Scout Colony

Scout Colony

The Scout Colony is an uncommon Highlands enemy that drops the Parasite Chambers.



HP: 12,000
DEF: 50
EXP: 1000
Location: Highlands (Parasite Setpiece)

Immune to Stasis
Counts toward Grotesque Kills
Counts toward Lesser God Kills



Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Red Bomb
Radius: 2


The Scout Colony is found in a setpiece resembing an infested building. The Colony is not a quest, and there are multiple of them scattered throughout the Highlands.

There will be various enemies within the setpiece, which uniquely do not have HP scaling but have slightly higher base HP to compensate. The types seem random, but there will always be a large number of “Host” enemies and several Parasitic Stalkers. In addition, there will always be exactly one of the following enemies:

  • Walking Horror
  • Horror Maw
  • Furious Lasher

The Colony itself cannot move and defends itself by throwing Red Bombs. Every few moments it will spawn in a number of Parasitic Blob Scouts and Parasitic Blob Guardians. Besides those, it has no other ways to defend itself.

Once killed, the Colony will have a chance to drop an entrance to the Parasite Chambers. After 10 minutes, another Scout Colony will spawn in its place.


Parasitic Blob ScoutParasitic Blob Scout
Parasitic Blob GuardianParasitic Blob Guardian



The Colony itself is very weak. However, one must be aware of the large amounts of enemies nearby: they can swarm you while you are distracted, doing heavy damage in a short time. It is advised to take care of the nearby flunkies before going for the main enemy.

The Scout Colony respawns after 10 minutes if no players are nearby.

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