Shaitan the Advisor

Last updated: 20.0.2
Right Hand of ShaitanShaitan the AdvisorLeft Hand of Shaitan

Shaitan The Advisor is the boss of the Lair of Shaitan.

The Realm Eye says:
Shaitan is Oryx’s top advisor and one of his oldest allies. As king of the Djinn, his presence has been felt in the realm for many years.
To most, his life in the ever-changing state of fire is symbolic of his unstable nature and lack of trustworthiness.
Interestingly, his loyalty to Oryx is unwavering. It is believed that the two may have had dealings even before Oryx initially rose to power.



HP: 253,000 (+20% [50,600 HP] per player in dungeon)
DEF: 60
EXP: 20,000
Location: Lair of Shaitan

Immune to Paralyze
Immune to Stun
Immune to Stasis
Immune to Dazed

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Armor Pierce Bullet
Pierces Armor
Pierces Players
Passes Cover
Silence Bullet
Weak for 2s
Pierces Players
Passes Cover
Paralyze Bullet
Paralyzed for 0.5s
Pierces Players
Passes Cover
Web Thread
Armor Broken for 2s
Pierces Players
Passes Cover
md2 laser head
Pierces Players
Passes Cover
md2 laser body
Pierces Players
Passes Cover
md2 laser tail
Pierces Players
Passes Cover


Shaitan will initially be invisible and invulnerable in the center of his arena. After a few seconds have passed, he will slowly rise from the magma, provide some dialogue, and attack. In between phases, he has short periods of invulnerability.

Throughout his entire fight, small fireballs will randomly “leap” from magma tiles and splash back down, exploding when they land. These AoE blasts deal 20 armor piercing damage and inflict Silenced for 3 seconds.

Phase 1

Taunts: “What hath the keepers brought Shaitan?”
“You disturb an ancient evil…

Shaitan fires two-way shotguns of armor piercing purple orbs, seemingly aimed randomly. Once he takes enough damage, he will move into his next phase.

Phase 2

Taunts: “Yes, little mortals. Meet your doom at the hands of SHAITAN!”
“My fiery fingers of frustrating flame force foes to fumble, fall, and fail!”

Shaitan becomes invulnerable and summons his hands. His hands will travel back and forth along the channels of lava near the bottom of his arena, firing streams of white bullets in a V shape while they move. While this is happening, Shaitan himself will be firing rings of yellow Paralyzing bullets, as well as purple bullets aimed at nearby players.

Every time he spawns the hands, Shaitan is invincible while his hands are still alive, and will move on to his next phase once both are slain. However, if one of the hands is not killed within a short time after the other’s death, it will respawn. When the hands are at low health, they always stop moving and start firing armor-piercing shots in all directions

Phase 3

Creepy Small Hands begin swarming from the magma pools in the arena. Shaitan vanishes and reappears at the rightmost magma channel in the arena, firing clockwise-rotating spirals of blue Weakening shots as well as predictive shotguns of armor-piercing bullets. He will then repeat this process for each lava channel, before moving into the arena’s center for the remainder of the phase, constantly performing the above attack.

Phase 4

Shaitan moves into the center of the arena if he is not there already. He then begins firing rapid clockwise-rotating spirals of armor piercing bullets. He will also start throwing yellow bombs at nearby players, which temporarily transform solid tiles into magma.

Phase 5


Creepy Small Hands momentarily stop spawning. Shaitan floods the outskirts of the arena with magma, reducing the arena to a small ring around him. He then spawns three Creepy Small Heads that rotate around the arena, attacking with 4-way bursts of Pet Stasis bullets. Meanwhile, Shaitan will be firing 4-ways streams of Paralyzing shots, as well as single aimed purple bullets.

Phase 6

Taunt: “Let loose the fists of war!”

Shaitan despawns all of the Small Heads and respawns his hands, which remain stationary at the left and right of the arena. The hands will fire streams of white bullets in a V-shaped formation, with the space between each burst varying in breadth. Meanwhile, Shaitan will attack with a clockwise-rotating shotgun of purple bullets. Like before, he is invulnerable until his hands are killed.

Phase 7

Creepy Small Hands begin spawning again. Shaitan ducks under the lava, reappearing at the far right side. He then fires spirals of weakening bullets and aimed shotguns of purple ones. He will then vanish again, repeating the process with the bottom, left, and top sides. After going through all of these, he will reside in the middle of the arena for the rest of the phase, repeating his prior attack pattern.

Phase 8

Creepy Small Hands stop spawning. Shaitan spawns in four Creepy Small Heads, then begins firing multi-directional bursts of Paralyze bullets and aimed purple bullets. He will also begin throwing his magma-spawning grenades again.

Phase 9

Shaitan despawns the Small Heads and respawns his hands again. This time, the hands will rotate in opposite directions around the arena, briefly stopping to fire V-shaped streams of white bullets. He will be attacking players with armor-piercing shotguns during this phase, and will still throw magma bombs. Again, he will move to the next phase once both his hands are dead.

Once this phase is over, he will repeat Phase 7.

Phase 10

Taunt: “You make a foolish mistake, mortal.”

Shaitan floods the top part of the arena, reducing it to a semicircle below him. He spawns his hands at the top corners of this semicircle, which move up and down while firing radial bursts of white bullets. Shaitan himself will be moving from side to side, firing clockwise-rotating two-way shotguns of purple bullets and aimed spreads of Paralyze shots. Once both his hands are dead, he will transition to his next phase.

Phase 11


Shaitan spawns a Creepy Small Head that rotates around the full perimeter of the arena while firing. He himself will start firing 3-way bursts of purple shots (one of them will always be aimed at the nearest player) and throwing magma bombs.

Phase 12


Shaitan restores his arena to a full circle around him as his outer body melts away, revealing a ghastly skull-like form underneath. As Creepy Small Hands resume spawning from him, Shaitan will start firing rapid 4-ways bursts of purple shots, as well as more magma-spawning bombs. Every so often, he will produce three armor-breaking, evenly-spaced “warning lasers” coming from himself, before unleashing devastating beams along those warning lasers. These beams are heavily stacked and incur massive damage, making them a must-avoid.

If the Creepy Small Head from before was not killed, it will continue moving and firing for this phase as well.

While firing the beams, Shaitan will Armor Break himself and drop his DEF to 0. For a short time after firing the beams, he will be invulnerable.



Once he is brought to critical health, he will explode into one last ring of purple bullets, all minions stop moving and the center of the arena gradually fills up with solid tiles, leaving your loot and the exit portal in tow.


Hand of ShaitanHand of Shaitan

Creepy Small HeadsCreepy Small Heads

Creepy Small HandsCreepy Small Hands

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