The Ril is a lesser fairy that can be found in the Magic Woods.



HP: 300
DEF: 1
EXP: 30
Location: Magic Woods

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Bright Green Fairy Boomerang 40 5 15 Boomerang
Dark Green Fairy Boomerang 25 5 15 Boomerang


Initially chases players while firing single teal boomerangs. If it gets close enough it will circle players in this phase.

After a few seconds, it stops chasing and stays mostly stationary while firing green boomerangs in a hexagon shape around itself.


Does Not Reproduce

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Tips and Strategies

During the fairies chase phase, it likes to circle the target but its shots are slow and only deal moderate damage.

When stationary, as with any boomerang firing enemy don’t stand on it or stay in the location it fired from. Despite only dealing 25 damage there are six shots per burst and they -can- deal some nasty damage if all six hit a character with low or no DEF.

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