occasions, they always managed to weasel their way out of any serious consequences.

Forax is composed mostly of acid water, engulfing the majority of its solid ground. Its lone moon travels unusually quickly through its orbit path, causing erratic and rapid changes in Forax’s tides.
Its overwhelmingly hostile environment made the planet undesirable for most would-be invaders to even bother conquering.
Forax remained independent until Commander Calbrik, wanting only to add another notch to his belt, ended its freedom.

Forbidden Jungle
Most residents living in the realm retreated to the Nexus during Oryx’s uprising, but some refused to abandon their land.
The lack of societal structure led these small clans to become much more primitive, forming tribes in the shelter of the realm’s dense jungles.

Forest Maze
Unlike most other landmarks in the realm’s lowlands, the Forest Maze was not discovered for many years.
This allowed time for the creatures within to grow to monstrous sizes while lost goblins honed their combat abilities.
The monsters lure in adventurers with the fabled speed-enhancing plants found in the forest, hoping to slay them and steal their armor.

Fungal Cavern/Crystal Cavern
Steamhammer’s Mining Co. began an ambitious operation to dig deeper beneath the realm than any humanoid had ever gone.
Surpassing even the depth of other subterranean manmade feats like the Toxic Sewers and Lost Halls, this enormous mineshaft extended nearly to Shaitan’s personal domain.
But Steamhammer’s gang pushed their luck and encountered an unexpected threat dwelling far beyond normal reach.
At first, the miners were able to make some amount of peace with the puzzling mushroom tribes. The dwarves were allowed to continue undisturbed and even engaged in some trade.
After a few weeks, the dwarves uncovered a chamber packed with more valuable ore than the entire realm had ever known to possess.
Eager to begin the haul, the dwarves started to chip away at the abundant crystals. But with a single strike of a pickaxe, the passive mushroom tribesmen were sent into a ravenous frenzy.
The miners were chased out of the cavern in a panic. Many were lost, and the survivors remained unsure of exactly what flipped a switch among the tribesmen.

Halloween Haunted Cemetery
In the years that the Haunted Cemetery was in operation, certain plots of land were never put to use.
After Skuld came to control the graveyard, she allowed the Pumpkin Master to use an undesirable part of the property for his own devices.

Haunted Cemetery
Many years ago, adventurers such as yourself would commonly have their graves robbed by fellow explorers.
To prevent this desecration, body collectors would move the corpses of the most legendary heroes to an enclosed cemetery.
Grave robbery was eventually outlawed, so the graveyard fell to disuse. The heroic spirits littered within attracted Skuld, master of the afterlife, to take residence.

Ice Cave
The frigid beasts that thrived during the realm’s great ice age eons ago were forced to take shelter in forming caverns of pure permafrost.
As the frozen tundra began to melt, an elder shaman from one of the many wasteland tribes became lost in the caves while performing a burial ritual.

Ice Tomb
During a great ice age several millennia ago, three demigods found themselves trapped in a massive glacier.
Each lacking the full power of a god to free themselves, they bided their time by mimicking the ancient gods they idolized.

Katalund is a vast desert planet swallowed in its own toxic clouds. Only inorganic lifeforms make their home on its surface, rebuilding themselves from the scrap of an ancient civilization.
Commander Calbrik aims to build a mobile military base that would move within the pockets of breathable air, virtually unassailable thanks to the planet’s natural defense.

Lair of Draconis
The Lair of Draconis was once the subject of fables, tales which told of four fearsome dragons made of stone and brought to life with forbidden enchantments.
The dragons did exist in actuality, but they were not truly living as the fables described. Malphas had in fact created them many decades prior.
When Oryx found the lair of these dragons, he deemed their soulless husks perfect test subjects for fusion with elemental sprites.

Lair of Shaitan
The scorching hot domain of Shaitan is located extremely close to core of the realm. Even most demons find the heat of his lair to be unbearable.
It is in those fires that the Skull of Endless Torment was crafted, a monument to the pain that his victims may endure.

Lost Halls
Oryx’s takeover of the realm resulted in many different efforts to reclaim the land. While fighters such as yourself attacked directly, researchers explored more scientific solutions.
To safely conduct research inside the realm, an enormous network of experimentation rooms were built deep underground, spanning almost the entire realm.
Highly unethical tests took place in the now abandoned halls. Documentation in this library is limited, but I believe written texts with greater detail exist somewhere in this world.

Mad God Mayhem
To lure adventurers into the chamber of his special creation, Oryx constructed simulacrums of past foes with the enticing offer of three mighty abilities.
The enemies are nothing more than the mirror images of the monsters they represent, but like Oryx’s own simulacrum, the threat they pose is very real.

Mad Lab
The Mad Lab was transported from a dimension far removed from ours. The methods of alchemy practiced within are unlike any other known science.
The technology stolen from the laboratory was eventually repurposed to transform passive creatures into powerful sidekicks.
The pets your kind uses as allies would not be possible without Dr. Terribles’ highly advanced scientific tools.

Magic Woods
A legendary guild once congregated at the heart of the Magic Woods in the pursuit of eternal life.
To preserve their spirits, they collectively gave their lives in the pure waters of a great spring.
Each member lives on as a fairy, but the lack of an independent consciousness has since caused them to forget their purpose.

Malogia is a planet not so different from our own, at least in terms of environment. The natives have only started to form some semblance of what you could call a civilization.
Despite being so primitive, they are deceptively ferocious in combat. Colonizing their planet was not as easy as Commander Calbrik anticipated, though he did ultimately prevail.

Manor of the Immortals
As a reward for his continued service and loyalty, Oryx granted Lord Ruthven a stately manor in the same dark ocean as his own castle.
Ruthven was quick to populate it with his vampiric associates. The mansion became a center of activity for practicing the dark arts.

Mountain Temple
An order of monks hide among the realm’s sheer cliffs to isolate themselves from Oryx’s tyranny far below.
The pray to a powerful demon lord for protection and guidance. In exchange, they slaughter any living beings on the mountain and offer them as sacrifices.

Ocean Trench
Mermaids were long thought to be an extinct race, but they still exist in small numbers at the farthest depths of the ocean.
The extreme water pressure in the Ocean Trench kills most wildlife, but mermaids harness it to control the waves above.
When the mermaid population was higher, the Ocean Trench was the grave of many sailors lured to their demise by the singing sirens.

Oryx’s Castle
When Oryx first took control of the realm, he lived on the mainland. However, his minions were still quite weak at the time, leaving him too vulnerable to stay.
For protection, he transferred half of his militia to a large, faraway island and ordered to construct a mighty fortress for him.
To handle the inevitably high traffic of overseas liquor deliveries, Oryx’s underlings installed four separate ports for incoming ships.
Unfortunately for Oryx, this glaring design flaw created several key entry points for invaders in his otherwise impenetrable fortifications.

Oryx’s Kitchen
Oryx’s personal cooks have worked tirelessly to capture every chicken in the realm for his consumption.
The kitchen doubles as a prison cell for new adventurers who make their way through the storage room.

Oryx’s Sanctuary
For as much as Oryx values his own wine cellar, he recognizes the filthy mess it has become after years of invasions and reckless partying.
To satisfy his ego, he demanded a new chamber of his castle that he claimed would be more befitting of his splendor.
That private sanctuary, built into the cliffside of the Mad God’s castle island, is where Oryx retreats in his rare moments of sobriety to scheme with his most sinister allies.

Parasite Chambers
None truly know where the parasites came from, not even I. They simply showed up one day in the realm, and their chambers were uncovered soon after.
The presence of infected adventurers within the catacombs suggests that they may have been lurking for far longer than people realized.
Some theorize that the chambers are actually the decrepit remains of a guild hall after something went terribly wrong, but this is pure speculation.

Pirate Cave
Dreadstumps’ ragtag crew of pirates once ravaged the realm’s shores. Reckless and consistently drunk, they one day crashed into an inlet on the shoreline.
The stranded swashbucklers used the wreckage of their galleon to assemble a makeshift network of wooden planks around the cove.
Over time, this improvised hideout earned a reputation among seafaring criminal circles as a safe haven for drinking, free from Oryx’s oppression.

Puppet Master’s Theatre
When the Puppet Master was asked to remain in the realm as Oryx’s court jester, he requested that he be granted a theatre to host his plays in.
Oryx eagerly agreed and ordered his minions to begin construction immediately, so a large auditorium and numerous storage rooms were hastily built.
The Puppet Master regularly invites Oryx and his villainous colleagues to the threatre to watch his latest performances.

Puppet Master’s Encore
The Puppet Master granted the souls of his puppet collection to the Void Entity in the afterlife, and in return he was brought back much stronger than his former self.
Without any souls, he locked himself in his workshop and brought his four favorite puppets to life with his own enchantments.
The sealed room serves as an asylum for his insanity, leaving him more motivated than ever to collect fresh human souls and restore true life and vibrancy to his creations.

Rainbow Road
As natural occurrences, rainbows are exceptionally rare in the realm. Most rainbows witnessed today are actually magical constructs.
The beacon in the sky directly links hidden treasures with the leprechaun they belong to, connected by a tangible bridge of light rays.

Santa’s Workshop
‘Twas the night before Oryxmas, when all through the realm…
Not a loot bag was dropping, not even a helm.
For reasons the Mad God could not comprehend…
All the heroes went missing right at the year’s end.
It happened each season at this time…
None were around to plunder his wine.
”Perhaps they had more important things to do?”
”No, that’s ridiculous, it couldn’t be true!”
Craig saw firsthand the misery of his boss…
He sought to please him, but was left at a loss.
At last, the intern put together some plans.
”I’ll gather tributes from all of his fans!”
So Craig rushed around fetching gifts from each minion…
The presents piled up from those under his dominion.
Oryx woke up that day after a sorrowful night…
As expected, he found not a peasant in sight.
Craig grabbed him to show all the equipment he’d brought…
Oryx couldn’t use any of it, but he appreciated the thought.
The gesture briefly turned Oryx’s dark heart to light…
”Merry Oryxmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Secluded Thicket
At the far reaches of the realm is a remote rainforest inhabited by an uncontacted tribe and the god of lightning, Xolotl.
Xolotl and the tribesmen intentionally withdrew from Oryx’s gaze, but were later discovered due to his connections with Mixcoatl.
The lightning god initially resisted, but struck a mutually beneficial deal by becoming Oryx’s bounty hunter in exchange for continued privacy.

The shattered kingdom was a city-state on an island separate from the realm’s main continent. Like many small kingdoms at the time, it was a monarchy.
Although isolated from the mainland, they were known as one of the most powerful kingdoms of their time, simultaneously raising formidable gladiators and making strides in magic research.
In truth, even Oryx himself was formerly a champion of this kingdom before his ambitions of conquest consumed him.

Snake Pit
The Snake Pit was previously a temple used long ago by church leaders for communion with the gods.
Left to rot when Oryx took over, hundreds of serpents throughout the realm took refuge in the cracked stone walls.

Spider Den
Arachna the Spider Queen dug out massive dirt tunnels to house her thousands of children until maturity.
Her offspring may be weak, but their strength in numbers is enough to deter most other monsters that would seek to intrude on her turf.

Sprite World
The Sprite World is a dimensional plane found among the stars. The sprites oversee the environmental affairs of the realm from the cosmos.
Sprites themselves are the manifestation of elemental energy. They rarely enter the realm personally, but may appear when nature is threatened.
Since the Sprite World is not meant for corporeal beings, the dimension becomes unstable in the presence of mortals.

The Crawling Depths
After Arachna exiled her son, he stole hundreds of her unhatched eggs and carried them further inland.
Burrowing deep into the tough mountain soil, he raised his siblings to be capable fighters and defend their new subterranean lair.
The banished son has gradually amassed an army of spider warriors. He craves the opportunity to exact revenge on his mother.

The Hive
The legion of bees that dot the realms had at some point formed a pact with Oryx.
So long as they tirelessly work to produce honey and slake Oryx’s thirst for mead, he would spare them from his mad conquest.
Their artifacts reveal the rich legacy of their warrior culture, leaving historians uncertain of how willing they truly were to agree to the deal.

The Machine



(This is a message encrypted using the Kriegsmarine variant of the Enigma machine with 3 rotors, with wheel order (I, II, III), type B reflector, rotor starting positions (A, B, C), “ring settings” (A, A, A). The deciphered message is presented below with spaces added for ease of readability. The seemingly missing word or typo in the first phrase is not an error in transcription by the wiki editors.)




The Nest
Oryx’s frustrations with adventurers destroying his precious sources of honey lead to him subjecting a hive to the arcane experiments of Dr Terrible.
The foolish doctor had poured a misguided concoction of Pure Evil and Ambrosia into the hives, turning the captive bees savage.
Even as they grew more feral, his meddling never ceased. Soon, they grew too powerful for him to contain and he turned from the prison warden to a prisoner.

Tomb of the Ancients
The final resting place of the old gods is considered by archaeologists to be a time capsule of ancient culture.
However, research is limited due to the infestation of cursed monsters. They were brought to life through forgotten necromancy and designed as guardians of the tombs.
Generations of mortals have survived in the catacombs as well, perpetually carrying out ceremonies to prevent the awakening of the old gods.

Toxic Sewers
In the age when the realm was peacefully populated, a remarkably advanced drainage system was in operation.
When Oryx came to power and the realm was abandoned, the sewers were left without maintenance.
The sickly environment became a home for many of the realm’s most reviled creatures.

The so-called tutorial is actually a storage room for Bonegrind’s poultry before they are brought to the chopping block.
Despite Oryx’s otherwise brazen confidence, he has a paralyzing fear of chickens. Moreover, he irrationally believes everyone else shares this fear.
The Mad God deliberately ensures that new incarnations of adventurers begin in a chamber of chickens, hoping to scare them off immediately.

Undead Lair
The crypt Septavius dwells in was originally built as a chapel for a now lost kingdom.
When the empire began to collapse, it was used as a burial chamber for the legions of slain soldiers.
Among these bodies was Septavius himself, whose undying spirit used the thousands of skeletal remains as the basis of his undead army.

Untaris was once a complete planet, but millenia of being positioned in an asteroid belt has fractured the surface into little more than a cluster of chunks drifting through space.
The segmentation left the planet poorly fortified and hopeless against invaders. This plague of misfortune has understandably put the remaining natives in a less than welcoming mood ever since.

I am not able to peer into the realm of the void myself, but it is my understanding that the dimension is little more than a barren expanse of Pure Evil.
When Skuld distributes the spirits of the dead, the Void Entity claims the most powerful souls and pulls them into the void.
It is an unfortunate reality that many of the heroes that came before you, including your own ancestors, have likely become his pawns after falling in battle.

Wine Cellar
Few things are of greater value to Oryx than alcohol, so it is no surprise that the Mad God would keep an extensive storage room for his liquor collection.
As soon as the foundations of his fortress was laid, Oryx demanded that an underground cellar be the first room built.
Despite having an immaculate castle, he spends the majority of his time in that single room with his most loyal minions. His taste in wine is known to be shockingly exquisite.

Woodland Labyrinth
The ecosystem of the Woodland Labyrinth is remarkably similar to that of the Forest Maze despite being located in the upper highlands.
Notably, the increased elevation initiates a chemical reaction in some of the vegetation, causing it to violently eject plant matter with the force of a bullet.
The labyrinth was once rather tame, but the introduction of the Megamoth species made the jungle much more feared among explorers.



You would use my oracular vision to explain a Shortbow? Very well…
It is a sturdy little bow that has been assembled by an amateur bowyer.
It was the only weapon they had when they were kidnapped by Oryx.

Reinforced Bow
You would use my oracular vision to explain a Reinforced Bow? Very well…
Pirates are careless with bows, and they often “reinforce” them with cheap iron when they inevitably break.

You would use my oracular vision to explain a Crossbow? Very well…
A novice arbalist had repurposed an ordinary wooden bow into something more modern.
It was not meant to fire such heavy arrows, but it remains rather effective.

Greywood Bow
You would use my oracular vision to explain a Greywood Bow? Very well…
Forest dwellers often use these kinds of bows, but only a small amount of its whole craft is genuine greywood due to its rarity.

Ironwood Bow
Ah yes, I do know a thing or two about Ironwood Bows.
They are often self-bows carved entirely out of a single piece of ironwood.
Since Ironwood trees grow in soil enchanted by forest magic, its wood is magically charged as well.

Fire Bow
Ah yes, I do know a thing or two on Fire Bows.
They use crystal magics imbedded in their grip to create arrows made entirely of fire.
These crystals are quite prone to corruption by dark magic, but this certainly does not make them weaker.

Double Bow
Ah yes, I do know a thing or two on Double Bows.
They are built with a compartment for extra arrows in their upper limb.
Nocking a second arrow is thus very convenient, but at the cost of inaccurate aiming.

Heavy Crossbow
Ah yes, I do know a thing or two on Heavy Crossbows.
They are assembled with power over convenience in mind, likely to be in the hands of those well out of combat.
As a result, its arrows outrange even magical bows crafted by gods.

Golden Bow
Yes, my archives have some information on Golden Bows.
In spite of the name, its bowstring is the only actual gold in it, being made from pure golden fleece.
This gives it the ability to fire many arrows at once without losing much tensile strength.

Verdant Bow
Yes, my archives have some information on Verdant Bows.
Rather than being carved or built, forest sprites grew these bows like a plant.
Creating them in this manner embeds them with potent terrestrial magic.

Bow of Fey Magic
Yes, my archives have some informaton on Bows of Fey Magic.
I understand they were assembled by a reclusive society of dryads.
It is potent with dark energy, but it remains pure and uncorrupted from evil due to blessings from the full moon.

Bow of Innocent Blood
I have just the knowledge you seek on the Bow of Innocent Blood.
Many centuries ago, a cult of blood magic was slain by a king who feared uprising.
Their accursed magic is still quite present in this bow, possibly due to its intricate runic carvings.

Bow of Covert Havens
I have just the knowledge you seek on the Bow of Covert Havens.
It shines brilliantly in the light, as if forged with extremely flexible mythsteel and has pure diamondwire as a bowstring. The latter is also considered one of the strongest materials ever formed.
They are the weapons of choice for guardian seraphs defending the portal to their realm. While even I cannot peer into what secrets they protect, countless unholy forces have tried and failed.

Bow of Mystical Energy
I have just the knowledge you seek on the Bow of Mystical Energy.
This masterpiece of bowcraft was not made for mortals at all, but for the use of inconceivable, wondrous beings that reside among the stars themselves.
These could only reach us by drifting for eons away from their creators, collecting deep cosmic energy in its stellar composition to fire arrows of pure light.

Bow of Deep Enchantment
Astonishing that a mortal would know of the Bow of Deep Enchantment. Very well, I shall tell you what I know.
These bows are more ancient than even our own world, as the nightmatter that composes it was only present during the nebulae that formed the stars.
Even the tiniest flaw would cause the nightmatter to eventually fade into stardust, so their existence alone shows the consummate skills of its creators.


Steel Dagger
You… need an explanation for a cheap trinket like a Steel Dagger?
It is a simple dagger made by an apprentice knifesmith.
It was the only thing many had on hand before they were imprisoned by Oryx.

You… need an explanation for a cheap trinket like a Dirk?
It is a dagger that specializes in puncturing more than cutting.
Surprisingly, they are a rather adept tool at preparing poultry.

Blue Steel Dagger
You… need an explanation for a cheap trinket like a Blue Steel Dagger?
The impurities in lowland metal causes its steel to take on a blued hue.
It is still a handy day-to-day tool for dwarves and hobbits.

Dusky Rose Dagger
You… need an explanation for a cheap trinket like a Dusky Rose Dagger?
It is an adequate dagger that has been crafted out of lowland metal.
Its impurities have been mostly stamped out, leaving it with a rosy tint tht gives it its namesake.

Silver Dagger
So you wish to learn of Silver Daggers?
Coating daggers in silver as a monster ward is a centuries-old practice.
This technique requires a very pure silver, however, and many are not pure enough to be effective in this manner.

Golden Dagger
So you wish to learn of Golden Daggers?
They are a sacrificial dagger that have been gilded so that blood does not tarnish their edge.
Symbols are carved into them, serving as instructions on how to perform rituals involving brief disruptions in the space-time continuum, usually for about ten minutes.

Obsidian Dagger
So you wish to learn of Obsidian Daggers?
Weapons made from obsidian are among the sharpest of any nonmagic weapons, naturally being remarkably sharp and thin.
It is common practice to stack them together and throw many of them in one quick volley, though this technique is looked down upon by more professional assassins.

Mithril Dagger
So you wish to learn of Mithril Daggers?
They are made from a metal so valuable, kingdoms are built on deposits holding it.
Bladesmiths bear allegiance to their king by crafting this weapon for them.

Fire Dagger
Ah, a fine weapon, the Fire Dagger.
They utilize crystal magics when constructed to generate a never ending fire.
The crystal is often tainted with dark magic, but that has made it even more effective.

Ragetalon Dagger
Ah, a fine weapon, the Ragetalon Dagger.
These garnet daggers were used in Earth-worshipping rituals held by the druids.
They are passed down generationally, accruing great power over time.

Emeraldshard Dagger
Dazzling weapon, the Emeraldshard Dagger is.
Yes, emeralds conduct magical power quite easily, often used as crystal toppers to staves.
Still, daggers hewn from them are most certainly effective as well.

Agateclaw Dagger
The Agateclaw Dagger? I believe I know a few things about this…
Volcanic agate makes for a brutally sharp dagger, but it is extremely difficult to excavate in large numbers.
Only demons could withstand the heat needed to mine them, and they often enchant the mineral with profane magic while doing so.

Dagger of Foul Malevolence
The Dagger of Foul Malevolence? I believe I know a few things about this…
It is an abominable dagger that is alloyed from feliron and infinitium. These are rare metals found only in the unforgiving Orclands.
Oryx’s reign of terror in those lands spilled much blood, which has corrupted the metals and materials found here with the hatred of hundreds of lost souls.

Dagger of Sinister Deeds
The Dagger of Sinister Deeds? I believe I know a few things about this…
They are spined daggers that have been forged not on Earth, but by captive souls in the underworld. My vision cannot reach such a realm, so I cannot say how it is made.
I do know that its moonsteel blade was made by great heroes in their afterlife. Corrupting such a sacred metal is considered a grave, unforgivable blasphemy.

Dagger of Dire Hatred
Remarkable that a mortal would know of the Dagger of Dire Hatred. Very well, I shall tell you what I know.
This is a weapon not of any material realm, but forged from souls melded together over millennia. The method is an enigma, but it results in this ethereal dagger.
The wretched souls that dwell in this unholy blade claw and grasp at the living. Take heed, for their doomed lives may be your own one day.


Rusty Katana
You have come all this way just to ask about a Rusty Katana…
It is a rather crudely made katana that has not been cared for properly, judging by all the… well, rust.
Oryx’s forces have traveled far and wide for new people to feed his minions, it seems.

Kendo Stick
You have come all this way just to ask me about a Kendo Stick…
It is a stick carved from driftwood to resemble a type of weapon known as Shinai.
If you could believe it, the superstitious swear by it as a good luck charm!

Plain Katana
You have come all this way just for me to tell you about a Plain Katana…
These are basic weapons thaat are used for test-cutting displays rather than actual combat.
It is built for cutting grain bundles or bamboo, and does not fare against armor well.

Thunder Katana
You have come all this way just to ask about a Thunder Katana…
It is a mass-produced katana that was designed with functionality above all else.
In the process of saving metal, it is quite lightweight and has a quick swing.

Line Kutter Katana/Line Cutter Katana
Ah, the Line Cutter… er, Line Kutter Katana?
Named for its incredibly thin blade towards the tip, these katanas eschew many features for the sake of having a quick and convenient draw.

Night Edge
Ah, the Night Edge?
These katana have their entire blade and hilt lacquered with a black carbon texture.
This is to minimize the light it reflects when stealth is of the utmost importance.

Sky Edge
Ah, the Sky Edge?
An important step in forging this blade is quenching it in a mineral spring, which gives it both a eye-catching luster and greater resilience.

Buster Katana
Ah, the Buster Katana?
This is a replica of a single-edged broadsword from a far-off realm, although reduced in width to be more wieldy.
It remains heavy, even with many holes bored into it. These holes were meant to fit gems into, although that does not appear to be a useful tactic here.

Demon Edge
Ah ha, the fearsome Demon Edge!
After forging this blade in intense heat, it is quenched in the cursed blood of an oni, creating a highly durable blade with a menacing eye-like pattern along it.

Jewel Eye Katana
Ah ha, the glorious Jewel Eye Katana!
The gem fixed into its hilt could be any jewel, but since its original creator had used a ruby, smiths would traditionally use them when crafting a new blade.

Ah ha, the legendary Ichimonji!
One of a set of blades that was created under the tutelage of one of the greatest swordsmen in the eastern realms.

Yes, the collection has what you seek regarding the Muramasa…
It is long believed to be cursed, and those who forge blades of its likeness are doomed to die should they choose to wield it in battle.
In actuality, this was propaganda made to dissuade its usage against the ruling class, but its superb bladecraft has made its fearsome reputation well-earned.

Yes, the archives have what you seek regarding the Masamune…
Forged by the finest bladesmith in the eastern realms, the eponymous creator had a lifelong pursuit of creating a katana of absolute, infalliable purity.
Some believe that he even traveled to heaven and back to do so, although this may have been a tall tale to hide his trade secret. When swung in a precise arc, one can hear the songs of the ocean.

Yes, the archives have what you seek regarding the Sadamune…
Sadamune was a student of Masamune, and was such an excellent disciple that he had been chosen to adopt the “mune” suffix.
This particular blade was not made by his own hand but by generations of his students across time polishing and perfecting every flaw across their entire lives.

Incredible that a mortal would know of such a weapon. Very well, I shall tell you what I know.
The eastern realms are united under the icon of this katana, which has long been accounted in legend as a powerful weapon whose swings control the wind and can slay the immortal.
It was gifted from the heavens unto mortals for some unknown purpose, but I can say that those who are unworthy of even seeing this gift may be stricken from life by divine judgment.


Energy Staff
You did not need these endless archives to learn about an Energy Staff. But if you insist…
It is a wooden staff hand-built by a pupil of the magical arts.
Many were taken by Oryx before they could ever complete their studies, however.

Firebrand Staff
You did not need these endless archives to learn about a Firebrand Staff. But if you insist…
Students of magic had carved some runes into this staff to embed it with fire energy.
If one had a steadier hand when writing, they could get more potent magic.

Comet Staff
You did not need these endless archives to learn about a Comet Staff. But if you insist…
These draw power from a small meteorite to create ice magic.
The size is important, as the wooden handle cannot contain its power effectively without twisting out of shape.

Serpentine Staff
You did not need these endless archives to learn about a Serpentine Staff. But if you insist…
While wooden staves can often fail to contain the power of their own magic, Serpentine Staves utilize snake fangs in their hilt to help redirect their power.

Meteor Staff
Curious about Meteor Staves?
They are topped with chunks of meteorite to cast magic, as the name would suggest.
Interestingly, more power can be safely drawn at once by using longer, thinner fragments.

Slayer Staff
Curious about Slayer Staves?
They are masterful weapons of the demonic realms. Topped with rubies and made from resilient bloodwood, they are a common sight in the hands of evil.

Avenger Staff
Curious about Avenger Staves?
After losing a great war long ago, a convent of magicians came together to construct them in remembrance of their fallen comrades.

Staff of Destruction
Curious about the Staves of Destruction?
In spite of its age, these staves are still powerful. However, the handle can only barely contain the power of its crystal, and constantly spews vapors and noise.

Staff of Horror
Yes, I do havae some pages on the Staff of Horror.
The “Horror” in their names come from the metal sigils that are applied along its hilt, which create odd human-sounding shrieks as the staff conducts magic.

Staff of Necrotic Arcana
Yes, I do have some pages on the Staff of Necrotic Arcana.
Gold is an excellent material for staff hilts, though rare and hard to maintain.
Crystals potent with death magic, like these staves boast, would easily destroy most wooden staves with a single cast.

Staff of Diabolic Secrets
Yes, I do have some pages on the Staff of Diabolic Secrets.
It has long been described as having a certain aura that fills mortals with a sensation of dread.
Nevertheless, it is a righteous weapon, albeit one that is quite burdensome to wield at times.

Staff of Astral Knowledge
You have come to the right place if you wish to know about the Staff of Astral Knowledge.
The gold that was used in the construction of this staff was enchanted with the power to vanquish evil, so they are often used in rituals to purify crystals corrupted by malignant energies.

Staff of the Cosmic Whole
You have come to the right place if you wish to know about the Staff of the Cosmic Whole.
The crystals at this staff’s tip formed within the heat of cosmic creation. The amount of power they have absorbed over eons is beyond measure.
Utilizing this power was nearly impossible until a society of magic intellectuals constructed an ornate, spiraling handle that diffused its awe-inspiring energy.

Staff of the Vital Unity
You have come to the right place if you wish to know about the Staff of the Vital Unity.
It is a most holy weapon that was said in legend to be created out of a pillar that supported the heavens. In spite of its sheer length and golden composition, it remains very lightweight.
Its composition is acutally a subject of great speculation, as many scholars believe that it is made of a pure, radiant energy condensed into material form.

Staff of the Fundamental Core
Inconceivable that a mortal would know of the Staff of the Fundamental Core. Very well, I shall tell you what I know.
The fundamental core is a mysterious, highly debated entity, one whose presence is beyond my vision. What little is known of it is as a result of the very staff you mentioned.
Astralmancers speculate it is the origin point of the universe and is creating new matter at all times. This staff may very well come from a pillar of some unknown material that extends across light years.


Short Sword
Why on Earth do you need me to explain a Short Sword to you?
It is a modest sword, likely forged by a novice bladesmith.
Oryx must have figured anyone using such a thing would be easy pickings for his minions.

Broad Sword
Why on Earth do you need me to explain a Broad Sword to you?
The more even weight and the addition of a hand guard makes a Broad Sword ideal for learning fundamental swordplay forms.

Why on Earth do you need me to explain a Saber to you?
It is a lightweight backsword that is often used for its cheap and easy construction.
It lacks a second edge, but does have a point for thrusting attacks.

Long Sword
Why on Earth do you need me to explain a Long Sword to you?
While they are indeed longer than most standard swords, they are actually defined by their longer grip which makes it easier to wield dual-handedly.

Oh, a fan of Falchions I see.
A very wide and thin blade gives the Falchion great cutting power, even when swung with one hand.
Some varieties add more weight to the tip to allow for an even more powerful swing.

Fire Sword
Oh, a fan of Fire Swords I see.
Fire Crystals are often embedded in weapons, but are prone to corruption from dark magic.
Fire Swords are unusually unblemished for a fire weapon, and so are considered items of luck by many.

Glass Sword
Oh, a fan of Glass Swords I see.
When magical lightning strikes sand, it can form an impressive spire of fulgurite glass.
While it is not evenly sharp and too resilent to resharpen, it can still make a handy sword blade as-is.

Golden Sword
Oh, a fan of Golden Swords I see.
In the middle of battle, a leader would often wield a distinctive sword like this so as to visible to their soldiers.
The gilded blade makes it a lavish status symbol among aristocracy as well.

Ravenheart Sword
Ah, quite the blade, the Ravenheart Sword.
Named after its sable blade, which is comparable to their plumage, the Ravenheart is highly conductive to dark magic, but becomes more silver as it loses its enchantments.

Dragonsoul Sword
Oh, quite the blade, the Dragonsoul Sword.
When it is formed from hardened drakeiron, this sword’s blade is placed in magma to be soft enough to smith.
Once it is shaped, it is quenched by the magic flames of a dragon, endowing it with great power.

Archon Sword
Ah, quite the blade, the Archon Sword.
The Archon were a group of magistrates who enforced magical law, and hunted practitioners of forbidden spellcraft.
Little is known of them but the very weapons that they used and the abandoned laws they wrote long ago.

Skysplitter Sword
Yes, I’ll share my knowledge of the Skysplitter Sword with you.
It is a mithril sword forged during an enormous war that took place between the elementals, who vied for control over the material realm.
They were extraordinarily long at some point, but their blades unavoidably shattered when they fell from the hands of the air elementals, and were later reshaped.

Sword of Acclaim
Yes, I’ll share my knowledge of the Sword of Acclaim with you.
Should a mortal live a noble life and die a heroic death, this blade will be made by the gods of metallurgy and given to their lineage as a memento of their glory.
Alas, Oryx would go on to confiscate each and every one of these swords from their rightful owners, perhaps in some ill-minded attempt to claim their worth.

Sword of Splendor
Yes, I’ll share my knowledge of the Sword of Splendor with you.
It is a platinum-mithril sword that was long used as regalia that determines the legitimacy of a family’s kingship. Unfortunately, these legacies ended long ago.
Despite this, the spirit of past wielders possesses this sword and grant it unwavering strength until it can be wielded by royalty, when it may sleep again.

Sword of Majesty
Extraordinary that a mortal would know of such a weapon. Very well, I shall tell you what I know.
The entire world was once unified under the banner of the Fearless Commander-Lord Carosburg, the only mortal to conquer lands of the demonic realms.
The volcanic obsidian that constitutes this sword was fashioned by a legion of demons as deference. Fitting for Carosburg, it is the pinnacle of all bladesmithing.


Fire Wand
Is my all-knowing vision just a toy to you? Alright, well, the Fire Wand…
It is a carved tree branch that has been enchanted with fire magic.
Its users could not put up much of a fight against Oryx’s forces before being taken away.

Force Wand
Is my all-knowing vision just a toy to you? Alright, well, the Force Wand…
By using a less clouded marble at its tip, it can focus energy into its shots more efficiently.
However, the crude assemblage usually found on them creates soot with every bolt.

Power Wand
Is my all-knowing vision just a toy to you? Alright, well, the Power Wand…
The copper ball at the end of it collects electrical energy and sparks with every swing.
Bandits may love the spectacle, but they cannot actually use it, so they uselessly hoard it. Tragic.

Missile Wand
Is my all-knowing vision just a toy to you? Alright, well, the Missile Wand…
Many wands like this one will not conduct elemental energy at all, but instead accumulate kinetic energy and fire a bolt of pure, concussive force.

Eldritch Wand
Eldritch Wands… yes, here is some information.
They are indispensable wands to use for demonic pyromancy, as normal fire produces far too much light.
Eldritch fires channeled by these wands are invaluable for rituals as a result, although they still make good weapons in a pinch.

Hell’s Fire Wand
Hell’s Fire Wands… yes, here is some information.
These are a fine example of a wand that does not create its own energy.
Rather, they channel energy from a place irrespective of location. In this case, they take from the sulfur and flames of the afterlife.

Wand of Dark Magic
Wands of Dark Magic… yes, here is some information.
These wands can pull energy from the very shadow cast by its user, making it powerful against the light that would overwhelm most dark magic.

Wand of Arcane Flame
Wands of Arcane Flame… yes, here is some information.
They are well known for their gilded handle that redirects heat around the hand.
It is quite an important feature, as it materializes flames out of a never ending inferno that engulfs a realm of the afterlife.

Wand of Death
The Wand of Death, a fine weapon to inquire about.
These require true dedication to wandcraft, for they draw magical bolts from entropy itself.
Given the sheer difficulty of tapping into such a thing, its true potential is far removed from what it can do now.

Wand of Deep Sorcery
The Wand of Deep Sorcery, a fine weapon to inquire about.
These wands are made entirely from the curious saddlewood, which absorbs mystical energies as it grows.
Its tip is actually made from the same energy, but concentrated into a physical form.

Wand of Shadow
The Wand of Shadow, a fine weapon to inquire about.
The tip of this kind of wand is made from pure darkness, and has no actual presence.
Nonetheless, it can somehow conduct magic flawlesssly, and exudes a fog that protects itself from light.

Wand of Ancient Warning
Certainly, the Wand of Ancient Warning has quite the tale to tell.
While it is an effective weapon among magic users, its true value lies in its use as a chronomancy device that predicts calamity.
Should this wand be used a certain amount of time into the future, it will glow brilliantly in the present. Employing it only in great emergencies foretells impending danger.

Wand of Recompense
Certainly, the Wand of Recompense has quite the tale to tell.
It is a holy relic that is crafted from the golden halos of angels slain in battle. In turn, it is a horrific weapon that judges the wicked-hearted before incinerating them.
The jewel at its head is thought to be made from the spirit of the angel that constitutes the wand itself, so to some extent it may be alive and cognizant.

Wand of Evocation
Certainly, the Wand of Evocation has quite the tale to tell.
It is a sinister weapon that can condense seas of chaos into magical force. To channel so much energy at once takes a material that, by all calculations, should not even exist.
The archmagus that built this wand was consequently branded as an enemy of the gods. He fled into whatever dimension the wand was built in, never to return.

Wand of Retribution
Stupefying that a mortal would know of such a weapon. Very well, I shall tell you what I know.
The realms of ice and flame are beyond my vision, but I understand that they are in some way responsible for all elements in our reality.
Instead of funneling power out of some other plane, these wands form ontological energies that spontaneously transmute into a cataclysmic form of elemental magic.


Craig is a sprite who left the Sprite World in search of a new life. His true name is over ten thousand letters long, but it’s pronounced exactly like “Craig,” so the name stuck.
His internship is filled with misfortune as he often suffers from Oryx’s drunken decisions, like when his residence was randomly rebuilt into Oryx’s new court.
In spite of his misgivings, he is optimistic about his career choice, yet somehow blissfully naive towards his boss’s conquest of the realm.

The man known as Guillermo is one whom I have studied closely, yet his ways still puzzle me. Though I sense no evil in his heart, he speaks of things even I am not aware of.
The beings he mentions are intriguing, yet troubling. He could very well just be soft in the head, but perhaps he is considerably wiser than he looks.
In either case, I would suggest some caution. If what he speaks is true, it is of great concern.

Secret Sheep Level

There is no secret sheep level.

The Realm Eye
Also says this in response to the prompt ”You”
Me? How very kind of you. I have existed for many millennia, silently watching the affairs of the realm and beyond.
I took residence in this library as it reached its zenith, sharing my knowledge with the scribes so they may make records. Some came to know me as ”Mr. Eyeball” in more casually discussions.
When the curse was cast upon this place, the corruption’s core specifically targeted this chamber, leaving me trapped ever since.

References and Trivia

  • Arachna’s entry is a reference to the Greek legend of Arachne, a weaver so skilled that they challenged Athena to a weaving competition, only for the goddess to turn her into a spider as punishment for her hubris.
  • The Tomb bosses’ lore references their roles in Egyptian mythology. Strangely, Bes is referred to as a god of war, despite being historically known as a god of protection and ward against evil.
  • The Decaract’s entry about Oryx having to weaken it to figure out its effectiveness is a reference to how the Decaract had been immensely overpowered on release, resulting in countless maxed deaths, and had to be significantly nerfed in an ensuing patch.
  • The Giant Crab’s entry is a reference to the game Genji: Days of the Blade, and a now-memetic scene from its E3 release depicting the player (a samurai) fighting a “Giant Enemy Crab”.
  • The entries for The Glitch, The Machine, and Null are all encrypted using the Enigma machine used by the Germans in World War 2. In particular, The Glitch’s entry is encrypted twice, using different settings than the other two.
  • The Glitch’s entry references the Goblin Lair, a scrapped dungeon.
  • Janus is explicitly referred to as a “god of doorways” in their entry, which lines up with the Roman god that serves as their namesake.
  • While Limon’s entry mentions that even Oryx fears her full power, it is not explained why she is still a fairly low-level dungeon boss (the space of the dungeon is unstable this might explain why it is low-level).
  • Lord Ruthven’s entry cites him as the source for server lag, which is a major source of complaint (and deaths) for the community. This may also be because of the fact that Ruthven’s fight is particularly lag-intensive due to the large amount of entities involved.
  • Oryx’s lore entry is the only one that requires additional confirmation. Like the Realm Eye warns, it is by far the longest lore entry it can give.
  • Oryx’s lore provides a canon reason for the Realms’ recurrence, and how he and all of his minions continue to return from beyond the grave. It also gives an in-story explanation for the perma-death nature of the game.
  • In the Oryx Horde’s description, Oryx wanting to fight his opponents in the realm “like old times” refers to the earliest builds of the game, where he would appear on the beach to fight instead of warping players to his castle.
  • The Tawny and Demon Warg entries were added because of their obscurity. As said by Toastrz, “The Tawny Warg is such a laughably obscure monster (it’s a minion from a rare monster in an already rare biome that not all realms have) that it seemed the perfect curveball to throw in.”
  • The Skull Shrine’s entry outlines the origins of its Orb of Conflict.
  • As stated in the Cnidarian Reef’s entry, the body of a jellyfish is actually 95% water.
  • The Consolation of Draconis entry references how Kabam accidentally released the LoD early. They promptly turned all the weapons into “useless” variants and changed the keys to make them lead to a consolation room with a loot balloon (the entry cites Oryx as the reason for this instead).
  • The Haunted Cemetery’s entry references how it used to be possible to loot other players’ graves. This feature has long since been removed.
  • The Lost Halls’ entry could also be referring to the Records of the Lost Halls. However, it could also hint at upcoming texts describing the Halls’ lore in greater detail.
  • The Parasite Chambers’ entry refers to how the interior of the Chambers bears an uncanny resemblance to a guild hall, as quickly noticed when the dungeon first came out.
  • The note on how the Sprite World become unstable in the presence of mortals possibly explains the existence of all the conveyor belts within the dungeon.
  • The Heavy Crossbow’s entry refers to how it has one of the longest effective ranges of any bow despite being only Tier 7.
  • The Dirk’s entry references how one of the old developers had once announced that Dirks would be the only weapons capable of harming chickens. This same story also led to the creation of the Dirk of Cronus.
  • The Golden Dagger’s entry was changed during MotMG 2019 to reflect an infamous bug when the Cursed Library first came out. When the Realm Eye was asked for the Golden Dagger’s entry, it would disconnect the entire realm (and if the Library was opened in the Nexus, the entire server) for ten minutes.
  • The Obsidian Dagger’s entry references its increased firing speed compared to other daggers.
  • The Buster Katana’s entry may be a reference to the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy, as both are oversized broadswords with holes bored into them for gems (referencing the sword’s Materia slots). The description even states it’s just a replica, and that the original sword was from a “far-off realm”.
  • While obviously not 100% true, the entries for the Muramasa/Masamune/Sadamune/Kusanagi hold a surprising amount of historical accuracy.
  • The note about the Glass Sword’s uneven sharpness refers to its abnormally large damage variance.
  • The “Secret Sheep Level” refers to a joke dungeon originally by amitp during the Wild Shadow era of the game. It in itself is a reference to Diablo 2, where a “secret cow level” was implemented after rumors went around of such a level existing in Diablo 1. See here for more information.
  • Asking about The Realm Eye will make him tell you that he’s known as “Mr. Eyeball”. MrEyeball is a player who provides a number of services to players who whisper commands to them in chat. This implies that in-story, the Realm Eye is the true identity of MrEyeball.