Shadow Serpent Sidearm

Shadow Serpent Sidearm tD Serpent Head Main An angular wakizashi crafted from the core of the Shadow Cube God. In spite of the narrow blade, it can unleash quite a devastating onslaught.

Tier UT
MP Cost 95
Effect(s) Squarepent: Shoots a slithering trail of projectiles.
  • Segments: 3
    Grey Down Arrow Exposed for 3 seconds
    Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
    Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
    Acceleration (Body): Instant after 0.2s
    Acceleration (Tail): Instant after 0.4s
    Maximum Speed: 12 tiles/sec
  • Shots 4
    Damage 650–750 (average: 700)
    Total Damage 1950–2250 (average: 2100)
    Projectile Speed 0 (Body and tail) / 12 (Head and inner head) tile(s)/second
    Lifetime 0.50 (Head and inner head) / 0.70 (Body) / 0.90 (Tail) second(s)
    Max Cast Range 6 tiles
    XP Bonus 7%
    Soulbound Soulbound
    Feed Power 800

    A unique waki that functions similar to the Q.U.I.V.E.R.. On casting it, four shots are spawned on top of the player: the first two are stacked on top of eachother - being the “head” and the “inner head” - with the latter two (“body” and “tail”) following after it. Both of these later shots begin stationary, but instantly accelerate after 0.2 seconds (for the body) and 0.4 seconds (for the tail).

    An example of the Waki’s shot pattern:
    Shadow Serpent Sidearm

    Its difficulty lies within the “stalled” projectiles, requiring an enemy to either be directly moving towards the player’s position, or be completely stationary. Additionally, its lack of any stat boosts may lead some to prefer a tiered waki’s Dexterity boost.

    Before Exalt Version (May 2021), this item had an XP Bonus of 6% and a Feed Power of 500.