Release History 2013

Release 9: Bazaar Party

January 21

New Additions

  • Cloth Bazaar added to Nexus
    • You’ll find new doors amidst the shop in the Nexus. These doors will take you to the new Bazaar area where a wider variety of cloth and dye are available at all times! Half of the current dyes and cloth are available at the same time and the other half will be rotated in often.

Game Changes

  • Stat potions no longer drop from mobs in Godlands. They will still drop from encounter bosses in the Realm.
    • Clarification: Removed potions from the following monsters: Sprite God, Medusa, White Demon, Ent God, Beholder, Flying Brain, Slime God, Ghost God, the Rock Constructs, Djinn, and Leviathan
  • Drop rates of dungeons in the Realm have been increased
  • Drop rates of Stat potions within dungeons increased across the board
  • Rare pets have been added as drops to the following dungeons
    • Tomb of the Ancients
    • Ocean Trench
    • Mad Lab
    • Davy Jones’ Locker
    • Haunted Cemetery
    • Candyland
    • Sprite World

New Content

  • New treasures are now dropping in some of the dungeons. The purpose of these treasures is a mystery for now, but be on the look out and make sure to hold on to any you find!

Known Issues

  • We are aware that players are experiencing difficulties playing on Chrome, and the engineers are looking into it. However, it appears to be a somewhat complicated issue and may take some time to fix.

And lastly, players will be able to redeem Kabam Gift Cards in the game!

Extra : January 2013 was the release of the now famous most bizarre Golden Archer Pack

Release 10: Let’s try this again

January 24

Tonight we’ve taken the unusual step of doing a new release just three days after our previous one. This is unusual for something that’s not just a hotfix, but we felt (and I’m sure most of you will agree) that this was needed.

What’s new in Release 10:

  • Potions have returned to the godlands! They now drop from all the monsters that used to drop them.
  • Drop rates of potions within dungeons have been increased. In particular we have made defense potions a little easier to get.
  • Dungeon drop rates in the godlands have been reduced somewhat, but not to their former levels.
  • Drop rates of loot items in dungeons (especially rare and UT items) have been significantly increased. (Rare pets in dungeons are still really rare.) Edited to add: UTs are still very, very rare. They’re just not as insanely rare as they were before. And as you know, if they become too easy to get, we’ll dial them back down again.
  • The Nexus Crier is back! Now with new, helpful, and informative things to tell you.
  • Behind-the-scenes work on Fame and some other things we’re working on.

Bug Fixes:

  • The “interact key” will no longer send you someplace you didn’t want to go. There is an edgecase involving the Cloth Bazaar that we’re aware of and are working to fix.
  • Clicking “Play” no longer defaults chosen character to a Wizard on the Loading screen / Skin selection modal
  • Tab feature now functions correctly in the registration modal
  • New characters no longer have a Health Potion occupying an inventory slot
  • Character names are no longer cut off in the list of nearby players
  • Ninja class now displays class unlock requirements
  • Package icon display properly in the realms

Why we did this

As we’ve said many times, we’re going to try a lot of new things with Realm, and not all of them are going to work.

This was definitely one of those times.

Not only has the response to our changes to the way that the godlands and dungeons work been loud and clear, it’s also clear from overall player behavior that this was not popular or effective for the game. So, we’ve changed things back, mostly, while still trying to move toward the goals we have for making the game less grindy, less intimidating (but still highly skill-based), and more focused on playing lots of characters rather than playing just one.

We may make further changes to the godlands, dungeons, drops, etc., as part of introducing new features. But as always, if it doesn’t work, we won’t keep it. We’re all about making the game better, not about sticking to our ideas right or wrong.

FWIW, a lot of the input from you all over the past three days has been informative and helpful in our evaluation of this change (other input was… not so helpful). To those of you who were civil, even if passionate and opinionated, thank you. We do listen (even if there is no way for us to respond to every post, comment, and private message), and saying things that help us see other points of view is very helpful.

Release 11: Are you ready to rock?

February 7

The Realm of the Mad God team is proud to introduce the launch of the new Rock Dragon boss encounter. Just in time for Chinese New Year and the Year of the Snake, this new encounter is sure to challenge even the worthiest adventurers.

Hibernating for a millennia deep beneath the surface of the Realm, legends tell that the beast would awaken at the dawning of the new age. Those adventurers brave enough to have the rare opportunity of encountering this monstrosity had better have their wits about them. To defeat the beast, adventurers are going to have to ensure its complete obliteration; just going for the throat on this one might prove… futile.

[Mike’s mundane additions: we’ll be pushing a new release to production shortly. Other than the truly awesome Rock Dragon, this consists of infrastructural changes internal to the client and server. Even more good stuff coming soon.]

Release 11 Hotfix

February 8

1:30 PM PST

Hello Everyone.

I want to take a moment to assure everyone that the team is aware of your concerns regarding last night’s release, and is considering possible solutions to the issues that occurred. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to discuss them here. We will be providing you all more information as it becomes available.

Updated 4:23 PM PST

Our Developers are now pushing a hotfix, that will replace any Lair of Draconis Keys with the newly coined Consolation of Draconis keys. Consolation of Draconis Keys will open a portal to a small room where you can find a random Stat Potion.

Updated 4:48 PM PST

We have become, aware of an issue with the latest build. At the moment all servers are down. Unfortunately we do not have an estimate as to when the servers will be brought back up.

On behalf of the Realm of the Mad God team I want to sincerely apologize to all of our players for any inconvenience this may have caused. The team is here and working hard to get our servers back online.

Updated 5:56 PM PST

We’re happy to announce that all Realm of the Mad God servers have been brought back online! Log in, find a Rock Dragon, rage on it, get some good loots and maybe a Stat Potion. Happy hunting folks!

Duping Hotfix - Live

March 12

Hello everyone,

In the effort to fix the recent duping exploit, the team has decided to temporarily Soulbind all items. Items will remain Soulbound until we are able to complete a long-term fix.

Additionally, in this hotfix, the Tier 14 items that were leaked when the Lair of Draconis Dungeon was prematurely released will be rendered useless. As these items were not intended for release, they pose a threat to the overall balance of the game.

We understand that these measures will temporarily impact the in-game player economy, but it must be done if we want to help minimize the long-term effects of the duping exploit.

We truly appreciate your patience while we finalize the solution to duping, as well as the new Pets feature! Thanks for playing!

-The Realm of the Mad God Team.

Bug Fixes:

  • Everything will be soulbound temporarily
  • The accidentally released Lair of Draconis items have been swapped for different items. Draconis armor is now:
  • Cheater Light Armor
  • Cheater Robe
  • Cheater Heavy Armor

A couple of panels have been cleaned up.
A conditional has been added to ensure the package button not appear in inappropriate locations.

Updated March 18

Hey Folks,

We’re getting a lot questions regarding when items will be un-soulbound and available for trading. While we can confirm that this change is only temporary, we don’t currently have a date set to unbind items.

Ideally, items will be unbound when the team has worked out a permanent solution to duping. Please know that fixing the duping exploit is a top priority for us, and we are working to make items trade-able again as quickly as possible.

Thank you everyone for your patience, while we continue working to fix duping once and for all.

Updated March 26

Hello Everyone,

The Team is still working to find a permanent solution to duping and as a result, items will remain soul bound until a future hotfix.

We know that making items tradeable is very important to you all, and we want to make trading available as quickly as possible. With the current Pet’s release the team is working to correct any immediate bugs that have surfaced with this release, and we will continue working on the permanent solution to duping.

Pets is now live, and we are currently in the process of identifying any bugs that have surfaced since the new build has been pushed. You can help us to resolve any bugs by reporting them on this thread.

We thank you all for your patience while we work to find a solution to duping and continue work to bring trading back.

Build 12.0.0. Pets Patch Notes

March 26

Pets have arrived and are now live on production. Please take a moment to review the notes to review the changes this new feature brings to the game. Please also take a look at the listed bugs, these are issues that we are aware of and will be fixed in a future release. Please add any additional bugs you find below.

Pet Updates

  • Pets will drop in Egg form and can either be found in game as drops from monsters or purchased in the Shop.
    • Pet Eggs will contain the name of the Pet Family and the Rarity
    • Mystery Eggs will hatch a Pet from a random Family.
    • As of right now, higher rarity Eggs can only be looted.
    • Pet Eggs must be opened in the Pet Yard.
    • All old/existing Pets will be grandfathered into the new Pets system.
  • Pets come in different families: Feline, Canine, Farm, Humanoid, etc.
    • Only Pets in the same Family can be Fused together
  • There are 5 Different types of Pet Rarity.
    • Common
    • Uncommon
    • Rare
    • Legendary
    • Divine
  • Pets will have 1-3 Abilities, 1 at the lowest Rarity Level and 3 at the highest
    • Abilities will help the player with Attacking, Healing, Magic Healing etc.
  • The functional uses of Pets and their different Abilities are tailored to different gameplay circumstances.
    • Choosing the Pet to take on an adventure should correspond to the dangers that lie ahead!
  • Pets will exist across all of your characters; all of your characters will have access to the same Pet Yard
  • Each player will have a personal Pet Yard accessible through the Vault. From the Pet Yard players will be able to do the following:
    • Use an Egg (either purchased or looted) to create a new Pet
    • Upgrade the Pet Yard to hold higher level Pets (via the Caretaker)
    • Select a Pet to follow the player (You can only have one Pet follow you at time. Selecting a new Pet to follow unequips any other Pet.)
    • Feed Items or Food to Pets Items to increase the strength of their Abilities
    • Fuse Pets to upgrade a Pet’s rarity level.

Enhancing Pets

  • “Feed” Items to Pets to raise their Ability Levels
  • “Fuse” two Pets of the same Family and Rarity to increase that Pet’s Rarity.
    • You can only Pets of the same Family and Rarity
  • A Pet’s Ability Level increases after Feeding and Fusing.
    • The only way to get a fully maxed out Pet is to maximize its Abilities at each Rarity level
  • Feeding, Fusing, and Upgrading the Pet Yard can all be achieved by spending either Gold or Fame.
  • Pet abilities are specific to Pets and are not replicable through Items

Fusing and Feeding

  • Interact with the Pet Yard’s Control Console and select Feed Pet
    • Open Feed Screen
    • Place item from your Inventory into the Feed Menu to feed your current Pet.
    • Choose to use Gold or Fame to feed your Pet
    • Pet ability bars visibly increase in the modal
  • Interact with the Pet Yard’s Control Console and select Fuse Pet
    • Open Fuse screen
    • Choose a Pet to fuse with the equipped Pet
    • - OR -
    • Select another Pet to fuse other Pets into.
    • Choose to use either Fame or Gold to Fuse
    • Gain a New Ability or watch your Pet evolve!

The Caretaker and Upgrading The Pet Yard

  • Interact with the Caretaker in the Pet Yard.
    • Select Info
    • The Caretaker will provide you with information about the Pet Yard, Pets, Pet Abilities, Feeding, Fusion, and Evolution
    • Select Upgrade Yard.
    • Pay in either Fame or Gold; the Pet Yard will increase in size and allow you to fuse rarer Pets.
  • The Pet Yard houses all of your Pets.
    • Level up your Pet Yard to support the Fusing of different Pet Rarities.

Other General Updates

  • Change Character NPC replaced with Pet Yard Portal. You can now change your character with the NPC near the northern Nexus corridor.

Release 12 Hotfix

March 29

A Hotfix for Release 12 has just been pushed out into the game. You will notice the following improvements:

  • Duping patch
  • Chat fixes
  • Pet sorting
  • Oryx will no longer speak in numbers!
  • Items are tradeable again
    • Please note some items will stay Soul-bound
  • /tell name Fix
  • Egg Drop Rates Increased

Hotfix Release Notes [12.2]

April 1

Release Notes:

  • Various Backend Changes
  • Oryx April Fools switch
  • The feeder/fuser displays persistent data after exiting the pet yard fixed
  • Updated version to 12.2

12.3 Patch Notes

April 5

  • Users can now renounce Guild Membership
  • Starting Gold is now 50 Gold
  • Art Editor is now saving new art
  • Locking onto a player highlights their name without having to change Maps
  • “Trade Successful” text appears in chat box after confirmation
  • Chat font can be set to high quality with low resolution settings
  • There is now an option to turn off player chat (turns off whispers)
  • Guild Leaders can remove players from their Guilds
  • Beginner’s Package can be successfully purchased
  • Adjusted the mid-ranged attack of a level 30 Demon Frog
  • Time Remaining text no longer shows up behind the “Buy Now” button in Packages
  • Adjusted “Trade” button animation
  • Cherry Blossom Trees are no longer missing from the Ancient Spawn Locations
  • The “Trade” text disappears after the user clicks the button

12.4 Patch Notes

April 5

  • All Untiered Items and all Pet Eggs Uncommon and above are soul bound
  • Performance enhancements

Release 12.5 Hotfix Patch Notes

April 9

The Team has recently released a Hotfix to address the following issues.

  • Resolved an issue in which chat lines breaks in the middle of a line instead of on a space.
  • Resolved an issue in which a Player Icon does not always appear in the nearby player list.
  • Resolved an issue in which which new learned pet abilities were empty.
  • Fixed item description on the Seal of Blasphemous Prayer item
  • Optimization Fixes

Release 12.5-2 Hotfix Patch Notes

April 11

Here are a few fixes that went live today:

  • Added range and bounds check to grenade
  • Drop rate fix
  • Guild renouncing now works
  • The next highest rank is now promoted when a guild leader leaves the guild
  • Resolved an issue in which reconnecting to a server caused a delay connection

Release 13.0

April 16

For the initial release of 13.0 we have introduced a Pet Remove feature in your Pet Yards. Please note that there will also be an additional release later today.

Release 13.1 (UT’s Temporarily Un-Soulbound)

April 16

We are aware of the impact the current soul-binding of Untiered Items has had on a lot of players. Due to this, we have convinced the Mad God to temporarily lift the Soul-binding restraint on all Untiered Items so you can move them to your main accounts.

Please note that we are only doing this for a few days and the Soul-binding of Untiered Items will be reinstated. We encourage you to take advantage of this limited opportunity to consolidate your valuables, and swap gear with your friends and allies.

Hotfix 13.1 Release Notes

Note: this update was mislabelled as Hotfix 13 Release Notes when it was actually for 13.1.

April 23

  • All Un-tiered items Soulbound (More info here)
  • Resolved an issue causing some Pets to appear in Pet Picker after being sacrificed when equipped on other characters
  • Resolved an issue in which shooting and walking in opposite directions causes a minor animation error
  • General performance enhancements

Hotfix 13.2 Patchnotes

April 30

  • Backend Performance Improvements
  • Resolved an issue that caused the game to crash when purchasing Gold.
  • Grayed out language selection on testing
  • Fixed configuration order so character list is loaded and account populated at appropriate time
  • Fixed a double spacing issue with the last word spacing before end line in chat
  • Fix parsing for comparing two poisons that are not equipped

Introducing the all new Forest Maze Dungeon!:

Hidden beneath canopies of tall trees and brush, this shadowy maze is found deep in the Realm’s Forest. Certain to test even the mightiest adventurers. Heroes will first need to navigate the twisted terrain using only their wits, while still combating the terrors that lie within.

Patch Notes - Release 13.3.0

May 20

  • 3 New Pet Abilities have been added to the game! Find and train pets with these awesome new powers:
    • Decoy - Your faithful pet will draw monsters and enemy fire away from you so you can attack from the shadows!
    • Savage - Though not a primary ability, Savage allows your pet to rush your enemies and enhances existing attack abilities. Savage is incredibly strong when combined with abilities like Electric or Attack Close!
    • Rising Fury - Your enemies won’t like your Pet when it’s angry! Watch your pet charge up its fury and mercilessly unleash it upon your foes!
  • New Animation for Your Pet’s Electric Ability.
  • Added a Portal of Cowardice to the Forest Maze Dungeon.

Updated 5/20/2013 2:45 PM PST

Hello Everyone,

Our Devs have looked into the issue causing the Internal Error message to appear when feeding pets, and we believe that it has been resolved.

If anyone is still encountering issues with this problem, please let us know and we will continue to investigate.

The Realm of the Mad God Team.

Updated: 5/20/2013 1:54 PM PST

Hello Everyone

We have become aware of an issue affecting Pet Feeding, please know that our developers are currently working out resolution to this issue and will have a fix implemented as quickly as possible!

Please know, that refreshing the game after encountering the error will resolve the problem. Your pet will recieve the feed increase, and any items used will be consumed. We thank you for your patience while we work to Resolve the Internal Error Message.

Build 14.0.0. : Release Notes

June 10

Prepare yourselves. The Battle Arena is here!

Please keep in mind that shortly after the initial release of build 14.0.0 we encountered brief issues with our data and had the option to push an older build. Our devs were since able to resolve the issues affecting this new build and no longer needed to push the former. The servers are slowly updating to the resolved release 14.0.0. in pristine condition! We hope you enjoy your time in the Arena! Thank you for your patience. You can discuss any issues encountered with the initial push here:

  • Locate the Arena Portal in the northwestern section of the Nexus.
  • Enter the Arena using either Fame or Gold.
  • Begin each wave after a brief five second countdown. As you progress each wave gets harder.
  • Earn Effusions, Health/Magic Potions, and even Stat Pots in the Arena. The further you get the better your prizes.
  • Take on the Bomb Devils… just beware of the pools of lava they leave behind.
  • Don’t spend too much time on one wave, or the Arena will slowly fill up with water, affecting your ability to slay monsters.
  • Earn a spot on the Arena Leaderboard to see who can get the furthest and in the fastest time.
  • Compete in future Arena tournaments and earn EPIC prizes.

Pets Adjustments

  • In our efforts to adjust game balance, the Pet Heal ability was slightly altered.

Fixes to the chat system.

  • Introducing new Anti-Spam Measures
  • Pressing TAB (or /tell hotkey) only works if you don’t hit the Guild chat or don’t cycle past the user who sent you a message.
  • TAB (or /tell hotkey) now cycles through all the different people that PM’d you. If there were 5 people that PM’d the account then the user should hit tab 6 times to get back to the last one.
  • PM chat will now hold the names of users who have sent the you a message as long as you do not change areas. Chat will be cleared upon changing areas (i.e. Nexus to Realm)
  • When using Page UP to review prior chat, new chat will adjust the text box by one line, instead of snapping the user back to the bottom of the text box

The team is aware of and working to resolve the following issues:

  • Duplicate stats appear for players that have changed their name
  • Guest account data conflicts with Arena functionality. To use the Arena to its full potential you must have a registered account.

P.S.: Certain Arena Tournaments will include new types of prizes. Some of these will have rewards up to and including Crowns with the ability to resurrect your character (no zombie resurrection either).

Hotfix 14.1.0 Now Live

June 13

Hotfix 14.1.0 is live! The following is a list of adjustments the team has made:

  • Introducing New Anti-Spam Features.
  • You can now set a Hotkey in the option menu to cycle through tabs.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Armor to not appear in the Nexus Shop.
  • Resolved an issue where the Stats tab would disappear when players drag it anywhere across the game screen.
  • Resolved an issue affecting the players ability to type a message if the /tell hotkey was set to a letter.


  • Resolved an issue in which the frame rate drops when close to Arena walls.
  • Only named player accounts can access the Arena
  • Arena Drop Prize Adjustments!
  • Bomb Devils now throw Lava bombs at random locations, rather than at the player
  • New Bomb Devil art!
  • Introducing the Quiet Wizard and Silent Wizard, these new monsters will Quiet players, rendering them unable to use their abilities for a short period of time.

Updated June 14

2013-06-14 Hotfix 14.1

  • Resolved an issue preventing players from registering new accounts.
  • Adjusted New Anti-Spam Features (No more Red Text in Chat)

Hotfix 14.2.0 Now Live

June 18

Hotfix 14.2.0 is live!

The following is a list of adjustments have made to Realm of the Mad God as of 6/18/2013:

  • Resolved issues affecting new player accounts created on Thursday 6/13 and Friday 6/14.
  • Resolved an issue displaying duplicate Stats in the Stats tab.

Release 15.0.0

June 24

Here’s a complete list of what to expect as soon as Release 15.0.0 hits your Server:

  • Teleporting while in the Nexus has been shut off until further notice.
  • All Items will be temporarily soulbound until further notice.
  • Payments update: Player Gold balance will now update in game within 30 seconds of purchase confirmation.
  • New anti-spam measures
  • Improved stability concerning a memory leak issue in the Battle Arena with mobs that have a flashing phase

Release 16.0.0 is now live!

August 26

Build 16.0 is now LIVE! This build introduces 15 more vault chests, 3 new dungeons, and many bug fixes.


  • Fixed pet yard app engine bugs
  • Added Fame bonuses to Ninja Skills
  • Disabled right click in flash player. Increase flash version requirement from 11.1 to 11.2 Note: You can still alter your player quality on the main screen
  • Removed Floating Enemies tag that caused users to crash when entering Epic Forest Maze
  • Changed default Nexus Key to Alt. Only affect new players
  • Item Purchase Confirmation Button
  • The option to disable contextual purchase now works
  • Fix for Arena Leaderboard not populating
  • Pet Heal’s while the character is affected by Sick will correctly show “No Effect”
  • Pressing interact key when buying an item now bring up a confirmation prompt.
  • Potion price now displays correctly when price reaches 600
  • Pets can move in the pirate cave
  • Users can not place on the weekly leaderboard if they are on the all time leaderboard


  • Lucky Gods (slightly enhanced versions or their early Godland incarnations) should now spawn more often.
  • Deadwater Docks Now spawns from the Crystal Prisoner


  • Epic Pirate Cave Dungeon Key
  • Epic Forest Maze Dungeon Key
  • Epic Spider Den Dungeon Key
  • 15 new Vault Chests added to outer edges of the Vault Room


  • Deadwater Docks
    • Enemies
    • John Bilgewater
    • Epic Pirate Lieutenant
    • Epic Pirate Commander
    • Epic Pirate Captain
    • Epic Pirate Admiral
    • Epic Cave Pirate Brawler
    • Epic Cave Pirate Sailor
    • Follow behavior now faster and more predictive
    • Acquires targets farther away
    • Epic Cave Pirate Veteran
    • Loot
    • Pirate King’s Cutlass
    • Damage: 184-231
    • Rate of Fire: 1.2
    • Distance: 3.25
  • Woodland Labyrinth
    • Enemies
    • Grizzled Armored Squirrel (aka epic armor squirrel)
    • Mecha Squirrel (aka Epic Ultimate Squirrel)
    • Forest Goblin Necromancer (aka Epic Forest Goblin Mage)
    • Forest Goblin Bruiser (aka Epic Forest Goblin)
    • Micro Megamoth Sentinel (aka Epic Mini Megamoth)
    • Megamoth Larva (aka Epic Larva)
    • Mammoth Megamoth (aka Epic Mama Megamoth)
    • Murderous Megamoth
    • Loot
    • Leaf Bow
    • Rate of Fire: 1.5
    • Damage:95-125
    • Distance: 6.3
  • The Crawling Depths
    • Enemies
    • Epic Blue Spider Hatchlings
    • Epic Grey Spider
    • Epic Red Spotted Spider
    • Epic Green Spider
    • Silver Son of Arachna Giant Egg Sac
    • Blue Son of Arachna Giant Egg Sac
    • Son of Arachna
    • Epic Black Spider
    • Epic Black Spotted Spider
    • Loot
    • Doku No Ken
    • Damage: 130 - 150
    • Rate of Fire:1.25
    • Distance: 5.2

Hotfix 16.1

August 27

We’ve resolved a few errors since the release of build 16.0.0. Please review list below for a complete overview of the corrections.

Woodland Labyrinth

  • Resolved an issue affecting the loot drops in the Woodland Labyrinth. The Woodland Labyrinth will now drop the Leaf Bow as originally intended

Deadwater Docks

  • Resolved an issue that caused the game to crash when entering Jon Bilgewaters Grotto.

Hotfix 16.2 is now live!

August 28

Build 16.2 is now LIVE! This fix resolves minor issues and updates

  • Epic Dungeon Key titles and description now display correctly.
  • The Feed Value of the Keys for the Epic Dungeons has been updated to 270 each.

Official Realm Update (Release 16.3)

September 7

On September 6, 2013, we detected a security breach in connection with Kabam’s Realm of the Mad God forums website. The forums database only stores email addresses and passwords. While passwords are stored in a hashed format, not in plain text, a determined effort could reverse engineer such information to gain access to passwords. You should immediately change the password for any email addresses you use along with any accounts that shared the same password as your Realm of the Mad God forums account.

Please rest assured that no information stored within the Realm of the Mad God game databases were accessed. My account was compromised because it shared an email address and password with the account I used on the Realm of the Mad God forums. As a result of this security issue on the Realm of the Mad God forums, they have been closed until further notice which will prevent any further abuse. A brand new official Realm of the Mad God forums has been created and can be found HERE.We will be migrating important threads from the previous forums to the new forums and will have more information about the player maintained wiki in the near future.

There are a few things you’ll immediately notice when you’re able to log back into the game:

  • Character data has been rolled back. This means that any character that died between 12:01 AM PDT on 9/5 until the game was brought down on 9/6 will once again be alive with the gear they had before dying. To ensure that there are no conflicts, these characters have been put into new Character Slots. If you feel that your character was not restored please contact support HERE
  • Any unreleased items that were distributed have been removed.
  • The Nexus has been damaged. Oryx the Mad God found someone willing to summon him and his minions into the Nexus and this battle has left lasting damage. As heroes defeat Oryx 2 and other bosses in the Battle for the Nexus (see below for more details) the Nexus will return to its normal state.

Shortly the team will be bringing Realm of the Mad God back online. We thank you for your patience today while we corrected this issue. Any events and/or promotions that were planned for this weekend have been moved to a later date. Early next week we will be releasing the key to Battle for the Nexus. This key will be available for Fame or a small amount of Gold and will unlock a dungeon that has players fighting back various dungeon bosses and Oryx 2 from the damaged Nexus. Each boss will have a chance to drop an admin themed vanity weapon:

  • Staff: Koala Pow (KoalaP)
  • Sword: Dr Swordsworth (Dr. Bearsworth)
  • Wand: Spicy Wand of Spice (SirRacha)
  • Bow: Robobow (NullBot)
  • Dagger: Sunshine Shiv (sgtsunshne)
  • Katana: Arbiters Wrath (ArbiterZ)

Have a great week and again we all thank you for your patience.


Hotfix 16.4 is now Live!

September 16

New Dungeon: Battle for the Nexus
Drops: All new untiered vanity weapons

  • Arbiter’s Wrath (Katana)
  • Doctor Swordsworth (Sword)
  • Sunshine Shiv (Dagger)
  • KoalaPOW (Staff)
  • Spicy Wand of Spice (Wand)
  • Robobow (Bow)

Email Verification: In light of of the recent influx of spam bots that have plagued the game, an email verification system has been added to the, and platforms.

Please Read HERE for more details:!-Read-Me!&p=1128143#post1128143

  • All players must provide a valid email to play the game.
  • If your account isn’t verified, the game will prompt you to update your email or allow you to resend the verification email.


  • Change build version to 16.4

Updated September 20

2013-09-20 Hotfix

Bug Fixes

  • Amulets now break as they should, instead of saving the player whenever they die.

Hotfix: 16.5

September 23

  • Davy Jones’ Keys no longer remain on screen after leaving the dungeon
  • New guilds are now able to access the guild hall, and can only see their own guild chat
  • “Come Play Here” link removed from account verification confirmation page
  • Updated Build to 16.5

Updated September 24

2013-09-24 Hotfix

  • Fix for cross server chat issues
  • Adjustment to Doctor Swordsworth: Projectiles are now smaller, and do not remain on the screen as long

2013-09-24 Hotfix #2

  • Fix for guild private message error

Release 17.0 is now Live!

September 26

This release we have introduced Hardware acceleration to the game! Hardware acceleration will use your computers graphics processor instead of its CPU for many tasks. This will greatly improve performance for many users! You can toggle this on and off using the “Hardware Acceleration” toggle under the Graphics tab of your game options, as shown below:

You can also set a hotkey to turn it on and off mid game!

Release Notes:

  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Fixes to help prevent ‘stuck on 100%’ loading errors
  • Updated build to 17.0

Known Issues with this release:

  • There are some small graphical issues with hardware acceleration that need to be ironed out.
    • After enabling hardware acceleration, the user will have to refresh before red glow appears correctly
    • Texture issues - Hard lines between water/sand, boxes in Davy Jones’ locker, benches in Nexus, and gates in Haunted Cemetery
    • Shadows appear as outlines around characters
    • Fountain water appears to follow user
    • Sprite World Background is missing stars

Updated November 30

2013-09-30 Hotfix

  • The Battle Torn Nexus has been replaced with the fall seasonal Nexus
  • Untiered items are soulbound again
  • Battle for the Nexus keys are no longer sold.

Release 17.1 is now Live!

October 3

  • Black Screen bug with hardware acceleration fixed.
  • Issue with Tomb of the Ancients Fixed
  • Version updated to 17.1.0

Release 17.2 is now live

October 10

Introducing the Star Chat Filter! Tired of annoying spam bots? Now you can shut them up with an all new chat filter option. Choose to filter chat from players with up to 1,2,3,4,5 or 10 Stars and up.

In the options menu, select the chat tab. Look for “Star Requirement” and select the minimum player Star level that you would like to see chat and private messages from.

Bug Fixes:

  • D’oh! Character not dead error message (Potential fix, this may need additional work)
  • Black Screen for Mac Users.
  • Invisible Shop Items
  • Guest accounts not receiving system messages
  • Update build version 17.2.0

Release 17.3 is now live

October 17

Halloween has come to the Realm! We’ve redecorated the Nexus with a spooky twist to get everyone in the spirit.

Along with this, an all new talking Halloween Pumpkin -and- a NEW WEAPON!

Starting today, players will be able to obtain this epic new sword for a Limited Time Only. Look out for this Tier 11 sword the next time you’re in the Mad Lab, Haunted Cemetery, or Nexus Shop! It is also rumored that Oryx and his fiercest minions drop this frightening new sword as well.

We’ve also fixed a number of bugs to help improve your game play experience:

Bug Fixes:

  • User Sometimes recieves an ActionScript error when selecting a different server. Fixed
  • User cannot shoot if mouse is over chat. Fixed
  • Wine Cellar opened by info is missing from system chat. Fixed
  • Pets conflict with Portals/Loot bags. Fixed
  • More aggressive fix for ‘D’oh, character not dead’ error message.
  • Update build version to 17.3

Release 17.4 Now Live

November 6


  • Hardware Acceleration has been disabled in Mad Lab until a permanent solution can be created for the Tesla Coils
  • Skull-Splitter Sword has been removed from the drop tables
  • Ring Pop has been renamed Candy Ring [NOTE: You may see the Candy Ring display with no name. Do not worry, those items will still function as intended. The name error will be fixed.]

Bug Fixes:

  • Trade requests can no longer be spammed to disconnect users
  • Bug Fix: Fake backpack exploit should no longer be functional
  • Bug Fix: Main menu no longer appears blank after inputting the wrong password

A little more info on Skull-splitters:

Players that have Skull-splitter Swords will notice that it has changed to a UT item from the previous Tier 11. Otherwise this item has not changed - it’s still Soulbound, it’s stats are identical, it’s just that the “Tier” designation has changed. This was to help further differentiate it as a limited / vanity item. We will handle any new vanity items in a similar fashion, although some of that depends on how the item is released initially.

Release 18.0 Now Live!

December 12


  • The Shatters End Game Dungeon has been released!
  • New Tier 6 rings have been added to the game.
  • 3 new UT Rings have been added to the game.
  • The nexus has been updated with the Mystery Box Shops.
  • The nexus has been updated and switched to the Fall Theme.
  • New condition effect icons for darkness and unstable.
  • The Vault has been updated and more gift chests have been added

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug Fix: Items can now be dropped when mouse is hovered over chat
  • Bug Fix: Name changes no longer require a refresh to be visible.
  • Bug Fix: Players can no longer use illegal characters in their name
  • Bug Fix: The account verification window should now appear and disappear at the correct times.
  • Bug Fix: Main menu no longer appears blank after inputting the wrong password

A little more info on Mystery Boxes:

Mystery Boxes are a new premium shop added to the game that lets players buy cheap gift boxes with various possible prizes. For more information on them and how to use them, click Here!

A little more info on The Shatters:

The Shatters is our first player designed dungeon! This one is for end game players, and offers the best rings in the game. For information about the shatters release, click Here!

Release 19.0.0 is now Live!

December 18

The Season of Frost is upon us! Gather your friends and bundle up before leaving the frozen nexus to seek adventure in the frigid air. Try your luck with our newest in game event: The Avatar of the Forgotten King! This ancient monolith pulses with an ancient evil and can open a portal to our most dangerous dungeon- The Shatters! Stay tuned for exciting new holiday releases over the next two weeks!


  • The Shatters Encounter has been released! Confront the Avatar of the Forgotten King to drop the Shatters portal!
  • New UT Wizard spell has been added to the game! Shred through waves of foes with the “Tablet of the King’s Avatar!”
  • The Shatters Loot tables have been adjusted. Now the dungeon drops more loot (yay!)
  • The Bridge at first boss in the shatters now takes longer to close (no lollygagging!)
  • The nexus has been updated and switched to the Frost Season Theme.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug Fix: Guild member online notification now appears correctly.
  • Bug Fix: /server now returns the correct information.
  • Bug Fix: Remapped Nexus escape to R and Center Camera to Z on macs for new players.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved disconnect at Forgotten King in the Shatters.