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The Shop, also known as the Mystery Box Shop, is hosted in the Nexus by Bill the Wizard, located north of the spawn and to the left of the pathway leading to the Realms.

The Shop contains Mystery Boxes and Packages, which offer a variety of equipment, consumables, skins, cloths, and miscellaneous items for a player to buy. These items are bought with Realm Gold Realm Gold, but every once in a while a box or package will be offered for Fame Fame.

Once purchased, the item(s) will be sent to your Vault’s Gift Chest.

Occasionally, the Shop will offer a campaign, which contains tier-based rewards depending on the Campaign Points the player earns.

The Shop will sometimes sell equipment and keys before they are available normally in the Realm, and can also offer exclusive cosmetic items.

Below you can see an example of the ever-changing Shop menus, displaying the available Mystery Boxes tab alongside the possible contents of one of the boxes, followed by the Packages tab alongside an example package.

Mystery Boxes Mystery Boxes


Packages Package example

Bill the Wizard

Bill the Wizard

Bill the Wizard is the NPC custodian of the shop.

Bill speaks to advertise the Shop, speaking messages such as:
“Free shipping to your Vault on all Mystery boxes!”
“Surprise yourself with a Mystery Box!”

These used to be spoken in his own name, but now display as being spoken by ‘Mystery Box Shop’. For a full list of lines that the shop speaks, see the Dialogue page.

Ted the Wizard

Ted the Wizard

Bill used to be accompanied by his companion Ted, who looked similar to Bill, only wearing green robes. Ted occupied the space where the Daily Quest Room portal is now located. He was removed in favour of The Alchemist, who was in turn replaced by the Daily Quest Room.