This page is about the global servers that the game runs on. For information about the identically named enemies from The Machine, see The Servers.

Realm of the Mad God has 18 servers located across the world, hosted through Amazon Web Services. Connecting to a server takes you to its Nexus, and each server has a different set of available Realms.

The /server command displays your current server and zone.

Server Selection

The server selection screen can be accessed from the main menu, under “Servers”. This screen displays the available servers and their status, which can range from “Normal” to “Crowded” to “Full”.

The default server option is “Best Server”, which attempts to connect to the server with the best connection. Attempting to join a full server will place the player in a queue (see next section).

Pressing the refresh icon at the top of the server selection screen will update the current player count in each server.

Server selection screen

Server changes can also be accomplished through the Social tab: if friends or guild members are online, pressing the “Join Server” button by their name will transport you to the server they are on.

Server Capacity

Each server has a maximum capacity of 300 players. Attempting to enter a full server will place the player in a queue. Once the player reaches the front of the queue, they will automatically enter the server’s Nexus. Exiting the queue before reaching the front and re-entering the queue will place the player at the back of the queue.

List of Servers

The servers are organized in reverse alphabetical order on the server select screen. They are divided into the USWest, USEast, EU, Australia, and Asia clusters.

  • USWest4
  • USWest3
  • USWest
  • USSouthWest
  • USSouth3
  • USSouth
  • USNorthWest
  • USMidWest2
  • USMidWest
  • USEast2
  • USEast
  • EUWest2
  • EUWest
  • EUSouthWest
  • EUNorth
  • EUEast
  • Australia
  • AsiaSouthEast


  • Initial build: Realm of the Mad God’s public server is launched. It consists of a single realm.
  • Build 66: Realm’s player limit bumped up to 30.
  • Build 67: Characters are now saved across server and/or client restarts.
  • Build 68?: New server machine acquired. Realm’s player limit raised to 40.
  • Build 70?: Server selection UI added.
  • Build 75: Server’s use of memory improved. Fourth realm (Cyclops) introduced.
  • Build 76: Internal server improvements.
  • Build 78?: Server-side characters introduced.
  • Build 88: Server performance greatly improved.
  • Build 92: Better server push process.
  • Build 93: Some performance improvements.
  • Build 93: The “lobby/nexus/forgotten temple” is introduced. Server performance enhancements.
  • Build 116.1: /server command added.
  • Build 117: Improved realm selection screen.
  • Build 117.?: Nexus split onto two servers: USWest and USEast.
  • Build 117.?: EUWest added.
  • Build 119.?: EUEast added.
  • Build 119.?: USSouth and USMidWest added.
  • Build 119.?: AsiaSouthEast, EUNorth, and USSouthWest added.
  • Build 120: The client will prefer less loaded nearby servers. Server status displayed in selection screen.
  • Build 121: Tells now work across all servers.
  • Build 122: USNorthWest and USEast2 added.
  • Build 122: USEast3, USMidWest2, EUWest2, and AsiaEast added.
  • Build 122: USSouth2, USSouth3, and EUSouth added.
  • Build 122: EUNorth2 added. (EUSouthWest added around this time as well.)
  • Release 11: Infrastructural changes to the server.
  • Release 19.2: Added USWest3. Increased memory capacity on servers to help performance.
  • Release 27.3.1: Servers now restart every night at 1:00am PST. There will be a warning starting 20 minutes before this happens.
  • Release 27.4: Server list is now sorted by name.
  • Release 27.7: Teleport restricted for two minutes upon switching servers.
  • Release 27.7.X6: Realms per server increased to 3.
  • Release 27.7.X13: Server daily restart times changed depending on their cluster:
    • USW Cluster: 10am UTC (2am PST/3am PDT)
    • USE Cluster: 7am UTC (2am EST/3am EDT)
    • EU Cluster: 3am UTC
    • Asia Cluster: 7pm UTC (3am PHT)
  • Release X.22: New server cluster for Australia accessible from the servers list. Other server clusters redeployed to new physical locations in order to improve latency.
  • Release X.32: Chat server split - Chat is now independently processed from game servers, which should result in a lot more server stability for dungeons hosted in the Nexus, Guild Hall, Bazaars etc.
  • Release X.32: Chat changes reverted.
  • Exalt Version (Sep 2021) : AsiaEast, EUEast2, EUSouth, EUNorth2, USWest2, USEast3, USEast4, and USSouth2 were removed from the game.


The Servers appear as enemies in the Machine. The Energy Potato and Server Heart reveal that the servers run on potatoes, which is a common in-joke among players when complaining about server lag.