Red Demon

Last updated: Exalt Version (Aug 2021)
Red Demon

The Red Demon is a quest monster that spawns in lava fissure setpieces in the Realm. Killing all Red Demons in a realm is required to close it. This enemy is the highest-level setpiece quest monster and therefore will typically be encountered in relatively fresh realms.



HP: 7,000
DEF: 12
EXP: 234
Location: Mountains
Setpiece: Lava Fissure

Level 19 Quest
Levitates off Ground
Counts towards Grotesque Kills
Counts towards Hero Kills
Counts towards God Kills

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Ent God Bolt 100
5 15
Red Demon Mystic Shot 110 0.9 9 Parametric Shots are parametric
Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles


Wanders around, firing dense shotguns of flaming bolts and shooting fireballs that lazily float around the area. The Red Demon also maintains a small squad of various Demons around him.
“Would you attempt to destroy us? I know your name, [Player Name]!”
“Our anguish is endless, unlike your lives!”
“What do you know of suffering? I can teach you much, [Player Name],”
“I will deliver your soul to Oryx, [Player Name]!”
“There can be no forgiveness!”
“You cannot hurt us. You cannot help us. You will feed us.”
“Oryx will not end our pain. We can only share it… with you!”
“Your life is an affront to Oryx. You will die.”


Demon WarriorDemon Warrior

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Red Demon Chest

Red Demon Chest

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Tips and Strategies

Group (2+)

If you are in a group the best strategy to attack the Red Demon is to clear the Gods around it. Once you have done this try to clear the Imps and the Demon Warrior. Then go for an unprotected Red Demon by moving side to side to avoid getting hit with his shots.


A rogue can kill this monster fairly easily. Cloak, go in, get damage, back out, repeat.

Piercing Weapon Class

Piercing class can also clear this event easily. After clearing the Gods near the Red Demon you can use the advantage of piercing to clear the Imps and Demon Warriors without losing the DPS on the Red Demon.

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Before Exalt Version (Dec 2020), the Red Demon had the following sprite:
Red Demon (old)

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