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Shambling Sludge

Last updated: 15.0.0

The Shambling Sludge is a mid level Quest Monster that is found in the Midlands plains.

It is one of the first monsters to introduce the Slow status effect to players.



HP: 1000
DEF: 4
EXP: 200
Location: Mid Plains

Counts towards Grotesque kills

Level 6 Quest

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Gray Spinner
Slowed for 2s
Lifetime: 3.2s Parametric


This monster remains idle until spotting a player.

When a player is spotted, it will summon five Sludgets in a star formation around itself.
Additionally, it will be firing gray spinners that travel in a parametric arc, and will eventually converge on the position they were fired.

After approximately 7 seconds, the Shambling Sludge will re-summon its sludgets and continue attacking until killed.




  • Max: 5

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Tips and Strategies

The Shambling Sludge is a fairly tanky opponent for classes with a lower damage output, but is an early tutor for newer players, as it introduces the Slow status effect.

Slow renders the affected targets movement speed to a crawl, very hazardous when trying to dodge attacks. Its only attack is weak but will slow you and make you easy pickings for its minions.

Ranged classes can attack with impunity, safe from the parametric slowing projectile. Melee classes however, will have to fight within the projectiles range of effectiveness.

Killing this monster isn’t difficult, and it rewards a decent chunk of XP to those that take it down, as well as some decent equipment for the tier.

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