Shiny Items

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Shiny items are rare alternative versions of certain equipment

A “shiny” version of an item will drop from the same locations the original does, but with a much lower chance. Shiny items are functionally identical to their normal versions.

A special characteristic of shiny items is that they can only drop if you are playing a Seasonal character, although they can still be transferred to your regular vault as usual. Also, you cannot craft Shiny items but you can dismantle them as usual.

If you are lucky enough to find one of these Shiny drops and equip it, you will see that in addition to a spin on the old graphics, the item will display a “shine” effect animation.

Shiny Items

Shiny Items were introduced in Exalt Version (Mar 2023)

Shiny Items are most likely inspired by Shiny Pokemon, which are rare variants of creatures in the Pokemon franchise.