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RIFTS are seasonal game modes running parallel to the main game, featuring modified mechanics and self-contained goals. Players start fresh in every season with a limited number of lives, and can work to obtain rewards that transfer to Original mode.

RIFTS can be accessed from the main menu by any players that have obtained at least 50 base fame on a living or dead character.

There have been four (five if Warm Up is included) RIFTS seasons so far. There are currently no plans for additional seasons, and the Exalt client currently does not support RIFTS or display leaderboards from previous seasons.


Progress on RIFTS is separate from that on Original mode. All progress made in RIFTS, including purchased or gained items, will not carry over between seasons, with the exceptions of unlocked character slots and vault chests.

All RIFTS accounts begin with two character slots and vault chests, all classes unlocked, and a Common pet yard. Players can create only a set number of characters per season. The number of allowed characters left is displayed on the character selection screen. Deleting a character will count toward this tally.

Trading is disabled on RIFTS, and there is no way to create or use guilds.

Per-season mechanics

Different seasons have unique features. The first season, Fall of the Forgotten, is a throwback season utilizing only dungeons and bosses from mid-2012 (that is, those produced by Wild Shadow Studios, the original owners of the game).

Drop tables are revised to offer a more reasonable progression curve based on a season’s length and reflect the theme of the season. Other features, such as the available enemies and dungeons,

Rewards are dependent on the season. They can be based on a player’s completed Tinkerer quests or leaderboard position.


The Tinkerer’s Original mode quests are disabled, and he offers unique mark quests in their place. Notably, Marks of Oryx only drop in the Wine Cellar.

Completion rewards can include stat potions, tiered items, pet eggs or food, and wine cellar incantations. Some quests have extra rewards that are delivered in Original mode.

Starting from Season 3, players can purchase a Mad Pass from the Shop, which will increase the quantity and quality of quest rewards that are carried over to Original mode.


Pet egg drop rates and locations are modified. They drop only from bosses, but at higher rates than in Original mode.

Like eggs, pet food can be obtained as loot from bosses or by completing Tinkerer quests. Only pet food items have an effect on pets; standard items have 0 feed power.

Pets can be fed and fused, and the pet yard upgraded, at no cost. The level cap of pets varies from each rifts season.

Eggs and pet skins may also be purchased in the Nexus shop.


The leaderboard can be opened in safe zones by clicking the golden trophy icon near the top right of the main game area. It includes two tabs:

  • Top 20: lists the players with the most living fame
  • Your Position: displays a player’s rank

A player’s leaderboard ranking is based on their best character in terms of fame. Only living fame is counted; fame bonuses calculated on death are not factored in. If the character dies, it remains on the leaderboard with its last fame score.

Once a season has ended, the final ranking will be saved and can be displayed via the dropdown menu on Original mode. The most recent seasons will be displayed on top of that menu.

Ranked Leaderboard Rifts Rewards

When a player is positioned at rank 50 or higher, they will recieve a unique background for their star in game. They will keep that unique star background until the next rifts season.

  • Rank 1:
  • Rank 2:
  • Rank 3:
  • Ranks 4-50:

Shop items

The Nexus shop sells Keys, Eggs, Dyes, Backpack, Loot Boosters, Pet Skins, and other Consumables. HP and MP potions may be purchased from Vault chest and character slots are the only purchases will carry over between seasons.


Warm Up

Sep. 24 – 25, 2019

Season 1: Fall of the Forgotten

Sep. 27 – Oct. 1, 2019

Season 2: Midweek Mayhem

Oct. 9 – 11, 2019

Season 3: Infestation

Nov. 14 – 21, 2019

Season 4: On Thin Ice

Dec. 12 – 17, 2019


  • CUSWest
  • CUSSouth
  • CUSMidWest
  • CUSEast
  • CEUWest
  • CEUNorth
  • CEUEast
  • CAustralia
  • CAsiaSouthEast