Slurp Scion Wizard Set

Slurp Scion Wizard
Class Wizard
Themed on Unknown
Drops From Thessal the Mermaid Goddess (Tideturner Trident)
Royal Cnidarian (Slurpian Sea Scroll)
Fishman Warrior (Oceanic Apparel)
Gold Cnidarian (Imperial Keepsake)
Mighty Quest Chest (Tideturner Trident / Slurpian Sea Scroll / Oceanic Apparel / Imperial Keepsake)
Obtained Through Mystery Wizard ST Crate
Mystery Boxes
Mystery ST Chest
2nd Piece Bonus +20 HP, +2 DEF, +2 SPD
3rd Piece Bonus +30 HP, +4 DEF, +3 SPD
4th Piece Bonus +40 HP, +10 ATT, +6 DEF, +4 SPD
Subtotal of Bonuses +90 HP, +10 ATT, +12 DEF, +9 SPD
Overall Stat Bonus +200 HP, +10 ATT, +20 DEF, +25 SPD
Final Stats at 8/8 870 HP, 385 MP, 85 ATT, 45 DEF, 75 SPD, 75 DEX, 40 VIT, 60 WIS
Total XP Bonus 22%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Patch X.33.1.0 (May 2020)

The Slurp Scion Wizard Set is the 26th ST set to be released, alongside the Daring Discoverer Samurai Set and Court Magician Sorcerer Set, first obtainable in the “A STory of War III” Campaign. It is the second ST set for the Wizard after the Twilight Archmage Set (not including the Legacy Twilight Archmage Set).

In addition to the stat bonuses it provides, this set also swaps the regular staff shots for 3 shots, the outer two of which curve outwards, with a decreased range of 7.5 (true range of 2.84) and rate of fire of 70%, and the ability becomes a simple aoe of 3 tiles, changing the ability to be more similar to an instant assassin poison, granting a massive 25 SPD↑ SPD boost.

A wizard with WC tops and a Ring of the Pyramid would have 790 HP, 460 MP, 83 ATT, 42 DEF, 50 SPD, 75 DEX, 40 VIT, 72 WIS, making for a DPS of 2885-1883 (0-60 DEF). This set’s higher 3234-2226 DPS is only obtained at one third of the range, far too close for a wizard to be comfortable, going as low as 1078-742 at full range. The only manner in which this set deals more damage against single targets is if you consistantly miss at least three quarters of your shots using the regular spell, which is rarely the case against bosses. However, this set’s focus lies clearly elsewhere: it transforms the wizard into a splendid rusher. Using his ability, the wizard reaches a dizzying 100 SPD for 2 seconds, albeit with a cost requiring divine MP heal pets to even think about sustaining, which combined with the curving 3 shots and aoe spell allows allows him to shred through low-health minions and dodge past higher-health ones, using his slightly increased DEF and major HP boost for a wider margin of error. This is further complimented by the reduced need to aim offered by the ability, which makes this set highly effective at what it does, while still remaining situational.