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Son of Arachna

Last updated: Exalt Version (Sep 2020)
Son of Arachna

The Son of Arachna is the boss of The Crawling Depths.

The Realm Eye says:
Arachna birthed thousands of daughters in her den, but only her very first child was a male.
At first, the spider queen took great pride in her son’s might, but he soon became a threat to the rest of her children.
He was banished by his mother, left to fend for himself in the wild and create a family of his own.



HP: 50,000 (+20% [10,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 30
EXP: 5,000
Location: The Crawling Depths

Stasis Immune
Counts towards to God Kills
Quest Boss

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Green Magic
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Green Blob
Weak Icon Weak for 5s
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Armor Sword Attack
Gold Four Pointed Star Armor Broken for 5s
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Red Star
Blood Drop Bleeding for 5s
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Dark Blue Magic
Word Bubble Quiet for 5s
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Yellow Energy Shot
Paralyzed Icon Paralyzed for 3s
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets


The boss will activate when a player approaches it. Like the original Arachna, it will spawn a web that slows players.

During the battle, it will move around the room at an extreme speed in a very erratic and unpredictable pattern while attacking. It fires off the following attacks in rapid succession and sometime simultaneously:

  • Firing omnidirectional bursts of Green Magic bolts
  • Firing single aimed green orbs that inflict Weak
  • Firing single aimed grey bullets. These deal the heaviest damage (330) + inflict Armor Broken
  • Firing single aimed yellow bullets that inflict Paralyzed
  • Firing omnidirectional pulses of red stars that inflict Bleeding
  • Firing omnidirectional bursts of Blue Magic bolts that Quiet you

In order to beat it, it is required to take down the four eggs in the corner of the room to deprive him of his invincibility, speed, and some of his attacks. Note that this can be done without activating the boss if one is careful enough.

Without destroying them, the boss is completely invulnerable, nearly impossible to hit, and can crunch through even Knights with overwhelmingly powerful attacks.

  • Destroying the Yellow Egg will remove the yellow paralyzing bullets and remove his invulnerability.
  • Destroying the Blue Egg will remove his quieting bullets and greatly slow his movement speed.
  • Destroying the Silver Egg will remove his armor-breaking projectile.
  • Destroying the Red Egg will remove his bleeding projectiles.

The eggs themselves spawn various spiders upon death while the Yellow Egg will constantly respawn spiders if one of the two it has spawned is killed, until you destroy it.

After his eggs are destroyed (specifically, the blue one), the boss will fire his remaining attacks at players and slowly back away from them, charging quickly if backed into a corner.


Epic Arachna ElementEpic Arachna Element

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Tips and Strategies

  • In most public runs, some players will run to the center of the room on purpose in order to activate the boss. This will make the fight significantly harder and is sometimes called a “dirty cdepths” (similar to a dirty tomb).
  • Attempt to clear the eggs in the edges of the boss room first to make the fight significantly less risky. Each color is related to a certain shot that the Son of Arachna fires: (Also listed in order of importance)
    • Destroying the yellow egg, located in the lower left, will remove the yellow paralyzing projectile. The egg will also disable the boss’ invulnerability, allowing you to attack it.
    • Destroying the blue egg, located in the upper left, will remove the blue, quieting projectile as well as significantly reducing the boss’ movement speed.
    • Destroying the red egg, located in the top right of the room, will remove the boss’ red star projectile that inflicts Bleeding.
    • Destroying the silver egg, located in the lower right, will remove the armor breaking projectile.
  • While destroying the eggs, be careful to remain in the outer edges of the arena as moving in too close will activate the boss and significantly complicate the fight. Be especially careful when destroying the eggs with sword classes as it is easy to get too close. Avoid the use of long-range abilities such as quivers or spells, as a stray shot can hit the boss and activate it.
  • After taking out the eggs, try to clear out the smaller ones that spawn the tiny spiders. Having a swarm of them suddenly attack while taking on the boss can be annoying at best, and deadly at worst.
  • If the boss is awakened before the eggs are broken, do not approach the boss. While at full power, he attacks and moves insanely fast and sprays a hurricane of bullets that can instantly delete your health bar.
  • Son of Arachna can be troublesome if you are a sword or dagger class because he generally tries to stay away from you (approximately 5-8 tiles). Therefore, if you walk towards him, he will move out of range and you won’t be able to connect with any attacks. However, similar to Limon, Son of Arachna is bound to a specific predefined area. If Son of Arachna approaches the edge of the boss room, he will slowly “snap back” away from the wall and generally towards the center of the room. You can use this behavior to your advantage. Stand in the middle of the room (in the web) and force Son of Arachna out to the edge. When he rebounds, try to keep him directly in front of you and slowly back away towards the center with him. This is your attack window! After 1-2 seconds, Son of Arachna will move back towards the edge again. Repeat. Don’t get too close, because his radial shotgun does a lot of damage.
  • Son of Arachna’s hitbox is closer to his head than his body. Keep that in mind when using abilities.

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