Ritual Skull

Ritual Skull Ritual Skull AoE The skull of an alligator, used to house spirits summoned through wicked rituals.

Tier ST
MP Cost 150
On Equip +4 ATT, +2 DEX
Effect(s) On ability Use: Summons ritual circle for 6 seconds
Ritual Circle: Inflicts 225-275 Damage within 3 sqrs at the radius, scaling up to 1350-1650 Damage at the center every second
Red Cross Healing within 3 sqrs
With Fang Necklace: The Ritual Circle gives Red Sword Berserk within 3 sqrs
Soul Gem Amulet: The Ritual Circle inflicts Red Down Arrow Slowed within 3 sqrs
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Radius 3 tiles
XP Bonus 6%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 850
Forging Cost 40 Mythical Material / 400 Forgefire / 1 Shaman Necromancer Set Token / 1 ST Ability
Dismantling Value 40 Mythical Material

Loot Bag Assigned to Orange Bag
Obtained Through Crafting in the Forge

Part of the Shaman Necromancer Set.