Release History 2015

Development Timeline 2015

Release 27.3.1 is now Live!

January 30

Bug Fixes
- Fixed migration issues concerning Steam and Kongregate

- As an added security and performance feature, the servers will now restart every night at 1:00am PST. There will be a warning starting 20 minutes before this happens

Release 27.3.2 is now Live!

June 18


  • We have special versions of the Doom Bow and Demon Blade for a limited time! Drop rates for these UT’s have been doubled!
  • We heard you guys might like the nexus updated? Done.

Release 27.4 is now Live!

August 5

New Adds:

  • Added volume sliders for music and SFX.
  • Added the ability to buy more than one of at item in one purchase via the nexus.
  • Added a “Particle Effects” option in the graphics menu to reduce particles and help with performance.

Big Fixes:

  • Backpacks can use all of their free space again.
  • Server list is now sorted by names.

Release 27.5 is now Live!

August 12

New Adds:

  • Right-Click on Chat Bubble now displays the player menu.
  • Mini map rotation: new option to enable mini map rotation on player camera rotation
    (short cut: right-click on the mini map can also toggle the rotation of the mini map)
  • Solstice set is no longer soulbound

Bug Fixes:

  • Low particle effects - throw animation timing.
  • Fixed an issue with Beginner’s Package, which made it impossible to buy it.

Release 27.6 is now Live!

August 19

New Adds:

  • Mystery Boxes can now be purchased x5 and x10 (not working, buy it 1by1!)
  • Added an HP Bar display option!
  • Sword of Illumination and Bow of the Morning Star have been removed.


  • Improved the Mini Map Rotation option; can be turned off permanently

Release 27.7 is now Live!

September 11


  • Teleport 2.0. A new restriction will block teleport for two minutes upon switching servers.

Release 27.7.1 is now live!

September 25


  • Added custom cursor art selection to options (Graphics tab). Normal cursor is one of the options, click to cycle through.

Bug Fixes:

  • Disabled Mystery Box Multi-buy, pending investigation on reported issues.

Release 27.7.2 is now live!

November 25


  • Friends List (Beta)
    • Accessible via bottom right friends button, and configurable hotkey
    • Friends list shows offline and online friends
    • For online friends, whisper and teleport options are available.
    • New player menu option to add as friend
    • This feature is not finalized. We will be fixing bugs and listening to feedback.
  • New Options for Friends List
    • Enable/Disable - limit incoming trade requests to friends only. You can still initiate trades with other players.
    • Enable/Disable - restrict whisper to friends only
    • Hotkey to toggle the friends list modal


  • “conditionEffect.Curse” is now “Curse”
  • Updated descriptions for “Ancient Spell: Pierce” and “The Forgotten Ring”

Release 27.7.3 is now Live!

November 26


  • Candelabra in the Oryx Puppet room of Puppet Master’s Theatre are now destructible
  • Friends list button has been moved to the right of the tabs and replaced with an icon.


  • Added Thanksgiving feast themed pet food.
  • Thanksgiving feast food drops in the game. Be on the lookout for… Turkey God (Cube God reskin for the holiday)

Release 27.7.4 is now Live!

December 4

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed some players to teleport with no cooldown.
  • In the Friends List, the Teleport to friend button has been renamed to “Join Server.” This takes you to the Nexus of the server your friend is playing on.
  • The friends list filter by star option has been fixed.


  • Limon the Sprite God now spawns walkable tiles around loot upon death (like Archdemon Malphas).
  • The HP Bar option will now persist across game play sessions like other options. No need to reenable it every time you play.

Release 27.7.5 is now live!

December 10

The Phylactery Bearer Set is now available in the Alchemist - a special and powerful set of equipment for the Mystic class. Equipping all four will grant additional stat bonuses and the look of the Phylactery Bearer. The stats for this equipment have been tuned to make it powerful, but also interesting and unique.

So how can you get this sweet equipment?
There will be a series of Alchemist events, the first of witch will feature the Soulless Robe, and Ring of the Covetous Heart. A new Alchemist appear every Thursday offering the other pieces of the set. Also dropping in the alchemist are seasonal items you may remember such as the Present Dispensing Wand.