Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly This viscous concoction was robbed from the Killer Bees, and its venomous properties have been cleansed. Its remaining strength seems to come from an unknown ingredient.

Party Effect: Within 5 sqrs HP↑ HP Boost (+75 HP) for 10 seconds
Party Effect: Within 5 sqrs Red Cross Healing for 10 seconds

Quick Slot Stack Limit: 6
Consumed with use

Feed Power: 37

The feed power of the item is based on the idea that Killer Honey contains 7.45% Ambrosia, described in one of The Nest’s Research Logs. 7.45% of Ambrosia’s 5,000 feed power is 372.5, implying that Royal Jelly contains a one tenth amount of this at 37 feed power.

The “unknown ingredient” mentioned in the description is therefore likely to be Ambrosia, though by now diluted to less than 1% of its original potency.

Its name was originally “Pasteurized Killer Honey” before a Reddit user commented about the Nest trailer, thinking the name was actually “Royal Jelly”.

Before Exalt Version (Oct 2020) Royal Jelly did not count as a potion when used, which made them excellent choices for players who wish to keep their Thirsty fame bonus.