Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
This includes most character stats and exaltations.
Services based on such data are not updated.

RIFTS - Fall of the Forgotten

Fall of the Forgotten was the first RIFTS season released (not including Warm Up) and went on from September 27, 2019 to October 1, 2019. Players are limited to making 5 characters in total for this season. The level cap of pets is set to 50 (Max Uncommon). All the dungeons available for this season are limited to those that released during the Wildshadow era.

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There are two quests available for the duration of this rifts season. The Tunnel Rat quest is the same one as the Warm Up Rifts.

Name Description Items Needed Reward (RIFTS) Reward (Legacy)
Tunnel Rat An esteemed challenger like you will be well-travelled! Legacy reward on your first time! Mark of Stheno Mark of Septavius Mark of Limon Mark of Malphas Mark of Ruthven Mark of Thessal Mark of Geb Mark of Oryx Wine Cellar Incantation Mystery ST Chest
Last Call And that’s not all! I’ve got a special legacy reward waiting for you if you complete this one! Mark of Oryx Mark of Oryx Mark of Oryx Mark of Oryx Mark of Oryx Backpack Beefcake Brutus Warrior Skin

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Community Event

During this rifts season, there was an ongoing community event that gave out rewards to everyone depending on how many players completed the Tunnel Rat quest.

Tier Quests Completed By Players Rewards
1 10,000 Mystery ST Shard x2
Chest Coupon x1
2 11,000 Mystery ST Shard x10
Chest Coupon x2
3 12,000 Mystery ST Chest
Chest Coupon x3
4 13,000 Mystery ST Chest x2
Chest Coupon x4
5 15,000 Mystery ST Chest x3
Vault Chest Unlocker

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Seasonal Rifts Changes

Following changes have been made to drop rates and items:

  • All stat potions are now greater stat potions
  • Drop rates of mana and life from Trench and Tomb respectively have been increased
  • Drop rates of tiered items from quest monsters, dungeon bosses, encounters and mountains gods has been doubled
  • Drop rates of UTs from dungeon bosses has been increased
  • Drop rates of UTs from encounters has been significantly increased
  • Drop rates of Wine Cellar Incantation from dungeon bosses has been significantly increased
  • Mark of Oryx drops from Oryx the Mad God 2 instead of Oryx the Mad God 1
  • Egg now only drop from dungeon bosses and encounters
  • Egg rates has been significantly increased for dungeon bosses and encounters
  • Only common and uncommon eggs are available
  • Pet food has been added to the drop tables of dungeon bosses and encounters
  • All items but pet food now have 0 feed power

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Drop Table Changes

  • Red Demon: Skull of Endless Torment
  • Cyclops God: Murky Toxin
  • Ghost King: Ronin’s Wakizashi
  • Lich’s Phylactery Bearer: Prism of Dancing Swords
  • Cube God: Midnight Star
  • Skull Shrine: Scepter of Fulmination
  • Pentaract: Celestial Blade
  • Lord of the Lost Lands: Penetrating Blast Spell
  • Grand Sphinx & Hermit God: Candy-Coated Armor

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Enemy XP Changes

  • All Gods: 100 XP
  • Heroes: 4000 XP
  • Lesser Encounters: 20000 XP
  • Encounters: 40000 XP
  • Crystal Prisoner: 10000 XP
  • Dreadstump the Pirate King: 300 XP
  • Mixcoatl the Masked God: 600 XP
  • Arachna the Spider Queen: 900 XP
  • Stheno the Snake Queen: 2000 XP
  • Limon the Sprite Goddess: 1000 XP
  • Septavius the Ghost God: 1500 XP
  • Archdemon Malphas: 4000 XP
  • Lord Ruthven: 5000 XP
  • Thessal the Mermaid Goddess: 10000 XP
  • Bes: 4000 XP
  • Nut: 4000 XP
  • Geb: 4000 XP
  • Stone Guardian Left: 10000 XP
  • Stone Guardian Right: 10000 XP
  • Oryx the Mad God 1: 100000 XP
  • Oryx the Mad God 2: 200000 XP

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Available Dungeons

The dungeon selection for this rifts season has been limited to pre-Kabam era.

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Taken from Dytto’s post

Just as you finish your stale horn of mead and exhaustedly make your way over to your pet yard to feed the black wolves a young rogue unveils himself from the tree line, exhausted and out of breath he steps onto the bridge and blares from the bottom of his severed lungs:

“Heed fellow prisoners of Oryx, be quick - the sinister prophet once more seeks to extinguish any spark of uprising in Realm. Oryx has forced his obeisant master of the dark arts Lord Ruthven to twist the very fabric of space and time and is now capable of conjuring a dark portal in the Realm. This portal has opened now! It is a gateway to unseen horrors pouring into this world we just coped to make our own. We are run over by hordes of evil powers we are only beginning to understand.

Even though it is a ludicrous attempt to stop this onslaught, you and your fellow captives have to aid me to try the last and only option available to us reverse our inevitable destiny of death and torment - you have to round up everyone and anyone still capable of holding a wand and a sword and make your way with me… through the portal … to the other side…”.

Still processing this cryptic call you hastily grab your strongest black wolf by the collar and drag him with you and a mob of old heroes and follow the rogue into the forest. On a clearing you reach a sky high vortex spewing hordes of creatures you disintegrate as you make your way forward. Having reached the centre of the vortex pulsing with strange magic you take a heart and step through it to the other side…the magic strips away every molecule you and your wolf are comprised of and you enter an ethereal state of consciousness.

Feeling like you just woke up from a bad dream you find yourself in the Realm again but something is different…actually everything is different…

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