Release History 2010


Initial work-in-progress build

January 5

Build 35

January 6

Fixes, UI upgrades, start on spells and potions


January 6

For those annoyed by A/D for rotate and Q/E for strafe: you may now toggle the controls by hitting ‘0’ (zero). This will let you strafe with A/D and rotate with Q/E.

The server is now simulating 40,000 monsters! The record is 5 concurrent players so far.

Rob & Alex, Wild Shadow Studios

Build 47

January 8

HUGE HUGE thanks to those who have played the game already! HUGE! We love user feedback!

We just pushed a new build of Realm of the Mad God, build 47. New stuff:

  • Loot drops (mostly potions for now)
  • Fire nova spell for the Wizard
  • Heal nova spell for the Priest
  • New stats (attack, defense, speed)
  • Stat increases on levelup
  • Tougher enemy AI
  • Dragons (they start as eggs, but hatch and grow, eventually laying more eggs)
  • Global countdown for Oryx the Mad God’s appearance
  • Performance improvements

Coming tomorrow we hope:

  • Lots more equipment & loot drops
  • Lots more monster types
  • Music & sound

Play now at
Rob & Alex, Wild Shadow Studios

Build 59

January 9

Hi folks! We posted another build (#59) of Realm of the Mad God at

  • Over 50 new monster types
  • Over 50 sweet, phat loot drops
  • Monsters spawn in different areas based on difficulty level
  • XP splitting (duplicating actually) for nearby players
  • Trees & rocks now appear in minimap
  • Use + and - keys to zoom minimap
  • Use T key to toggle autofire

Thank you so much for helping us playtest!
Rob & Alex, Wild Shadow Studios

Build 62

January 10

Announcing build #62 of Realm of the Mad God! Play now at:

New in this build:

  • Sound effects!
  • More monsters
  • Better stats on equipment
  • More taunts from Oryx the Mad God

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU playtesters! The game is so much better than it would be without you!
Rob & Alex, Wild Shadow Studios

Build 65

January 10

What a crazy day!! On the last day of the competition we got blindsided by an unplanned stress test! Whew!

We just posted build 65 of Realm of the Mad God. You can play at:

New features in 65:

  • Music (‘M’ to mute)
  • A new unlockable character, the Knight
  • Performance improvements (thanks,
  • Oryx the Mad God appears when all his minions have been destroyed
  • The spawn point moves around to get new players into the action more quickly
  • Hit ‘H’ for help
  • Many smaller fixes

Thanks so much to everyone who played. We had a full server for about 9 solid hours!
Rob & Alex, Wild Shadow Studios

Build 66

January 12

Last night we posted build 66 of Realm of the Mad God. Play at:

New stuff in 66:

  • Oryx the Mad God is massively buffed and moved slightly off the player spawn
  • Character hitpoint regen rate doubled
  • Character level capped at 20
  • Characters drop their (non-starting) inventory in “tombstones” at death
  • Performance improvements
  • Server’s player limit bumped up to 30
  • Bug fixes (including unkillable frozen monsters)
  • Many item stats adjusted and balanced

As always thank you SO MUCH for playing. We love our players!
Rob & Alex, Wild Shadow Studios

Build 67

January 12

Earlier today we posted build 67 of Realm of the Mad God. Play at:

New stuff in build 67:

  • Characters are now saved across server and/or client restarts. You should only lose a character at death.
  • A bunch of behind-the-scenes fixes.

Thanks for playing!
Rob & Alex, Wild Shadow Studios


January 13

Today we are happy to report that we have acquired a new server machine which is much faster than the old one. We have upped the player limit accordingly – it’s currently at 40 but we hope to push it even higher.

We also implemented a new ‘migration’ algorithm, which should have low level monsters actively seeking out empty areas of the map to settle in. Along with elimination of the inaccessible monster-filled islands, faster spawn point rotation, additional spawn points on the east coast, and reserved server slots for low-level monsters, the “where are the enemies?” problem should be much alleviated. In fact, spawn areas may now be too dense with monsters. Please let us know what you think about the monster densities now. Play at:

As always, thank you SO MUCH for playing!

Rob & Alex, Wild Shadow Studios

Build 69

January 15

Yea, sorry for the late post, we pushed build 69 last night which includes the new Paladin class. It should also fix a few outstanding bugs (item duplicating, etc.) and make Oryx a little bit harder for melee classes. As always, play at:

Thanks for the other bug reports. We are working hard to squash them all. We haven’t been able to reproduce the right-clicking bug so if anyone else sees this, let us know.

Thanks for playing,
Alex & Rob, Wild Shadow Studios


January 15

We have pushed a new version with some new UI elements to allow for server selecting. Also we have attempted to distribute the spawn points more evenly across the map. Hopefully this will spread the low level creature depopulation more equally. Here is a map of the new spawns (white boxes):

Let us know if you find any bugs.

Thanks for playing,
Alex & Rob, Wild Shadow Studios

Build 71

January 18

Hi folks! We have posted build 71 of Realm of the Mad God, which you can play at our new url:

  • ‘N’ key toggles all sound (‘M’ toggles music only)
  • Drop objects on the ground by dragging them to the map
  • Empty bags disappear
  • Fix bug when two items put in bag at same time
  • Mummies and Ghosts inhabit mid level temples; Demons in high level temples
  • Enemies (mostly mountain-dwelling gods) have more variation in their shooting patterns

Thanks for playing!
Rob & Alex, Wild Shadow Studios


January 19

We just pushed a new server build for Realm of the Mad God. Play at:

This build should fix the “gods at spawn” problem. Please let us know what you think, and thank you for playing!

Rob & Alex, Wild Shadow Studios.

Build 72

January 25

Hi folks! Last night we pushed Build 72 of Realm of the Mad God, which you can play at:

The changes are pretty minor:

  • Monster death lag is much reduced
  • There is a sound effect and explosion on monster death
  • Priests and wizards can no longer cast each others’ spells
  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes

As always THANK YOU for playing! Keep the comments, suggestions and bug reports coming!
Rob & Alex, Wild Shadow Studios

Build 73

January 29

Hi everyone! We just posted build 73 of Realm of the Mad God. Changes include:

  • Damage reduction of armor is capped at a maximum of 75% of incoming damage.
  • Effects of the speed stat were reduced by about a third.
  • Some items (Golden Bow) and monsters (lowlands Skeletons) were tweaked.
  • Medium and more difficult monsters should stay away from spawns.
  • Gods now have the ability to recolonize empty mountaintops.

We are also hard at work on our first big expansion: dungeons!


I forgot to mention that mousewheel zoom also made it into the push.


Whoops again

I keep thinking of stuff we put in the build. Oryx’s minions drop less valuable loot now, to reduce the incentive to farm them.


Build 74 – Dungeons!

February 4

Hi everyone! We just launched build 74. In it, you should find:

  • Dungeons!
    …and a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff we needed to make dungeons happen. There are currently two dungeons to explore, but we plan to add more soon.

Enjoy! Please post your comments, suggestions and gripes. Your feedback is absolutely critical for making RotMG better.

Build 75

February 5

That’s right, after many “Potions of Build Number,” we’ve finally hit the cap. Build 75!

  • Mouseover tooltips for green dots on minimap
  • Fix bugs with entering a dungeon from a non-Medusa server
  • Hotkey numbers on inventory slots
  • Introduce new loot items for one of the dungeons
  • Improve server’s use of memory
  • Introduce 4th server: Cyclops


Build 76

February 8

After a slightly rocky launch (webserver fell over), build 76 is now live. Changes:

  • Minimap zoom improved
  • Fix bugs with returning from a dungeon to correct server
  • Demons will no longer wander into spawns
  • Internal server improvements

As always, let us know if you see anything amiss.



February 9

I just pushed a new server which includes:

  • /ignore – add a player to your ignore list
  • /unignore – remove player from your ignore list

We are currently working on server-side character storage – look for it soon.


Server side chars are LIVE

February 14

Please post bugs if you see them, also:

Post screenshots of getting to level 20 first in each class!


Undocumented changes:

Build 79

February 19

Hi folks,
We just pushed build 79:

  • New high-level dungeon
  • New mid-tier loot
  • Reworked some higher level drop tables
  • Sized projectiles relative to shooter
  • Improvements to epitaphs
  • Dreadstump the Pirate King gets a name

Please let us know if you see any bugs or issues, and thanks for playing!

Build 80

February 19

Hey all,
Build 80 is now live:

  • Portals now say where they go
  • No spawning in (or near) lava in Abyss

As always, let us know if you see any problems.


Build 81

February 21

Hey all,
Build 81 has been pushed:

  • Key drop rate increased
  • Abyss spawn made even safer
  • Back-end fixes/improvements

Thanks for all the bug reports. Keep them coming!

Build 82

February 24

Hi folks. Build 82 is up!

  • New Oryx encounter
  • New dungeon, including new monsters and loot
  • Fix “invisible stalker” bug
  • Fix healing radius

Enjoy! Please post bug reports, etc!

Build 83

February 28

Hey all,
Build 83 is now live. Changes:

  • New “dungeon”
  • New god & loot
  • 10 second grace period after logging into realm before enemies attack you
  • Players blink red when low on HP
  • Fixed reproduction bug
  • Fix undead dwarf textures
  • Fix Paladin textures
  • Make slots have lighter background

Let me know if you find any problems!

Build 84

March 4

Hi everyone. Build 84 is live now:

  • Different stat caps for different character classes
  • HPGen and MPGen are now Vitality and Wisdom
  • SPD now governs only movement
  • New DEX stat governs fire rate
  • Add dex boosting rings and potions
  • Items can now take you over the stat cap
  • Removing items at the stat cap no longer permanently removes points
  • Fix lava damage bug
  • Lava damage now penetrates DEF

Please post with bug reports. We are particularly interested in the balance effects of the new per-class stat caps.

Thanks for playing!

Build 86

March 16

Hey all,
Build 86 is now live. Changes:

  • Lots of anti-cheat measures. Not perfect yet but on its way. If the game catches you cheating, you will be sacrificed to the Mad God.
  • Sprite World now has a leader
  • Fix to 10 second grace period
  • Backend stuff

Let me know if you find any problems!

Build 87

March 19

Hey all,
Build 87 is now live. Changes:

  • More anti-cheat measures. Now the mad god himself will intervene should you attempt to circumvent the rules of his realm.
  • Preloader
  • Backend stuff

Let me know if you find any problems!

Build 88

March 23

Hey all,
Build 88 is now live. Changes:

  • Obstacles (walls, trees, etc.) are no longer “sticky”. You can slide along them.
  • Players and enemies can’t go half-way into walls anymore.
  • MP not filling on spawn fixed
  • Server performance greatly improved (higher player limit and less lag)

Let me know if you find any problems!

Build 89

March 26

Hey guys,
Build 89 is live. There is good news and bad news. The good news is there is a new dungeon! The bad news is it is a new user tutorial. If you want to try it out do “/tutorial”.

Also gods on the beach problem should be fixed. Let me know if you still see it or any other problems.


Build 90

April 3

Hi all,
Just pushed build 90 with the following improvements:

  • Improvements and bug fixes to tutorial (“/tutorial” command still works but will automatically transport you to a shared tutorial rather than opening a new portal)
  • Temples now 3D-ish
  • Clicking out of the game will now stop all movement and shooting.

Let me know of any problems.


Build 91

April 14

Hey guys,
Build 91 is live.


  • Lots of graphical tweaks. (Thanks your feedback on these so far, we will continue to refine them.)
  • Tutorial is now the default for new players
  • Fix to Vitality
  • Tooltips for stats
  • Some tweaks to temples

As always, let me know if you run into any bugs/problems or opportunities for improvement.


Build 92

April 19

Hey all,
Build 92 is now live. I’ll leave the main change as a surprise but a couple minor things:

  • Oryx will tell you the number of minions remaining when you log in
  • Better server push process (you guys shouldn’t notice any difference but my life is easier)

Let me know if any problems arise.


Undocumented changes:

Build 93

April 22

Hey all,
X beat me to it but build 93 is here. The changes are:

  • Title Screen
  • Revised graphics for character selection, current character screen
  • Refined game graphics a bit more
  • Delete now requires a confirmation
  • Some performance improvements on client and server

Sorry about the lack of new content lately. We have been focusing on polishing in preparation for some big stuff in the future.

As always, if something breaks horribly, let me know.


Build 94

May 7

Hi folks. We just posted build 94:

  • Skull shrines
  • New particle effects for heal and level up
  • Overhead stats for damage done and xp gained
  • WASD movement controls are default (use P to switch)
  • Player position (center or lower center) is now tied to control scheme chosen
  • Default camera angle at 45 degrees
  • Lots of polishing

We are particularly interested in feedback on the skull shrines, as they are a new concept for RotMG.

Thanks for playing!
Rob & Alex

Build 95

May 12

Hi everyone! Thanks for playing!

Build 95:

  • Ground tile blending
  • Skull shrine minimap dots colorcoded by difficulty
  • Keep “orphaned” flaming skulls away from noob zones
  • Oryx spawns 10 new shrines every 5000 minion kills
  • More skull shrine destruction taunts
  • Experimental feature: “/goto ” command – this may go away if we don’t like how it changes the game dynamics, or we may embrace it and build a good UI for it. It depends on how things go.

Let us know what you think of the build!
Rob & Alex

Build 96 is live

May 21

Hi everyone. Thanks for playing Realm! And thanks for all the help testing and evaluating build 96. We made a few changes based on your feedback and we’ll probably do some further tweaks of the 96 stuff in later builds.

Build 96:

  • Introduce new status effects on some enemy projectiles
  • 2 new easter egg items
  • New shield bash ability
  • Knights and warriors now have MP and Wis
  • Wizard spell damage doubled
  • Buff Oryx
  • Revert annoying minimap arrow
  • Save last used camera angle
  • Make Greater Skull Shrines more rare
  • ‘Tribalize’ some lowlands monsters
  • Make damage output linear with dex, not exponential
  • Ensure spawn points are near water
  • Add black glow to chat text

Please post feedback!

Your devoted devs,
Rob & Alex

Build 97

June 2

Hey all,
Build 97 is now live with lots of changes. They are:

  • All classes now have a weapon slot, a unique special ability slot, an armor slot and a ring slot.
    • Archers have quivers
    • Paladins have holy seals
    • Warriors have helms
    • Rogues have cloaks
    • Priests and Wizards have robe armor
  • And, of course, lots of new loot and small balance changes
    • Make Shield Bash more responsive and useful
    • Add Icons to show ongoing status effects on players and enemies
    • HP/MP are no longer regenerated when you go into dungeons, leave/respawn, etc.
    • Improve handling of teleporting, add simple particle effect
    • Fix cheat that allowed infinite healing

Let us know what you think of all the changes and definitely tell us if you find any bugs.

Alex & Rob

Build 98

June 3

Hi folks,
Build 98 just went up. It has:

  • Cube god


Build 99

June 10

Hey all,
Build 99 is now live. Changes are:

  • Players can now pause with the “/pause” command. This is experimental. We may modify it as we see how it works out.
  • New players may receive a survey to help us improve the new player experience.
  • Small balance changes (Cube god minions a little more tough, etc.)

Send us any comments or bugs.


Build 100

July 26

  • Completely new map generation code (rivers, lakes, lava, maps are islands, snow, ice, etc.)
  • new (much better looking) UI
  • Quests scattered around the Realm with quest arrows pointing to level appropriate quests
  • New mini-boss: the dreaded Pentaract
  • revised tutorial with no blocking
  • “/goto” removed in favor of actual menus for teleporting
  • auto-group list along with ability to lock in party members
  • Wizards now get staffs instead of wands
  • lots of new items
  • lots of new trees, bushes, cacti, etc.
  • sinking into water and lava
  • speech bubbles
  • various AI changes

Hopefully that covers most of it. As always, post any comments or bugs (and much thanks for all the feedback so far).


Announcing Build 104

September 23

Hi folks,
After two months, we’ve finally pushed a new build to the production realms at Here are the changes since build 100:

  • All new maps
  • Assassin class and poison items
  • Necromancer class and skull items
  • Huntress class and trap items
  • Make monsters follow players less aggressively
  • Road, water and lava speed modifiers
  • New particle effects on special abilities
  • Account system
  • Fame system
  • New Medusa bomb attack
  • Bats & spiders move to middle elevations
  • Lots and lots of new items
  • Many balance and flavor changes to items
  • Improved cheat detection
  • New loot tier system
  • Add loot to quests
  • New taunting system for bosses
  • Quest bosses must be eradicated to bring out Oryx

Thanks for all the help testing the changes over on the test realm. As always, please let us know if you spot any bugs or other problems.
Rob & Alex

Build 106 live in production

October 22

Hi everyone,
We have just posted build 106 to the live servers at Changes include:

  • New title screen
  • Initial version of lobby/nexus/forgotten temple. (Should we have a naming contest?)
  • F5 now whisks you back to safety
  • B key toggles pewpew sounds
  • Add names to gravestones
  • Huntress traps have wider trigger area
  • Paladin heal rate reduced by 25%
  • New snow texture that allows names to be read
  • Buff Medusa bomb and make it more accurate
  • New Sprite God quiet attack
  • New loot tables for most realm monsters
  • Improve anti-cheat measures
  • Server performance enhancements

Thank you so much for playing! Please let us know (via forums) if you spot any bugs or have opinions about the changes.

Build 108

November 5

Hello minion food,
Build 108 is live at Here are the changes:

  • New larger Nexus
  • Pentaract towers have a new bombardment attack
  • XP per kill is capped so that each levelup requires at least 10 kills (with some exceptions for bosses)
  • Stat potions are rarer
  • Planewalker cloak is rarer and non-tiered, added new tier 5 cloak (stats currently bugged, will fix in 109 if we remember)
  • Continues bullets fixed so they actually continue through players

Enjoy! And please let us know if you spot any bugs. Thanks for playing!

Build 109.1

November 17

Hey all,
After a few minor issues (solved now thanks those who reported the bugs promptly), we announce Build 109.1. Changes:

  • New nexus
  • Gold display while in nexus
  • Dyes for sale in nexus
  • Fix destructible tutorial guns
  • Make “locking” persistent and keyed to account
  • Add durations to equipment tooltips
  • Fixes/adjustments to cloaks, helms, quivers, spells
  • Black glow around name text
  • Client memory use fixes
  • Flat shading for 3D models
  • Sound on/off added to title screen

Please report any bugs or other problems you find!

About gold: the plan is to allow you to buy more gold with real money, soon. We also plan to offer more things for sale, soon. The things you buy are “soulbound”, which means you can’t give them away. If you find a way to give gold or purchased items away, please let us know.

We love our testers!
Alex & Rob

Build 110

December 10

Hey everyone! Thanks for helping us test build 110. It is now live at Changes:

  • New character select/create screen
  • Purchasable character slots
  • Dye preview
  • Logged in/out indicator on intro screens
  • Newbies start in realm, not nexus
  • Dungeons now spawn in-realm instead of via keys
  • New default names replace “Name”
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • Space bar acts as an additional special-ability trigger (thanks SEBlog)

Please let us know if you spot any problems. Thanks for playing!
Rob & Alex, Wild Shadow Studios