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Skull Shrine

Last updated: X34.2.0
Skull Shrine

The Skull Shrine is an event boss that spawns multiple times per realm.

As of build 122, the Skull Shrine appears with a shrine terrain.

The Realm Eye says:
A mystic once attempted to plant a cursed bloodstone in the heart of Oryx’s Castle. The seer had used a twisted enchantment, causing the stone to burn the flesh of all who touch it.
Oryx caught her before she managed to escape the fortress. To punish this act of defiance, he used the bloodstone on its maker.
The mystic’s charred cranium is now the centerpiece of the Mad God’s prized Skull Shrine. Mockingly, the bloodstone was stuck inside the mystic’s orb and crammed into her skull.



Skull Shrine

Base HP: 10,000 (+10% [1,000 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 40
EXP: 15,000
Location: Highlands, Mountains

Levitates Off of Ground
Counts toward God Kills
Level 20 Quest
Immune to Stasis

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Purple Magic
Shots: 9 Cooldown: 0.75s Aim: 1 Angle: 10


Does not move. Fires wide shotguns of purple bullets while spawning skulls. Every now and then, when it reaches certain HP thresholds (approximately ever time it loses 1/3 of its HP), it will flash red and go invulnerable for a short time.

When its HP gets low enough, the Skull Shrine will gain Stun Immunity.


Red Flaming SkullRed Flaming Skull
Blue Flaming SkullBlue Flaming Skull

  • Group: Flaming Skulls
  • Max Alive: 40
  • Cooldown: 5s

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Tips and Strategies

Strategies for the Skull Shrine

Assassins, Rogues, and Mystics are indispensable here. Assassin and Mystic punch holes in the Flaming Skulls for Paladin, Warrior, and Knight to get in, while the Rogue can sneak behind for quick damage to the Shrine.

Preferred healer is the Priest, as the skulls don’t bunch up enough for the Necromancer, though Paladin is wonderful as always with the 50% Damaging boost on Seals.

A Wizard isn’t too farfetched after the hole is punched to throw a spell or two on the stationary Skull, dealing 1300-3200 per use (assuming he is using Magic Nova).

Archers and Huntresses can spray multiple Skulls at a time. Archer can snipe the Shrine with a Quiver while Huntress can slow down the skulls. Proper manipulation of Slowed will have all the skulls in a line, creating more openings.

Trickster can find wide openings to slip a Decoy behind the Shrine, effectively making it a sitting duck. She can also send her Decoy off to where the Blue Skulls are coming in from to make their cooldown kick in as they pass by the brigade.

Warrior’s Berserk is extremely useful here, as it’s not as clustered as the Cube God. With Berserk’s Dexterity boost, it’s harder for the Blue Skulls to pass by unharmed.

A highly maxed knight can strafe towards the boss, avoiding most of the dangerous shots, stun the Skull Shrine, and attack it until the stun is about to wear off. Run out and regenerate your health and MP, then repeat. Keep an eye on your health, and remember never to be over-confident and stop moving.

Sorcerer is preferred here over AoE due to the nature of Skulls being spread out. With even slight orbit manipulation, the chain lightning can link amongst very many skulls, quite quickly making a series of them fall simultaneously. As well, it can be used to chain between large numbers of Red Skulls and the Shrine itself.

Ninjas katanas can be useless, as the skulls don’t bunch up quite enough together to pierce. This can be used to a crafty Ninja’s advantage though-his shuriken can easily hit the main Shrine.

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