Release History 2022


Update – long live Oryx

January 18

Hello Realmers,

It’s the end of Oryxmas and the Nexus is now celebrating the Lunar New Year. Apart from removing everything related to Oryxmas, we are taking the chance to make a few tweaks on Dungeon Modifiers and Item forge and fix some bugs.

These are the changes you can expect:

Item Forge

A Blueprint that was before allowed to craft Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi, Star of Enlightenment, and Sporous Spray Spell will now only unlock Sporous Spray Spell. It is still dropped by Crystal Worm Mother and is also eventually available through the Schematics system.

Dungeon Modifiers

We have adjusted the frequency at which the S-Grade tier appears in naturally-spawned dungeons that appear very frequently in the realm (like Pirate Cave, Snake Pit, etc.). Of course, they are still possible, but they have an adjusted drop rate more adequate to the frequency in which they can be found.

‘Generous’ Dungeon Mod in Shatters was not functioning properly and it spawned the quest chest directly instead of the item, this has been fixed.


  • Moon Nildrop had a problem where it didn’t buff your nearby allies, it behaves correctly now.
  • Tweaked the time with idle animations on the skins Grandma Necromancer; Cozy Blanket Sorcerer; Oryxmas Treeckster and Grandpa Paladin.
  • Fixed alignment for the idle animations of Grandma Necromancer, Grandpa Paladin and Cozy Blanket Sorcerer, as well as for their sprites in places in the UI.
  • Fixed a bug that caused changes not to take place immediately when the player tried to change options such as “Enemy Damage Text”.
  • Using a mana potion while the player is under Quiet will restore mana and allow the player to use the ability while under Quiet.
  • Fixed a bug where, on rare occasions, Exalted Oryx would not transition correctly to his final phase if too much damage was applied during the Tornado phase.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the tooltip to remain on the cursor until the player hovered over a new item when hovering over rewards in the campaign and trying to close by pressing the ESC key.
  • Lady of Locks Ninja, Miss Shamrock Wizard, and Cozy Blanket Sorcerer are now displaying correctly in the down attack animation.
  • Small fixes on some of the skins:
    • The dye mask of Pearl Moon Kensei Skin now appears properly in attacking downwards and upwards animations.
    • Dye/cloth mask now applies to the Lil’ Carrot Ninja and Season Spring Huntress skins.
    • One hair pixel was overridden by a dye/cloth mask on Red Prismed Trickster skin.
    • Shortened Supermodel of Swordsmanship Kensei Skin’s name.

Other Changes

  • Added information on how much time is left until the end of event quests.
  • Maxed stat should be displayed properly in all cases.
  • Some stability and performance improvements.
  • Mana potion cannot be consumed while a player is under Quiet effect or when they use the ability.
  • Defeating The Forgotten King in Shatters dungeon with Generous mod active is spawning the quest chest directly instead of dropping it in a bag.
  • Volcanic Sheath, Spider Shuriken, and Davy’s Sheath are now tradable.
  • Axolotl Pet Skin is now appearing under Exotic family in the pet wardrobe
  • Snowman’s Sheath and Great Shinobi Sheath now both cost 125 mana
  • Added the Wand of the Fallen and the Orb of Aether to the Mountain Temple treasure room.

New Mystery Skin item

We gave a new meaning to Crystals of Fortune so you can get a chance to get a random skin from Basic to Exalted for cheaper. The Mystery Skin item will give you an equal chance to get one skin from all skins in the game (excluding the ones deemed exclusive). You will be able to exchange 3 X 20 Crystals of Fortune at the Tinkerer for a Mystery Skin and try your luck again.

We are planning to update the Mystery [Class] Skins pool soon, so you can also exchange Crystals of Fortune for your preferred class Mystery Skin or some selected skins that will rotate from time to time. Also, we are working on a system to make usage out of repeatable skins. Let’s know if you have any ideas or feedback.

Imgur Album: New Cloths
Imgur Album: New Skins

Update – New shop and stability improvements

February 8

Hello Realmers,

This update brings you the (almost complete) new shop experience. While we will still add new features to it, this is pretty much the new UI we wanted to present you with. Please let us know in the comments what are your thoughts on it.

You may be pleased to know that the bugs that affected the Kensei should be fixed. You can swoosh and slash at ease again. Also the new STs for the Bard, Summoner, and Kensei have started dropping. Check out the locations down below.

Here are the changes you can expect with this update:

Story of Love Campaign

This Valentine’s Day, we dream of the untold story of the King and Queen of the Shattered Kingdom. Their unfortunate fates are known today, but is anything recorded of their courtly life at the height of the Kingdom before Oryx the gladiator made his grab for power? The historians who unearthed the scrolls that told the tale of the Kingdom’s descent claim to have reason to speculate that life in the Court of the doomed Kingdom was a happy one and that the love the King and Queen had for each other may linger still… somewhere, in what remains untainted of their psyches. And, around this Festival of Love, the more romantic of these historians, mainly Knights and Paladins by trade, compose wistful poems and songs of what could’ve been. And of what remains. The Story of Love Campaign is an early experiment towards an actual Battlepass, where the real thing will of course be longer, more varied, and have free and purchased progression. Read more about it in our blog post.

Shop and Wardrobe Improvements

We continued our improvements in the UI/UX of RotMG and we are moving all purchasable items, either with Gold or with Fame, to the Shop menu, so they are easy to access and all in one place. For now, we will keep the items exposed in the Nexus and Bazaar but this might change in the future. The tabs should be very self explanatory and you can easily distinguish Mystery Boxes from Packages via the chest icon on the top-right.

We also added the possibility to experiment with cloths in the Wardrobe and save your outfits for later. Give it a try!

New Cosmetics

Imgur Album: New Cloths
Imgur Album: New Skins

Mystery items pools changes + new ones

Imgur Album: New Mystery Skins
Imgur Album: New Mystery Pet Skins

For a complete list of all the skins you can get with each pool of Mystery items please visit this page. (layout going to be better soon)

ST Drops

The new ST sets will now drop from the following enemies:

Storm Caller Bard Set

Hailstorm – Esben the Unwilling (Ice Cave)
Thundering Chorus – Xolotl the Lightning God (Secluded Thicket)
Wind Dancer Robe – Feargus the Obsidian Dragon (Lair of Draconis)
Augur of the Tempest – Daichi the Fallen (Mountain Temple)

Earthen Bulwark Summoner Set

Earthen Ward – Daichi the Fallen (Mountain Temple)
Stonemould Mace – Limoz the Veridian Dragon (Lair of Draconis)
Rocky Robe – Archdemon Malphas (Abyss of Demons)
Steadfast Glyph – Sandstone Titan (Ancient Ruins)

Tidal Wave Kensei Set

Saif of the Deep – Calamity Crab/Mini Crabs and Treasure room chest (Deadwater Docks)
Loch Sheath – Thessal the Mermaid Goddess and Coral Gift (Ocean Trench)
Barrier Reef – Royal Cnidarian (Cnidarian Reef)
Alexander’s Band – Thessal the Mermaid Goddess and Coral Gift (Ocean Trench)

Dungeon Mods

  • Battle for Oryx should now work correctly with the Dungeon Mods system.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Skin Hunter’ Dungeon Mod didn’t drop a pet skin in The Machine and Ocean Trench.
  • The ‘Found Treasure’ Dungeon Mod now highlights the Golden Rats on the map in the Toxic Sewers.


  • The Ghost ship now spawns Water Mines instead of Ice Mines
  • Some skins’ icons no longer appear small
  • The Kensei dash and ability use no longer cause disconnections
  • Picking up or dropping items, right before or right after the Kensei dash, won’t cause disconnections
  • Overall game stability improvements
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused a red line to appear on the outline of the large cloths in some occasions
  • Fixed a rare animation bug on Sentinel’s pillars sometimes not working in The Shatters.
  • Master Rat is immune to Stasis, and now it has a small invulnerability window when spawning so players understand better it’s about to spawn.
  • Corrected Vesture of Duality’s tooltip which incorrectly indicated a cooldown duration
  • Fixes on the Appetizer’s phases
  • Fixed a bug that was wrongly displaying the enemy’s name when the player was killed
  • Solved an issue that allowed to pop a key on top of a portal by teleporting as a trickster and popping a key at the exact same time
  • Fixed an issue that caused disconnections in the Daily Quest Room when switching items and shooting
  • Fixed items quantity overlapping with the item sprite in the Mystery Boxes
  • Tooltip of some items show duplicated text after swapping the specific item

Other changes

  • Recursion Mace and Mace of the Celestial Forest are now tradeable
  • Players can now use spaces while naming Guilds
  • Improved Kensei’s Dash animations, check it out!


February 22


Valentine’s has ended and therefore the Nexus is back to its Spring version. With this release, we are having some stability fixes and minor changes.


  • Heart Shards don’t drop from bosses anymore. They also do not grant campaign points.
  • New Blueprints arrive in the Shop!
  • Removed invulnerability for O2’s sun phase.
  • Small offset added to exploding artifacts in the O2 dance phase.
  • Oryx Sergeant will now flash before charging onto players, similarly to how the Mushroom Berserker was changed.
  • Jack Frost’s loot components are now stasis-immune.
  • Made it more likely to get potions from WLab’s Treasure Room.
  • The Fungal and Crystal Cavern: Crystal’s explosions now inflict “Silence” instead of “Quiet”.
  • Lowered the activation time on Ent Ancients towards them achieving their final form.
  • Made the Cubic Frame into an orbiting summon.
  • Twilight Gemstone and Robe of the Mad Scientist’s tooltip changed to better reflect the MP reduction during “casting” of your abilities and is not intended to reduce the sustained MP cost they might cause (for example when used with CShield)
  • Your character will now keep on shooting when you open the chatbox and have auto-shooting toggled.


  • Added new Idle animations to the Shattered King Necromancer Skin.
  • New Skins arrive in the game:
    • Twilight Rogue Skin
    • Duality Priest Skin
    • Pizho Paladin Skin
    • Penda Archer Skin
Imgur Album: New Skins


  • Fixed a typo in the description of Holly Poison.
  • Fixed a problem with the sprite of the Shattered Queen Mystic Skins while attacking.
  • Fixed the tooltip of the Ice Cave Key.
  • Fixed a problem with the green dye mask on the Charming Dancer Bard Skin.
  • Fixed a problem with blinking pixels on the Pizho Paladin Skin.
  • Lowered the speed of the animation of the Shattered Queen Mystic Skin.
  • Solved an issue that made the fame display 0 if a player surpassed the 2.147.483.000 mark.
  • Fixed a bug that cause debug text to appear in Oryx’s callouts during O2
  • Fixed a bug where Prismimic could softlock under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug with a minion’s explosion attack in Lair of Shaitan.
  • Fixed the bug with the campaign reward tooltip not appearing when hovering over it.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the dye from previous preset to appear in the buy confirm purchase dialog box in the customization menu

Update – Captcha

March 15


There’s a new Story of War in the Realm and with it comes a fix for the Kensei Dash.

We are also bringing you the new Captcha system which should be a nice way to counter the bots in Realm. So let’s jump straight into the new things coming to Realm!


The captcha system is something we have been preparing for some time and is a big step towards countering the pesky bots we see in the Realm.

Solving the captcha means clicking the three given shapes on the square picture in the order provided above it. After that, you can submit the result by hitting verify. If successful, you should see the launcher logging into the account. If failed, a new captcha is displayed with the text “Try again” below it. You can submit three wrong results before it locks you out (and displays “Too many failed captchas” popup).


Fiery Kensei Set

A young Kensei with amusing skills. She does a short, but strong dash, sprays flames, and spawns extra projectiles on the third use. Her light powerful blade with curving shots is capable of burning even the toughest opponents. Traveling along with her fire lizard, she joins the realm all fired up and ready for battle!

  • Fiery Katana
  • Pyro Sheath
  • Flame Guard
  • Firelight Necklace
Imgur Album: Fiery Kensei ST Set


  • Dimitus and the Wanderer (if their respective Dungeon Mods are active) will now spawn with lower damage values and an altered loot table in early-game dungeons, like Pirate Cave.
  • Campaign points will now also show on the individual items in the shop (just like we have them for boxes and packages)
  • Dye Presets are now being saved per class and not per character
  • Updated Duality Priest Credits
  • You can now hear the sweet spring music in the Nexus!


  • Fixed a bug when forging using Mark of the Tesseract Goddess that disabled you to select for dismantling other forge fire reduction items like Blueprints.
  • Points and progress for a campaign will now update immediately after you make a purchase
  • Fixed an issue that caused Unlockers (skin, vault, or character slot) to fail if used in the backpack inventory with shift+click after it has just been opened
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Necromancer’s Skulls’ Tooltips to show the total range of the heal ability incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with the Pontifex Ring and Scallywag Slurp Pet Skin, having off-centered icons.
  • Damage numbers will now be visible for all Area of Effect shots
  • Fixed a small visual issue in the shop where the purchase button will show gold for a promotion that is sold for fame instead.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not scroll the page in shop if you are resting the cursor on the Buy button
  • Performance improvements

Update – Elemental Easter

March 29

Hello Realmers,

The newest update to Realm is coming today! New exciting things are coming to Realm. Two dungeons long in need of a touch-up — the Mountain Temple and Lair of Draconis — are finally hitting the live game with many great gameplay changes, we hope you enjoy the experience these refreshed dungeons will now bring! Another long-awaited change is a rework to Bows, try them out in-game and let us know what you think of them in the blog comments. Let’s not forget about the two new campaigns we are bringing into the game. Elemental Easter is coming with a big event schedule, make sure to check out the overview down below.

Water, Air, Fire, Earth. The Masters followed a strict routine that trained the mind and body in conjunction with the Elements. This training method, never completely forgotten but lost to the waves of time, is now resurfacing again thanks to the inspiration provided by the Masters who have reunited after centuries of adventures.

The carefree friend of Flames. The voice who calls the Storms. The guardian and nurturer of the Earth. The sword that bends the Ocean waves.

Together, the four masters have brought ancient knowledge back to the Nexus heroes, and taught them to use their weapons, and more importantly their minds, in a focused, enhanced manner.

While the Four had a common cause in helping the Heroes improve their prowess, they took a peculiar interest in the Kensei, Summoner, and Bard, bestowing them with ancient artifacts and the knowledge to use them. Those artifacts had long-awaited for the Heroes worthy of using them to appear and now, they shine as bright as the motivation of those who will take them into battle.


We prepared two campaigns for all of you to enjoy! The first one, Nature’s Upheaval, starts today and will get the festive mood going. Nature’s Upheaval will end on April 11, 12 PM UTC but will have a Grace period until April 13, 12 PM UTC during which you can claim rewards, but not points.

The second campaign is called Elemental Equinox and starts on April 13, 12PM UTC and lasts until April 26, 12 PM UTC. The Grace period lasts until April 28, 12 PM UTC.

Find out more about how to receive campaign points and what kind of rewards we have in place for you, down below.

Imgur Album: Nature’s Upheaval Campaign
Imgur Album: Elemental Equinox Campaign

How to get Campaign Points

Dungeon/Encounter Points Tokens
Forbidden Jungle 1 1x Catalyst of Air
Sprite World 25 5x Catalyst of Air
Undead Lair 30 6x Catalyst of Air
Cursed Library 30 6x Catalyst of Air
The Shatters: Archmage 40 8x Catalyst of Air
The Machine 55 11x Catalyst of Air
Parasite Chambers 55 11x Catalyst of Air
Cube God 55 11x Catalyst of Air
Skull Shrine 55 11x Catalyst of Air
Untaris 60 12x Catalyst of Air
The Third Dimension 60 12x Catalyst of Air
Haunted Cemetery 70 14x Catalyst of Air
High Tech Terror 70 14x Catalyst of Air
The Void 80 16x Catalyst of Air
Garnet Statue 25 3x Catalyst of Fire
Jade Statue 30 3x Catalyst of Water, 3x Catalyst of Air
Gemsbok 50 10x Catalyst of Earth
Leucoryx 50 10x Catalyst of Air
Beisa 50 10x Catalyst of Fire
Dammah 50 10x Catalyst of Water
Mountain Temple 55 2x Catalyst of Earth, 3x Catalyst of Fire,
3x Catalyst of Water, 3x Catalyst of Air
Rock Dragon 55 3x Catalyst of Earth, 3x Catalyst of Fire,
2x Catalyst of Water, 3x Catalyst of Air
Oryx’s Castle 70 3x Catalyst of Earth, 5x Catalyst of Fire,
3x Catalyst of Water, 3x Catalyst of Air
Janus 70 3x Catalyst of Earth, 3x Catalyst of Fire,
3x Catalyst of Water, 5x Catalyst of Air
Lair of Draconis 70 3x Catalyst of Earth, 5x Catalyst of Fire,
3x Catalyst of Water, 3x Catalyst of Air
Avatar of the Forgotten King 70 3x Catalyst of Earth, 3x Catalyst of Fire,
3x Catalyst of Water, 5x Catalyst of Air
Wine Cellar 80 4x Catalyst of Earth, 4x Catalyst of Fire,
4x Catalyst of Water, 4x Catalyst of Air
Oryx 3 100 5x Catalyst of Earth, 5x Catalyst of Fire,
5x Catalyst of Water, 5x Catalyst of Air
Forest Maze 1 1x Catalyst of Earth
Spider Den 1 1x Catalyst of Earth
Snake Pit 25 5x Catalyst of Earth
Ancient Ruins 25 5x Catalyst of Earth
Fungal Cavern 25 5x Catalyst of Earth
Toxic Sewers 30 6x Catalyst of Earth
Cave of A Thousand Treasures 40 8x Catalyst of Earth
Belladonna’s Garden 55 11x Catalyst of Earth
Woodland Labyrinth 55 11x Catalyst of Earth
Grand Sphinx 55 11x Catalyst of Earth
Crystal Worm Father 55 11x Catalyst of Earth
Crystal Cavern 55 11x Catalyst of Earth
Biff the Buffed Bunny 55 11x Catalyst of Earth
Katalund 60 12x Catalyst of Earth
Battle for the Nexus 60 12x Catalyst of Earth
Tomb of the Ancients 70 14x Catalyst of Earth
Secluded Thicket 70 14x Catalyst of Earth
The Hive 1 1x Catalyst of Fire
The Shatters: Sentinel 20 4x Catalyst of Fire
Manor of the Immortals 30 6x Catalyst of Fire
Puppet Master’s Theatre 30 6x Catalyst of Fire
Abyss of Demons 30 6x Catalyst of Fire
The Shatters: King 35 7x Catalyst of Fire
The Crawling Depths 55 11x Catalyst of Fire
Oryx’s Chamber 55 11x Catalyst of Fire
LH Lost Sentry 55 11x Catalyst of Fire
Malogia 60 12x Catalyst of Fire
Lair of Shaitan 70 14x Catalyst of Fire
Puppet Master’s Encore 70 14x Catalyst of Fire
Killer Bee Nest 70 14x Catalyst of Fire
The Nest 70 14x Catalyst of Fire
Lost Halls 80 16x Catalyst of Fire
Pirate Cave 1 1x Catalyst of Water
Magic Woods 25 5x Catalyst of Water
Candyland Hunting Grounds 30 6x Catalyst of Water
Mad Lab 30 6x Catalyst of Water
Davy Jones’ Locker 55 11x Catalyst of Water
Ice Cave 55 11x Catalyst of Water
Ocean Trench 55 11x Catalyst of Water
Lord of the Lost Lands 55 11x Catalyst of Water
Ghost Ship 55 11x Catalyst of Water
Hermit God 40 8x Catalyst of Water
Ice Tomb 55 11x Catalyst of Water
Forax 60 12x Catalyst of Water
Deadwater Docks 60 12x Catalyst of Water
Cnidarian Reef 70 14x Catalyst of Water
Cultist Hideout 80 16x Catalyst of Water

Free Packs

“Nature’s Upheaval Free Pack” will be available for free from today until the 3rd of April 08:00:00 UTC.

The pack will include:

  • “Vault Chest Unlocker” x1
  • “Air Catalyst x20” x1
  • “Water Catalyst x20” x1
  • “Fire Catalyst x20” x1
  • “Earth Catalyst x20” x1
  • “Candy of Extreme Mana” x1
  • “Candy of Extreme Speed” x1
  • “Candy of Extreme Vitality” x1
  • “Candy of Extreme Wisdom” x1
  • “Mystery Stat Pot” x15
  • “Roast Biff” x1

“Elemental Equinox Free Pack” will be available for free from the 13th of April 08:00:01 UTC until the 18th of April 08:00:00 UTC

The pack will include:

  • “Vault Chest Unlocker” x1
  • “Air Catalyst x20” x1
  • “Water Catalyst x20” x1
  • “Fire Catalyst x20” x1
  • “Earth Catalyst x20” x1
  • “Candy of Extreme Attack” x1
  • “Candy of Extreme Defense” x1
  • “Candy of Extreme Dexterity” x1
  • “Candy of Extreme Life” x1
  • “Mystery Stat Pot” x20
  • “Hot Cross Buns” x1

Elemental Reskins

Amulet of Elemental Earth

Amulet of Elemental Earth

…our Mother and our Essence and our livelihood… we would now seek its full potential.

+10 DEF, 6% XP bonus

Amulet of Elemental Fire

Amulet of Elemental Fire

…a driving force, indeed the driving force of nature and of civilization, would drive us once again to…

+10 ATT, 6% XP bonus

Amulet of Elemental Air

Amulet of Elemental Air

We sought to ape its astonishing force, to reproduce it in our environment…

+10 DEX, 6% XP bonus

Amulet of Elemental Water

Amulet of Elemental Water

…the principle of things that are, Water could take all forms that make up our world, and we harnessed it…

+10 DEX, 6% XP bonus

Elemental Equilibrium

Elemental Equilibrium

Within this relic, all elements swirl in perfect equilibrium. What would otherwise unleash cataclysmic disaster holds together in immaculate arcane homeostasis. We would surpass it.

Fury of Flame and Storm: Gain +5 attack and dexterity while attacking if your health is above 90% Max HP

Perseverance of Land and Water: Gain +5 defense and +15 vitality for 10 seconds when taking damage below 60% Max HP

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Passive: +80 HP +80 MP


Arashi Sprite and Projectiles
Celestial Blade reskin

Our elder would look upon the storms and pondered on how a thing with no substance could leave but desolation in its wake.


Tsunami Sprite and Projectiles
Sadamune reskin

And the Great Wave bore upon our dwellings, flushing us and our beasts and our tools… but one remained, and he held aloft his blade, and summoned to himself the powers that still haunted this place.


Ignis Sprite and Projectiles
Bow of Mystical Energy reskin

What force would do but the very force behind life and movement? No other. This weapon would prove it.


Tectonus Sprite and Projectiles
Leaf Bow reskin

She had read the tomes of other races, and she had the wisdom of the Earth. She saw how we must proceed.

Spring Reskins

Cube God, Skull Shrine, Ghost Ship, Grand Sphinx, The Nest and Hermit God have their April Fool’s resprites…

…and Chicken Oryx awaits you in his Chicken Chamber!

Additionally, you’ll find the Avatar of the Forgotten King is also in costume.

New Skins

Air Elemental Paladin Skin

Air Elemental Paladin Skin

Young Air Elemental Pet Skin

Young Air Elemental Pet Skin

Air Elemental Paladin Skin and Young Air Elemental Pet Skin in action

Water Elemental Summoner Skin

Water Elemental Summoner Skin

Young Water Elemental Pet Skin

Young Water Elemental Pet Skin

Water Elemental Summoner Skin and Young Water Elemental Pet Skin in action

Fire Elemental Sorcerer Skin

Fire Elemental Sorcerer Skin

Young Fire Elemental Pet Skin

Young Fire Elemental Pet Skin

Fire Elemental Sorcerer Skin and Young Fire Elemental Pet Skin in action

Earth Elemental Knight Skin

Earth Elemental Knight Skin

Young Earth Elemental Pet Skin

Young Earth Elemental Pet Skin

Earth Elemental Knight Skin and Young Earth Elemental Pet Skin in action

Banana Dance Ninja Skin

Banana Dance Ninja Skin

Banana Dance Ninja Skin in action

Easter Egg Trickster Skin

Easter Egg Trickster Skin

Easter Egg Trickster Skin in action

April Showers Necromancer Skin

April Showers Necromancer Skin

April Showers Necromancer Skin in action

May Flowers Huntress Skin

May Flowers Huntress Skin

May Flowers Huntress Skin in action

Bunny Attendant Kensei Skin

Bunny Attendant Kensei Skin

Bunny Attendant Kensei Skin in action

Playful Bunny Pet Skin

Playful Bunny Pet Skin

Playful Bunny Pet Skin in action

Master of the Elements

Imgur Album: Master of the Elements Wizard Skin

Master of the Elements Wizard Skin in action

As the Elemental Equinox takes place over the Realm, you can choose to (cosmetically) become the Master of the Elements, an unprecedented Wizard skin with four sets of elemental attack animations or get a new companion in a form of an Elemental Beast, a towering arcane creature of the Elemental Plane.

But getting them is not easy and requires sacrifice. You will need to merge skins of all four elements in order to obtain one of the Elemental master skins. For Elemental Beast you will be required to complete the “Faithful Beast” quest and use Young Water Elemental Pet Skin, Young Earth Elemental Pet Skin, Fire Elemental Sorcerer Skin and Air Elemental Paladin Skin: four skins that you can get from the free campaigns during the event. If you decide to merge them into a Beast, remember to not unlock those skins before you gather all four, so you are able to exchange them at Tinkerer.

Completing the Faithful Beast quest at the Tinkerer

On the other hand, Master of the Elements Wizard Skin will be available at the Tinkerer in exchange for Water Elemental Summoner Skin, Earth Elemental Knight Skin, Young Fire Elemental Pet Skin, and Young Air Elemental Pet Skin. Those elemental skins will be available in a pack and boxes. In exchange for this merge, besides the amazing Wizard skin, you will also get 100 Crystals of Extreme Fortune as a result.

Completing the Master of All Elements quest at the Tinkerer

Easter Event

Click on the image to see it in it’s full resolution

Here are the Easter Quests that start now!

Name Description Items Needed Reward Type
E.G.G.S. Eggschange these marks for an eggscelent reward! (Once per account) 4x Mark of Janus Eternal Graved Great Sword Once per account
Defend Spritefully Eggschange these marks for an eggscelent reward! (Once per account) 4x Mark of Janus Spriteful Shield Once per account
Eggregious! Eggschange these marks for an eggscelent reward! (Once per account) 4x Mark of the Wyvern Eggre Battle Armor Once per account
Cult of Breakfast Eggschange these marks for an eggscelent reward! (Once per account) 2x Mark of the Malus Tiara of Eggscellent Sturdiness Once per account
Eggad! Eggschange these marks for an eggscelent reward! (Once per account) 4x Mark of Oryx Sunny Side Bow Once per account
Flowery Deliverance Eggschange these marks for an eggscelent reward! (Once per account) 5x Mark of the Megamoth Sakura Wakizashi Once per account
Flower Education Eggschange these marks for an eggscelent reward! (Once per account) 5x Mark of Ruthven Botany Book Once per account
Power of Air The delight of the wind and the fury of the storm. (Once per account) 8x Catalyst of Air x20 Amulet of Elemental Air Once per account
Power of Earth The rumble of an earthquake and the whisper of the leaves. (Once per account) 8x Catalyst of Earth x20 Amulet of Elemental Earth Once per account
Power of Fire The roar of flame and the warmth of the hearth. (Once per account) 8x Catalyst of Fire x20 Amulet of Elemental Fire Once per account
Power of Water The currents of the ocean and the caress of the rains. (Once per account) 8x Catalyst of Water x20 Amulet of Elemental Water Once per account
Elemental Equilibrium The elements, in one. (Once per account) Amulet of Elemental Air, Amulet of Elemental Fire,
Amulet of Elemental Earth, Amulet of Elemental Water
Elemental Equilibrium Once per account
Elemental Fusion Use Elemental Gems to get an Incubation Mace Blueprint or a skin. 2x Catalyst of Air x20, 2x Catalyst of Earth x20,
2x Catalyst of Fire x20, 2x Catalyst of Water x20
Elemental Gem Repeatable
Master of Rabbits Rabbits can be very… impressive. (Once per account) 6x Elemental Gem Incubation Mace Blueprint Once per account
Master of All Elements Become the Master of All Elements by exchanging these elemental skins! Water Elemental Summoner Skin, Earth Elemental Knight Skin,
Young Fire Elemental Pet Skin, Young Air Elemental Pet Skin
Master of the Elements Wizard Skin Once per account
Elemental Purification After achieving mastery, choose to specialize in one element. 8x Elemental Gem Young Water Elemental Pet Skin, Young Earth Elemental Pet Skin,
Fire Elemental Sorcerer Skin, Air Elemental Paladin Skin
Once per account
Faithful Beast Summon a primeval creature with elemental force. Young Water Elemental Pet Skin, Young Earth Elemental Pet Skin,
Fire Elemental Sorcerer Skin, Air Elemental Paladin Skin
Elemental Beast Pet Skin Once per account

Spring Bounty

Spring Gift

With the arrival of Spring in the northern hemisphere, the temperatures are rising and nights are becoming shorter. For those of you that have been with us for a while, you might already be familiar with the last bounty that we had during Autumn. Well, as the leaves are returning to the trees, so is a Spring version of the bounty coming to Realm.

For those of you that need a refresher. Whenever you make a purchase of select boxes or packs, you will get one or several Spring Gifts, a mystery item that contains many rewards with potentially very high value. Spring Gifts don’t add to the price of the box or pack.

Spring Treasure

If you get Spring Treasures from the Gift, it will drop one of the treasures for you: Secret Hoard, Backup Stash, Key to Oryx’s Armory, or Mirror of Vanity. You’ll have to reach out to customer support in order to claim the bounties. Please keep in mind that bounties from Secret Hoard or Backup Stash will be added to your account after the end of the program.

Please note that the description of the following items is not correct. You have time to redeem the items until the 14th of May 2022. We are going to correct this error with the next release.

Secret Hoard
Backup Stash
Key to Oryx's Armory
Mirror of Vanity

Spring Bounty starts today, March 29th, and will end on May 1st. You will be able to claim your bounties until May 14th.

Spring Gift drops:

  • Spring Treasure
  • Solar Energy Drink
  • Paramount Ore
  • Heart-shaped Chocolate Box
  • Exalted Mystery Skin
  • Exalted Mystery Pet Skin
  • Paramount Mystery Skin
  • Paramount Mystery Pet Skin
  • Mystery ST Chest
  • Chocolate Bonbon x3
  • Char Slot Unlocker
  • Ambrosia
  • Mystery ST Shard x10
  • Superior Mystery Skin
  • Superior Mystery Pet Skin
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x20
  • Superior Ore
  • Chalice of Ambrosia
  • Crystal of Fortune x20
  • Exalted Sulphur
  • Vault Chest Unlocker
  • Mystery ST Shard x5
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x10
  • Crystal of Fortune x10
  • Chocolate Bonbon x1
  • Vial of Pure Ambrosia
  • Force Nildrop
  • Cinder Nildrop
  • Blood Nildrop
  • Moon Nildrop
  • Golden Lucky Clover
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x5
  • Crystal of Fortune x5
  • Paramount Sulphur
  • Droplet of Ambrosia
  • Mystery ST Shard x3
  • Adventurer’s Belt
  • Greater Ore
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x3
  • Crystal of Fortune x3
  • Char Slot Coupon x 1
  • Legendary Mystery Key
  • Superior Sulphur
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x2
  • Crystal of Fortune x2
  • Lucky Clover
  • Teal Nildrop
  • Hazel Nildrop
  • Onyx Nildrop
  • Amaranth Nildrop
  • Azure Nildrop
  • Crimson Nildrop
  • Scarlet Nildrop
  • Beryl Nildrop
  • Chest Coupon x 1
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Backpack
  • Mystery ST Shard x1
  • Epic Mystery Key
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x1
  • Crystal of Fortune x1
  • Greater Sulphur
  • Basic Ore
  • Rare Mystery Key
  • Minor Teal Nildrop
  • Minor Hazel Nildrop
  • Minor Azure Nildrop
  • Minor Crimson Nildrop
  • Minor Scarlet Nildrop
  • Minor Beryl Nildrop
  • Minor Onyx Nildrop
  • Minor Amaranth Nildrop
  • Basic Sulphur

Mountain Temple

New mod

  • Lantern Light – A tier
    • All Temple lanterns start lit up, allowing the troom to be opened immediately after the boss.


  • General enemy density lowered
  • Corrupted armor can only spawn in Large rooms
  • Mini corrupted armor can spawn without their larger counterpart in most room types
  • Corrupted spawn can now spawn in regular rooms


  • Archers no longer paralyze, instead only slowing
  • Monks shot pattern changes, now inflicting petrify for 0.6 seconds instead of darkness
  • Casters shots boomerang, inflicting curse instead of confuse
  • Corrupted armor quiet changed to silence


  • Full fight rework
  • The fight now focused on fighting 4 elemental spirits that Daichi commands
  • A lot of excess time has been cut from the fight to speed it up


  • Added an additional rainbow pot
  • Defense potion increased to greater defense
  • Newly added bard and summoner STs moved from Daichi to the Earth and Air spirits respectively

Lair of Draconis

New mod

  • Soul Boost – A tier
    • All dragons will have their best drop rates as if they were the last boss fought.


  • New portal art
  • New key art
  • Increased drop rates on all loot
  • Greater Potions drop in the place of regular potions
  • T3 rings, T9 weapons, t10 armors were removed from drop tables
  • There is now a button to teleport instead of being teleported automatically
  • Reduced time needed to teleport back to the main room after defeating a dragon


  • New First phase
  • Crimson souls now choose randomly between orbiting Pyyr or chasing the player so that they all don’t clump together
  • New finale phase
  • New art for projectiles and lava


  • During the “whack-a-mole” phase, Nikao will stay in each pool a bit longer and jump to a new one every time a damage threshold is reached
  • Removed the 15% max hp self heal
  • Eggs now spawn 2 souls upon being destroyed instead of one being spawned with the egg and one spawning once cracked
  • Made Feargus projectile inheritance fairer
  • New art for blue, green, and red water tiles


  • New fight structure
  • New finale attack
  • New art for rocks and some projectiles


  • Eggs now activate sooner
  • Souls are less aggressive
  • Removed extra minion spawning phase between miasma and invisible attack


  • Removed his final clone phase before death
  • Added anti-decoy measures

Guaranteed Encounters during Easter

In order to fully enjoy the refreshed Lair of Draconis and Mountain Temple, Rock Dragon and Jade and Garnet statues will spawn in a scripted rather than the usual way:

  • A Rock Dragon spawns once after you kill all Red Demons and a second time Ghost Kings
  • Jade and Garnet Statues spawn after you kill all Cyclops Gods and then after Ent Ancients

Katana Rework

Katana have been adjusted to have a more interesting and congruent stat distribution.

Tiered Katana

Tier Name Damage Avg Shots Rate of Fire DPS % buff
0 Rusty Katana 30-75 52.5 1 1 612.5 9.52%
1 Kendo Stick 35-80 57.5 1 1 670.8333333 8.70%
2 Plain Katana 40-85 62.5 1 1 729.1666667 8.00%
3 Thunder Katana 50-90 70 1 1 816.6666667 7.14%
4 Line Kutter Katana 60-95 77.5 1 1 904.1666667 6.45%
5 Night Edge 60-110 85 1 1 991.6666667 5.88%
6 Sky Edge 80-115 97.5 1 1 1137.5 5.13%
7 Buster Katana 95-130 112.5 1 1 1312.5 6.67%
8 Demon Edge 100-155 127.5 1 1 1487.5 5.88%
9 Jewel Eye Katana 105-170 137.5 1 1 1604.166667 5.45%
10 Ichimonji 120-175 147.5 1 1 1720.833333 6.78%
11 Muramasa 125-190 157.5 1 1 1837.5 6.35%
12 Masamune 140-190 165 1 1 1925 4.55%
13 Sadamune 155-205 180 1 1 2100 4.17%
14 Kusanagi 170-220 195 1 1 2275 3.85%

UT Katana

Tier Name Damage Avg Shots Rate of Fire DPS % buff
UT Void Blade 600-750 675 1 0.3 2362.5 3.70%
UT Doku No Ken 125-155 140 1 1.2 1960 3.57%
UT Celestial Blade 200-220 210 1 1 2450 0.00%
UT Blade of the Asssailiant 125-180 152.25 1 1.25 2220.3125 4.00%
UT Candy Katana 125-170 147.5 1 1.25 2151.041667 5.08%
UT Ray katana 150 150 1 1.1 1925 6.67%
UT Valor 475-550 512.5 1 0.45 2690.625 11.11%
UT Enforcer 100-140 120 2 1 2800 0.00%

ST Katana

Tier Name Damage Avg Shots Rate of Fire DPS % buff
ST Reikoku 70-85 77.5 2 1 1808.333333 6.45%
ST Kazekiri 100-125 112.5 2 0.85 2231.25 7.97%
ST Kiritsukeru 235-275 255 1 0.7 2082.5 3.92%
ST Quartz Cutter 75-90 82.5 3 0.8 2310 5.45%
ST Saif of the Deep 65-80 72.5 4 0.7 2368.333333 3.45%

Bow Rework

We are introducing a completely new playstyle for Bows! We hope you enjoy this new change and let us know what you think of it.

Some bows like the Crossbow, the Double Bow, and the Heavy Crossbow have been renamed to match their new functions. They will now be called “Hardwood Bow”, “Sharpshooter Bow” and Redwood Bow”.

Tiered Bows

Tier Name Main Min Main Max Avg Damage Side Min Side Max Side Avg
0 Shortbow 15 20 17.5 5 10 7.5
1 Reinforced Bow 20 25 22.5 5 10 7.5
2 Hardwood Bow 25 30 27.5 5 15 10
3 Greywood Bow 30 35 32.5 5 15 10
4 Ironwood Bow 35 45 40 15 20 17.5
5 Fire Bow 45 55 50 15 20 17.5
6 Sharpshooter Bow 55 65 60 15 20 17.5
7 Redwood Bow 65 75 70 20 30 25
8 Golden Bow 85 95 90 20 30 25
9 Verdant Bow 95 105 100 20 30 25
10 Bow of Fey Magic 105 115 110 25 35 30
11 Bow of Innocent Blood 115 125 120 25 35 30
12 Bow of Covert Havens 125 135 130 25 35 30
13 Bow of Mystical Energy 135 145 140 35 45 40
14 Bow of Deep Enchantment 145 155 150 35 45 40

UT Bows

Tier Name Min Max Avg Shots Rate of Fire Other changes
UT Bramble Bow 30 45 37.5 3 1.2
UT Coral Bow 70 90 80 2 1.25 arc gap decreased to 9
UT Doom Bow 500 600 550 1 0.33
UT Leaf Bow 120 175 147.5 1 1.4
UT Thousand Shot 65 130 97.5 1 2
UT Bow of the Void 175 250 212.5 1 1.05
UT Warmonger 95 110 102.5 2 1.2

ST Bows

Tier Name Min Max Avg Shots Rate of Fire
ST Nectar Crossfire 125 (60) 135 (60) 47.5 (60) 1 (1) 1
ST Resplendent 225 325 275 2 0.35
ST Bergenia Bow 170 205 187.5 1 1
ST Deathless Crossbow 170 205 187.5 1 1
ST Harp 120 145 132.5 2 0.8
ST Hailstorm 50 55 52.5 3 1.2

Item Balance

Soulcursed Scythe

  • Chains do armor piercing damage

Penetrating Blast Spell

  • Shots: 20 → 6
  • Damage: 60-90 → 300-400
  • Projectiles pass cover
  • Projectiles circle the target location

Tome of Holy Furor

  • MP cost reduced to 110 from 150

Tideturner Trident

  • Arc gap reduced from 10 to 6
  • True range: 2.84 → 4.76 true range


  • Range buffed to 4.75
  • Arc gap removed
  • Amplitude 0.3 → 0.5
  • Frequency 1.7 → 1

Daybreak Chakram

  • MP drain reduced down to 20 MP/s from 40 MP/s

Incubation Mace

  • Shots: 5 → 3

Helm of the Swift Bunny

  • Removed cooldown

Jade Storm

  • MP cost reduced to 125 from 175

Every T14 Weapon

  • Fame bonus for weapons now start at T7, meaning t14 now has an 8% fame bonus

Shadow Serpent Sidearm

  • Now gives + 50 HP, +5 Vit on equip (initially had no bonus stats)

Draconis Potion

  • Energized instead of invisible

Midnight star

  • Damage increased from 300-600 to 600-900

Fire Dragon Battle Armor + Eggre Battle Armor

  • Damage over time increased from 500 to 1000

Experimental ring

  • HP/MP reduced by 10 (60/60/4/4 → 50/50/4/4)

Candy Coated Armor

  • Dex: Defensive reduction reduced from -10 to -5.

Centaurs Shielding

  • Def: Increased from 10 to 13

Celestial blade

  • Adjusted shot pattern

Archangels judgment

  • Minimum damage increased from 40 to 45

Honeytomb Snare

  • Cooldown reduced from 6 Seconds to 3 Seconds

Murky Toxin

  • Decreased DoT time to three seconds from 4 seconds on both impacts
  • Increased outer impact range to 5 from 4
  • Increased inner impact range to 2.5 from 2

Pharaoh’s Requiem

  • Tossed to cursor instead of spawned on player

Shrieking/Spinal quiver

  • MP cost reduced from 120 to 90

Seal of Cubic Conundra

  • Now adds +50 hp + 3def on equip (initially had no bonus stats)

Seraphim’s Guard

  • DEF: Increased from 13 to 15

Queen’s Stinger

  • Min damage increased from 75 to 100

Crystalline Kunai

  • Activate now shoots the kunai as well
  • Proc cooldown: 2 → 4
  • Damage reduced from 550 to 350
  • Armor pierce added

Demon blade / Sword of Illumination

  • Arc gap reduced from 40 to 25

Cnidaria Rod

  • Damage reduced from 150 to 120
  • Damage per wis increased from 4 to 10
  • Base Targets reduced from 5 to 4
  • Wis per target increased 10 to 5

Cloak of Refraction

  • Decoy duration increased from 2.5 to 4
  • Cloak duration reduced from 5.5 to 4
  • Now spawns 2 summons that orbit the decoy shooting shots that deal 200-300 damage every 0.2 seconds

Virulent Venom

  • Damage increased from 650 to 700
  • Mana cost reduced from 105 to 100


  • Decoy size reduced slightly

Tyrant’s toxin

  • Initial grenade throw time reduced from 1.2 to 0.8
  • (clusters still take as long to land)

Spider eye ring

  • Proc chance increased from 5% to 100%
  • Wis replaced with Def

Spirit/Foramite Staff

  • Damage increased from 30-70 to 35-75
  • Fire rate reduced from 1.65 to 1.6
  • Amplitude reduced from 0.8 to 0.7

Matrix armors

  • Proc threshold changed from 75hp to 20% hp

Virtuous Wakizashi (T7)

  • Min damage reduced from 550 to 450

Mantle of Monarchy

  • Proc effect: Onshoot: While in combat gain energized for 5 seconds (5second cooldown) → Onhit: Gain125 vit for 10 seconds (cooldown 25 seconds)

Cloak of Cubic Enigma

  • Added new animation for the minion

Candy Katana

  • Amplitude reduced from .7 to .55

Coral bow

  • Arc gap reduced from 10 to 9


  • Time to explode reduced from 1.4 to 0.8
  • Damage reduced from 900-850 to 750 – 800
  • Range reduced from 3.5 to 3.0


  • Projectile speed increased from 16.5 to 19.4

The Shatters

Magic. Was it the fifth element, really? Sages wouldn’t agree with it, and it remained a hot debate topic amongst academics. But it never transcended that.

Except for the ones who secretly researched this volatile, almost forbidden element.

Woken up from slumber, the ancient dark spirits once again pledge loyalty to the king whose name nobody remembers. A power darker than themselves. The Forgotten King is somewhat… different? And what is the Archmage doing? Somehow, the Magi inside the Castle is changing. It is adapting, growing in speed and intensity. The dark magic runs through the Castle like blood through the veins of a strong, dark lifeform. How is the Shattered Kingdom changing yet again?

We have decided to alter The Shatters to cut down on the time needed to complete it. We have done that trying to keep the essence of the dungeon, but focusing on the Castle section, which was the part that received the most feedback and also what our data indicated could benefit the most from a completion time reduction. We also wanted to improve the Dungeon’s balance toward solo players. Overall, we aimed for Shatters to have a very significant speed up thanks to these changes, which we detail here:

  • Payload waypoints in each wing cut from 7 to 4.
  • Payload speed increased and player detection distance increased
  • Waypoint health and scaling reduced
  • Enemy density in the castle reduced
  • Archmage can now take 15% of its max health per stagger, up from 12.5% (This should take fewer bird phases to complete with high enough DPS)
  • Slightly reduced invulnerability times in the Archmage fight
  • Tendril armor pierce shots during King’s Desperation Move lowered to 45 damage
  • Desperation Move Shade purple shots lowered to 70 damage, red shots lowered to 100

Favorite Pet feature

This QoL change will allow you to mark a pet as “favorite” by clicking on the little icon next to its name in the Pet Menu (go to Pet Yard and talk to the Yard Caretaker).

A “favorited” pet will auto-follow your character when you create a new character.

A new 'star' button to mark yor pet as 'favorite'

Skin Recycling

When you attempt to unlock a skin you already own, you will get a prompt to swap it for Crystals of Fortune. Please note that this does not apply to rank 6 skins, tradeable skins, and no rank skins.

A popup will appear when you try to consume a skin that you already have in the wardrobe:

Confirm replacement pop-up

A notification is shown once the skin has been recycled:

Skin successfully dismantled notification

Crystals of Fortune are sent to the Gift chest

Crystals of Fortune in the Gift Chest

Tradeable Skins

The following Skins were made tradable:

  • Kingsman Cavalry Warrior Skin
  • Kingsman Guard Knight Skin
  • Kingsman Armorbearer Paladin Skin
  • Court Wizard Skin
  • Demon Summoner Necromancer Skin
  • Wandering Gypsy Mystic Skin
  • Village Peasant Trickster Skin
  • Blackguard Mercenary Assassin Skin
  • Sensei Ninja Skin
  • King of Thieves Rogue Skin
  • Kings Bowman Archer Skin
  • Forest Tracker Huntress Skin
  • Carthusian Monk Priest Skin
  • Royal Sorcerer Skin
  • Stone Samurai Skin
  • Mystery Rogue Skin
  • Mystery Archer Skin
  • Mystery Wizard Skin
  • Mystery Priest Skin
  • Mystery Warrior Skin
  • Mystery Knight Skin
  • Mystery Paladin Skin
  • Mystery Assassin Skin
  • Mystery Necromancer Skin
  • Mystery Huntress Skin
  • Mystery Mystic Skin
  • Mystery Trickster Skin
  • Mystery Sorcerer Skin
  • Mystery Ninja Skin
  • Mystery Samurai Skin
  • Traveling Songster Bard Skin
  • Stone Bard Skin
  • Construction Rogue Skin
  • Construction Archer Skin
  • Construction Wizard Skin
  • Construction Priest Skin
  • Construction Warrior Skin
  • Construction Knight Skin
  • Construction Paladin Skin
  • Construction Assassin Skin
  • Construction Necromancer Skin
  • Construction Huntress Skin
  • Construction Mystic Skin
  • Construction Trickster Skin
  • Construction Sorcerer Skin
  • Construction Ninja Skin
  • Construction Samurai Skin
  • Construction Bard Skin
  • Construction Summoner Skin
  • Stone Summoner Skin
  • Mystery Bard Skin
  • Menagerie Master Summoner Skin
  • Antinomy Bard Skin
  • Antinomy Knight Skin
  • Antinomy Assassin Skin
  • Antinomy Samurai Skin
  • Antinomy Archer Skin
  • Antinomy Mystic Skin
  • Antinomy Priest Skin
  • Antinomy Necromancer Skin
  • Antinomy Trickster Skin
  • Antinomy Summoner Skin
  • Antinomy Huntress Skin
  • Antinomy Ninja Skin
  • Antinomy Rogue Skin
  • Antinomy Wizard Skin
  • Antinomy Sorcerer Skin
  • Antinomy Warrior Skin
  • Antinomy Paladin Skin
  • Stone Kensei Skin
  • Construction Kensei Skin
  • Emergent Sage Kensei Skin

New Music tracks

  • Draconis, by Spave – Lair of Draconis
  • Daimyo, by Spave – Mountain Temple
  • The Hempen Jig, by Spave – Deadwater Docks
  • Marionette, by 2Scallions – Puppet Masters Theatre
  • Virulent, by Spave – Toxic Sewers

Changes requested by the community

  • Removed invulnerability for O2’s sun phase
  • For O2’s Dance Phase, added a small offset to all of the artifacts so they don’t explode instantly upon being thrown
  • Made the Jack Frost components stasis immune
  • Removed max potion drop cap on Wlab troom
  • Made the Fungal and Crystal cavern crystal’s explosions do silence rather than quiet
  • Lowered the activation time on Ent Ancients towards them achieving their final form
  • Made the Cubic Frame into an orbiting summon
  • There is now a color indication on the border of the tooltip skin unlocker according to their tiers

Color indication on the border of the tooltip skin unlocker according to its tier

  • The Chatbox no longer scrolls when new messages are sent while scrolled up
  • The attack animation of pet skins is now being displayed for the electric, savage, and rising fury abilities


  • The Lingering Magi Mod is now working on The Shatters
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain projectiles for Pyrr and Ivory Wyvern to appear as black bars in Lair of Draconis dungeon
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the Nildrop Mod from working properly
  • Fixed an issue that caused the UT item His Majesty’s Eminence not to display its forge values in its tooltip
  • Fixes a bug that caused the game to crash when some players tried to enter the Mad Lab or High Tech Terror dungeons
  • Solved an issue that caused the UI to revert to 0 degrees when the default camera angle was set at 45 degrees and the Allow Camera Rotation was turned off
  • Fixed a bug that caused active boosts not to appear in the realm nor dungeons
  • Typing over the highlighted text on the chat now replaces the highlighted text
  • Empty item slot text no longer appears on the tooltip when swapping items between inventory and bag
  • Stability improvements

Update – Stat Stacking

April 26

Hello Realmers,

April is soon coming to an end and with it our special Events in Realm. Today’s Update changes the April Fools re-skins and names back to normal and also removes the Easter Campaign Tokens and their associated points. Down below you can find out more about the upcoming changes to stat stacking for items and consumables. The Hardmode of Shatters is also going to receive some adjustments. We also welcome a new ST Set into our ranks. The Fiery Kensei ST can now drop in the game! You can also have a look at several new hotfixes for various things.

Events in May

Starting with our mini Reconstruction event at the end of May, we plan to attempt a new approach to our events as rarer, longer and more thematic occurrences. We hope you will enjoy it! Below you can see what will be going on throughout the next month.

We are changing the stat stacking for both items and consumables

Previously, one of the problems in our system was that stat modifiers were applied in a very inconsistent way. You could stack two different modifiers on the same stat and, depending on the circumstances and context, they would overwrite, or even ignore one another without a proper, logical stacking method. This issue lasted for a very long time and it hindered the creation and balancing of several items.

Now, we are changing and introducing new functionalities to finetune the rules by which different stat modifiers are applied to a player, from either gear or consumables. Here you will see a brief description of some of our new “stacking modes”.

Diminishing returns stacking mode

In this mode, the oldest modifier works fully at 100% efficiency while new modifiers to the same stat are added on top of it, which will be applied at a decreased efficiency. This works very similarly to the current stacking system.


  • The player uses an item that gives +10 ATT.
  • They use it again, or another item boosting attack. Their total ATT bonus is ~18 (the second use is less efficient and only provides +8 ATT!)
  • They use it again. Their total Attack bonus becomes ~23 (the third use is even less efficient, providing +5 ATT!)

Maximum stacking mode

In this mode, only the highest modifier will be applied.


  • Player equips an item that gives +50 HP.
  • The player activates an Ability that gives +100 HP.
  • The player gets a total of +100 HP for the duration of the Ability.

Per-item no-stacking mode

In this mode, you can only receive the modifier from a particular item once.

You can still receive modifiers to the same stat from other items, but not from the one you already have a modifier from.


  • Player uses the Seal of the Seeker Ability to boost hitpoints.
  • This item will then be ignored for all further attempts to boost hitpoints.
  • The player may use other items to boost hitpoints, so long as they are not the same item.
Diminishing returns stacking mode Maximum stacking mode Per-item no-stacking mode
Helm of Draconic Dominance Seal of the Initiate Cloak of Bloody Surprises
Champion’s Bastion Seal of the Pilgrim Crystal Shield
Tome of Holy Furor Seal of the Seeker Crystalline Kunai
Seal of the Enchanted Forest Seal of the Aspirant Mad Javelin
Sacrilege Seal Seal of the Divine Noble Mandolin
Mighty Stein Seal of the Holy Warrior Oryxmas Carol
Ceremonial Merlot Seal of the Blessed Champion Resurrected Warrior’s Armor
Slurpian Sea Scroll Legacy Seal of the Enchanted Forest Greaterhosen
Lightshow Scepter Advent Seal Hollyhock Hide
Helm of Exalted Might Scholar’s Seal Aegis Armor
Lullaby Seal of Invocation Squadron Sheathing
Tome of Exorcism Seal of Righteous Victory Judge’s Robe
Sandstone Seal Novice’s Lute Reinforced Root Armor
Rage Claws Oakwood Lute Resplendent Bow
Cursed Spire Spell Iron Lute Laborer’s Hard Hat
Silver Lute Operator’s Hard Hat
Battle Lute Foreman’s Hard Hat
Regal Lute Ember of the Void
Skyward Lute Ember of the Daeva
Nebular Lute Metal-plated Corset
Nether Lute Blitz Sheath
Snake Charmer Pungi Leaf Dragon Hide Armor
Angel’s Fanfare* Prism of Shattered Light
Cloak of the Darkened Sun
Orb of Conquest
Seal of the Battle God
Vesture of Duality
Vampiric Cape
Collector’s Monocle
Centaur’s Shielding
Exalted God’s Horn
Cloak of Eerie Trepidation
Angel’s Fanfare*

*Angel’s Fanfare, due to its particular design that contains several effects combined, also uses a combination of different stack modes.

Shatters Hardmode Balance Tweaks

  • King’s Patience Phase has increased from 35 seconds to 40 seconds
  • All shots in the queen phase now armor pierce
  • The rotating shots in the queen phase now quiet for 2 seconds
  • The shots from the outer crystals in the queen phase now expose instead of armor break
  • Helpless Soul Spawn rate is greatly increased during the queen phase

Bug fixes

  • The Lair of Draconis Portal now resets its animation when viewed for the first time (including changing rooms).
  • Slow immunity added to Limoz Abundant Shields.
  • Corrected animation on Hanagasaku Bud Bomb.
  • Fixed stacked shots in Daichi’s Final Phase
  • Added the functionality to remove an old build and automatically download the latest one for Mac
  • Fixed an issue that caused some vault and inventory rollbacks
  • Fixed a bug where IGNs got transformed into strings from the game
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to invite someone into their guild with the /invite command, independently of their rank
  • Fixed an issue that caused the special characters in the Irish Dancer Trickster Skin Tooltip to appear bugged
  • Fixed a bug where Earthen Ward and Augur of the Tempest were not dropping at proper rate from Earth Elemental and Air Elemental respectively
  • The Bridge Sentinel and the Forgotten King are now properly deleting the Kensei sheath decoy during their fights
  • Fixed various small issues with several skins

Other changes

  • Disabled the Shadowmute system. It can be re-enabled if needed.
  • Tooltips now have a new yellow line indicating the bonus to the stat

  • Removed feed power from the Perception of Guill Pet Skin and the skin is no longer exchangeable for Crystals of Fortune
  • Sentinel Watchdog, Shadow Stormbird and Royal Void Cat Pet Skins are now exchangeable for Crystals of Fortune
  • Removed Easter token drops

New Cosmetics

  • Swimsuit Kensei Skin
  • Surf Guru Kensei Skin
  • New idle animation added to Playful Bunny Pet Skin
Imgur Album: New Cosmetics

Fiery Kensei ST

Imgur Album: Fiery Kensei ST

The Fiery Kensei ST set is now dropping in-game!

Additionally, this and other ST sets now drop from various Quest Chests:

  • Fiery Kensei ST set:
    • Fiery Katana – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Pyro Sheath – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Flame Guard – Honeyed Epic Quest Chest
    • Firelight Necklace – Standard Quest Chest

  • Tidal Wave Kensei ST set:
    • Saif of the Deep – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Loch Sheath – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Barrier Reef – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Alexander’s Band – Mighty Quest Chest

  • Storm Caller Bard ST set:
    • Hailstorm – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Thundering Chorus – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Wind Dancer Robe – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Augur of the Tempest – Mighty Quest Chest

  • Earthen Bulwark Summoner ST set:
    • Earthen Ward – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Stonemould Mace – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Rocky Robe – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Steadfast Glyph – Standard Quest Chest


May 17


After showing all of you the new Weapon Types we are working on, it is time for another update in Realm. This one is all about fixes to some pesky problems in the game. From fixes for our dungeon modifiers in certain situations to The Killer Bee Queen losing her favorite Aprils Fools Sprite. We got you covered.
You can also have a look at our upcoming events, with the Reconstruction Event running wild now!

What changes:

Dungeon Modifiers

  • We have fixed an edge case in the game files where some enemies didn’t apply some dungeon mods correctly, like XP modifiers. This bug affected only minions and only some of them.
  • We have fixed a bug where some dungeon mods had problems when rerolled and they would appear with a lot less frequency than intended when the key was rerolled, even if being compatible with the key.


  • The Killer Bee Queen has still had her April fools sprite active. She is now back to her original beauty.
  • The Tidal Wave Kensei skin’s dye mask is no longer showing black squares.
  • The Playful Bunny Pet Skin now has its shadow directly under itself when attacking.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an effect to linger indefinitely if a user got hit by an AoE status effect while invulnerable
  • Fixed a bug that caused vault rollback when vaulting multiple modded keys
  • Removed the delay that happened when a player selected Knight, equipped Crystal Shield, and held the ability button to trigger “Invulnerability on self”.
  • Fixed a visual bug that gave the impression to the player that if he bought a pack that had a purchase limit and immediately reopened the shop, the limit would be reset.

Other changes

  • The Spring Nexus is active but this time around with Reconstruction decorations.
  • Class Mystery Skins no longer show a list of possible drops, which was inaccurate. They now show: “Grants a random Skin for this class when used”.

Update – Remnants of the Void

June 7


The time has come for a new update to Realm of the Mad God Exalt. The Nexus has changed and is now in its void phase during our upcoming Void Event. We promise it’s just a phase! But there are more amazing things coming to Realm. The Item Forge is getting an update and we are introducing ST crafting! A fan favorite, UT Trading gets an extension with more items. We did not forget about Events. While the Void Events run, you are able to complete the Horror STory as well.

Let’s have a look at all the changes!

Remnants of the Void,

The Void Entity has found a new, unlikely host – a theater director gone deranged with dreams of influence and fame. An admirer of the Puppet Master, this backstage tyrant has gained new powers from his infestation by the Void, and the fruits of his imagination now roam the Realm. A man-spawned evil, a manifestation of violence, haunts the forests of the Realm; a twisted creation of a deranged scientist prowls about for revenge.

As dreams and nightmares invade the Realm’s reality, the Void Entity itself is stronger than usual, and portals to The Void can be found in more and more places. The bravest of the heroes of the Nexus must now help to beat back the infestation, or give in to the whispers of the beyond and become empowered actors on this stage of horror.

The Void Event will start on June 7th at 12 PM UTC and end on June 21st at the same time.

The Void will give you 1.5x loot and EXP like usual in these events plus a guaranteed drop of Void Catalyst x2

In the Realm, you will find the Void Heralds who have allied with the Void Entity, alongside them two Remnants of the Void portals will spawn.

Remnant of the Void is the same Void you know and love but with a twist! Since it’s just a remnant, it’s weaker than the real thing, so it always spawns with the following dungeon modifiers:

  • Weak Boss III : Boss has 45% less HP.
  • Tame Boss IV : Boss inflicts 32% less damage.
  • Weak Minions III: Minions have 40% less HP.
  • Tame Minions III: Minions inflict 32% less damage.

By defeating the boss you will have a guaranteed drop of Void Catalyst x1

From June 7th to June 14th

  • Ice Cave will have 1.5x Loot Drop and EXP enabled. It will also have a 15% chance to drop a Remnant of the Void Portal
  • Ocean Trench will have 1.5x Loot Drop and EXP enabled. It will also have a 10% chance to drop a Remnant of the Void Portal

From June 14th to June 21st

  • The Third Dimension will have 1.5x Loot Drop and EXP enabled. It will also have a 25% chance to drop a Remnant of the Void Portal
  • Parasite Chambers will have 1.5x Loot Drop and EXP enabled. It will also have a 10% chance to drop a Remnant of the Void Portal


Quest Name Requirement(s) Reward(s) Type of Quest Dates
Call of the Void Void Catalyst x50 Void Bow Once per account 07/06-21/06
Unspeakable Truth Void Catalyst x60 Void Bow Blueprint Once per account 07/06-21/06
Consumed by Darkness Void Catalyst x40 Void Demon Mystic
Cronus Entity Assassin
Little Evil Doer Wizard
Anubis Necromancer
Once per account 07/06-21/06
Creatures of Horror Void Catalyst x40 Void Hound Pet Skin
Abyss Goliath Pet Skin
Mini Void Entity Pet Skin
Hollow Wendigo Pet Skin
Once per account 07/06-21/06

Item Forge


  • We have added new filtering options to the Blacksmith menu.
  • There are now different tabs that make navigating your crafting options easier:
    • “All” lists all craftable items available to you, same as before.
    • “UT” will show only all craftable UTs you have available.
    • “ST” will show craftable ST (more on this later).
    • “Misc” will show other objects which are not gear or don’t fit the other categories, like Ores and Nildrops.

  • We have also added a sorting function that will arrange the current tab in order of Forgefire cost.
  • When you select an item to craft, it will show only your relevant items in the Dismantle panel.
  • When you select an item the selected dismantled items will deselect.
  • Finally, the Search button will help you quickly find items by name.

Special Requirements

  • Certain UTs now require you to dismantle 1 or more UT’s from the same dungeon/set of dungeons as part of the costs. This will be clearly indicated in the forge requirements.
    • Fungal Cavern and Crystal Cavern items can be used interchangeably.
    • Lost Halls, Cultist Hideout, and Void items can be used interchangeably.
    • Some items can also require additional Marks of their specific dungeon.

  • For now, we are applying this system only to top-level dungeons and crafting top-tier items (we will observe the impact on the game, and might change and/or extend it based on feedback).
  • You can see the valid items as they have icons that appear in their tooltip to easily identify them. For now, the only items that have icons are top-tier items that have a “characteristic” dungeon they are found in, so not all items have this icon.

  • To make it easier to identify which items fulfill these special requirements, items that are needed will be highlighted with a cyan border.

  • As mentioned, not all items have an associated dungeon. You can check the list below.
Associated Dungeon Icon
Fungal Cavern
Crystal Cavern
The Nest
Lost Halls
Cultist Hideout
The Void
Forgotten King
Oryx’s Sanctuary
Item Origin
Bow of the Void The Void
Quiver of the Shadows The Void
Armor of Nil The Void
Sourcestone The Void
Corruption Tether The Shatters
Ancient Eminence The Shatters
Abyssal Insignia The Shatters
Twilight Shroud The Shatters
Archangel’s Judgement The Shatters
The Forgotten Crown The Shatters
The Twilight Gemstone The Shatters
Bracer of the Guardian The Shatters
Ice Crown The Shatters
Peacekeeper The Shatters
Vanguard’s Visage The Shatters
Noble Mandolin The Shatters
Polarity Poison The Shatters
Sentinel’s Sidearm The Shatters
Primal Arcana The Shatters
Valor The Shatters
Dusky Catalyst The Shatters
Warmonger The Shatters
Mantle of the Monarchy The Shatters
Vest of Abandoned Shadows The Shatters
Royal Guard’s Cuirass The Shatters
Nectar Crossfire The Nest
Fallen One’s Blade The Nest
Consecrated Trap The Nest
Queen’s Stinger The Nest
Hivemaster Helm The Nest
Beehemoth Quiver The Nest
Beehemoth Quiver The Nest
Beehemoth Quiver The Nest
Hivemind Mace The Nest
Divinity Oryx’s Sanctuary
Oryx’s Escutcheon Oryx’s Sanctuary
Gladiator Guard Oryx’s Sanctuary
Exalted God’s Horn Oryx’s Sanctuary
Harmonious Harp Oryx’s Sanctuary
Avarice Oryx’s Sanctuary
Gambler’s Fate Oryx’s Sanctuary
Turncoat Cape Oryx’s Sanctuary
Collector’s Monocle Oryx’s Sanctuary
Lumiaire Oryx’s Sanctuary
Chaotic Scripture Oryx’s Sanctuary
Vesture of Duality Oryx’s Sanctuary
Divine Coronation Oryx’s Sanctuary
Superior Oryx’s Sanctuary
Genesis Spell Oryx’s Sanctuary
Diplomatic Robe Oryx’s Sanctuary
Chancellor’s Cranium Oryx’s Sanctuary
Enforcer Oryx’s Sanctuary
Ballistic Star Oryx’s Sanctuary
Centaur’s Shielding Oryx’s Sanctuary
Battalion Banner Oryx’s Sanctuary
Brain of the Golem Lost Halls
Marble Seal Lost Halls
Sword of the Colossus Lost Halls
Breastplate of New Life Lost Halls
Magical Lodestone Lost Halls
Crystalline Kunai Fungal Cavern
Tome of the Mushroom Tribes Fungal Cavern
Sporous Spray Spell Fungal Cavern
Fungal Breastplate Fungal Cavern
Crystal Shield Fungal Cavern
Cave Dweller Trap Fungal Cavern
Staff of Unholy Sacrifice Cultists’ Hideout
Skull of Corrupted Souls Cultists’ Hideout
Ritual Robe Cultists’ Hideout
Bloodshed Ring Cultists’ Hideout
Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi Crystal Cavern
Star of Enlightenment Crystal Cavern
Echoes Prism Crystal Cavern
Crystallised Mist Crystal Cavern
Cloak of Refraction Crystal Cavern
Irradiance Sheath Crystal Cavern

Changes in Forge Values

  • We have revisited the value of several items on the Item Forge.
  • Check the changes below. Some of these items also have changed their requirements in Marks.
Item Change
Kageboshi It will provide Legendary materials when dismantled. Its requirements to craft are also higher now.
Penetrating Blast Spell It will provide Legendary materials when dismantled. Its requirements to craft are also higher now.
The Twilight Gemstone It will have higher material requirements to be crafted.
Warmonger It will have higher material requirements to be crafted.
Dusky Catalyst It will have higher material requirements to be crafted.
Valor It will have higher material requirements to be crafted.
Primal Arcana It will have higher material requirements to be crafted.
Sentinel’s Sidearm It will have higher material requirements to be crafted.
Polarity Poison It will have higher material requirements to be crafted.
Noble Mandolin It will have higher material requirements to be crafted.
Vanguard’s Visage It will have higher material requirements to be crafted.
Peacekeeper It will have higher material requirements to be crafted.
Coral Silk Armor Slightly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Beehemoth Armor (all versions) Slightly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Spectral Cloth Armor Slightly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Corrosion Cutter Slightly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Magic Construction Vest Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Fitted Construction Vest Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Heavy Construction Vest Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Nail Gun Bow Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Spatula Dagger Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Screwdriver Staff Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Measuring Wand Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Hammer Sword Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Sawblade Katana Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Frost Drake Hide Armor Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Frost Elementalist Robe Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Frost Citadel Armor Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Icicle Launcher Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Frost Lich’s Finger Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Frosty’s Walking Stick Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Winter’s Breath Wand Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Saint Nicolas’ Blade Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Yuki Greatly reduced materials provided when dismantled.
Nildrops Force/Cinder/Blood/Moon Forgefire cost has been very slightly reduced.
Basic Ore Forgefire cost has been very slightly increased.


  • Blueprints will now also count as an original item from the dungeon its item comes from.
  • This means you can use a Blueprint as a substitute of one item from its corresponding dungeon.
  • Remember not all Blueprints have an origin dungeon. We will be applying this change to Blueprints of top-end items only.
  • Also, the maximum of 1 Blueprint per forging is still maintained.

New STs

The “new generation” of ST Sets come with a completely new system. Instead of being directly dropped from monsters, they can only be obtained through the Item Forge!

Generational icons

We would also like to introduce an icon in the STs tooltip that allows you to identify to which “generation” of ST Sets they belong, with certain exceptions. Reskins and reworked items generally respect the generation their originals appeared in.

“First” generation of ST Sets on Realm “Second” generation of ST Sets on Realm “Third” generation of ST Sets on Realm

Resurrected Huntress Set

Imgur Album: Resurrected Huntress Set

The Resurrected Huntress is designed to clear swathes of enemies at a distance with the wide cone of her Bolt Thrower. She also has the Vitality and Defense to close with larger enemies to give them the full force of all five projectiles. When she gets to this range, enemies will have to beware of the retaliatory explosion of sparks from her Wedding Dress, or the high damage of her Lightning Rod trap. This will leave enemies slowed and easy prey.

Items in the set:

  • Weapon – Bolt Thrower (Bow)
  • Ability – Lightning Rod (Trap)
  • Armor – Wedding Dress (Leather)
  • Ring – Gothic Bouffant

Killbilly Warrior Set

Imgur Album: Killbilly Warrior Set

The Killbilly is also able to get in close and deal a lot of damage. His Burlap Cowl synergizes with the Headless Ted ring item to paralyze enemies who might otherwise run out of his range, in addition to the usual Berserk effect on helms. And those enemies who do escape will be left Bleeding due to the improved Bleeding system on his Jagged Hatchet weapon. The added damage this can stack on enemies can allow the Killbilly to hit and run, allowing his superior Vitality to regenerate quickly.

Items in the set:

  • Weapon – Jagged Hatchet (Sword)
  • Ability – Burlap Cowl (Helm)
  • Armor – Overalls of Endurance (Heavy)
  • Ring – Headless Ted

ST crafting

In order to see how the new ST Sets are crafted, we want to introduce you to the new system:

  • In the new ST tab (more details further below), you can find a new generation of ST set items that can be crafted.
  • In this first version, only the new generation of ST items can be crafted, but we are considering different approaches for older ST items.
  • For now, the older generations of ST items can only be dismantled. Only the new ST sets we introduce from now on will be craftable. We might change this in the future, though!
  • These ST items don’t require Blueprints to be unlocked in the Item Forge.

Mythical material

  • ST items require the new mythical material to be crafted. This material can only be obtained from dismantling ST items.
  • Same as with UTs, ST’s may also have additional requirements. For example, you need to dismantle at least one ST Weapon to be able to craft another ST Weapon. This depends on the item.

Mythical Set Tokens

  • Finally, ST items also require a specific token, obtainable from a variety of dungeons.
  • Every ST set requires a different token. So to craft the items in the new Huntress’ ST set you will need the Huntress’ unique token (Resurrected Huntress Set Token).
  • These tokens will, in phase 3, drop in selected dungeons.

ST Distribution Phases

The New STs will be rolled out in three different distribution phases.

Phase 1 – From June 7th to June, 20th

The Horror STory will last for two weeks. It’s similar to what you are used to with the War STory campaigns, but in this case, you will be able to get tokens instead of STs directly. The structure of rewards will also slightly change (only Mythical ST Chests and Mythical ST Gems) but you will still be able to choose for which class you want the token to be.

Horror STory

The Horror Story Campaign is coming to Realm starting on the 7th of June after the Maintenance and runs until the 20th of June at 12 PM UTC. The Grace Period runs for 3 days until the 23rd of June.

Let’s have a look at the campaign:

You’ll see that it’s not a common campaign: this one will allow you to get Mythical ST Chests and Mythical ST Gems.

Mythical ST Chests

Mythical ST Gems

Mythical ST Shards

Solo Keys

Running “solo” dungeons is a popular -and dangerous- challenge for our veteran players. Why not have extra rewards for it? Solo keys, as the name suggests, are keys for players who want to play a dungeon alone.

  • Solo Keys can only be opened in the vault
    • Which makes Solo Keys to be only usable by a single player and never a group

  • Solo Keys contain already predefined Dungeon Mods.
    • These Dungeon Mods are read-only and cannot be altered by the player.
      • This means a player cannot reset, upgrade, downgrade nor reroll the Dungeon Modifiers of a key.

  • Right now you can experience these keys for the following dungeons:
    • Lost Halls – Marble Colossus (10% chance of dropping a Mythical ST Gem)
    • Fungal Cavern – Crystal Entity [Crystal Cavern] (10% chance of dropping a Mythical ST Gem)
    • Secluded Thicket – Xolotl the Lightning God (5% chance of dropping a Mythical ST Gem)
    • High Tech Terror – F.E.R.A.L. (5% chance of dropping a Mythical ST Gem)

  • These keys are only obtainable during special occasions through dedicated Events.
    • Daily Quests
      • Requirements: 1x Health Potion and 1x Potion of Mana
      • Rewards: Solo Lost Halls Key or Solo Fungal Cavern Key or Solo Secluded Thicket Key or Solo High Tech Terror Key
      • Start time: 2022-06-07- 12:00 UTC
      • End time: 2022-07-12 – 12:00 UTC

    • Free packs – 3 packs in total each available for 7 days
      • Content: 4 Solo Skeleton Keys (can be exchanged for Solo Key of choice) + 8 Mystery Stat Pot
      • Free packs will be added to the shop on:
        • 2022-06-07 at 08:00:00 UTC
        • 2022-06-21 at 08:00:00 UTC
        • 2022-07-12 at 08:00:00 UTC

    • Go weekly packs – 7 in total, which will be limited to 1 or 2 per Account and each will be available for 7 days
      • Content: 4 Solo Skeleton Keys (can be exchanged for Solo Key of choice)
      • Price: 500g
      • Limit: 1 pack per account 1st, 2nd week
      • Limit: 2 packs per account 3rd – 7th week
      • New pack(s) will be added to the shop each Tuesday from 2022-06-07 to 2022-07-19

We are currently planning to distribute Solo Keys during each release of new Third Generation Set Tiered items.

Imgur Album: Solo Keys

Phase 2 – From June 21st to July, 11th

We will start selling the Augmented keys. These are very similar to Enchanted keys but will drop Mythical ST Gem and its shards as a 3rd Generation craft component together with Mystery ST Chest and its shards which can be opened or used as Mythical material for forging. We will be selling these keys for the events running at the time.

Augmented Keys

Using an Augmented Key will open the respective dungeon and give the opener a Mythical ST Crate

Augmented Keys will be available in direct sales in UI Store as well as in event key boxes from 2022-06-21 to 2022-07-12. Sales of Augmented Keys is a part of the second phase of 3rd Generation STs distribution.

You can find the Augmented Keys in the Shop.

Phase 3 – From July, 12th

We release tokens as a drop in the dungeons. Please note that we are not selling tokens directly in any way, nor 3rd gen STs.

Realm Speedup

We want to make some QoL changes to the Realm spawning system, both reducing the time spent in the realm and also making it more meaningful by having more interesting events.

  • Ghost King will be tweaked so it has less waiting time and idle phases.
    • Ghost King will no longer be an evaluation boss. There will only be 1 wave of 5 enemies, and they will spawn immediately upon attacking the Ghost King.
    • Ghosts and Ghost Master no longer have invulnerability while they move around.
    • Ghost Master can be tossed in any of the 5 directions (not just to the right of the Ghost King)

  • Less Ent Ancients and fewer Liches will spawn. This effectively means a decrease in the number of Heroes of Oryx per realm.
    • Ents and Liches have been reduced by 50% on average (resulting in a 33% decrease in Heroes of Oryx overall)
      • Drop rates have been increased to adjust for this reduction.

  • Event bosses for high-level dungeons have an increased chance to spawn. Some once-per-realm events (TBD) can now appear more than once.
    • Event bosses have a 25% chance to appear after a Hero of Oryx is killed.
    • Lord of the Lost Lands, Sphinx, Hermit, and Mountain Temple encounters can now appear up to 2 times per Realm.

  • Slight adjustments to some Event encounters
    • Avatar
      • MaxHP reduced from 150k to 125k
      • Killer Pillar defense reduced from 70 to 60

    • The Nest
      • Beehemoth MaxHP reduced from 25k to 20k
      • Nest Colonies reduced from 11 to 7 spawns.

    Bleeding Projectiles

    An update to the combat system has allowed for the Bleeding condition to better be applied to projectiles.

    • A projectile with the Bleeding effect will place a stack on the target which will last for X seconds.
      • Unless it has a higher value defined on the weapon, this stack will deal up to 20 damage per second until it expires.

    • These stacks are cumulative and can be added by multiple players.
    • High-level enemies have had a ‘Bleeding Maximum’ value added to prevent them from losing more than 1% of their total max HP per second through bleeding.

    UT Trading extension

    We are increasing the list of UT’s which can be traded. In order to not dramatically alter the appeal and design of dungeons, encounters, and Quests, we are being very selective when opening the trading option for these items. This is the list of new items that now will be tradeable:

    • Tome of Holy Protection
    • Ring of the Pyramid
    • Ring of the Nile
    • Pharaoh’s Requiem
    • Ancient Stone Sword
    • Crystal Sword
    • Crystal Wand
    • Wakizashi of Eastern Winds
    • Wakizashi of Crossing Fires

    Lost Halls drop rate increases

    We have increased the drop rates of the following items to be more in line with other high-level dungeons:

    • Sword of the Colossus
    • Marble Seal
    • Breastplate of New Life
    • Magical Loadstone
    • Bow of the Void
    • Quiver of Shadows
    • Armor of Nil
    • Sourcestone
    • Omnipotence Ring
    • Tier 13 Weapons
    • Tier 14 Armors

    Other changes

    • Fixed an issue where the XP Bonus from the Fast Learner Exaltation was not correctly applied.
      • Both Ice Cave and The Inner Sanctum will now be Difficulty 5.
      • Cultist Hideout will now be Difficulty 8, same as Lost Halls (Void will remain 8.5)


    • Fixed an issue where the XP Bonus from the Fast Learner Exaltation was not correctly applied.
    • Fixed an issue where sticky notifications appeared outside of the Nexus.
    • Fixed the tooltip of the Hooded Skull by adding a space.
    • Fixed a bug where some minibosses in Cultist Hideout were affected by minion Dungeon Mods instead of the Boss-affecting ones.
    • Fixed MP costs for Great Shinobi Sheath

    Update – Oryxmania

    June 21


    ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE? Sorry, I always get carried away when the release is wrestling-themed. Yes, I know this is the first time. But to see those Admin Arenas gain a new life after we have been doing monthly streams with them is very satisfying. Ah! And the Nexus is going back to the summer one as the Void Event ends.

    In a fit of drunken nostalgia, Oryx is reliving his gladiator days. He has organized a championship for the most feisty fighters among his subordinates. They don’t even have to win – they just have to show that they have gusto worthy of the Mad God. So it’s not those that prevail in the most fights that will win his gladiatorial championship, but those that throw themselves into the most fights! The heroes of the Nexus are the lions of the arena, getting into the gladiatorial spirit themselves and on the quest to defeat the to-be champs.

    The Puppet Master, Thessal the Mermaid Goddess, Xolotl the Lightning God and the Calamity Crab are in-character as their gladiatorial personas. A short introduction is in order:

    A production manager with more than enough affinity for drama, Mister Backstage is fed up with having the direction of his stories go astray. He is here to pull the strings and make sure the end of his story is the one he envisioned – even if he’s had to trade in his clipboard for a folding chair.

    The Deep Sea Diva is out to prove her fighting chops and to find revenge for the humiliating defeat of her brother Alexander by the hands of the Thunderbringer (staged deviously by none other than Backstage!) As a royal, she is used to getting her way by any means necessary, and she does not take defeat well.

    The Thunderbringer is a force of nature routinely employed by production to destroy inconvenient gladiators. Coming from a dynasty of fighters, he is more successful than his father and especially his quirky uncle, who seems to prefer drinking cocktails to competition. He is here to prove his work ethic and his incredible skill, and rise above his family’s legacy!

    There is no explanation for the Rad Raver. All we know is that he seems to thoroughly enjoy what he is doing. He will show up to the Arena at the most unexpected of times and leave chaos and glowsticks in his wake. Is he a secret weapon deployed by Mister Backstage? An aquatic pet of the Diva’s? Is he a calamity all of his own? He won’t say a thing.

    Double whites event in Realm

    Before the big event starts, you’ll have the chance to start collecting some cool loot right away: from June 21st to June 28th, always at 12 PM UTC, there will be a chance to grab some double white bags from the Realm.


    From 28th June, at 12 PM UTC until 12th July, 12 PM UTC

    After the Cyclops Gods have been defeated and after the Ent Ancients and Liches have been slain, Keyper will spawn in his role as the Arena Announcer. He is going to drop eight mysterious Arena portals. You will not know which Arena you are entering until you have loaded into it. There are four options.

    • Backstage Arena – You will face the gladiatorial persona of the Puppet Master.
    • Pirate Arena – Calamity Crab will be your enemy in this arena.
    • Underwater Arena – You will face Thessal.
    • Jungle Arena – Xolotl will bring the thunder to you.

    The bosses from these Arenas will be dropping their usual loot as well as 8×8 action figures pet skins of themselves in costume.

    At the end of the event, we will see which gladiators threw themselves into the most fights to win Oryx’s Gusto Prize! The prizes will be announced with the upcoming release notes for the event. Their dungeon will become the host of a generous Chest Event, and they will become celebrated as the theme of a free pack containing a 16×16 pet skin of themselves, as well as many other rewards. Heroes of the Nexus will not be so able to influence the winner, but their job is to beat ’em all up.

    Dungeon Events

    In the Ocean Trench, Deadwater Docks, Secluded Thicket and Puppet Master’s Encore, a random Arena portal will drop after defeating the boss. These dungeons also grant 1.5x loot and XP.


    • Fixed a bug that caused the tooltip description not to appear for forge item on forge panel, when the user hover the mouse over the item sprite

    New skins

    • Shop
      • Arena Gladiator Paladin Skin
      • Luchadora Kensei Skin
      • Wrestling Referee Priest Skin
      • Masked Dominator Knight Skin

    Imgur Album: New skins in the Shop
    • Drops from The Thunderbringer, The Rad Raver, Deep Sea Diva and Mister Backstage
      • Lil’ Thunderbringer Pet Skin
      • Lil’ Mister Backstage Pet Skin
      • Lil’ Deep Sea Diva Pet Skin
      • Lil’ Rad Raver Pet Skin

    Imgur Album: New Pet Skins
    • Community reward – one of the following 16×16 skins:
      • Thunderbringer Action Figure Pet Skin
      • Mister Backstage Action Figure Pet Skin
      • Deep Sea Diva Action Figure Pet Skin
      • Rad Raver Action Figure Pet Skin

    Imgur Album

    Update – Adaptive HP Scaling

    July 12

    Hello Realmers,

    Oryxmania is over and the Month of the Mad God is around the corner. We can already feel the air bubbling with excitement for what’s to come. In the meanwhile, we wanted to implement this Adaptive HP Scaling as we believe it is going to improve the overall game experience. We have also done some adjustments to the dismantling value of STs Forge to achieve a better balance.

    Adaptive HP Scaling

    With this new release, we have tweaked the Adaptive HP Scaling system; a system where certain bosses would adapt their total HP depending on the number of players present. While the system was an improvement over the linear growth we had in the past, in certain cases (big groups for example) its exponential increase wasn’t to our liking. In other cases, the HP was scaling too slowly.

    We have decided to move on to an implementation that allows us to define the HP growth curve on each enemy. This means we are able now to adapt the HP scaling per boss, to any number of players in whatever “curve shape” we want. This means that we can further smooth the HP scaling for battles where, by the nature of the battle, too big or too small groups were at a disadvantage over mid-sized groups.

    How does the new HP Scaling system work?

    • HP scaling now works like a “tax bracket” system: each additional player beyond the first will add a certain % of the base HP to the monster’s final health.
    • This means the first X players might add some amount, but the next Y players might add a different amount.
    • These values depend on the difficulty of the dungeon.
    • Dungeon Mods that affect the HP of an enemy are applied to the “base” HP which will then be affected by the HP Scaling.
      • For example, if you have a +45% HP mod, that will be applied to the base HP of the monster. Then, that new base HP will get a +X%HP from the HP scaling system

    • From the values seen in our last Public Testing, we have further customized the scaling on certain monsters and dungeons, like Oryx’s Sanctuary’s minions and The Shatters, amongst others. This will be an ongoing effort that we will closely monitor.


    Player number # Difficulty <=2.5 Difficulty <=6 Difficulty >6
    2-5 15% 20% 20%
    6-10 25% 30% 35%
    11-20 30% 35% 40%
    21-30 20% 30% 35%
    31-40 20% 25% 30%
    41+ 15% 20% 25%


    Player number # All Difficulty
    2-5 5%
    6-10 15%
    11-30 20%
    31-40 ?
    41+ 15%


    • While not all monsters follow this new system, most bosses and minibosses do.
    • Realm Encounters do not follow this HP Scaling system either.
    • Certain bosses, minions, and other enemies follow a different curve. One of the most relevant is Oryx 3, see the table below:

    Player number # All Difficulty
    2-5 25%
    6-10 40%
    11-25 45%
    26-50 40%
    51-55 35%
    56+ 30%

    ST Tokens

    Starting today, the Resurrected Huntress and Killbilly Warrior Set Tokens will drop in the game.

    To celebrate this, we will have a 1.5XP and Loot Event in the Secluded Thicket, Lost Halls, Crystal Caverns and High Tech Terror, go hunt for that loot!

    The Resurrected Huntress Set Token drops in:

    • Crystal Cave
    • High Tech Terror
    • Lost Halls

    • Crystal Cave
    • Lost Halls
    • Secluded Thicket

    ST Forge adjustments

    • For balance reasons, we have decided to decrease the dismantling value of some specific ST items which are tradeable. The following items will now provide less Mythical material.
      • Shendyt of Geb
      • Geb’s Ring of Wisdom
      • Book of Geb
      • Wand of Geb
      • Soulless Robe
      • Ring of the Covetous Heart
      • Soul of the Bearer
      • The Phylactery


    • Fixed a visual problem in the tooltip of some Blueprints.
    • Fixed a visual issue in The Shatters where a banner in the Alchemy room was not displaying properly under certain circumstances.
    • Fixed a dungeon mod problem with elementals in Mountain Temple boss fight, where they received minion effects instead of the boss’. They also now grant the correct amount of XP.
    • Fixed visual problems with the “Treasure Found!” Dungeon Mod in Deadwater Docks and other dungeons.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the player not to be instantly removed from the guild if they were removed from another server.


    • Oryxmania pet skins stopped dropping.

    New skins

    Imgur Album: New Skins

    Update – Month of the Mad God

    August 2


    The long-awaited time of the year has finally arrived. After today’s maintenance Realm of the Mad God Exalt will celebrate the Month of the Mad God. This Update offers new ways of experiencing your time in the realm with six brand new weapon types, two class reworks, the introduction of the Battlepass the Vindication Event and so much more.

    We have not forgotten our Veterans. If your Account is older than 7 years you will be able to purchase the special Veteran Skins in the Shop until MotMG ends. Additionally, we want to thank our Artists, Beige, Coomi, Sorcerer, Trensient for providing amazing Art. The same goes for our Future Seekers who provided a lot of feedback and discussions over the past months. And let’s not forget every single one of you that joined our Public Testing Sessions and provided valuable feedback.

    Let’s jump in and have a look at the Syndicate. And remember… don’t forget your coins.


    Does the end justify the means?

    The Vindication event will put you against the shady Syndicate, an organization of outlaws who have been hired by the Wanderer. They enter and exit different places of the Realm trying to accomplish some kind of secret plan that can potentially put an end to Oryx… and everything else too. A radical solution for a radical problem.

    While the Syndicate are alleged enemies of Oryx himself, they are also no friends of the Heroes of the Nexus. As told by one of their renegade members who have decided to escape and inform the Heroes, the Wanderer’s plan might end with the destruction and collapse of all that is known, Realm and Nexus included.

    Black Coins

    In the Realm and some dungeons, you will be able to find the different Syndicate members. If defeated, they will drop several valuable items, from some of the new weapon types, to the mysterious Black Coins.

    The Shady Vagrant

    During the event, you will find the Shady Vagrant in the Quest Room, taking the role of the Tinkerer. This strange character will give you different missions and will allow you to exchange the Black Coins obtained from the Syndicate for Hidden Keys.

    At some point, it will also be possible for you to find the Shady Vagrant in the realm. If you get close to him, your Hidden Keys can be activated, opening a portal to the lair of the Syndicate: the Interregnum.

    The Syndicate


    The Syndicate has recruited numerous desperate and dangerous souls to serve as foot soldiers. They range from tough, flail-wielding fighters to powerful battle mages. Whenever the dangerous mercenary captains appear in the Realm, these minions are not too far behind.

    Pirate Queen Ramm

    Not everyone is content to leave the high seas under the control of Oryx’s Hermit God. One piratical soul yearns for the heady days of high adventure and will do anything to bring them back.

    Pirate Queen Ramm can appear in the realm after you defeat a certain number of Heroes of Oryx and sometimes in the following dungeons: Forbidden Jungle, The Hive, Ancient Ruins, Sprite World, and Snake Pit.

    Loot in Realm and Dungeons:

    • Adventurer’s Belt
    • Backpack
    • Black Coin
    • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
    • Faded Heart Scarab
    • Fractured Hannya
    • Grapes of Wrath
    • Lore Books
    • Lucky Clover
    • Mystery Cloth (Large)
    • Mystery Cloth (Small)
    • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
    • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Rusted Barrel
    • Shard of the Intern
    • SubType 7 Weapons
    • SubType 8 Weapons
    • Sunken Fire Opal Ring
    • Tier 10 Weapons
    • Tier 8 Weapons
    • Tier 9 Weapons

    Loot in the Interregnum:

    • Adventurer’s Belt
    • Backpack
    • Black Coin
    • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
    • Faded Heart Scarab
    • Fractured Hannya
    • Grapes of Wrath
    • Heavy Syndicate Attire
    • Light Syndicate Attire
    • Lore Books
    • Lucky Clover
    • Mystery Cloth (Large)
    • Mystery Cloth (Small)
    • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
    • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Mystic Syndicate Attire
    • Rusted Barrel
    • Shard of the Intern
    • SubType 11 Weapons
    • SubType 12 Weapons
    • Sunken Fire Opal Ring
    • Tier 10 Weapons
    • Tier 11 Weapons
    • Tier 12 Weapons

    Izel the Grand Shaman

    Jungle tribes have begun to worship Oryx as a means of deflecting his wrath. Taking what is due to the true gods and offering it to this usurper is an act of deep and unforgivable blasphemy to this priest.

    Izel the Grand Shaman can appear in the realm after you defeat a certain number of Heroes of Oryx and sometimes in the following dungeons: Puppet Master’s Theatre, Undead Lair, Mad Lab, Abyss of Demons and Haunted Cemetery.

    Loot in Realm and Dungeons:

    • Adventurer’s Belt
    • Backpack
    • Black Coin
    • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
    • Faded Heart Scarab
    • Fractured Hannya
    • Grapes of Wrath
    • Lore Books
    • Lucky Clover
    • Mystery Cloth (Large)
    • Mystery Cloth (Small)
    • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
    • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Rusted Barrel
    • Shard of the Intern
    • Storm Caller
    • SubType 9 Weapons
    • Sunken Fire Opal Ring
    • Tier 10 Weapons
    • Tier 11 Weapons
    • Tier 9 Weapons

    Loot in the Interregnum:

    • Adventurer’s Belt
    • Backpack
    • Black Coin
    • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
    • Faded Heart Scarab
    • Fractured Hannya
    • Grapes of Wrath
    • Heavy Syndicate Attire
    • Light Syndicate Attire
    • Lore Books
    • Lucky Clover
    • Mystery Cloth (Large)
    • Mystery Cloth (Small)
    • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
    • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Mystic Syndicate Attire
    • Shard of the Intern
    • Storm Caller
    • SubType 11 Weapons
    • SubType 12 Weapons
    • Sunken Fire Opal Ring
    • Tier 10 Weapons
    • Tier 11 Weapons
    • Tier 12 Weapons

    Nefret the Pharaoh

    Over the ages, rule of the desert slowly but surely fell into the hands of Oryx. Consequently, both denizens and rulers have been forced to kneel in the wake of this conquest. There is still one pharaoh who will not bow down, and who seeks to right this humiliation.

    Nefret the Pharaoh can appear in the realm after you defeat a certain number of Heroes of Oryx and sometimes in the following dungeons: Parasite Chambers, Woodland Labyrinth, Deadwater Docks, Mountain Temple and The Third Dimension.

    Loot in Realm and Dungeons:

    • Adventurer’s Belt
    • Backpack
    • Black Coin
    • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
    • Faded Heart Scarab
    • Fractured Hannya
    • Grapes of Wrath
    • Light Syndicate Attire
    • Light Syndicate Attire
    • Light Syndicate Attire
    • Lore Books
    • Lucky Clover
    • Mystery Cloth (Large)
    • Mystery Cloth (Small)
    • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
    • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Shard of the Intern
    • SubType 10 Weapons
    • Sunken Fire Opal Ring
    • Tier 10 Weapons
    • Tier 11 Weapons
    • Tier 9 Weapons

    Loot in the Interregnum:

    • Adventurer’s Belt
    • Backpack
    • Black Coin
    • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
    • Faded Heart Scarab
    • Fractured Hannya
    • Grapes of Wrath
    • Heavy Syndicate Attire
    • Light Syndicate Attire
    • Lore Books
    • Lucky Clover
    • Mystery Cloth (Large)
    • Mystery Cloth (Small)
    • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
    • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Mystic Syndicate Attire
    • Shard of the Intern
    • SubType 11 Weapons
    • SubType 12 Weapons
    • Sunken Fire Opal Ring
    • Tier 10 Weapons
    • Tier 11 Weapons
    • Tier 12 Weapons

    Black Blade Ozuchi

    It was not only humans who felt Oryx’s wrath: the powerful Oni clans were ground down by attrition to prevent them opposing Oryx. Now they are crushed and broken, but not all of them have given up on the fight.

    Black Blade Ozuchi can appear in the realm after you defeat a certain number of Heroes of Oryx and sometimes in the following dungeons: Fungal Cavern, Crystal Cavern, The Nest, Cultist Hideout, The Void, Lost Halls and The Shatters.

    Loot in Realm and Dungeons:

    • Adventurer’s Belt
    • Backpack
    • Black Coin
    • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
    • Faded Heart Scarab
    • Fractured Hannya
    • Grapes of Wrath
    • Light Syndicate Attire
    • Lore Books
    • Lucky Clover
    • Mystery Cloth (Large)
    • Mystery Cloth (Small)
    • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
    • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Shard of the Intern
    • SubType 11 Weapons
    • SubType 12 Weapons
    • Sunken Fire Opal Ring
    • Tier 10 Weapons
    • Tier 11 Weapons
    • Tier 12 Weapons

    Loot in the Interregnum:

    • Adventurer’s Belt
    • Backpack
    • Black Coin
    • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
    • Faded Heart Scarab
    • Fractured Hannya
    • Grapes of Wrath
    • Heavy Syndicate Attire
    • Light Syndicate Attire
    • Lore Books
    • Lucky Clover
    • Mystery Cloth (Large)
    • Mystery Cloth (Small)
    • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
    • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Mystic Syndicate Attire
    • Shard of the Intern
    • SubType 11 Weapons
    • SubType 12 Weapons
    • Sunken Fire Opal Ring
    • Tier 10 Weapons
    • Tier 11 Weapons
    • Tier 12 Weapons

    The Wanderer

    Losing everything uncovered The Wanderer’s hidden ability to travel through portals to distant lands. There she honed her abilities until she was ready to unleash her vengeance upon Oryx for destroying her old life.

    The Wanderer can appear in several dungeons of any level, but only if none of the other Syndicate mercenaries do.

    Loot in the Interregnum:

    • Adventurer’s Belt
    • Backpack
    • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
    • Epic Mystery Key
    • Faded Heart Scarab
    • Fractured Hannya
    • Grapes of Wrath
    • Greater Potions
    • Huntsman’s Volley
    • Interregnum Weapons
    • Light Syndicate Attire
    • Loot Drop Potion
    • Loot Tier Potion
    • Lore Books
    • Lucky Clover
    • Mark of the Interregnum
    • Mystery Cloth (Large)
    • Mystery Cloth (Small)
    • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
    • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Potion of Max Level 1
    • SubType 12 Weapons
    • SubType 13 Weapons
    • Sunken Fire Opal Ring
    • Tier 12 Armors
    • Tier 12 Weapons
    • Tier 13 Armors
    • Tier 13 Weapons
    • Tier 14 Armors
    • Tier 5 Abilities
    • Tier 6 Abilities
    • Wine Cellar Incantation

    The Interregnum

    This strange world is a pocket dimension created by the Wanderer. It exists outside the Realm, like the Nexus, but it is very unstable. As a result, this area has become inhabitable for long periods of time. That makes it perfect, however, for the mercenaries of the Syndicate. They use this strange, abandoned dimension to meet, and they are preparing some sort of obscure plan with which to take over Oryx (and the rest of the realms with it).

    Crossing to the interregnum is forbidden without permission of the Syndicate, but there’s a loophole. Thanks to the help of the Shady Vagrant, he can open temporary portals to it if you find him in the Realm and use a Hidden Key in front of him. This is the only way of using these keys.

    Inside the Interregnum, the Syndicate is meeting, always on high alert against potential intruders. They won’t take you lightly and they’ll fight you to their last breath! Prepare for an epic multi-boss battle in which you fight each of the Mercenaries and then lastly, the Wanderer herself.

    But before you enter, there are some things you need to know first:

    • The Interregnum is a small dimension tightly controlled, so the portals can only allow a small number of Heroes at the same time. The maximum players allowed through a portal is 15.
    • The loot that you can obtain in the Interregnum can be different than outside it! Some unique items can only be obtained here.

    Special Loot


    They are available via the Battlepass.

    Wanderer’s Cape (Robe of the Grand Sorcerer Reskin)

    A simple, weather-beaten green cloak. It doesn’t endow great powers – it conceals them until the time is right.

    Pirate Queen’s Brigandine (Hydra Skin Armor Reskin)

    Stained by sea salt and equipped with bandoliers – the armor of a captain who fights at the forefront of her crew.

    Cuirass of the Black Blade (Acropolis Armor Reskin)

    A hereditary armor constructed of intricate scales. The crest of the Oni Clans that adorns it can still be identified.

    Amulet of the Great Shaman (Ring of Unbound Magic Reskin)

    The bearer of this ring is linked with the spirit world, and may channel the power of a deity.

    Emblem of the Empire (Ring of Unbound Health Reskin)

    Handed down through generations of Pharaohs, it holds power over more than just the wills of Nefret’s subjects.


    Vindication Quests are split into different Acts and an Epilogue.

    You can find a list of all Quests for all Acts down below. Additionally, 3 quests will be available throughout the Month of the Mad God.

    Unsigned Parcel may give:

    • Shard of the Intern x5
    • Shard of the Advisor x5
    • Shard of the Doorwarden x5
    • Shard of the Mad God x5
    • Celebrant Flail
    • Morning Star of Repentance
    • Bloodshed Blades
    • Longbow of the Endless Sky
    • Spellblade of the Sun
    • Skyslash Tachi
    • Legendary Mystery Key
    • Epic Mystery Key
    • Power Pizza
    • Grapes of Wrath
    • Ambrosia
    • Potion of Max Level 1
    • Backpack
    • Adventurer’s Belt
    • Crimson Longbow
    • Accursed Tachi
    • Spellblade of Starry Insight
    • Morning Star of Harrowing Memories
    • Occult Blades
    • Mithril Flail
    • Mystery ST Shard x5
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Basic Sulphur
    • Greater Sulphur
    • Basic Ore
    • Greater Ore
    • Chest Coupon x 1
    • Char Slot Coupon x 1


    Act 1

    From the 2nd of August, 2022 to the 9th of August, 2022. Quests will last until the 16th of August.


    Act 2

    From 9th of August, 2022 to 23rd of August, 2022


    Act 3

    From 23rd of August, 2022 to 6th of September, 2022



    One of the big, permanent changes that will start this Month of the Mad God are seasons. From now on, seasons will be periods of time (usually around 2 months; the exact calendar will be announced and notified ingame) with a particular theme or point of interest for the whole playerbase.

    Seasons will continue each other, so when the current season is over, the next one will start immediately after. This way, there will always be a “current” season.

    Seasons exist because we believe that it’s time to give a proper structure to the releases. From the production side, having a flexible but predictable calendar allows us to better deliver content and plan our updates. On the community side, seasons provide a stable, non-pressuring calendar to set your goals and enjoy the game at your own pace, including the new content that will be tied to these seasons.

    While we think seasons will be a great addition to the game, we have made sure to make any system changes non-disruptive for players who enjoy a straightforward playstyle and prefer to omit all the new systems. While we invite you to try those systems, nothing in the game or the character progression you know has been disrupted – seasons live on top of the game, but don’t disturb players who prefer to ignore them.

    That being said, in the months to come we will present you new features tied to seasons. Every two months, when the new season starts, these features will reset and/or change in several ways. For this Month of the Mad God 2022, we want to showcase to you the first system that will be tied to seasons: The Battlepass.



    The Battlepass is a very straightforward progression ladder. It works by collecting a new resource, Battlepass XP (or BXP for short). In general the rule is simple: Any enemy that can give XP, can also give BXP.

    The proportion is slightly different though, so there’s not a 1:1 correlation between the XP granted and the BXP granted, and please bear in mind that in this first iteration of the system we will be monitoring closely the BXP growth of players so we can keep adjusting it for the most satisfactory experience. Right now 1 Fame is roughly 10 Battlepass XP.

    When you are collecting BXP in the realm or dungeons, you can press ‘K’ (the default key for showing the logs) and see how close you are to the next milestone in the Battlepass ladder.

    The Battlepass Menu

    The Battlepass Menu is a new menu only accessible from the Nexus and the Vault. Click on the top-left panel under your username to access it.

    This menu has several functions but the most important one is to allow you to see your current progress and claim prizes. This ladder is connected to the current season; so next season the ladder will reset and the prizes will completely change.

    When you get to certain amounts of BXP, you will be able to claim a prize. You can also see the entire ladder, up to the end. Some of the prizes you can see can be claimed by anyone, but others require you to have acquired the Exalted Pass.

    Exalted Pass

    Exalted Pass is a paid program that allows you to access unique, exclusive milestones in the Battlepass. You can purchase it through the Battlepass menu and its cost is 1200 Gold*

    Note: All prices are subjected to change. Final price is the one presented in the game.
    Big thank you to SaturnZCheery (@SaturnZCheery on Twitter) for providing the amazing Art.

    Exalted Pass has also some additional benefits, like:

    • More rewards in the Battlepass.
    • Immediate access to “extra rewards” upon purchase.
    • A 10% permanent BXP bonus that lasts for the entire season.
    • The ability to boost Milestones for a Gold cost (this is unavailable to non-Exalted Pass users)

    Next Season’s Discount Coupons

    In the ladder there can be found partial discounts for the Exalted Pass of next season. They are automatically stored in your account when they are claimed, and they exist both for free and Exalted Pass purchasers. Each Coupon grants a 10% discount, so for example Coupon x2 equals to 20% and its tooltip points to the total discount amount you will get from that tier.

    These discounts are accumulative, so it’s guaranteed that If you already have an Exalted Pass and you get to the end of the ladder, you will be gifted the next season’s Exalted Pass for free!

    Special Status Icons

    In the following months, we will have new types of status changes that can affect how you play the game. Some of them you are already familiar with: “XP Bonuses” or “In Combat”, for example.

    Because we plan for them to grow both in number and complexity, we have revisited the UI. The special status icons have been moved to the upper-left corner and also have separated them individually, so it’s easy to see if a particular status effect is active or not at a single glance.

    If you hover over them, you will see a description of all the different special status you have, alongside a description and a duration. In case you have multiple sources of the same status effect, here you will be able to see their duration too.


    Starting this month, we’re beginning an expansion on the types of bonuses players can gain. For example, some existing bonuses are Loot Tier/Loot Drop potions, but we’ve wanted to expand on the concept of timed boosts for awhile. With this update, we are introducing both new types of boosts with some being more commonly accessible. Others can become more powerful and provide interesting rewards during events or with other systems too! These boosters are collectively called “Accelerators”

    Accelerators can last for a certain time, while you have an item equipped, or even be permanent for the whole season!

    Another important characteristic is that Accelerators aren’t applied to any character in particular, so you can swap your characters and the accelerators would still be active.

    Here are some examples of Accelerators you can find in this new update. More will come in the future.

    *The Sprites are not yet final

    Player Titles

    For this release we have also created a new cosmetic feature: Player Titles. Player titles are equipped through the Wardrobe in your Vault and can be unlocked by completing special requests, direct purchase, or other methods. Some Player Titles are exclusive for players who complete special achievements!

    A Player Title appears in several places: On your character selection panel, when inspecting other players, in chat and notifications, and under the player’s name in the game. This last option was made configurable so if you prefer to not see yours and others’ player titles under their character, you can disable it through the Options/Video menu.

    Assassin and Sorcerer Rework

    One of our most anticipated reworks has to do with classes that had an important need for revision. Assassin and Sorcerer have been revamped! Here are all the details:


    Assassin is a well-beloved class by many players however its previous role in battle was almost always overshadowed by other classes who had more versatile, more powerful (or both) options. This had a lot to do with how his ability, Poison, worked. In order to return Assassin to the spotlight, we have reworked how Poison works entirely. We believe it will now emphasize more the distinctively individualistic approach to battle of Assassin players, while still being able to contribute to the group if they carefully use their skills with good judgment.


    Poisons can do damage and other effects in several ways, which varies depending on the Poison.. Poisons will now give the user an individual damage boost to all vulnerable enemies hit”. If possible, bold the word vulnerable as well since the damage boost only applies under that condition. This means the enemy will take extra damage if you have applied your Poison first.

    Other players’ Poisons have no affect on your own damage boost, and if different Poisons are applied at the same time, only the highest damage boost will be applied.

    In addition to this, we have implemented the idea of and expanded upon “wisMod” that some items have to the rework of Poisons. Now Poisons can have a boost based on another of your stats (not necessarily Wisdom). And this boost is not only for damage, with poison radius and impact damage also gaining the potential to be influenced by one or several stats. This flexibility in implementation allows us to create a wide variety of Poisons with which we believe will benefit Assassin!

    To recap: Assassins now inflict extra weapon damage to enemies if you previously Poison them. Poisons can now be influenced by different stats (tiered Poisons are influenced by WIS for example), with damage, radius and impact damage all having the potential to be influenced by your stats!


    This is a showcase of the most important changes to items.

    Tiered Poisons


    Untiered Poisons

    *note for poisons with extra bombs such as polarity or Tyrant’s Toxin only the middle poison scales


    *Murky Toxin Begins scaling at 70 Dex and 60 Att

    **Mighty Stein Begins scaling at 35 Vit

    ***Tyrant’s Toxin Begins scaling at 25 Def

    Assassin St Set Changes

    Acidified Assassin set bonus 3 and 4: removed -5 speed

    Hivemind Circlet: +5 Wis -> +10% of your attack stat as wisdom


    Lastly, Assassin’s stats have been rebalanced.



    The rework of Sorcerer has also been focused on expanding his ability equipment, Scepter, with additional options that put the class in its potential. We think Sorcerer should be a class that benefits the most from a player who is able to consider careful timing and good aim to get the most of an ability that can be devastating if used correctly.


    Scepters will keep their basic functionality that chains lightning to nearby enemies: it discharges the lightning over an enemy pointed by the mouse and, within an angle, distance, and other considerations, the lightning will expand to other nearby enemies.

    With our reworked Scepters, enemies can become afflicted with shockblast if they are hit by lightning, becoming a source of area damage themselves. If an enemy is struck by the lightning, for a brief period of time they would transform into a “damaging AoE” which can deal damage to other enemies, potentially affecting even more enemies that weren’t hit by it initially. This damaging area could potentially inflict a status effect on some untiered scepters, in addition to damage.

    To recap: if the enemy is struck by lightning, for a brief time it will start emitting a damaging radius that can damage itself and other enemies around it.


    This is a showcase of the most important changes to items.

    Tiered Scepters


    Untiered Scepters


    Set Tiered


    Horrific Sorcerer Set Changes

    Garment of the Beast:
    +10 DEF → +10 DEF (unchanged)

    +50 MAXMP → +50 MAXHP

    -5 DEX → +5 SPD

    +8 ATT → +4 ATT

    • 4 WIS → +5 WIS
      Set Bonuses:
      2 Piece: +6 SPD → +3 SPD, +3 DEF

    3 Piece: +3 ATK → + 3 ATK + 4 WIS + 5 DEF
    4 Piece: +15 DEF → + 10 DEF, +8SPD, +30 MAXHP


    Sorcerer’s Attack and Dexterity stats have been increased by 5.
    This changes Attack from 70 to 75 and Dexterity gets an increase from 60 to 65.

    Berserk changes

    The Berserk status effect now works with “burst” weapons. Rate of Fire of burst weapons is increased by 25% when you have “Berserk” on you.

    New Weapon Types

    We believe all classes should have different options for optimal play, and choosing your equipment is a major decision every player makes (and it’s very fun!). In order to expand the options for all classes, we are introducing new weapon types! These new weapon types have the same compatibility as the type they are based on. For example, Tachis are a type of variant of Katanas, so any character who can equip a Katana can also equip a Tachi.

    The new weapon types follow the same rules as other regular items: there will be different Tiers that can drop from monsters. There are also some UT’s that can be dropped from monsters or acquired through other methods. Although the pool is increased in several monsters, we have also rebalanced the drop rates of all weapons and tweaked the “class bias” on certain enemies. That means that, in general, you are slightly more likely to obtain items compatible with the class you’re playing.

    Currently, no Blueprints are available for new weapon types’ UT’s, but in the future we plan to add them.

    Dual Blades (based on Dagger)

    Tiered: Dual Blades fire two shots slightly offset from the center (but still close enough together to hit the same target). Overall higher dps for decreased range and increased required accuracy when compared to normal daggers

    UT: The “Fractal Blades” have the base shots pierce and at the halfway point and end of the blades range they split into two additional non-piercing projectiles adding more damage for spacing at either of those points. Drops from the Crystal Entity in the Crystal Caverns.



    Tachi (based on Katana)

    Tiered: Tachis shoot two shots offset to the sides and in front of the player, these shots are angled inwards to cross each other at a specified range in front of the player. Tachis provide highly increased damage with the downside of requiring much better positioning which can’t be circumvented by getting close enough to an enemy.

    UT: The “Burial Blades” tachi have a shot pattern that switches every few seconds, this changes the hit zone from a smaller one to a longer one. Drops from Malus in the Cultist Hideout.



    Flail (based on Sword)

    Tiered: Flails fire a chain of 3 projectiles each with a different range, all of which will boomerang back to the player at the same time, creating a chain like effect similar to the Soul Cursed Scythe dagger. Flails aim to provide a piercing tool for melee players that are usually lacking them, this is balanced by the slow fire rate of the weapon as well as the difficulty in hitting all the projectiles.

    UT: The “Barnacle Basher” fires a longer chain headed by an anchor, this flail is even slower than usual but does massive damage when hitting the endpoint. Drops from the Hermit God in the Realm.



    Longbow (based on Bow)

    Tiered: Longbows burst-fires 4 sets of 3 shots that meet at the end of their range. Unlike normal bows, these bows maintain full effectiveness and large amounts of damage at max range at the cost of requiring increased accuracy.

    UT: The “Hama Yumi” is a hybrid of both regular bows and subtype bows, firing 4 shots in a burst with the outer arrows dealing armor piercing damage. Drops from the Jade Statue in the Realm. Kageboshi now only drops from the Garnet Statue.



    Spellblade (based on Staff)

    Tiered: Spellblades fire two shots that are stacked directly on top of each other. One of these shots deal higher damage while the other shot deals lower damage but pierces armor as well as multihits giving staff classes better access to piercing at a cost of raw damage.

    UT: The “Crystalized Worm Spellblade” fires two worm heads from the left and right of the player. Accuracy and proper spacing allows for a skilled player to do significant damage. Drops from the Crystal Worm Mother in the Fungal Caverns.



    Morning Star (based on Wand)

    Tiered: Unlike regular wands, Morning Stars are shorter range and do not pierce enemies. In return they are a 5-shot shotgun allowing for big damage on a single target if you’re able to land all your shots.

    UT: The “Beekeeper’s Flamethrower” only fires 3 shots as opposed to the tiereds 5, these projectile armor pierce and move slowly to allow for greater coverage. Drops from the Beekeeper in The Nest.



    HP Scaling

    We have been listening to your feedback regarding the new changes as well as making some based on our own observations. This patch we will be rolling out the following changes and continue to listen to your feedback and observe the balance of the new scaling system.

    In general we received some feedback that these changes were punishing realm groups too much, as such the lowest end of the HP scaling formula has been lowered a little to hopefully help with the size of groups you might find in a realm. In addition we observed the highest end of players being a little too powerful and have raised that end a bit to try to balance it out.

    General Scaling




    Minions have been simplified to use one formula across all normal dungeon difficulties as many of the lower difficulty dungeon minions don’t scale at all so dedicating formulas for their tiers was wasted.


    Oryx Route Scaling





    The Shatters

    The Shatters previously had a higher boss scaling formula than the rest of the game, as a result our last update to it tried to keep in line with that already higher scaling and it ended up going too high. We have updated the Shatters boss scaling to the following:



    Larger shatters minions, including the royal guard will use the standard minion scaling for normal dungeons, however many of the smaller minions in the dungeon will use the following smaller scale to encourage splitting up while clearing:



    • Numerous enemies that were still using the old system last update have now been properly updated onto the new system
    • A few Boss Minions (i.e. Void shades, Marble Cores) that were supposed to be using boss scaling had been using minion scaling instead resulting in drastically lower health than intended, this has now been fixed


    Imgur Album: New Skins
    • Resistance Leader Knight
    • Fur Trader Archer
    • Resistance Scout Rogue Skin
    • Syndicate Assassin Skin
    • Syndicate Sorcerer Skin
    • Syndicate Necromancer Skin
    • Syndicate Samurai Skin
    • Penguin Gunslinger Pet Skin
    • Dimensional Wanderer Pet Skin


    We did not forget about Events at all! You can always keep yourself updated by having a look at our Event Calendar for MotMG but additionally let’s have a look at some of the Chest Events starting with this release. We will update you weekly with the loot for the next events as well!

    The Nest

    Loot in The Nest:

    • Ambrosia
    • Apiary Armor
    • Backpack
    • Basic Sulphur
    • Red Beehemoth Armor
    • Blue Beehemoth Armor
    • Yellow Beehemoth Armor
    • Carnivorous Plant Pet Skin
    • Fallen One’s Blade
    • Flame Guard
    • Grapes of Wrath
    • Greater Sulphur
    • Hivemaster Helm
    • Hivemind Mace
    • Honey Circlet
    • Honeytomb Snare
    • Inari Sorcerer Skin
    • Killer Bee Queen Pet Skin
    • Lady of Locks Ninja Skin
    • Loot Drop Potion
    • Loot Tier Potion
    • Lucky Clover
    • Mystery Cloth (Large)
    • Mystery Cloth (Small)
    • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
    • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Nectar Crossfire
    • Potion of Dexterity (SB)
    • Potion of Life (SB)
    • Potion of Max Level
    • Power Pizza
    • Queen’s Stinger
    • Scarlet Nildrop
    • Shard of the Mad God x1
    • Superior Sulphur
    • Sword Rune
    • Teal Nildrop
    • The Nest Key
    • Wine Cellar Incantation

    Parasite Chambers

    Loot in Parasite Chambers:

    • Abomination’s Wrath
    • Adventurer’s Belt
    • Amaranth Nildrop
    • Ambrosia
    • Backpack
    • Flying Eyeball Pet Skin
    • Garment of the Beast
    • Grapes of Wrath
    • Hazel Nildrop
    • Hivemind Circlet
    • Infested Assassin Skin
    • Loot Drop Potion
    • Loot Tier Potion
    • Lucky Clover
    • Mystery Cloth (Large)
    • Mystery Cloth (Small)
    • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
    • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Parasite Chambers Key
    • Parasitic Concoction
    • Potion of Attack (SB)
    • Potion of Mana (SB)
    • Potion of Max Level
    • Power Pizza
    • Recurring Terror Spell
    • Scepter of Devastation
    • Shard of the Mad God x1
    • Skelly Penguin Pet Skin
    • Tome of Pain
    • Wine Cellar Incantation
    • Wise Swine Knight Skin

    Free Pack

    The Syndical Arrival Pack is free to claim for everyone! It contains the following items:

    • 1x Char Slot Unlocker
    • 1x Candy of Extreme Defense
    • 1x Candy of Extreme Speed
    • 3x Black Coin x10
    • 3x Unsigned Parcel
    • 1x Ice Cream

    New Nexus

    The Syndicate has invaded the Realm and with it the Nexus got a new painting.

    Other Changes

    • Added a mechanism that will teleport players who don’t move from Shatters’ bridge onto the Archmage fight.
    • Fixed a problem with the Dungeon Mod Mystery Tincture in Cursed Library, should work correctly now.
    • Fixed the forge description for “Headless Ted”. It wrongly indicated incorrectly that an “Ability” was required. The correct requirement is a “Ring”.
    • Fixed the forge requirements for Staff of Unholy Sacrifice, Skull of Corrupted Souls, Ritual Robe and Bloodshed Ring. These items have a requirement of 2 items from Lost Halls, Cultist Hideout, or The Void. They were incompatible with The Void’s but this has been fixed.
    • Training mobs in Guild Hall now do not increase player stats, like “enemies killed” count.
    • Fixed a visual bug with Void Prison enemy not showing its HP bar correctly.
    • We have applied a new solution in The Shatters for avoiding situations where players did not teleport to Archmage’s battle when the battle starts and stayed behind.


    • Added an option to reduce the amount of AoE particles in the settings
    • Adjusted the Sorcerer’s Shock Blast tooltip description to be more accurate: “Triggers X times every Y seconds”
    • Added a limit to character you can put in chat – 228
    • Fixed an issue where loot bags would sometimes not have their items visible after killing certain enemies
    • Fixed an issue where the social tab tooltips would stay and follow the cursor after hovering over their menus
    • Fixed visual issue where drop rate % would show incorrectly in the Exaltation panel as 1025%, correct value is 35%
    • Fixed a small issue where a player would not get a notification the first time they try to teleport while it’s in cooldown
    • Say goodbye to the looong decimal points string you were seeing for the squares radius on poisons
    • Fixed an issue where Mythical ST Gem Dungeon Mod info was displaying for The Void or Cultist Hideout through a Solo Lost Halls dungeon