Septavius the Ghost God

Last updated: 14.1.0

Septavius the Ghost God is the boss of the Undead Lair.

The Realm Eye says:
Lord of the undead, Septavius uses the souls received from Skuld to create skeletons, vampires, ghosts, mummies, constructs and other reanimated monsters.
He was a distinguished combatant in his living days, proficient as both a mage and a marksman in the ancient kingdom he served.
His valiant spirit has persisted for centuries after his passing, making him an authority over fallen warriors.



HP: 8,000 (+20% [1,600 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 12
EXP: 2,000
Location: Undead Lair

Counts toward God Kills
Immune to Stasis
Level 1 Quest

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
White Bullet
Pierces Armor
Brown Magic
Quiet for 1s
Yellow Star
Confused for 1.5s
White Bullet
White Bullet


Septavius is found in a circular room at the end of the Undead Lair. He will perform the following phases in order, advancing to the next phase when he loses enough HP. He is invulnerable between phases.

When first encountered, he will have a large group of various ghost minions surrounding him that will engage nearby players.

Spiraling Bullets Phase:
Septavius fires small armor piercing White Bullets in a three-armed spiral pattern that rotates clockwise while firing single, more powerful White Bullets aimed at the nearest player. You may fit into the space and circle him clockwise, to get in that much-coveted soulbound damage. Note that he periodically goes invulnerable during this phase.

Bullet Ring Phase:
Septavius fires rings of powerful White Bullets around himself and will lunge toward the closest player in an erratic fashion. If the entire attack hits you, it will be instant death… unless you’re a Warrior with high/maxed defense and are under the effects of the Juggernaut Helm, or a Paladin under invulnerability from the Seal of Blasphemous Prayer. He will be invulnerable for most of the phase, only turning vulnerable for a short time every so often.

Quiet and Confuse Phase:
Septavius fires shotguns of Confuse stars and tiny brown bullets that inflict Quiet. Septavius slowly wanders toward the closest player.
The confuse stars will follow this pattern: 2 diagonal shots, 1 at around 120 degrees, and another one at 300 degrees. Then, he fires a 3-round shotgun at you. The cycle repeats.

Ghost Spawning Phase:
Septavius spawns Ghost Mages, Warriors, and Rogues of Septavius at a rapid pace which will chase the closest player. The Mages tend to stay close to him. He will also fire shotguns of weaker white bullets at the closest player. Try not to sit still during this phase, as the ghosts will stack on top of you and tear through your HP. Circle him, and the ghosts should not bother you too much. When he flashes green at the end of this phase, hit him with everything you got, as this is the time he is un-shielded the most.

If not enough damage is dealt to him, then he will transition back to the Spiralling Bullets phase and cycle through his phases again.



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Note: The Bow of the Morning Star does not drop as it was a reskin for the Doom Bow during the Month of the Mad God for 2015 and 2016

Tips and Strategies

Please refer to the Undead Lair Guide.
Circle around him and he should be not much of a problem(In most of his phases.) If you must kill his minions, drag the melees out of the room, kill them, then focus on the mages and archers. Watch out for 2nd phase when he “explodes”. It has been known to insta-kill even maxed melees if he somehow manages to sit on top of you. If you can’t handle his quiet phase(AKA “leafstorm phase”), go out of the room.
*Secret tip- The amount of time for each of his phases gets lower as his HP decreases.
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