Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
This includes most character stats and exaltations.
Services based on such data are not updated.

Reanimated Archer Set

Reanimated Archer
Class Archer
Reskin of Phantom Archer Set
Themed on A Skeleton
Obtained Through Witch’s Skull
2nd Piece Bonus +5 DEX, +5 VIT
3rd Piece Bonus +95 MP, +11 DEF
4th Piece Bonus +105 HP, +6 ATT
Subtotal of Bonuses +105 HP, +95 MP, +11 DEF, +5 DEX, +5 VIT
Overall Stat Bonus +235 HP, +95 MP, +9 ATT, +25 DEF, +5 DEX, +14 VIT
Final Stats at 8/8 935 HP, 347 MP, 84 ATT, 50 DEF, 50 SPD, 55 DEX, 54 VIT, 50 WIS
Total XP Bonus 16%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Patch X.32.0.5 (Oct 2019)

This is a reskinned version of the Phantom Archer Set, released in Halloween 2019.

Before Exalt Version (Sep 2020), the 4th Piece Bonus granted +105 HP only.

The descriptions for each of the items in this set are references to the song Spooky Scary Skeletons by Andrew Gold.