Release History 2011

Build 111

February 14

Hi folks! Today we pushed build 111 to production. Here are the new features since 110:

  • Add Mystic class and orbs
  • Sword damage buffed 50%
  • Add ranks to replace lifetime fame
  • New chatlog implementation
  • Renovated tutorial now solo per player
  • New solo tutorial dungeon: Oryx’s kitchens
  • New mini-tutorial before nexus
  • Statue of character changing in nexus
  • New fame algorithm (maybe too harsh on newbies?)
  • Newbies now skip character screen and go directly to tutorial
  • All characters except archer must now be unlocked
  • Slightly streamlined character creation/selection
  • Class items dim when not enough mana
  • Quiver/shield projectiles enlarged
  • Pentaract loot appears at tower locations, not center
  • Utterly revamped Pirate Cave
  • Partially revamped Undead Lair
  • Malphas drops vitality only; Septavius has wisdom; Limon has dex
  • Revamped quest indicator
  • Scorpions and lowlands bosses now act as quests for newbs
  • Dungeon bosses have quest arrow
  • New pricing in stores; closeout sales; social sales
  • Reduced but random selection of items for sale at once
  • Purchasable pet eggs (fame)
  • Purchasable 3-dose health/magic pots (gold)
  • Purchasable keys (gold)
  • Grow-shrink animation for new store items
  • Added overhead notifications when item bought and quest completed
  • Added fame bonus for completing 1000 (!) quests
  • New nexus portal graphic
  • Mithril Sword nerfed and de-tiered; add Skysplitter Sword
  • Function keys enabled while chatting
  • R key realigns camera to north
  • New networking layer

Please post your feedback here. Thanks for playing!

Build 112 Released

February 27

Hi all,
We have just now pushed build 112 live. Here are the changes:

  • Camera jitter before Oryx sweeps everyone to his chamber
  • Bosses now immune to stasis
  • New nexus layout
  • New fame formula
  • Lowlands elves are nerfed
  • Boosted XP for newbie quests
  • Incorporated new art from pixel tool: Golden Sword, Skysplitter Sword, Mithril Dagger, Magesteel Quiver
  • Tinctures and effusions (temporary stat boosts) for sale
  • Add elixirs of up to 7 doses
  • Add doses indicator to dosed potions
  • Display stat boosts separately from base stats
  • Texture maker tool now sorts by most recent

As always, we appreciate your input and your help in guiding Realm’s design forward. Please post your comments/suggestions/gripes here.

Build 113 Is Live

March 28

Hey folks,
Tonight we pushed 113 to the main site. The full changelist:

  • New class: trickster and decoy prisms
  • New quest boss: Oasis Giant
  • Cloths – they work like dyes, but with patterns
  • Minion-making monsters (Cube God, Oryx, …) start with all minions already made
  • Enforce range limit of 1 square on looting
  • Soulbound bag contents invisible to non-owners
  • Removed shield from priest graphic; knight gains shield as dyeable accessory
  • 5 seconds of attack immunity in dungeons
  • Beach creatures’ shot cooldown doubled
  • Eggs no longer soulbound
  • New icons for cloaks, heavy armor, dungeon keys
  • ‘I’ key toggles quest portraits
  • Reduce knight max def to 40 from 50
  • Increase assassin max att to 60 from 50
  • Increase assassin max wis to 60 from 50
  • Increase assassin wis per level to 1-2 from 0-2
  • Reduce necro max att to 60 from 75
  • Reduce necro max dex to 60 from 75
  • Regrade pally seal durations from 5 at low tier to 10 at high tier (from 5-15)
  • AOE damage fixed (reduced) for Lair Spectres and Pentaracts.
  • Character facing is preserved on rotation
  • Pentaracts now lob bombs at players
  • RemoveNegativeConditions removed from top tier tome
  • Tome healing and mana costs reduced
  • Pentaracts, Cube Gods and Skull Shrines no longer permanently on minimap
  • Quiver MP costs reduced 17-32%

Please report bugs, gripes and suggestions to the forums. Thanks for playing!
Rob & Alex
Wild Shadow Studios

Build 114 in production

April 15

Hi everyone,
We just posted 114 to production at The changes since 113 are:

  • Vaults: 8 slots for free, 500 realm gold for each extra chest
  • New particle effects when bullets hit walls and trees
  • 1.5 seconds of “no aggro” when teleporting
  • Kill 10-second immunity/teleport exploit
  • Players can move through single-space gaps in walls
  • Animated enemies (sheep and pirate so far)
  • Animation mode in pixel editor (
  • Phoenix Lord hero & pyre setpiece
  • Tips (toggle these with ‘Y’)
  • Eliminate ‘who’ on zone (you can still type /who)
  • Make Nexus chat local to 15 squares
  • /yell command for global chat in Nexus
  • 15 or so new cloths, all from the pixel editor
  • Fixes for bugs that were killing characters and deleting/copying items

Please reply below and let us know what you think of this build. Thanks for playing!!
Rob & Alex
Wild Shadow Studios

Build 115 is Live

May 4

Hey folks!
We just pushed build 115 into production. The changes include:

  • New options screen (hit Escape to view it)
  • New “wrench” and “temple” icons for options and Nexus
  • New class: sorcerer (and scepters with user-made graphics)
  • Unique account names and /tell (phase 1)
  • Wine cellar and incantations
  • One new tier of armor, weapons & ability items
  • Realms close for a few minutes before Oryx pops
  • Removed minion count
  • Lowlands difficulty nerfed a lot
  • Lowlands bosses made larger with more hitpoints
  • “Damaging” does +50% damage and is on all pally seals
  • Lowlands creatures animated
  • Tiered gravestones
  • Many improvements in client memory use and performance
  • Added helpful arrows to tutorial

We plan to spawn a name chooser statue in the Nexus soon, with which players of rank of Gold 1 or higher can choose a unique name. We’ll lower that requirement over a period of a few days to its permanent level.

Please let us know about any bugs or issues you discover. As always, thanks for playing!
Rob & Alex


May 6

Hey everybody,

We just posted 115.1. We rushed this out in order to address some issues, particularly the “can’t connect” bug. If you are still seeing this, please reply here with your OS, browser and Flash version numbers. Thanks!

Other changes:

  • Realms now lock for a max of 2 minutes, after Oryx’s earthquake.
  • Added tooltips for options screen options
  • Animated many more overworld creatures (all from user submissions)
  • Improve memory use in client
  • Disconnect after 30 minutes of idle

Rob & Alex

Build 116.1 is live

June 1

Hey all,
Build 116 didn’t quite make it into the wild but we are pleased to announce build 116.1! Changes since 115.1:

  • Replace pretty much every sound effect (sounds by Jordan Fehr)
  • Make unnamed accounts use a random, default name
  • Color “chosen” names in gold (so you can see who is “tellable”)
  • Limit account name dialog to 10 alphabetic characters
  • Add outgoing tells to tell history
  • Increase god reproduction density and firing range
  • Add continuous monster regeneration in empty areas
  • Animate mountain gods
  • Add “unlocked by” message when incantation used
  • Increase defense for all wine cellar creatures
  • Add 10 healing and mana wines as wine cellar drops
  • Add new, more efficient preloader
  • Show maxed stats in gold
  • Fix “You do not have a weapon equipped!”
  • Make tells work clusterwide
  • Add /server command
  • Add Sandsman King and Desert Werewolf for previously empty lowland sand areas
  • Add Shield Orc, Flamer and Construct monster groups, with all-new behaviors
  • Add permanent pets (not for sale yet – will add to store soon)
  • Apply defense to class specials such as huntress trap
  • Rearrange spawn area in Nexus a bit
  • Fix “Deathmage hunt”

We hope you enjoy the new build. Please post issues and bugs here.

Thanks for playing!
Rob & Alex


June 2

This should hopefully fix the “blue screen” bug.

Build 117 is live!

June 18

Hey all,
Build 117 is live in production. Changes:

  • New behaviors on Oryx, Arachna, Stheno, Dreadstump, Limon, Malphas, Septavius, Lich, Ent Ancient, Deathmage, Ghost King
  • New rank system: Complete class quests to improve rank
  • Bosses will drop some loot in soul bound bags
  • Bows range decreased, can now hit multiple targets
  • Staff range decreased, projectile speed increased
  • Wand range decreased, projectile speed lowered
  • Leather and Robe defense boost increased
  • Cloak defense boost removed
  • Various modifications to enemy projectiles
  • Improved character selection screen
  • Improved servers screen
  • Added “Amulet of Resurrection”, provides a one-time resurrection when worn, sold for a lot of Fame
  • Graphics options to turn off shadows and text bubbles
  • Deforested the lowland Realm a little
  • Fix Sandsman
  • Fix opening keys in Vault (should now be safe)
  • Stop movement when options screen opened
  • Sheep say “baa”

Lots of changes in this release, hope you like them! Please post comments/bugs/etc. in this thread.

Alex & Rob

Chrome Web Store

June 20

Today is a big day for RotMG; it’s the first time we’ve ever tried to distribute the game through any portal or website other than our own. If you head over to the Chrome Web Store, you’ll find a newly-unveiled page for RotMG there.

It’s our hope that CWS will drive new visitors to RotMG and help us grow our community. We’re looking forward to seeing how this goes and then trying again on other gaming portals you may know. With a little luck and with your continued generosity and support, we can hopefully make RotMG profitable and continue to invest in its growth and improvement. We’ve been working on this project for over a year without paying ourselves a salary, so our fingers and toes are crossed!

Some of you have been playing RotMG for almost a year. Many of you have been playing for several months. We couldn’t have gotten the game to this point without you. Thank you so much for believing in us and our game. It means more to us than you know.

So anyway, if you see new folks in the game, please welcome them! We were all newbs once. :)

Alex & Rob

Build 117.1 is live

June 23

Hey guys,
We have pushed version 117.1 to address some minor issues:

  • There is only one type of Mysterious Crystal and releases the Crystal Prisoner with new loot
  • Creatures that time out will not drop loot
  • No more Greater Nature Sprites in Sprite World
  • Equipment tooltips now give range and whether it is multi hit
  • Minor tweaks to various enemies
  • Mithril Swords are now Crystal Swords

Let me know if you encounter any problems.
Alex & Rob

Nexus split

June 24

Hey guys,

It was getting a little crowded in the Nexus and was pushing the bounds of what the CPU could handle so we’ve split the Nexus into two servers: USWest and USEast. You should automatically go to the one closest to you and can choose which you prefer from the “servers” screen.

Let us know if you find any problems.

Alex & Rob

EUWest Nexus

July 1

Hey guys,

After some nice press coverage, we are splitting the Nexus again. If you live in Europe or nearby, you should now end up in the EUWest Nexus. You can always choose your Nexus from the servers screen.

Let us know if you find any problems.

Alex & Rob

Build 118 launched

July 15

Hi folks,
We have just pushed build 118! Here are the changes:

  • Lots of new & improved monsters, behaviors, projectiles and loot
  • Trading interface
  • Lag fixes
  • Stat pot drops in the mountains are soulbound-only
  • New item tooltips
  • New accounts will no longer have case sensitive email addresses
  • Name changes can be purchased
  • Better healing feedback

As always, please post here if you notice any bugs or if you have feedback. Thanks for playing!

Build 118.3 is Live!

August 6

Hey all,
Build 118.3 is live in production. Most of the changes are behind the scenes to address lag and other issues. Here are the visible changes:

  • First Oryx encounter updated. Specifically:
    • Oryx has more HP
    • During his “If I see you, I will kill you” phase, Oryx fires at a slightly higher rate.
    • During his initial ring phase, Oryx will repeatedly fire an unavoidable nova effect that inflicts quiet. If you’ve remained in the ring, you will need to fight him without mana. Folks who stay outside the ring will need to contend with minions and deadly satellites that orbit the ring.
  • Necromancer heal now visible
  • “/teleport [name]” command
  • Pirate Cave walls look slightly improved
  • Equipment tooltips now show which classes can use an item
  • Soulbound bags are only visible to person to whom they are bound
  • Mouse wheel zoom now works when focus is on map
  • Choose spawn point based on enemy density

Let me know if you run into any problems.


Build 118.6 is live

August 23

Hi folks,
We just released build 118.6 on the production servers. Most of the work was under the covers. The user-visible changes are:

  • Improve network bandwidth and memory use
  • Add ignore/unignore menu option & make it permanent

Please post issues, bugs, suggestions, etc here.

Thanks for playing!
Rob & Alex

Build 118.7 is live

September 28

Hey guys,
Build 118.7 is live! The changes are:

  • Legends! Weekly, Monthly and All time leaderboards
  • If you are a legend (top 10 on any leaderboard), you will get a red glow
  • At level 20, XP bar now shows Fame
  • Keep track of who killed a character and show on Fame screen
  • Toggleable offensive language filter
  • Fixes to cheat detection

Post any comments or problems to this thread!


Build 119 is live!

October 19

Hey guys,
Build 119 is now in production. The changes are:

  • High level loot is soulbound
  • Gravestones no longer contain a player’s equipment
  • Different loot bags depending on loot type
  • Small fix to make objects/grenades thrown near walls more likely to appear
  • Small fix to make partial seconds work for conditions
  • Anti-Spectators now stasis immune
  • Fame bonus from high level items at death
  • Gold should update faster
  • Drag items to the map from a soulbound loot bag to make them public
  • Pentaracts should no longer end up in deep water
  • Escape to Nexus works in a slightly different way internally to avoid “Character is dead” bug.
  • Wine Cellar portal now only exists for 2 mins after Oryx’s death
  • minor fix: if you drop multiple items, they will end up in the same bag

Please post comments, bugs, etc. to this thread.


Build 119 update

October 20

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the feedback on Build 119. We are listening.
We did expect this to be a pretty controversial update. Danc and chedd made some posts here and here that hopefully cleared up some things. I have also pushed an update (119.0.5) that makes the following changes:

  • Potion drop rates in mountains increased by ~33%
  • Cube God and Skull Shrine both give a guaranteed potion (like dungeon bosses)
  • Pentaract potion drop rate increased
  • Minor changes to make Oryx slightly harder

On the subject of Wine Cellar change, we should have been clearer with our intentions here. We would definitely like to support “private runs” of dungeons and even Realms in the future but Incantations where never supposed to be that. They were basically an idea that worked in nearly the opposite way that we intended. This change was to get them back more in line with our original intentions.

I also realize that the changes in this build were targeted at improving the experience of newer players. I promise that the next build will have new end-game content.

Thanks and keep the feedback coming (everything except the death threats).

EUEast Nexus

October 30

Hey guys,

Due to a sudden wave of traffic, we have opened a new EUEast Nexus. This should alleviate the crowding/lag in EUWest. Let me know if you find any problems.


USSouth and USMidWest open

November 2

Hey guys,

We have opened USSouth and USMidWest servers to relieve the strain on the USEast Nexus. Let me know if you run into any problems.


Three more Nexuses: AsiaSouthEast, EUNorth, USSouthWest

November 3

Hey guys,

It might seem like we’ve gone a little Nexus-mad but we’ve added three more Nexuses. We’ve also reconfigured the Nexuses a little to insure that players are getting balanced more evenly. This should help keep lag at bay and prepare us for any traffic spikes that could perhaps happen tomorrow.

As always, let me know about problems.


Build 120 is live!

November 28

  • New high-level dungeon: Tomb of the Ancients
  • New encounter: Grand Sphinx
  • New loot
  • New, more efficient system for spawning monsters that should leave fewer empty spaces
  • New enemy: Leviathan
  • Nexus fountains heal
  • Make [Insert] the default Nexus hotkey instead of [F5]
  • The client will prefer less loaded nearby servers
  • Trade button will automatically reset if Flash loses and regains focus
  • Add 8 more vault chests
  • Fame bonuses increased on a few items
  • Colors of chat modified, tells show up in a different color
  • Bug fix to enemy AOEs
  • Stunned now affects non-aimed enemy attacks
  • Oryx difficultly increased
  • Enemies now give feedback when they are immune to Stasis or Stun

Drops on boosted quest bosses

Alex forgot to mention: we approximately tripled the chance of getting a tincture or drake egg from the minions of “boosted” quest bosses (the Lich, the Ent and the Ghost King.) It may still be too low – we’ll wait to see the stats – but its definitely better than it was before.