Rushing Dungeons


To run ahead through a dungeon, killing few enemies, in an attempt to reach the boss before anyone else (or help a group reach it faster).

When rushing a dungeon–from an Undead Lair to a Wine Cellar–you need to be prepared. The best classes for rushing are Knights, Rogues, Tricksters, Ninjas, Paladins, Warriors, and Mystics (with the Orb of Conflict), but you can feasibly rush on any class.


  • Fill your HP and MP potion limits. When rushing, you will take damage. You will run into rooms full of mobs and will not clear them, so you should stock up as many pots as possible. If you can, have other restoratives in your inventory.
  • It helps to have a pet that restores HP and/or MP to increase your regeneration time or ability usage.
  • If you’re a Rogue, try and use a high tier cloak or a Planewalker, as these will allow you to breeze through whole rooms of enemies and sustain little damage.
  • For Tricksters and Ninjas, it often helps to use the T0 ability, as it is more mana-efficient and can be used more.
  • Max your character. For classes that require their ability to rush effectively, be sure to max Wisdom, and for classes with high damage output, max Dexterity and Attack. Note that it is highly advised to max Speed and Defense to rush effectively and safely. If you’re a Knight, for instance, you will take a huge amount of damage, so these stats are sure to help.
  • Always be ready to teleport. A quick, safe, and reliable method is to type /teleport <player name> in the chatbox, and then click somewhere else on the screen. This will leave the chatbox inactive, but keep the text inside. Should you need to teleport in an emergency, press enter twice to teleport to whoever you selected.
    • Note that you cannot teleport to someone who is either Invisible or not in the dungeon at all. Thus, it is highly recommended that you choose a player before rushing. Tell them you have done so, so that they are always available as a teleport.
  • It is useful to have a piercing weapon, as the large swarms of enemies (such as Vampire Bat Swarmers in the Manor of the Immortals) are hard to deal with if you don’t have a piercing weapon, and being Confused can severely hamper your rush. For example, bone dagger is a great rushing dagger and esben staff can be used while rushing.
  • Use common sense. Rushing dungeons is dangerous but fun, and you should always watch for enemies which could prove troublesome, like paralyzing Sea Mares in the Ocean Trench. Make an effort to avoid them or kill them as fast as possible. Keep a finger on your Nexus key, as being paralyzed or rushing into high-damage groups (such as Undead Lair Slimes) can kill you almost instantaneously.


Wizard: Generally an extremely poor class for rushing. It’s low defense and low speed means that it moves slowly and sustains a great amount of damage. With no healing abilities and robes having the lowest defense among the armors, the Wizard can quickly get overrun if hit by too many shots. The saving grace is perhaps the ability to blow apart barriers and threats with the spell but unless you have Esben staff the lack of piercing hampers your general rush clearing ability.

Priest: The Priest uses the Tome so he can heal when he takes damage. It is also highly recommended that you use the Holy Protection Tome, Purification Tome, Book of Geb or Holy Guidance Tome. Protection (Prot) makes you tanky enough to rush abysses and the like, Puri and Geb toss away status effects like slow and sick and Guidance and Geb make you fast at rushing (not recommended for abysses or later game stuff).

Archer: The Archer is good at rushing since his Quiver can help Paralyze the enemies to stop them getting to you, and the Quiver of Thunder can reduce damage taken tremendously by cutting the target’s damage output in half. Any bow above tier 8 has a wide spread of 3 piercing shots that easily shred crowds and keep enemies back. The Doom Bow will allow the Archer to cut through waves of minions if needed, and can be used to destroy walls quickly.

Rogue: The Rogue is one of the best rushers, due to his 75 Speed and his ability to turn invisible with the cloak and you can cloak for around a dungeon’s length with 70 MHeal. Due to an update, however, a quieted Rogue will automatically become uncloaked, which can be problematic in dungeons such as Oryx’s Castle.

Warrior: The Warrior is a good class for rushing, because the Speed boost from his Helmets, combined with his heavy Armour allow him to move quickly and safely. The Defense boost from the Helm of the Juggernaut if you have one is also very helpful.

Knight: The Knight’s 40 Defense and heavy Armour makes him very useful at rushing; he will tank the little shots and if anything comes in the way that could hurt him, he can just stun it, or run past. Note: Be more cautious around armor breaking enemies, as you can die in less than a second if you decide to go reckless. Not the fastest but very reliable.

Paladin: The Paladin is a great class for rushing because you can hit enemies hard (e.g. 1 shotting abyss gremlins) with your buff, the max HP increase heals you in Toxic Sewers and you have decent def+healing, a good overall rushing combo.

Assassin: The Assassin is the worst rusher in the dagger group because his ability does not help with rushing - poison kills minions too slowly; nevertheless he has 75 Speed, and is thus extremely quick.

Necromancer: The Necromancer is a decent class for rushing because of his healing ability, but you must be careful as he is only a robe class, and thus only has low Defense.

Huntress: The Huntress is a decent rusher because of the ability to use Doom Bows, as well as the ability to slow down mobs of minions with her trap. The T0 trap does the job rather efficiently due to its low MP cost, and its ability to slow for 3 seconds.

Mystic: The Mystic is an amazing rusher if used properly. The 60 spd means she can move quickly through rooms, while effectively ignoring enemies within by stasising them. The UT orb of conflict also provides speedy, which is great for rushing. Be aware of her low defense however.

Trickster: The Trickster is a great rusher due to her 75 Speed and the ability to teleport. For rushing you should use the Decoy Prism, as the cheap teleporting allow you to travel long distances very quickly.

Sorcerer: The Sorcerer is a decent class for rushing. His 60 Speed and Scepter of Fulmination’s Slowing ability help. However, his low defense means that he can’t sustain much damage.

Ninja: The Ninja is good for rushing because of the Speed boost from the Shuriken. For rushing you should use the Basic Star. A bit squishy but can be used for say, Mad Labs and Undead Lairs.

Samurai: The Samurai can rush semi-effectively, relying on his higher defense over the Ninja to make for a safer rush. His weaponry can also make short work of any lesser enemies in his path or that may trail him. However, despite this safety, his low speed compared to the Ninja leaves a lot to be desired.

Bard: Bards generally make for mediocre rushers due to their frailty. However, they do have some merits, as their bows can defeat hordes of trailing enemies with ease. Higher-tiered Lutes also provide a slight defensive buff when activated and speed buff when equipped, so those should be equipped while rushing as a Bard.

Dungeon Tips

Undead Lair

Undead Lair Monsters generally do little damage to a player with maxed Defense; Knights can usually charge their way through it with ease. However, when rushing an Undead Lair, always be on the look out for Slimes and Vampires, as they do the most damage. If you find yourself Slowed in the midst of a mob of Vampires, it is usually best to escape to the Nexus, or, if you are a Rogue/Trickster, teleport to safety immediately. Speed is not an advantage in the Undead Lair, as the traps deal very high damage, and you may run into groups of Slimes and Vampires.

Snake Pit

The Snake Pit is a risky dungeon to rush for unmaxed players, because of those pesky walls. Classes with piercing weapons, like bow and wand classes, are very well suited to rushing Snake Pits. The main obstacle is breaking down the walls. You should try to do this quickly without being caught by the mob of Vipers that will be following you. Piercing weapons can do this efficiently and with ease. Also any non-robe class with maxed defense won’t take very much damage from the snakes, buying you more time to slip through the walls. For robe classes, Mystics can stasis the groups of dangerous Greater Pit Snakes, while the Priest can heal from any damage he takes.

Manor of the Immortals

The Manor of the Immortals is the fourth-most dangerous dungeon to rush, because of those stupid confuse-inflicting Vampire Bat Swarmers. The essential thing you need to know before rushing a Manor is how to safely control your character whilst Confused. Try and avoid the mobs of Bats. It is very difficult to go through the dungeon without being Confused, but once you are familiar with the Confused controls, this problem is resolved. When you are confused, “A” moves back (that’s the most important one), “D” forward, “W” left, “S” right, camera rotation is reversed. You can bend your hand 90 degrees to use DWAS instead of WASD (that’s the easy way to remember).

Abyss of Demons

The Abyss of Demons is the most dangerous dungeon to attempt to rush, as the demons/brutes can quickly surround you and kill you in seconds. Even as a Knight, their sheer numbers will overwhelm and destroy you. Abysses also tend to be long, labyrinthine, and arduous; the lava rivers also lead you to your death, as they decrease movement speed and cause 30-50 damage/second. One class with a niche in rushing Abysses is the paladin. Paired with a speed ring and t5 or 6 seal, you can run along through the rooms shooting behind you. Your seal will be able to heal off small damage taken from lava and brutes, and provide an attack bonus which will thin the growing ranks of monsters. One problem is reaching a dead end; turning around and running through the cloud of minions is almost impossible. If possible, make a tight circle and stick to the wall to run past the few stragglers. However, if you have a Seal of Blasphemous Prayer, this problem becomes obsolete as it is easy enough to turn directly into the crowd of enemies, pop your invulnerability, and move out of their clutches again. This technique works quite effectively but takes practice and a few maxed stats. Even when done well, a large four way intersection or reaching the boss fight and adding the white demons with armor piercing damage to the mix can spell death for any character. That, along with the fact that clearing with even a 4/8 can take less than 5 minutes, is why rushing is highly not recommended.

Toxic Sewers

The Toxic Sewers is designed to defeat many rushing tactics, as the water within slows your movement speed and stops health regeneration, allowing the densely-packed enemies within and chasing Goblin Brutes to quickly wear you down. Rogues are your best bet when trying to rush a Toxic Sewers, as they can regenerate HP and avoid enemy detection while cloaked. Tricksters, with some amount of mastery over the class, can also rush the dungeon fairly effectively by teleporting out of danger and avoiding trips through sewer water. Whichever tactic you choose, beware of yellow and brown slimes and their trails- yellow slimes will slow you and make it easier for enemies to catch up, while brown slimes will quiet you, revealing you instantly if you’re a rogue. On top of that, walking through their slime can easily stack heavy damage on you, similarly to lava. Again similarly to the Abyss, due to the nature of the dungeon encouraging a slow and careful clear, it is often easier to clear a Toxic Sewers rather than attempt to rush it on a class that does not excel at it.

Cursed Library

The Cursed Library is generally as risky to rush as the Manor of the Immortals, as several enemies can hinder any rushing attempts, and the dungeon tends to have a few dead ends in it. Be prepared to circle back the way you came if you come across one of these dead ends. Some enemies to watch out for are the Soulless Scholars (red smaller enemies), who have slowing shots which can leave you stranded in a bad situation, Headless Specters and Bookwyrms which can devastate your character if accidentally walked near, and Hands of the Helpless, which are high-health monsters which will chase you with confusing shots, leading you into even more trouble. Once you get to the boss room, it is highly recommended to kill any chasing enemies, as Avalon the Archivist tends to be a longer fight and the outer areas of the boss room can be traversed without activating the boss.

Puppet Master's Theatre

The Puppet Master’s Theatre is the third-most dangerous dungeon to rush, as it combines the breakable walls of the Snake Pit with even deadlier enemies within. While the enemies within don’t chase the player very much, they are very densely packed and move erratically, and many of them are very dangerous to stationary targets due to their high damage output and variety of hampering status effects. Knight Puppets are capable of inflicting a debilitating Armor Break, making you take even more damage from the dungeon’s enemies, while Archer Puppets are even more dangerous, as they can inflict Slows and Paralyzes, which can leave you stuck in the middle of a crowd of high-damage monsters. If Paralyzed and there are many enemies around, escaping to the Nexus is usually your best option rather than trying to tank the damage. Enemies with high damage output to watch out for are Warrior Puppets, whose high-damage rapid-fire shots can stack quickly when trying to break through a wall, and Wizard Puppets, who might surprise you during your rush and take out a large chunk of your health through their radial burst of shots if walked past. Huntress Puppets will also slow you, Necromancer Puppets can inflict Bleeding, and Mystic Puppets can inflict Pet Stasis, hampering your survivability during a rush. If need be, it should be easy to make an alcove in the middle of a wall to recover some HP before continuing your rush.

Ocean Trench

The Ocean Trench tends to be easy to rush, as long as you can dodge the Sea Mares and their Paralyzing spinners. Having an anchor is always a good idea (see top of page for details). The Fishman Warriors and their Fishmen inflict Confuse, so make sure you know how to control your character when Confused, and make sure you don’t run into a Mare. Even worse, make sure to check your oxygen bar as well. You may be able to rush fast and dodging quick, but that oxygen can deplete soon, and if uncareful, it may lead to your death just unexpectedly.

Tomb of the Ancients

The Tomb of the Ancients is the second-most dangerous dungeon to rush (behind the Abyss of Demons), with the Bloated Mummies inflicting Confuse and Paralysis (through scarabs), the Lion Archers also paralyze, but are more dangerous than the Mummies and their scarabs. Jackals are the main killers in Tombs, considering their high damage output and the Jackal Lord’s ability to have many Jackal Assassins by his side, which both lead to a lot of damage very quickly. They like taking advantage of you being Slowed in quicksand. In addition, be wary of turrets; they can majorly hinder your rush. Rushing with any class is good enough, but rushing on a priest, mystic, warrior, knight or rogue is suggested if you want to minimize the percentage of your own death because of each of their own special traits (healing, statis, tanking, etc.). Basically, the only tip in this dungeon is to just… run. Every enemy here can deal heavy damage, and specific shots from specific enemies can probably mess you up hard, or kill you.